2017 Tour de France: Stage 9 Recap

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  • And Nielsen
    And Nielsen 6 hours ago

    Now that we look back, the most important part of this race (leave alone the Porte crash) was Bardet's attack, but it is not well covered. So how did he manage to away from the Froome group? Crazy downhill attack?

  • Maxim Eistee
    Maxim Eistee 4 days ago

    EPO Doping haha

  • Anthony Papa
    Anthony Papa 10 days ago

    You keep racing!!! Froome kept racing after Martin went down. Why did Aru and Fuglsang cooperate with Froome in the sprint so he can take an additional 4 seconds??

  • j cycle
    j cycle 10 days ago

    If I was aru bye bye froomi not my problem you had a mechanical talk to your mechanic the race is on your equipment is part of the race dude and its had enough

  • Brian Bullard
    Brian Bullard 11 days ago

    Love how this one dude wears a bright yellow shirt just to stand out and then his cheap bike breaks and people act like everyone should just wait on the guy and let him win or something.

  • Necromanicon Jigg
    Necromanicon Jigg 11 days ago

    I feel like I'm watching american football or NBA.

  • chrisC5339
    chrisC5339 12 days ago

    I'm with "sandydenny lives, true sportsmanship is reflected by the rivals soft pedaling while waiting for Froome, they could have stomped on it and taken 30 secs to a minute out of his lead.... it's moments like these that give me hope for continuing to watch the "tour".

  • Sunni Sukumar
    Sunni Sukumar 12 days ago

    Thank you for posting these videos, NBC. I often don't catch the tv coverage, so this is great.

  • Dick Trickle
    Dick Trickle 12 days ago

    Chris And team sky, got this in the bag.......

  • clamjuice
    clamjuice 12 days ago

    2017 Juice de France: Stage 9 Doping Recap

  • John Cox
    John Cox 12 days ago

    Who are these idiots?? How the hell can you wait for Dan Martin on a 70k descent??

  • Mike Zaloudek
    Mike Zaloudek 12 days ago

    Can you bump the volume up on this video? I can barely hear it turned all the way up while other youtube videos are fine.

  • amaroudis
    amaroudis 12 days ago

    It has happened in years before wear people will attack when others have mechanicals or accidents Aru should have just kept going. Porte might still be in the race if they didn't wait for Froome. Also it is ironic that Dan Martin told everyone to wait for Froome, but when he got taken out by Porte, they did not do the same for him.

  • B. Ryder
    B. Ryder 12 days ago

    Team Sky goes out and recruits/buys some of the best riders out there, then get upset when some other team don't play fair? I'm sorry but I didn't have an issue with what Aru did.

  • b021c
    b021c 12 days ago

    THank you for uploading these - much appreciated! +NBC Sports

  • sandydenny lives
    sandydenny lives 12 days ago

    You don't attack the yellow jersey up a climb unless he looses form, not for a mechanical. Same for the yellow jersey for his principle rivals.On the last descent, when he was trying to keep Quintana behind Froome had to go for it. If any of Froome's rivals had a mechanical right next to him he would have waited. Armstrong waited for his main rival back in the day, the rival returned the favor.

  • Andrew Rubio
    Andrew Rubio 12 days ago

    Crazy how such significant names are no longer in the TDF!

  • mcolegt
    mcolegt 12 days ago

    so why didn't the lead group wait for Dan Martin? These unwritten rule are ridiculous. If Vettel has a mechanical Hamilton isn't waiting. Uran had a mechanical, they weren't waiting for him. I feel like the cycling world has been manipulated by Team Sky or they're on their payroll, either way this has to stop.

    • aldo villamil
      aldo villamil 11 days ago

      i agree 100%

    • Joshua Sepulveda
      Joshua Sepulveda 12 days ago

      Hahahaha you're obviously watching your first TDF are you? It's the unwritten rule in cycling not to attack for a mechanical sometimes even for a crash. Check Armstrong vs Ullirich and Contador vs Schleck on why the rule is there.

    • B. Ryder
      B. Ryder 12 days ago

      Agree with mcolegt. Doesn't Team Sky have the biggest budget and best team? How else does any team plan to beat them unless Sky has some misfortune? I'm also starting to think the unwritten rules are ridiculous.

    • MrSchmuck
      MrSchmuck 12 days ago

      Oh dear, two completely different sports. In TDF the rider makes up for a much larger percentage of the overall package compared to F1. And in TDF you can talk with each other whereas Hamilton cannot tell the others to wait, can he?

    • mcolegt
      mcolegt 12 days ago

      I don't think they should have waited for Dan Martin, but just like last year's TdF, anything that happens involving Froome has the appearance of receiving special attention, either by other riders or race organizers, or the UCI. Just as in any other sport, if there is a weakness in your competition you have to go for the jugular.

  • Spongebob2023
    Spongebob2023 12 days ago

    Why didn't the jury decide to put Daniel Martin in the same time as froome, bardet, barquil, uran, aru and fuglsang.
    I remember they did that last year at Mont Ventoux with Froome and Porte

    • Hans Olsen
      Hans Olsen 11 days ago

      Spongebob2023 they don't do that for crashes unless it's 3k to go. Last year it was crowd interference and the cars that caused the crash.

    • Nathaniel Alan Miller-Serrato
      Nathaniel Alan Miller-Serrato 12 days ago

      @spongebob2023 Last year was not an element of racing. It was due to a crash caused by a Moto, not by a racer. Todays crash was just a by product of racing. (rider vs. rider)
      @pedro Andrade Additionally, 3km rule does not apply in summit finishes

    • pedro andrade
      pedro andrade 12 days ago

      Spongebob2023 I think last year they were already in the 3km area.

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