NASA released its first incredible video of our closest look at Saturn yet

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  • On April 26, the Cassini spacecraft flew closer to Saturn than ever before — between the gap that separates the planet from its rings.

    Since then, Cassini has been transmitting dozens of images of Saturn's surface. Here, NASA has compiled all the images into one, incredible video that reveals exactly what Cassini saw.

    One of the sights that surprised scientists most was the sharp edges of Saturn's hexagon and its central vortex. Saturn's hexagon is a giant cloud system on Saturn's north pole, and it contains a central vortex.

    The sharp edges scientists saw in these latest images suggests that the cloud system and its vortex are not mixing with their surroundings. But what's preventing the clouds in the hexagon from mixing with the clouds right next to it is a mystery.

    This first dive marked the beginning of the end for Cassini. For the last 13 years, Cassini has explored Saturn and its moons. But its time will come to an end this September, when it will enter Saturn's atmosphere and burn up.

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  • Turuu Mongol
    Turuu Mongol 9 days ago


  • Turuu Mongol
    Turuu Mongol 9 days ago


  • Andrea Moseley
    Andrea Moseley 13 days ago

    Remember when society mocked the first computer? Now look at everyone on YouTube... its the same thing happening here in the comments

  • Roborav
    Roborav 17 days ago

    So they release black and white fake CGI images? Anyone who believes in this fake shit is a total idiot. Even a 10 year old can see these are fake images not real photos.

  • Fransisco Wijaya
    Fransisco Wijaya 17 days ago

    I'm crying :''''(

  • Exo Magic
    Exo Magic 18 days ago

    Why isn't it in color?

  • Diana Campanella
    Diana Campanella 21 day ago

    Hmmmmmmmm. 11,299 Thumbs up (still indoctrinated) - 1,038 thumbs down (The awoken)

  • Nitiphun Sala
    Nitiphun Sala 22 days ago


  • Nitiphun Sala
    Nitiphun Sala 22 days ago


  • DiamondRBLX
    DiamondRBLX 23 days ago

    Well the final mission of cassini is here :( Goodbye

  • ZZstaff
    ZZstaff 24 days ago

    The video is too short, however, thank you for uploading it.

  • Rabiu Kabir
    Rabiu Kabir 25 days ago +1

    Chasing shadow in the name of progress!

    NASA can create cassini but not the brains that created cassini!

    Then how did those brains that visualise and actualise cassini came about?

    Coincidental evolution? lol!

  • Alone1am
    Alone1am 25 days ago

    Somebody just has to tell me one fucking purpose of NASA to humanity except sats. Cmon guys its uselezs studying the other planets. And its ecen more waste of time trying to find a planet to live. How fucking stupid and foolish can scientists politicia s and govts get? They fucking cant take care of the Earth and they wanna destroy it and then travel to another planet and live. Load of crap! Who the fuck proved most of what NASA says? Its guess work. In literal sense its only fiction. And people are fooled. More bizzare is funding billions into these iseless projects.

  • bla bla
    bla bla 28 days ago

    Those people who think it's fake...Cassini literally took these photos in the 1900's.It's not supposed to be in 4K.*sigh*Stupid people

  • shivakumar doddamani

    SAD SAD SAD music

  • NickPresents1
    NickPresents1 Month ago

    I love this comment section... Because of the retarded flat earthers. I love how they keep spouting shit and when they're confronted with a question they respond with: The Earth is flat, you've all been lied to!

    Heres a question to you flatties: Why the fuck would the government lie to everyone?

    Also you claim that everyone around the globe knows that the Earth is flat yet I have yet to actually meet a single person in real life that claims the Earth is flat. Do you know why that is? Its because the average person is smart enough to figure out that the Earth is round all by themselves...

    Another question: Why do time zones exist? Why is it night on one side of the Earth while its day on the other side if the Earth is flat? Wouldn't the sun equally illuminate the whole Earth?

    I am fully expecting a "time zones are fake" reply.

    I would tell you to go watch some videos from the International Space Station but knowing your stupidity you would claim its CGI...

  • DerekZC
    DerekZC Month ago

    Where is the dreadnaught

  • Rumble Mumble
    Rumble Mumble Month ago

    Dafuq? ten years to approach saturn? we all are small afterall

  • SassyHershsey SassyHershey

    Keep in mind this is the cream of the crop, otherwise they wouldn't be viewing this..........passion is relative I suppose. They know what Cassini is. As Stalin said, "All they need to know is that there was an election..."

  • waleed mahmoud
    waleed mahmoud Month ago

    when the governments dont want anyone to see anything

  • Keith Merard
    Keith Merard Month ago

    This is fake new

  • Keith Merard
    Keith Merard Month ago

    Fake as always. That's what NASA does best. Make a false reality, make lies and use billions of our taxpayers money to deceive all of us.

    You people need to wake up.

  • mohamed haneefa
    mohamed haneefa Month ago

    ohm .. sh cham ...shanai .Sharaya nama.. (vedic mantra of Saturn )

  • hololo
    hololo Month ago

    Fucking NASA they forget to add 4k camera motherfuckers.

  • Marco Creen
    Marco Creen Month ago

    what a load of bullcrap

  • LivelysReport
    LivelysReport Month ago

    Your video here only looks like CGI.. not an actual video of real time images from the real deal Saturn.. how sad.. with the billions of dollars paid to NASA and you can not buy one exceptional camera to take real time photos and videos with in HD color.. are you kidding me.. you all need to be fired..

  • Roborav
    Roborav Month ago

    What fake bullshit CGI images as usual from those fucking liars NASA. Fuck cassini and fuck NASA Freemasons and nazis.

  • Saturn The Ringed Planet



  • rafflewavl
    rafflewavl Month ago

    the comments dumb believe makes me question my own existence.....

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 2 months ago

    Uhhhh Satan's lair. Where demons set up shop. Hexagon included and all.

  • PleaseGetOffMe
    PleaseGetOffMe 2 months ago

    It's not the first time they released something..
    They also released its first incredible video of *uranus*

  • Jason Emery
    Jason Emery 2 months ago

    hexagon... proof of interstellar wormhole

  • Taha Khalid
    Taha Khalid 2 months ago

    Why cant nasa buy a good quality camera and install in its machines

  • Banana_Trooper52
    Banana_Trooper52 2 months ago

    If the world was flat and small and space was fake I would feel very insignificant that I have nothing in my power to fight back against the all-powerful government that rules the entire world and every decision we make. The world doesn't have to be flat for me to be special. As Bob Ross would say, I'm a happy accident. I have power that I can put towards anything I set my mind to. I think that space is the coolest thing, and wondering about it is part of being human. Wouldn't it be boring if the world was all that was?

    I have a telescope and I know that the planets are there. And nebula, satellites, other galaxies like Andromeda which you can see with the naked eye. You can see the ISS passing in remote islands which I have experienced firsthand. I've flown on a plane from Alaska to Russia.

    You are special no matter what.

  • Super Stiviboy
    Super Stiviboy 2 months ago +1

    Please close this comment section

  • boomboomdj
    boomboomdj 2 months ago

    More FAKE CGI footage. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Rens Bronsveld
    Rens Bronsveld 2 months ago

    only having read the comments that there waren't any 4k cameras back then....4k is the resolution of your tv. Camera's that can shot at that resolution are way older then '97. But these camera's are heavy.. They can gather more data with radio/x-ray and all that stuff. So an optical camera is more for fun that for actual scientific collection of information. I think thats the reason..

  • Kenny 4Real
    Kenny 4Real 2 months ago

    Look below for diarrhea comments from people who know nothing about space exploration.

    For comments with intelligence - go to NASA JPL channel.

  • John Medina
    John Medina 2 months ago

    Ok, enough with the nonsensical comments. That hexagonal shape about Saturn's pole is cool! But perplexing! Any scientific ideas on what might be the cause of them? O.o

  • James Dicus
    James Dicus 2 months ago

    Wow nevermind, no comment

  • Kieran Hardie
    Kieran Hardie 2 months ago

    Actual bollocks...... The end!

  • Ultimate Otaku
    Ultimate Otaku 2 months ago

    when we need volunteers to colonize Mars I nominate the flat earther retards. you shall be given base equipment good luck

    KOOKIE CUTE 2 months ago

    Show me the rings

  • Viking Dk
    Viking Dk 2 months ago

    Color pictures next time bro :'D

  • Kevin Sam
    Kevin Sam 2 months ago

    It is going to die after 22 dives

  • Lorenzo Gonzalez
    Lorenzo Gonzalez 2 months ago

    NASA needs more funding!!! I mean they can only do some much and plan so many things with what little budget they have. Why are we putting so much money into our military and weapons like wth why are we buying and funding killing wth why aren't we putting more money into the health of earth and it's future!!! The military is aboit 600 billion dollars come on now compared to NASAs 18.5 billion

    • Lorenzo Gonzalez
      Lorenzo Gonzalez 2 months ago

      If NASA had the military's funding just imagine the freaking possibilities

  • Cloгох Вleacн
    Cloгох Вleacн 2 months ago

    I bet if Russia was the one doing all this all these retarded fake comments would not exist.

  • H N Q
    H N Q 2 months ago

    0:42 I can't believe such grammar mistake exists here.

  • JSSTyger
    JSSTyger 2 months ago

    They found Saturn's asshole.  Mission accomplished.

  • wafelijzerstekker
    wafelijzerstekker 2 months ago

    Hexagon on Saturn o.O
    Pentagram at Satan's planet?

  • The7sins
    The7sins 2 months ago

    Impossible... Saturn is flat...

  • Twilight sparkle
    Twilight sparkle 2 months ago

    76,000 mph damn space is fast

  • Ramon Garcia
    Ramon Garcia 2 months ago

    Apparently everyone here is a genius 🤔

  • Richard M
    Richard M 2 months ago

    But we haven't even seen a real photograph of the Earth from space yet! Thank God the mass dumb-down of the population didn't take on all of us. Imagine not being able to comprehend bullshit when you hear, see, smell or feel it? You can't bullshit a bullshitter, and in theory that's a scientific fact.

  • Eka
    Eka 2 months ago

    The only way to convince flat earthers is to get them tanked enough to hug the earth. This way they will know the earth is round.

  • Harry Andruschak
    Harry Andruschak 2 months ago

    Dear anti-NASA trolls: May your lives be as pleasant as you are.

  • Raven Reda
    Raven Reda 2 months ago

    I have been taking photo doc of MANY things in the sky for YEARS NOW...Unbelievable things....and I have a collection of photos that show THIS SAME HEXAGONAL shape around our Sun (or what is supposed to be our Sun)...They are from a very distinct time frame, and the Hexagonal outline is undeniable, unquestionable, and in EVERY photo ONE after the other. This is ONE, of MANY countless anomalies I have captured. I am so very grateful for the eyes to see, and ears to hear....There is SO VASTLY MUCH, that we the public, are UTTERLY uninformed of (or should I say, kept in the dark)....To add, I have not used ANY type of high tech camera, devices, OR editing of any sort, EVER. To say the very least, fascinatingly profound...


  • motiejus joksas
    motiejus joksas 2 months ago

    yeah cassini will run out of fuel and crash in moons or saturn

  • Konstantin
    Konstantin 2 months ago

    This comment section is full of idiots!

  • Saturn
    Saturn 3 months ago

    Thanks for putting me in the video! it is nice to see nasa discover more about me.

  • Migrator Tellez
    Migrator Tellez 3 months ago

    could It be aliens?

  • Shuvam Chhetri
    Shuvam Chhetri 3 months ago +1

    To those who are wondering why the quality is not sharp or better because Cassini went to space in 1997 and he finally reached to Saturn in like IDK september 2016..That's the reason

  • gil Bot
    gil Bot 3 months ago

    All the "technological advancements" and we still get a shitty black and white image. Nice!

  • Steviyah 4
    Steviyah 4 3 months ago +1


  • Templar Adept
    Templar Adept 3 months ago


  • Nine Twin
    Nine Twin 3 months ago

    Just A Question, Is It Possible To Carry A Red Camera Or A HD Camera In That Satelite? I want To See The Surface Clearly (Dont Get Triggered Its Just A Question)

    • photoboyjet
      photoboyjet 3 months ago

      The first production model Red Cinema Camera didn't go on the market until August 2007 (the company was founded in 2005 ). The Cassini–Huygens space probe was launched in 1997 and arrived at Saturn in 2004. Saturn is a gas giant. There is no "surface" to see. Only clouds and bands of gas.

    OG LOWKEY 3 months ago many CGI believers out there...smh.

  • randy Bray
    randy Bray 3 months ago +1

    Don't bother with the comment section it's infested with flat Earth retards, conspiracy theorists, and tin foil hat freaks. Their stupidity is enough to make me want to bash my head against a wall.

  • Mista Dobalina
    Mista Dobalina 3 months ago

    If NASA are serious about stopping diving they are going to have to issue Cassini a retrospective ban.

  • Steve Conyers
    Steve Conyers 3 months ago

    What's the plan for when you get caught lying?

  • AceDaProducer
    AceDaProducer 3 months ago

    massive deception at its finest

  • Incinium
    Incinium 3 months ago

    I see comments complaining about the incompetent fucktards in the comment section, yet I don't see the actual comments from them.

  • rick cain
    rick cain 3 months ago

    fake fakedy fake fake fake....

    JUNIORTEZ TV 3 months ago

    wassup with the grey and white cameras cant they get a 4k up the

  • Pete House
    Pete House 3 months ago

    Fantastic. Ignore the dunces, there's no cure for stupid, let them think whatever they like, their opinions on this simply don't matter, you see a flat earther with a decent salary? I'll show you a thousand science devotees with a larger one. Onwards! 🖖

  • Facebook inc
    Facebook inc 3 months ago

    what a fake!:)))))))

  • Gudang Satu
    Gudang Satu 3 months ago

    i dont believe Flat earth theory but i really dont belive all NASA do,, about plante galaxy,,,

  • Barry Spencer
    Barry Spencer 3 months ago


  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 3 months ago

    Cassini was made in the 80s my conspiracy friends.

  • Jovolution
    Jovolution 3 months ago

    Every cellphone makes better quality videos.

  • Durer Imon
    Durer Imon 3 months ago

    0.22 does it mean that planes are holo?

  • Leo P
    Leo P 3 months ago

    Even Shill Nye the Science Fraud told everyone that earth is an enclosed system and we aint goin anywhere... look it up.

  • Leo P
    Leo P 3 months ago

    thanks for the cgi, nasa.

    pfft. if you beLIEve this...

    you may be in the brainwashed Scientism cult.

    and if cassini is filming, what is filming cassini? its 100% cgi.

    and their "images" could literally be anything that looks like some old skin. dont beLIEve the LIES.

  • Thijs Mallekote
    Thijs Mallekote 3 months ago

    isnt awesome to see a cg video of a sattelite diving and floating around saturn with real time black&white pictures of its surface which resembles the surface of a desert an awful lot? its almost believable. I just love to see nasa putting out videos like this but not be able to put themselves back on the moon. btw, a hint for the next video containing images of saturn, why not colour the black & white images exactly like the colours of saturn in the cgi of saturn used in this vid? that would make it even more believable

  • Charles Kojongian
    Charles Kojongian 3 months ago

    totally fake, CGI, and Hollywood style...dont be stupid,,,search and you can know..Earth is Centre of Universe,,,

  • Playthroughscenter
    Playthroughscenter 3 months ago

    there is one spacekraft or 2 in that area.

  • Be Free
    Be Free 3 months ago

    Whahahaha NASA went never into space, because they can't. We are living under a dome and live on a flat earth . NASA is nazi criminal organisation.

  • andrew b
    andrew b 3 months ago

    Cgi open your eyes space is in the imagination

  • Julie W
    Julie W 3 months ago

    A huge vacuum cleaner, it has sucked its surrounds right up... It might suck cassini in too, would be interesting if we could see inside too but I doubt the craft would survive intact...

  • Willy Schmitt
    Willy Schmitt 3 months ago

    Why thumbs down? Do you thumbs down the Internet, iPads, iPhones and all other awesome technological devices that have simplified our lives? If not, then it is a total contradiction to "thumbs down" these awesome, real, scientific videos....!

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist 3 months ago

    The french have colonised Saturn in secret and made this hexagon in honor to le mother land nickname

  • Adolf Hitler Greatest Leader

    What happen to 4k Cameras

  • TheLance3185
    TheLance3185 3 months ago

    Science in action.

  • Gill Heeres
    Gill Heeres 3 months ago

    How many times does a flat earth fit in uranus?

  • upper cut
    upper cut 3 months ago

    News Flash, Nasa admit that none of their images are genuine, rockets do not work in a Vacuum & water does not conform to a shape. You people need to wake up. There really is no excuse for being this Dumb, I would urge you to research into these lies.

  • Mantana Jansi
    Mantana Jansi 3 months ago

    So hey. I see a shit ton of comments complain about stupid commentor. I haven't found any. Anyone else?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 3 months ago

    Flatearther's must really hate this kinda stuff. Lol.

  • Wild Boar
    Wild Boar 3 months ago

    Ha ha ha since the x15 flights they have not shown anything credible and never will :)
    Yee must have faith, in murderous usa agency with record high white collar accidents.

  • EUTube
    EUTube 3 months ago

    How do you decide north and south on a planet in space?

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