Virus Mutation Explained | War for the Planet of the Apes

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  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura 23 hours ago

    Didn't mgs5: the phantom pain have a similar plot? It came out 2 years ago, so I don't remember the exact plot. Wasn't there a virus that was transmitted vocally? Hence, the character of quiet.

  • Pokemon Trainer Squad

    Stop bringing up sequels that won't happen

  • D M H
    D M H 1 day ago

    The same lake (or looked like it) at the end as the splash crash from the 1st original. Since this started on the West Coast it will be interesting to see how they deal/implement with the ending of the 1st original; the statue of liberty scene. Did Heston travel all the way from the West/midwest to NY?

  • Phoenician Lessons
    Phoenician Lessons 1 day ago

    good thing i already watched the whole movie

  • Ross Nunn
    Ross Nunn 2 days ago +1

    But what if the mutated virus did not make everyone primitive and lose their voice. But only some, like the characters in "War for the Planet of the Apes." Why I am saying this is because, if you recall... We did not see any humans become primitive and lose their ability to verbally speak in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes." Plus in the 2nd film ever made in this franchise that occurs after the events of when the Astronauts came down to earth. The last Astronaut came across humans who were not primitive. They still had intelligence and still had their voices as like us regular humans. Though they did forget all of the civilizations and countries that existed. U.S.A, Germany, etc. But they did have a mutation in which their skin appearance was different. So what I would say is that the virus affects everyone differently. But Another thing, this franchise is a reboot. Last time I searched it, it had said that. Unless where I read it was not legit. So I believe all the other older planet of the apes films are no longer to be considered as official events. Meaning all that is known to be official events in this franchise are the Rise, Dawn, and War for the Planet of the Apes. So with that being said, if no more movies will be made from what I have been told, then I would say not all Humans will be primitive like the ones we saw in War for the Planet of the Apes.

    • Ross Nunn
      Ross Nunn 2 days ago

      yeah it is a reboot. Just looked it up after I typed in War for the Planet of the Apes on Google and clicked on WikiPedia.

  • LooLoo The Worm
    LooLoo The Worm 2 days ago

    Ceasar is deadddddddddddd nooooooooo

  • jaeger nate
    jaeger nate 3 days ago

    The next film would just be Planet of the Apes 1968. No need for more sequels.

  • Stranger
    Stranger 3 days ago +1

    More human than the actual humans? More like more compassionate than humans.

  • bruce davis
    bruce davis 3 days ago +1

    Didnt like it wasnt even a war more like the great escape

  • leo laszlo
    leo laszlo 4 days ago

    doesnt anybody remember the crew who went to Mars but got lost? what if they are still up there?

    • ManMonkey600
      ManMonkey600 2 days ago

      Didn't even think of that. Not sure if that was just another nod to the original in Rise or if they had planned to come full circle and incorporate that into a later film at sometime. Would be very cool if they did somehow bring it into the 4th film.

  • John Lowry
    John Lowry 5 days ago +1

    In a future movie, one that's set centuries after war, where Caesar is a legend, the reason humans are treated like cattle could be the apes misinterpreting his ideology. Perhaps they feel that because humans are so primative that they won't be able to probably survive in the world, so maybe they feel Caesar would want them to round them up in order to protect and care for them.

  • ybemad
    ybemad 5 days ago

    Great movie! Anyone else think it didn't make sense for Nova's dad (or whoever) to be in close contact with her and still be able to talk? The colonel became sick overnight by just being exposed to the doll she carried around. 🤔

  • Paul Swan
    Paul Swan 5 days ago

    War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

  • KentrYT
    KentrYT 5 days ago +4

    We are the beginning!

  • Jenaro Saenz
    Jenaro Saenz 6 days ago

    They may introduce the mutants in the 4th.

    • Oliver Moran
      Oliver Moran 2 days ago

      That could be really cool. Perhaps the mutants are infected humans where the virus somehow improved their brains greatly i.e. it did what it was wanted to do for humans

  • Ezekeel _13
    Ezekeel _13 6 days ago +4

    I was hoping that there was going to be a reference/hint to the radioactive telepathic mutants from Beneath The Planet of The Apes in this movie.
    While I was watching this movie I was saying that the soldiers that survive the war and don't become less intelligent will relocate to underground tunnels and facilities and mutate into the telepathic humans as a result of the Simian virus. The Simian virus would cause them to develop more brain capacity (psychic abilities) instead of becoming less intelligent because the drug that caused the virus was originally meant to make a person more intelligent.

  • Ruben Torres
    Ruben Torres 6 days ago +1

    The mutation the humans carry that take away there ability to speak will eventually give them the ability to communicate telepathically like we see in beneath the planet of the apes. Also I believe some humans managed to survive the avalanche becoming trapped beneath the surface leading them to be the cult in beneath the planet of the apes

  • spyro 25
    spyro 25 6 days ago

    Sry about not commenting bc I don't want spoilers

  • Luke Mitchell
    Luke Mitchell 6 days ago +76

    Nova didn't care about her dad getting killed, but broke down in tears when Mr. Flower Gorilla (Luca) gets killed.

    • Pokemon Trainer Squad
      Pokemon Trainer Squad 1 day ago

      Luke Mitchell Luca

    • Gwtv
      Gwtv 1 day ago

      I think the gorilla name is Luca, also I didn't noticed Nova's emotions, good catch!

    • Luke Mitchell
      Luke Mitchell 2 days ago

      That could be true.

    • Enzo 1965
      Enzo 1965 2 days ago

      Luke Mitchell+ Probably not her dad. Most human characters have stories of them being the only survivor in their families.

    • Chrome Shit
      Chrome Shit 2 days ago

      Gaming Fusion she's infected, thats why.

  • Blitzkrieg
    Blitzkrieg 6 days ago +1

    Interesting but what about the soldiers at the end? The official ones not the rouge ones. Are they alive?

    • John Gilliam
      John Gilliam 2 days ago

      Typically there are far more rear echelon troops in supporting rolls than there are troops actually committed to an assault, and NO SANE/COMPETENT COMMANDER would commit ALL of his attacking reserves in one fell swoop,....UNLESS IN EXTREME SITUATIONS there were no other viable option to him doing so.... THAT ATTACKING FLEET OF ATTACK CHOPPERS,... ALONE,... WOULD REQUIRE/NECESSITATE ITS' OWN VERITABLE HORDE OF REAR-ECHELON SUPPORT TROOPS TO MAINTAIN, AND SUPPLY THEM, AS WELL AS A TRAIN OF ORDINANCE, AND FUELING PERSONNEL...... (HINT..... Those attacking troops in white camo that got buried could ONLY be a percentage of the totality of the attacking force...... There WOULD necessarily be a "base camp"/"logistics force" of troops supporting their overall operations..... )

    • Ruben Torres
      Ruben Torres 5 days ago

      Grå Gås the only thing you saw being damaged was the exterior the interior can still be intact. They didn't have all those alpha omega references for no reason.

    • Grå Gås
      Grå Gås 5 days ago

      You mean the base that got annihilated by the explosion? Not likley

    • Ruben Torres
      Ruben Torres 6 days ago

      Blitzkrieg I think some of them managed to survive by entering the weapons facility becoming trapped beneath the surface with novas contaminated doll. Eventually turning them into the alpha omega cult from beneath the planet of the apes

    • LegoReader12345 hello
      LegoReader12345 hello 6 days ago

      Blitzkrieg they were buried in the snow

  • Brian Burke
    Brian Burke 7 days ago

    It was the disease, Alzheimers, that came back with a vengeance and affected the father's ability to speak and have higher brain function, not the original virus that he was affect with.  The virus ended up mutating in the surviving humans after the new version was spread beyond the facility it was being tested at.

  • A killer Pacman
    A killer Pacman 7 days ago +36

    If it wasn't for that fat motherfucker sneezing on the pilot guy then none of this would've happened!

    • Luke Mitchell
      Luke Mitchell 4 hours ago

      Will was the one who CREATED the drug.

    • OmegaFreelacer318
      OmegaFreelacer318 3 days ago

      A killer Pacman if it wasn't fir the pilot guy being a nosy neighbor everyone would br fine, besides the apes

  • Scott Buckley
    Scott Buckley 7 days ago +7

    My Theories/ideas
    1. The 4h one will feature the spaceship that left in the 1st one and the crew will be the main characters

    2.The 4th one will feature a civil war between this Tribe of apes and another tribe who inhabit the cities. The two tribes will clash  over culture as The city  apes have learned to use electricity , new skills like farming rather than hunter gathering while Caesars tribe is more natural. maybe a slavery system will happen.

    3.this one is crazy but still the soldiers that attack the base at the end are not human but apes killing off the remaining human population. We see evidence of apes working for humans in this film what if one turned and led his own revolution?.

    Theories 2 and 3 are based on the question where are the other apes from bad ape's zoo?

    • WouldNotPokeThat
      WouldNotPokeThat 4 days ago

      They were able to do full on sprints on two legs though, and they were too tall to be chimps.

    • Scott Buckley
      Scott Buckley 7 days ago

      well they might have spent more time with humans while ceasars group was in the woods

    • I am Perfection
      I am Perfection 7 days ago

      I actually thought on #3 after watching the movie, we never see what they looked like and their way of walking did look very ape like.

  • Tatsumi Kimishima
    Tatsumi Kimishima 7 days ago +16

    If they do make more movies off in the future, I still want them to look like apes, not the half human half apes because they visually don't look that good. Does anyone else agree?

  • Gene360
    Gene360 7 days ago +4

    honestly. there could be more story to be told before Planet of the Apes if they decide to make another.

  • Roman Emperor
    Roman Emperor 7 days ago +21

    So, Virus Mutation will turn each of humans into Tarzans?

    • John Gilliam
      John Gilliam 2 days ago

      No,... not precisely...... All of the humans left upon our (erstwhile) world (Apart from the still sentient human mutants within the "Forbidden Zone"..... ) will be mute "full retard" vapidly inane "YouTube" commenters/wannabe "intelektuals"who typically get viciously slaughtered/exterminated en-mass when they raid the apes' corn fields...............

  • issac flores
    issac flores 7 days ago +56

    Nova was by far my favorite human character in this series, she was so nice and innocent and brave.

    • Matthew Martinez
      Matthew Martinez 3 days ago

      issac flores Ok stealing Movies is bad. But seriously? Comparing it to Murder? Don't exaggerate.

    • Comsuon Daihiep
      Comsuon Daihiep 3 days ago

      go kill yourself you fucking thief

    • Shaan Gaurav
      Shaan Gaurav 6 days ago

      Son Giordano Plus, stealing movies damage smaller film industries.

    • issac flores
      issac flores 7 days ago

      Son Giordano that's stealing a movie, I'm not gonna steal a movie. It's the worst crime to commit. It's just like robbing the elderly... or murder. Don't steal movies

  • Clifton Sutherland
    Clifton Sutherland 7 days ago +6

    I feel that a lot of what we got from the Col. is hogwash. He's been driven delusional by the losses he has seen, and when this new virus appeared he lost it. He is basically a rouge commander now, and the rest of the US military is kicking along fine without him. Personally, I feel that the ending of the film sets up how the Apes are left alone, but doesnt mean the rest of the human population, or even the US government remnant, will fall. For all we know, they couldve found a way to neutralize the new virus themselves, and thus save their population, but with numbers of people already reduced to a primitive state, for all intents and purposes the nova style humans are the norm (at least around California. For all we know, that mutation is exclusive to america)

    • Imperialx Warlord
      Imperialx Warlord 4 days ago

      I don't think theirs a US military or government anymore, what remains are independent groups of humans all fighting for survival. And it spread to rest of the world, remember in the first film when it shows the pilot bleeding and the map of where are the plains are going, theirs no way it didn't spread to the rest of the world.

  • literally dying
    literally dying 8 days ago +15

    Wait so I'm just wondering, what happened to will the scientist? Did he die with the mutation or is he still alive?

    • Jay Balbuena
      Jay Balbuena 4 days ago

      shaan sheikh damn I just read that too... Now it make sense.. In the end of the book Revelations someone comes to the Colonel while him and his soldiers are still in San Francisco, to talk peace negations... The book never states who that person is..and malcom was the last person in mind as blue eyes and rocket parted ways with his family after they found a new colony of humans they could join

    • shaan sheikh
      shaan sheikh 4 days ago

      Dimension Zone no malcom died too a deleted scene from war implies that the bald asshole shot him when malcom was begging him to spare ceasar :(

    • Dimension Zone
      Dimension Zone 5 days ago

      literally dying I was totally sadnned that he didnt survive, What im hoping is that my favorite human Malcolm did though?

    • Jay Balbuena
      Jay Balbuena 7 days ago

      literally dying in the book, Firestorm, (prequel to the movie Dawn) it is highly hinted that Will was executed by a militia that was hired by Genysis to cover up their involvement with the virus. Now that Ceasers dead it should be obvious that we will never see Will again, and he's pretty dead as well.

      MERLE DIXON 7 days ago

      Director said be a hint of a James Franco cameo in war but he never showed possible could be in deleted scene when they release dvd but Koba made a cameo

  • Eunan Murray
    Eunan Murray 8 days ago

    just saw movie

  • PanchoRATM182
    PanchoRATM182 8 days ago

    Great vid

  • Russell M. Hossain
    Russell M. Hossain 8 days ago +25

    Brilliant video.

     I expect SOME of the surviving Alpha Omega sect, along with the invading American military at the conclusion of the movie will survive/be immune to the Simian Flu, and retreat underground - but they will mutate further ( due to events yet untold ) until they become the Mutants we witness in 'BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES' two thousand years later.

    • Jonathan Wingerter
      Jonathan Wingerter 1 day ago

      I rather that movie stay beneath the planet apes.

    • Brian Burke
      Brian Burke 7 days ago

      Thanks you!  Yes, I was wanting to see the mutated human without hair and looking all vein-y.

    • Powered Soldier
      Powered Soldier 8 days ago

      I think the surviving humans are basically like the mutants in the 1968 films because there's a scene where Caesar encountered a bunch of Apes hanging in a cross near the military base of the humans. Just like in the 1968 film the mutants used a a bunch of hallucinations of apes hanging in a cross as part of their tricks to scare off the apes from entering the forbidden zone and Caesar also got the same reaction when he saw the apes hanging in a cross

  • Dhaval Savla
    Dhaval Savla 8 days ago +1

    thanks.... that was well explained and made sense

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