President Donald Trump Hates Trumpcare, CNN Is Bad News - SOME NEWS

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • This week: Happy Birthday to Donald Trump, the oldest boy child ever to be president. In other news: Trump realizes that he hates Trumpcare, CNN does what it can to shed the 'fake news' label, praise be to billionaires, and Some News takes over the mantle of 'fair and balanced.'

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Comments: 911

  • Nina Moulin
    Nina Moulin 37 minutes ago

    Bullet interview signal switch norm innovation starter mom funding

  • A normal Christian
    A normal Christian 7 days ago

    The giving pledge is a bit of a con, they give to causes they believe in, like cutting the population, which serves their interests.

  • Andy Barrett
    Andy Barrett 14 days ago

    is Sylvester P. Smythe still the janitor at Cracked

  • d p
    d p 23 days ago

    looks like even the news is doing click bait nowadays, just mentioning fidget spinners to get views.

  • Al Katraz
    Al Katraz 26 days ago

    i love that pic of trump in a bday hat

  • Scott Robbins
    Scott Robbins 29 days ago

    turn right once in a while...otherwise you're going in circles...

  • Shanara S
    Shanara S Month ago

    -_-'..I love cracked lol but really trump is not so smart.
    I'm sorry the man does not even know what he is seeing/doing a vast majority of the time.
    Really world's biggest joke ..that's to sad to laugh at b/c we know how very f we r by letting this guy become president or letting him do anything more mentally strenuous than alphabetize m&ms! -_-'
    I don't reply to trolls so ja u win good for u lol. ^-^'

  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian Month ago

    Weren't the main cops who responded to the shooting a lesbain couple? I may be wrong on that. So much bad stuff happens- I could of read it for any event.

  • George Truman
    George Truman Month ago

    I skipped through this video until the end, I'm glad you told me shooting people was bad!

  • GrandNoble
    GrandNoble Month ago

    I suggested you guys do this a long time ago... and glad to see you really do it. HONESTLY. If you guys made a separate channel... and JUST posted these videos... i would subb. And i'm sure a lot of others would also.

  • Lord Dice X
    Lord Dice X Month ago

    if Cody was a snack I'd have some everyday after work😆

  • Eristitia
    Eristitia Month ago

    If Bill Gates tells you he cares, ask him why are there so many homeless people in Seattle still, and why their schools and roads have gone to complete shit.

  • The Father of Lies
    The Father of Lies Month ago

    What was that about a match?

  • Bilbo Boggins
    Bilbo Boggins Month ago

    I appreciate the fairly balanced nature of this show

  • Sparky Dood
    Sparky Dood Month ago

    Do those numbers that they give us work?

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James Month ago

    Texted fair just now... right here

  • 92alpha13
    92alpha13 Month ago

    This is basically the greatest thing going on Cracked!

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart

    Bill gates and buffet will never undo the damage they have caused and their giving is no substitute for taxation but a way to buy their re-entry into human society, but it's too late society is nearly history thanks to greedy people like them, this is why you are watching this on a for profit service, on a proprietary licenced device while being tracked, bubbled and still probably paying the Windows tax or at least having lost out on the development free(dom) software could have given the world if gates hadn't used your money and anticompetitive practices to make our great 21st century achievement (paid for by taxes) all about corporatism, patents and greed.

    Still now their richer and people think they are nice, because spending money they really don't need on stupid things like microwave toilets.

    Learn to beg, it's the future most popular career.

  • SJM92
    SJM92 Month ago

    this is great
    but please more After the Trump!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca Robichaud
    Rebecca Robichaud Month ago

    How did I not know you exist until now? I think I am more thankful for this channel than I am that I have universal healthcare, because I'm Canadian.

  • chuck cascio
    chuck cascio Month ago's writers are on point haha

  • neferiusnexus
    neferiusnexus Month ago

    every "basic human right" you have, is either because someone died for it, or because someone killed for it.
    Praise Chaos.

  • David Southmayd
    David Southmayd Month ago

    Michael Swain was at David Chapelle's recent stand up? Good for you dude, but sorry, you were used for the 'token white guy laughing' shot.

  • Henrietta Parlett
    Henrietta Parlett Month ago

    Cody for president! - Actually DOB is the president guy - Cody can be vice president.

  • Christopher Drum
    Christopher Drum Month ago

    Why does "adult language" get bleeped out sometimes and not other times?

  • Grandsome
    Grandsome Month ago

    When you have a billions of dollars you're basically hoarding that shit to be able to go play golf with your elite pals, and this is why *I* should have billions of dollars because I have no friends. #meforbillionaire2020 (I'll take your donations)

  • SK Wills
    SK Wills Month ago

    Sanders Peaceful Revolution is a joke. Revolutions are never peaceful, and are always wrong.

    • SK Wills
      SK Wills Month ago

      KILLERASTRONAUT- The United States didn't need to exist, and was born out of violence and deceit. I preer Justice over Patriotism, and Truth over Love of Country.

    • killerastronaut
      killerastronaut Month ago

      SK Wills I gotta disagree man the American revolution is kinda why the United States of America is a thing so I don't think it was wrong lol

  • Cait Fitz
    Cait Fitz Month ago

    this series has been incredible :D

  • profsleaps
    profsleaps Month ago

    It's a sad day for the human race when the most accurate news outlet is a YouTube channel that has convinced me that all the dinosaurs in Jurassic World are actually robots.

  • Velixar
    Velixar 2 months ago

    your democrats, voted Hilary and hate trump...WE GET IT!!! Stick to comedy you F@#$%!!

  • Tainted Lilly
    Tainted Lilly 2 months ago

    Cracked! More like broken!..( crickets)...Ille show myself out.

  • Edward Seraphim Lacarte

    Seriously loving these! Keep it up!!!!

  • jonathan tuftee
    jonathan tuftee 2 months ago

    this guy is good

  • zEropoint68
    zEropoint68 2 months ago

    that shit at the end..? exactly.

    people are fuckin' dumb, man.

  • zuma surfer
    zuma surfer 2 months ago

    Trump Care will include for all Democrats free of charge::
    1) thicker skin
    2) a spine
    3) a pair of balls for all liberal men

  • Ryan Holman
    Ryan Holman 2 months ago

    The thing that I like about this show is that it pokes fun at both political sides, where just about any show lie this on cable is essentially Democrat propaganda.

  • Seran
    Seran 2 months ago

    No citation on that MS story..... Useless.

  • Michael Yater
    Michael Yater 2 months ago

    Cracked not fair or balanced and Fox slips 1 week to no 3 still most watched over all.

  • XxLoveMeNotToshxX
    XxLoveMeNotToshxX 2 months ago

    When I hear anything about Trump calling the bill "Mean"
    all I see is Bill from SchoolHouse Rock wearing a leather jacket and holding a switchblade with a cantankerous look on his face.

  • zombieriot
    zombieriot 2 months ago


  • Laz at Ursus Audio
    Laz at Ursus Audio 2 months ago

    Fox News still #1 in total viewers. Which makes "most watched" true.

  • Dianna Stroud
    Dianna Stroud 2 months ago

    All of this was great, but the very last bit with the "Why the fuck did I even have to say that?!" gestures during the credits was amazing.

  • Cody Welter
    Cody Welter 2 months ago

    Hold on, what's your source on the "Don't shoot people" segment? I did a quick internet search and found everything ever supports that, but that's it. So please cite your sources in the future.

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose 2 months ago

    Officially the only news I'll watch moving forward

  • fungod10
    fungod10 2 months ago

    was that scoliosis thing legit? cause i want to know for no particular reason >_>

  • Iconoklazt 1080
    Iconoklazt 1080 2 months ago

    No one person should have a billion dollars said the leftist

  • Duke
    Duke 2 months ago

    This script sounds like it was written by an AI.

  • TC IronBear
    TC IronBear 2 months ago


  • Delta Gem
    Delta Gem 2 months ago

    Do the roar - Donald Trump

  • RJ2000
    RJ2000 2 months ago

    This series is great. While politics is getting to the point where it is over saturating everything you guys some how keep it fresh, light and obviously entertaining.

  • jayoungr
    jayoungr 2 months ago

    Always enjoyable! One link about the idea that congressional Democrats are just letting the Republicans do what they want with health care, though:

  • alienbob21
    alienbob21 2 months ago

    wait so did the Fidget Spinner cause the fire or the matches? did they set the fidget spinners on fire and see them spin?

  • Daniel McMillan
    Daniel McMillan 2 months ago

    just simply brilliant!

  • Darrell Lim
    Darrell Lim 2 months ago

    My new go-to for news!

  • rusrad74
    rusrad74 2 months ago

    How the fuck does a species get this dumb?

  • Winged One
    Winged One 2 months ago

    The credits always....CRACK me up! Kekekekekek.
    But in all seriousness, doesn't Trump use a ghost writer? So wouldn't it be kinda pointless to put stock in his book(s)?

  • crb2061
    crb2061 2 months ago

    Cracked News beats Fox, CNN, MSNBC and everyone else hands down. It is a sad time when comedians are the only ones telling the truth.

  • Ara Mahar
    Ara Mahar 2 months ago

    I always thought Cody was talented and funny. But this new show is just AMAZING. Absolutely the best thing on Cracked right now. <3

  • Shaun House
    Shaun House 2 months ago

    Be honest, does anybody really think he WROTE it in his book?

  • fullcarnage
    fullcarnage 2 months ago

    that was some news alright

    i feel good.......and i dont anymore

  • Scott T.
    Scott T. 2 months ago

    Some News: Balanced and Fair. I love you, Cracked.

  • beatzies
    beatzies 2 months ago

    the fact that this show assumes i am smart enough to get the jokes and references without hamming it up, is incredibly refreshing and appreciated. watching this now feels like what watching the daily show during the bush years used to feel like: pretty great.

  • Mike Romero
    Mike Romero 2 months ago

    We listen to Trump himself and not the CNN Media or SNL or whatever, whoever the comedians are! Seriously? What a waste of time that would be? All you have to do is to hear two or three words to know these people are a waste of time. This countries most brilliant minds are absolutely behind OUR President for We the People.

  • Mike Romero
    Mike Romero 2 months ago

    No one cares what unqualified Comedians or Drugged Out Actors and Musicians have to say... they really are forgettable

  • Mike Romero
    Mike Romero 2 months ago

    Trump can fire whoever he wants. He is the President and it is his job to terminate people wasting our time and efforts. That guy he fired did not belong or deserve to be the FBI Director.

  • Mike Romero
    Mike Romero 2 months ago

    If you listen to the nonsense of the media and then listen to Trump it is absolutely baffling that they haven't gotten on board with him yet. We the People are so lucky that he is President. For the first time in our lives Americans has a President that cares about his own country and isn't just the rich elite, but a wise person with a lot of common sense is in office. People get so angry about the concept of a country protecting itself. And there is no reason for fear, cleaning up the USA is more of a factual process to be carried out by the employee's of the USA. For once they will do their jobs of following the USA laws. We the People support the President, we are not a sub-group giving false names that are dissension within the USA. If you are in any group the considers itself brothers and sisters or "the people" and are actually against "We the People" of the USA you then are traitors. We are a Nation! The facts speak for themselves. We don't even bother listening to much of nonsense because "We the People" have lives and things to do:). We are not here to save people that are cruel and hate the USA for existing. We are here for OUR country! Trump being President is one of the truest greatest things ever. Divine Spirit has finally intervened.

  • walter byrd
    walter byrd 2 months ago

    Whatever you think of Fox News:

    Fox News delivers most-watched quarter in cable news

  • z8ph0d
    z8ph0d 2 months ago

    I don't have 20 thousand dollars, but why shouldn't anyone have a billion dollars? If they earn it, they earn it.

  • Kirose Lambert-Gorwyn
    Kirose Lambert-Gorwyn 2 months ago

    "And I think.. We just did." ;)
    Well fuck.

  • Ashley Hyatt
    Ashley Hyatt 2 months ago +2

    He's come a long way from extra in After Hours. Bravo!

  • Samuel McCallister
    Samuel McCallister 2 months ago +3

    Cracked you better watch out. A certain Show, of a Daily nature, might snap up your boy Cody. He's fucking amazing at this.

  • blocks223344
    blocks223344 2 months ago

    Relevance to any of this

    Where is it

  • Carl Simmons
    Carl Simmons 2 months ago

    This is what the daily show shouldve evolved into once John Stewart left

  • TheRumpletiltskin
    TheRumpletiltskin 2 months ago +1

    But Daniel, Shooting people is how we became America!

  • What?what!what! Nononono

    Anyone else find all the presenters on cracked annoying liberal dweebs? Especially this guy Cody. He is the biggest annoying dweeb of them all and his voice makes me want to punch his face until it slowly disintegrates into red bloody mush underneath my fists

  • Occam's Blazer
    Occam's Blazer 2 months ago

    Hey, so is Cracked legit compiling texts from people about this? I'm actually curious

  • NoJusticeNoPeace
    NoJusticeNoPeace 2 months ago +1

    Why is your "spooky voice" George Takei?

  • daimon hellstrom
    daimon hellstrom 2 months ago

    Dont you remember when fox news and republicans saved us all from ebola? Thise stupid libtard scientist said not to worry because it has the same infection rate at hep c an unless you get blood on you youre okay but fox was wise enough to spread fear everyday and then the very next day after the midterms they never ran another ebola story. Thats proof they saved us all.

    Remember when they saved us all from the no go zones that didnt exist? Lol that cracked me up and whats even funnier is now that there actually are no go zones in paris they act like that means they were right back when they said they existed even though they actually didnt.

    Without fox news how would we know that marxists who dont believe in democracy are "leftists"? I know you are thinking that doesnt make any damn sense becausr they are communists who dont believe in democracy but dont think about it just watch this sjw video and laugh at how dumb they are.

    Without republicans how would we know that you can shut the government down multiple times becauee you didnt get your way and then claim they didnt shut the government down democrats did lol.

    Insert your "but cnn" comments below.

  • Ben Lentz
    Ben Lentz 2 months ago

    I was expecting the "CNN Is Bad News" to be the "Democrats praying at baseball game" deleted tweet.

  • Mattski gmail
    Mattski gmail 2 months ago

    Funny material on Trump. Glad to see you are "balanced and fair" on presidential coverage....... oh.....wait.

  • WomanOverboard
    WomanOverboard 2 months ago

    I love you.

  • John Holtrop
    John Holtrop 2 months ago

    I honestly like this show for being hilarious but I don't know how much I can trust it now for accuracy after doing a quick google search on cable news network rating and finding fox to be the biggest. Although I do agree it shouldn't necessarily be trusted, I'm still a little disappointed they'd lie about it.

  • Ohio Guy
    Ohio Guy 2 months ago

    "Not one person should have a billion dollars " 🤔
    Socialist fuck!

  • Fem Stranger
    Fem Stranger 2 months ago

    Best episode yet. Keep up the good work.

  • Brittany Parrish
    Brittany Parrish 2 months ago

    I appreciate that this "spooky voice" is just a George Takai impression

  • Sadie Dubay
    Sadie Dubay 2 months ago

    This is my favorite series on cracked.

  • Tyrysly
    Tyrysly 2 months ago

    The comment "No one person should have $1 billion, is an "ignorant" statement. It's not the money or the amount one possesses it's what one does with it. There are many billionaires who do many wonderful things for the world and its people; unfortunately, most media focus on the greedy and inept and claim this is the whole. Most billionaires have their wealth invested in diverse fields that make the economy go and grow; although, it is true that billionaires tend to spend less as a percentage of wealth then working individuals, it is in error to only cite this and deem billionaires as damaging to the financial health of the nation. Macro and Micro economics are complicated; billionaires, millionaires, working, unemployed, et al are all a part of our current economy, blaming any individual class for the condition of the economy is ignorant. Could billionaires do more as a whole to help, yes; could any one of us as individuals or as a class do the same, yes! Numbers, whether dollars or people, can make significant differences. And at any given moment any one of us are arrogant-@$$holes, so let's stop being "us" and "them" and start being "we", WE'd get a lot farther a lot faster. (My opinion, educated and otherwise :-) ).

  • Glen Butler
    Glen Butler 2 months ago


  • I'm right you're wrong
    I'm right you're wrong 2 months ago

    minimum wage ain't going up, shit keeps costing more, oils running out, shits getting hotter, there's more people who are born and die. war probably going to happen, world wide, again. but we know more. the planet might be wiped out tomorrow.

  • BM
    BM 2 months ago

    If the fidget spinner was part of the activity that led to the fire, and I see no reason to assume it wasn't, then I think it's a perfectly justified title. If they were playing with matches and happened to also be playing with fidget spinners, that title would be ridiculous. But I believe both things were actually related. They were probably trying to put out some matches with those toys or something like that. They should have been more specific about that in the news piece, but I wouldn't assume it's just "fake news". There's not enough information in the text to rule out that possibility.

  • Jarl Ballin'
    Jarl Ballin' 2 months ago +1

    Cracked may actually be LESS balanced and fair than Fox News. That is an achievement...

  • Paul Melenchuk
    Paul Melenchuk 2 months ago

    that was amazing

  • Fnidner
    Fnidner 2 months ago

    I guess we all gotta admit we're happy that they keep trying new formats that are not After Hours. This is a hit

  • CrassKal
    CrassKal 2 months ago

    A grown man making others tell him nice things about himself has got to be the most pathetic thing I have heard of in a long time.

  • 6Glitch
    6Glitch 2 months ago

    Your claim that Fox News isn't the most watched is based on old statistics. More recent ratings show Fox News in the #1 spot. I know it's for a joke, but it isn't true.

  • Mukk13man
    Mukk13man 2 months ago

    keep it going; the news is in fact comedy and has been so who better than cracked?

  • Squishy876
    Squishy876 2 months ago

    So God damn good

  • Anti Status Quo
    Anti Status Quo 2 months ago

    You sir are my go to news 😁😂

  • Anti Status Quo
    Anti Status Quo 2 months ago

    Trevor Noah who?

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 2 months ago

    No person should ever have a billion dollars? What amount is ok then, 100 million, 1 million? Let me know when you liberals come up with a random number that you feel completes your liberal guilt agenda. Maybe white people shouldn't even be allowed to have money at all. Only the straight male ones though, you know because of slavery and all. We will also wait for liberals to decide how white you have to be. I'm predicting at least 50% white before you get your privilege.

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