Migos "Call Casting" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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  • GXST sniper
    GXST sniper 5 hours ago

    #love song

  • Andrew Opry36
    Andrew Opry36 7 hours ago

    I thing Migos  are good it raping. I am a big fan I am your nober 1 fan. I it miar you raping.                               Fram           Jaden Iyare

  • Andrew Opry36
    Andrew Opry36 7 hours ago

    I thing Migos are good it raping. I am a big fan I am you nober 1 fan. I it miar you raping.

    Fram Jaden Iyare

  • bara siddiq
    bara siddiq 7 hours ago

    Lafiya kalau

  • XoXoAireona XoXoBabygirl

    All the fucking money i'm six

  • Alèks La Chouette
    Alèks La Chouette 8 hours ago +1

    Send nudes pls

  • ya boi ravi
    ya boi ravi 9 hours ago

    they not glasses they cloud goggles

  • Judas Iscariot666
    Judas Iscariot666 9 hours ago

    "Put a model bitch on coco, told her read between the lines" quavo my love ❤️

  • Keegan Hudson
    Keegan Hudson 10 hours ago

    This one live

  • Scherita Noble
    Scherita Noble 11 hours ago


  • Carl Roberts
    Carl Roberts 13 hours ago

    That's the only way to plot

  • More Heart Less Attack
    More Heart Less Attack 16 hours ago

    Wondering if he's wearing that sugarland shirt ironically or not.

  • demona moorkeel
    demona moorkeel 20 hours ago

    they act lioke 3ers children

  • demona moorkeel
    demona moorkeel 20 hours ago

    dis negers make afrioca from usa,,very soon ahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • brett harris
    brett harris 23 hours ago

    Skee skkeeeeeeeeee ayyyye!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • jamesthejawa network

    why are there dislikes lol this is lit af

  • dro mtl
    dro mtl Day ago

    Offset dressed like he wasn't sure if he wanted to be a thug or a good father

  • Mmafighter18
    Mmafighter18 Day ago

    Anyone else think any migos song ever is better than bad and boujee

  • Charity G.
    Charity G. Day ago

    Can you be mine Takeoff??

  • Mazen Alziq
    Mazen Alziq Day ago

    The song takeoff does really good in does shit and the music video is in Nigeria

  • Josh Wheaton
    Josh Wheaton Day ago

    What u drinking?? 0:42

  • Chris Willis
    Chris Willis Day ago

    🛫 Takeoff

  • Dlion Fucksistem

    T shirt 50CENT REAL MIGOS

  • #YGAuufre_ YG
    #YGAuufre_ YG Day ago

    c d la merde gro negro

  • Kyle
    Kyle Day ago

    Lol @ Andy milanakis reference. What happened to him after his tv show got canceled

  • olson dsouza
    olson dsouza Day ago


  • Savege 21
    Savege 21 Day ago


  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker 2 days ago +1

    It on

  • Xamaya Clarke
    Xamaya Clarke 2 days ago

    Offset looked so lost but I love them all😂😂😂😂😂

  • Xamaya Clarke
    Xamaya Clarke 2 days ago

    If u dont like this song u have 2 be old and white😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Princess Zay
    Princess Zay 2 days ago +1

    I like how they be like "act act ", "pot" "pass pass" 😂😂🤙🏽 lit

  • Darius Howard
    Darius Howard 2 days ago

    Iove this fuckin song

  • Daggy Fresh
    Daggy Fresh 2 days ago

    come shoot a video in africa kenya to be specific Dandora or KAYOLE kona mbaya....fuck u quavo

  • Mary Gomez
    Mary Gomez 2 days ago


  • doğukan susuz
    doğukan susuz 2 days ago +1

    I want to see with 50 cent feat migos 🙏

  • tamuna tabuashvili
    tamuna tabuashvili 2 days ago

    I thought that "Migos" was the same person

  • Khalil Moon
    Khalil Moon 2 days ago

    takeoff is the quiet type of lit

  • Peggy Jackson
    Peggy Jackson 2 days ago


  • Beverly Cooper
    Beverly Cooper 2 days ago

    Who it go

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 2 days ago


  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 2 days ago


  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 2 days ago


  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 2 days ago

    love you guys

  • Gabriella Rogers
    Gabriella Rogers 3 days ago

    Migos is lit 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 call casting

  • Edge Trom
    Edge Trom 3 days ago

    ✔✔✔TRAP TRAP

  • Jordyn Dennis
    Jordyn Dennis 3 days ago

    Love this damn song y'all keep making these songs for these lame ass niggas "soulja boy"

  • Fuck That
    Fuck That 3 days ago +1

    What shoes is quavo using in the video

  • PrinceLyric
    PrinceLyric 3 days ago +1

    This song finna become "WSHH" biggest hit song if yall didn't notice

  • yrk music
    yrk music 3 days ago

    offset and takeoff went off

  • timlawz
    timlawz 3 days ago

    @1:54 take off with that "Ehh Yaaaa"

  • Alec Schulz
    Alec Schulz 3 days ago

    I need ten thats a dime, wanna nickel thats a five

  • john duffield
    john duffield 3 days ago

    PACKS! I pay the ticket get you whacked, I chopped the brick with an axe

  • David Owen
    David Owen 3 days ago


  • King RëD
    King RëD 4 days ago

    Man said eat the molly like a snack I thought ted was a bad influence for kids he gon kill everyone and himself with that. aye dios mio,

  • Shaneeka Rondeau
    Shaneeka Rondeau 4 days ago

    Ayyyyeee!!!! This the shit it bang in the G6 thank you migos.

  • Darius Varnado
    Darius Varnado 4 days ago

    Love the Africa setting ! That's our people!!

  • Mateus de tds elas
    Mateus de tds elas 4 days ago

    Liga para uma farmácia perguntando se eles trabalham com roupa (eles tem que falar não) aí você fala: Então vcs trabalham pelados?

  • yoonis musa
    yoonis musa 4 days ago

    Dope song

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 4 days ago


  • Psycho chizzi
    Psycho chizzi 4 days ago

    Those drink effects makin me thirsty😂😂😂... That beat judged by takeoff signed by Quavo collected n steppled by offset

  • Douja Douja
    Douja Douja 4 days ago

    niggas sleeping on takeoff

  • Finesse
    Finesse 4 days ago

    this music video was in Africa told yall Africa wasn't just a jungle they have cities too

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith 4 days ago

    1:28 when i find diamonds.

  • SteVe Awolo
    SteVe Awolo 4 days ago

    Cool 🔥🔥

  • Ayo Unruly
    Ayo Unruly 4 days ago


  • Great Water
    Great Water 5 days ago

    Hala hala hala hala kiti kiti kiti kiti 2500 on the car

  • Samuel Kayode Ogunmola

    love you Guys more

  • Samuel Kayode Ogunmola

    migos in my country I love that

  • Thomas Rutland
    Thomas Rutland 5 days ago

    pause at 1:46 look at takeoff

    RITHWAN BADEL 5 days ago

    i have been listening to quavo for a milli second its that day when you quickly know its hot to play his record on a beach sunny day taking off a sip from the poiint of taken off set made similar day when you wind up with the nicest front for a day to lounnch for a disaster moment.

  • Joseph Fanfan
    Joseph Fanfan 5 days ago

    Takeoff had this one

  • Kevon Prather
    Kevon Prather 5 days ago

    They killed that

  • Noah Springer
    Noah Springer 5 days ago +1

    Who else had to pop they shoulder while watching this?

  • Nathan Stevens
    Nathan Stevens 5 days ago

    Song is lit, Migos are lit, Quavo is next best rapper

  • Trap Death
    Trap Death 5 days ago

    visit my channnnel

  • ShottaKenya
    ShottaKenya 6 days ago

    that 50Cent shirt most fyah!

  • Skullcrusher81 Smith

    0:14 pause at that exact moment

  • Jerry Hairston
    Jerry Hairston 6 days ago

    "She eat the molly like a snack" ctfu 🔥👌💯

  • OP Squad
    OP Squad 6 days ago

    This song makes me want to go get some zaxbys

  • terrell lewis
    terrell lewis 6 days ago


  • Tutorial Gamer
    Tutorial Gamer 6 days ago

    i wish migos,wiz kahlifa,rae sremmurd and young m.a could make a song

  • Tutorial Gamer
    Tutorial Gamer 6 days ago

    offset skrrt

  • 1 Thompson
    1 Thompson 6 days ago

    why takeoff wearing a 50 cent shirt

  • J Prez
    J Prez 6 days ago

    migos raw as fuck

  • J Prez
    J Prez 6 days ago

    takeoff man go head takeoff

  • Benjamin Greene
    Benjamin Greene 7 days ago

    Takeoff is da illest out of the 3....Wordlife

  • Aviso 9
    Aviso 9 7 days ago

    These lil young nigga cold p. They got the sauce

  • Aviso 9
    Aviso 9 7 days ago

    They gucci

  • Ludo freaking Martinez

    50 cent shirt

  • Maribel Martinez
    Maribel Martinez 7 days ago


  • Christian Z
    Christian Z 7 days ago

    Migos on TipToppoinT,But NoNoNooooooskinnyjeans

    • Christian Z
      Christian Z 7 days ago

      R stretch pants NONONONOOOOOOO❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

  • James McCurdy
    James McCurdy 7 days ago

    Takeoff "At" Quavo "Pot" Offset "Packs

  • Joseph Haak
    Joseph Haak 7 days ago

    Migos call casting

  • Xanz
    Xanz 7 days ago

    Ok but they always talking bout cookies, bitches n dabbing

  • Ebony Anthony
    Ebony Anthony 7 days ago

    opinion 9 9

  • BitchChill
    BitchChill 8 days ago

    I like how they start their verses

  • Jason King
    Jason King 8 days ago

    take off went off on every song on the album BUT HE WAS STILL LEFT OFF BAD & BOUJEE 😂😂

  • zahra mohamed
    zahra mohamed 8 days ago

    This song makes me want to call "casting" and hang up

  • Katrice Fleetwood
    Katrice Fleetwood 8 days ago +1

    This takeoff song

  • Tangie Felder
    Tangie Felder 8 days ago


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