Late Night White House Press Briefing: How Long Until Mike Pence Becomes President?

  • Added:  2 months ago
  • Sean Spicer holds an impromptu press briefing to answer burning questions, like is the plan to slowly fire people from this administration until it's eventually just President Trump alone in the White House?
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    Late Night White House Press Briefing: How Long Until Mike Pence Becomes President?- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 4:04
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Comments: 209

  • Janet McNeil
    Janet McNeil Month ago

    This is hysterical!

  • Rashawn Person
    Rashawn Person Month ago

    haters will say its photoshopped

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Month ago

    hahahahaha. omg. perfect questioning, better editing.

  • Mr Bag
    Mr Bag Month ago

    I didn't think I'd live to hear a cleaning supplies joke.

  • I Mephibosheth
    I Mephibosheth Month ago

    The Deep State' "Destroy Trump" Radical Left media initiative has failed
    to reach critical mass in generating a popular insurrection as
    intended. The Plan now is to take down Trump later this year and a
    'Major Terror Event' will be staged in addition to Muellers fake
    investigation, MSM propaganda and flurry of WH leaks. Expect it to be
    BIG, expect it to be BLOODY with many deaths because that is what DEEP
    STATE wants and needs to take down the USA. As usual, expect the MSM
    rabble-rousers to say as if with one voice, "Trump is to blame for this,
    Trump has to go" and yes the duplicitous GOP will 'reluctantly' acquiesce.
    Exit the USA...Enter the New World Order!

  • mcgavin
    mcgavin Month ago

    That was in the top 5 funniest skits of the Trump administration.

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel Month ago +1

    Can you describe Ted Cruise in three lines or less?
    Ineffective tool.

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 Month ago

    Kind of right, but not really ok, tone it down a bit Seth

  • pat comerford
    pat comerford Month ago

    So the President is becoming a terrifying 'lone wolf'.

    VALMER LYNN Month ago

    Sean Spicer did a amazing job those were tough questions. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    VALMER LYNN Month ago

    china and Russia ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon Month ago

    Pence need a lawyer too. He was in the transition team , so he was told about Flynn problems and kept silent.

  • Lamarr168
    Lamarr168 Month ago

    That was refreshingly goofy and yet entertaining.

    AND PEGGY! Month ago

    When asked "what's your favorite line from 50 shades of gray" I was expecting spicey to say "spank me daddy"

  • David North
    David North Month ago

    Somewhere, Dickie Goodman is smiling...

  • shoesheep
    shoesheep Month ago

    Blah blah blah, blonde lady reporter. I for one like the brunette next to Seth. She looks like she'd do that thing you like.

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 Month ago

    Best Spicey press briefing ever, thanks Mr.Meyers !

  • Coconut ScienceGirl92

    All the comments are about the blond lady! Hahahaa wonder if she knows how YouTube famous she has become

  • Mario Castaneda
    Mario Castaneda Month ago

    I kinda think this bit has prompted the no-audio/no-video gaggle from the WH.

  • Shuyu
    Shuyu Month ago

    oooo someone is going to get sooood, oooooo

  • Briana Borja
    Briana Borja Month ago

    Yeah everybody's talking about the blonde lady who was an extra, but can we talk about the black lady reporter in the upper left corner.
    She knows what's up ;D

  • GreenerHill
    GreenerHill Month ago

    Am I missing something here? The beautiful lady is brunette! No offence to the blonde lady behind her.

  • Ace1King1
    Ace1King1 Month ago

    Disrespectful and not funny.

  • Mass Appeal
    Mass Appeal Month ago


  • DeityFree Dee
    DeityFree Dee Month ago

    Pence won't be president. He's an accomplice.

  • Stefan de Jong
    Stefan de Jong Month ago

    discussion cabinet maintain nafmvsa rural permission golf stability american repair.

  • Cree Moon
    Cree Moon Month ago


  • Roman Francisco
    Roman Francisco 2 months ago

    Hot chick on his left

    SGTTEMPEST 2 months ago

    Looks like the brunette almost lost it after the 50 shades line

  • Mohamed Abdirahman
    Mohamed Abdirahman 2 months ago

    really so funny I can't stop watching this I like the way when trump is bunched

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson 2 months ago

    Jokes were great, made even better by blonde reporter extra.

  • Mac
    Mac 2 months ago

    What really needs to be put in perspective here, is the fact the Trump DID WIN the popular vote in 3084 of the 3141 counties in the US.
    * The 57 counties that Hillary won, were mostly located in CA & NY.
    * If the country wants to be ruled by the big cities on the coasts, then we need to do away with the electoral college, BUT if the other 48 states want to have a voice in how the country is being run then we need to stick to it otherwise the politicians would only campaign & push money into these areas.
    The Electoral College vote is the FAIREST SYSTEM & is why most democracy's around the world have a similar form of it in place.

  • DravenGal
    DravenGal 2 months ago


  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 2 months ago +2

    why is the late night press briefing ALWAYS better than the early days ones.... (?)

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 2 months ago +1

    great work guys

    • Justin Case
      Justin Case 2 months ago


  • LIL_CRIPPLED_KID Aka Filthy McDumping Clips

    Funny, but still fake news

  • Chiqi Chiqi
    Chiqi Chiqi 2 months ago

    Feeble attempts at humor

  • Mr blade
    Mr blade 2 months ago


  • Big Night Out Pub Crawl

    As an Englishman, Seths made American politics more exciting than I could ever imagine. For that I offer you a lifetime free party on our bar crawl if you ever come Queenstown. long shot I know.

  • Slimboyfat1979
    Slimboyfat1979 2 months ago

    The brunette is damned fine...

  • Gon Dong
    Gon Dong 2 months ago

    That blond lady

  • KarlinRex
    KarlinRex 2 months ago

    Black guy looks like J Cole! Hot

  • David Lee
    David Lee 2 months ago

    any1 know the name of the brunette girl next to Seth?

  • Cathia Degand Baptiste
    Cathia Degand Baptiste 2 months ago

    ahahahahha love the blonde hair lady...

  • HammerKawk
    HammerKawk 2 months ago

    We can all thank Seth Meyers and those like him for fueling the hatred towards republicans that led to a Sanders campaign volunteer committing an attempted political assassination of Steve Scalise. Thanks Seth, you sure are a real American. Lmao.

    • HammerKawk
      HammerKawk 2 months ago

      hattyfarbuckle and the New York Times basically called for the shooting to happen. They wrote an article a few weeks before it happened stating that there would be low to no security at the practice and what time it was going to be held. You need to look at all sides of what's going on in this nation, watch news that you normally wouldn't listen to, you'd be surprised what you'll find out.

    • HammerKawk
      HammerKawk 2 months ago

      hattyfarbuckle just turn on your tv. People like Seth blindly following the MSM (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NYT, Buzzfeed, Salon WP, you name it) without really looking at the other sides point of view and facts. Even Cesar in the park in New York (they dress Cesar up like Trump and the cast stabs him to death) the isis promoting Kathy Griffin video, the hate spewed from Dems on a daily basis... this Russia bullshit has 0 evidence backing it up. I voted for Obama in 2008, so don't come at me with Trump hate bullshit. There is a clear and uncomfortable 99% bias attack on our president every day. It's disturbing and will only get more violent till it gets better. If you think the republican congress shooting was bad, just wait until the next looney takes Seth, or any of the Russia pushing red scar artist in the MSM seriously. For every negative thing you say about Trump, a positive mention should be made. That's how REAL reporters and journalist think. Not these bias fear pushing scam artist who can't even name a source. Stay center on the matter until proven guilty. Stop scaring the American people into following a story that's been so called leaked by "anonymous" sources.... I need names, I need evidence, or I won't believe it.

    • hattyfarbuckle
      hattyfarbuckle 2 months ago

      LordEvil how do you know what led to his attack?

  • rose red
    rose red 2 months ago

    the blond lady is always so funny and very good ๐Ÿ˜†why is she behind now? she used to be at front...

  • joel cleare
    joel cleare 2 months ago

    Wow ! You guys are horrible. I love it !

  • steve koh
    steve koh 2 months ago

    Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Sara O
    Sara O 2 months ago


  • Indy Art Porductions
    Indy Art Porductions 2 months ago

    "coping with Traumatic Brain Injury". Not funny Seth, Google it to find out why #TBI #BAsic

  • Gemma Pettersen
    Gemma Pettersen 2 months ago

    The blonde woman behind Seth has the greatest comedic timing. Has she been in anything as more than an extra?

  • Gilberto Resendez
    Gilberto Resendez 2 months ago

    I love this segment

  • naknakLOVE
    naknakLOVE 2 months ago

    Don't mock the president! be careful

  • Stacy Neuman
    Stacy Neuman 2 months ago


  • MultiSkyman1
    MultiSkyman1 2 months ago

    Upper right corner, Al Franken??

  • Coy Hampton
    Coy Hampton 2 months ago

    Spicer's tie kept changing. F-ing republicans.

  • santinizzy
    santinizzy 2 months ago +7

    The black guy in the front is really cute.

  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp 2 months ago

    You'd think after a few minutes Spicer would just stop calling on Seth....

  • Jason Gastrich
    Jason Gastrich 2 months ago


  • Tata daniswara
    Tata daniswara 2 months ago

    Asap please....

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel 2 months ago

    This is probably my favourite late night bit.

  • AmberMaLiK
    AmberMaLiK 2 months ago

    Blonde reporter / just because everyone else is mentioning it ^^

  • Shawn Wesley
    Shawn Wesley 2 months ago

    I loved this... my eyes are watering from laughter!
    I wish this was how the press conferences went.

  • Marin Chapuis
    Marin Chapuis 2 months ago

    Read the comments and watched again, that blonde reporter needs her own show. Seth is sleeping on talent there.

  • Josiah Archangel
    Josiah Archangel 2 months ago


  • mr k
    mr k 2 months ago

    who wrote these jokes? A fifth-grader? Painful to watch.

  • Hank THE Patriot
    Hank THE Patriot 2 months ago +2

    after reading most of the comments, I too was stuck watching the blond woman! her facial expressions were EPIC!!! We need more Blond Reporter Woman!!!

  • Darius Manson
    Darius Manson 2 months ago +1

    Seth better keep it up.
    This is a good Skit to compete with Treavor and Stephen.

  • psycleen
    psycleen 2 months ago

    press your breifings

  • amy
    amy 2 months ago

    let's all pray this thought away ..and hope we have other options..because, LORDY, he is just as bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanFab4/The PineApple Music Channel

    what a laugh riot!!

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos 2 months ago

    The brunette beside Seth though o.O

  • chas ames
    chas ames 2 months ago

    That veteran reporter should have her place restored in the front row.

  • xuchia117
    xuchia117 2 months ago

    This is brilliant

  • adawe34
    adawe34 2 months ago +2

    Seth Meyers is adorable

  • Jeff Howell
    Jeff Howell 2 months ago

    Hah. Stop fawning over blondie's facial expressions. It would have been a funny bit even if the rest of the "reporters" were bathroom door silhouettes.

  • RandomAccessMisery
    RandomAccessMisery 2 months ago +4

    I want this to be a recurring thing, like Stephen Colbert's big furry hat...

  • L'Ange Gemi-fob
    L'Ange Gemi-fob 2 months ago +1


  • Amanda Heness
    Amanda Heness 2 months ago +1

    effective tool, lol

  • Against Your Brutality
    Against Your Brutality 2 months ago

    A blonde woman? where? ahhh...Spicer

  • David Mendizabal
    David Mendizabal 2 months ago

    relatively short (with his balls) jajajajajaXD

  • Pernicion
    Pernicion 2 months ago +4

    3:36 the look shared between Blondie, and the Asian girl.

  • Old Soldier
    Old Soldier 2 months ago +1

    Once again, Seth, this was a bit of a flop. First, some of those jokes were stretching quite far, and not very funny. Second, if you want it to seem like a true press briefing, you should let some of the other "reporters" ask a question or two. And, don't hog all the best jokes for yourself.

  • Damian P
    Damian P 2 months ago

    I wonder if this would be funnier if the other reporters got to ask the questions???

  • sharan srinivas
    sharan srinivas 2 months ago +15

    That blonde lady stole the show.. I can't take my eyes off her!

  • Istvan Zsendovics
    Istvan Zsendovics 2 months ago +18

    If by "blonde reporter" y'all mean the incredibly gorgeous dark-haired woman in grey sitting to the immediate left of Seth... you are correct.

  • Seth Goldberg
    Seth Goldberg 2 months ago +1

    what's Seth asking at 1:59?
    "so, is ???? fire people from this administration until it's eventually just president Trump alone in the White House?"

  • Richard Morey
    Richard Morey 2 months ago

    Was that "Ineffective Tool" or "An effective tool" about Ted Cruz?

  • Abdul Wahab
    Abdul Wahab 2 months ago +5

    laughing my ass off๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Ian McGarrett
    Ian McGarrett 2 months ago

    Better question: How long before Mike Pence becomes eligible for his own presidential impeachment hearings?

  • Eckhart of the Cygnus Knights

    Cmon Seth, let someone else ask a question.

  • Amanda Lobo
    Amanda Lobo 2 months ago +3

    My favorite segment!

    awesome job blonde reporter ladyyyyy!

  • Ned Perpie
    Ned Perpie 2 months ago +14

    was it just me or was anyone else hooked on the brunette next to seth ;)

  • James Harris
    James Harris 2 months ago +1

    Someone should be in charge of keeping watch on the White House for a guy to arrive to take measurements for the royal robe, scepter and crown. We all know it's coming. Also this surely is the longest Trump has lived anywhere that wasn't painted gold with a huge "TRUMP" sign on the roof. Hey we all know it's coming...

  • mullaahmed
    mullaahmed 2 months ago +6

    Trump may be a brash showman, but I still prefer Trump to a religious, hateful lunatic like Mike Pence.

    • D Coatesie
      D Coatesie 2 months ago

      I have to agree with you. Trump has scary ideas, but the good thing is that he has no clue how to accomplish them. Meanwhile, Pence's ideas are also scary, but he actually seems intelligent enough to carry them out. And that's terrifying.

  • Milly Borkovic
    Milly Borkovic 2 months ago +197

    After watching this I knew there would be a comment about the blonde reporter, I just didn't know every comment would be about her ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Samantha Richardson
      Samantha Richardson Month ago

      I actually came down to comment on her as well, she is mesmerising!

    • stormwatcher59
      stormwatcher59 Month ago

      I was surprised to read the comments.....

    • Cool TA
      Cool TA 2 months ago

      Yeah, let's talk about something else..... Did you know that the blonde reporter...

  • Barbara Thygerson
    Barbara Thygerson 2 months ago


  • Daniel Lara
    Daniel Lara 2 months ago


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