The Pentagon Has A PLAN For NORTH KOREA!

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  • Josh Sass
    Josh Sass 1 month ago

    the only thing that is controlling North Korea is china. china could shut down North Korea in a week.

  • Vladimir Steinberg
    Vladimir Steinberg 1 month ago

    Wrong hands like China?

  • Vladimir Steinberg
    Vladimir Steinberg 2 months ago

    US also had a fool proof plan to rescue US hostages from Iran, we know how well that one went....

  • Jurgen Pagel
    Jurgen Pagel 2 months ago

    The PENTAGON doesnt know shit , that how bad it realy is !!!!!

  • Enigma Enigma
    Enigma Enigma 2 months ago

    So this is how they are brainwashing the people to justify the war on North Korea, they are just looking for an excuse to bomb the shit out of them and they need the peoples support to kill millions of innocent people. So it wouldn't look like they did something wrong

  • julie edwards
    julie edwards 2 months ago

    There's a mega volcano on North Korea's border and any nuclear tests done could wake the thing up. Its a caldera type like our Yellowstone with a deep magma chamber. I've seen pictures of it and it has alake in the crater.

  • Giuliano Di Lorenzo
    Giuliano Di Lorenzo 2 months ago

    Jake corn hole Tapper is nothing but a filthy liar ,along with the rest of the Liberals and mainstream media. They are FAKE NEWS WHORES, the propaganda arm of the Demonic Democrats who are nothing more than pieces of human excrement.

  • The Mysterious00 Pokeman

    why does america have the feel to take every countries shit but if they tried then its wrong

  • Theo Schutz
    Theo Schutz 2 months ago

    a plan like Lybia...Iraq...Egypt...Yemen...Syria..etc.....?????

  • Eddie Berry
    Eddie Berry 2 months ago

    so we let nk do what they want?? realy

  • Go Grape
    Go Grape 2 months ago

    What a crock. Remember how Israel dealt with the Syrians and Iraqis? Iran is next. Cheers.

  • Honda Civic
    Honda Civic 2 months ago

    lolz the fat bastard is crazy not stupid only if he was goin to be removed from power would he ever launch a nuke he wouldn't dare risk the dynasty or legacy of his father only at the very end would he do this when he has nothing left to lose

  • himmler1007
    himmler1007 2 months ago

    Watch out the North Korean army will not run like the Iraqi army.

  • JR Meadows
    JR Meadows 2 months ago

    fuck America and northern Korea

  • ironmike
    ironmike 2 months ago

    Jake Tapper would say anything to make the President of the United States look bad.  Until the President is someone that he voted for.  He shouldn't even be allowed to do the news.  We want people who are impartial to give us the news.  We don't need the news anchor's opinion.  Just give us the god damn news.  Jake has trouble understanding that.  He's not as smart as he thinks he is.

  • Ryan Gunnip
    Ryan Gunnip 2 months ago

    Can every nation in the world please get together and agree to launch our nukes into space and never, ever build them again?

  • Prophetess  of MeoW
    Prophetess of MeoW 2 months ago

    Of course the Pentagon has a plan, theres plans for everything, common sense!This channel is recycled news junk etc.

  • Edward Vance
    Edward Vance 2 months ago

    Yeah Right .."Truth News" ?? Your News Agency Wouldn't Know the Truth if it Bit You in the Ass !!! Which it Seems to have Over and Over Again !! Just Stick with "The Clinton News Network". Fits You !!!! Nothing but a Bunch of 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jurgen Pagel
    Jurgen Pagel 2 months ago

    UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE that the American Tax Payer is paying for Simulating Shit like that . Funny , just 25 Years ago , Americans were laughing about the USSR falling apart , look who is laughing now north of the NK Border in Vladiwostok !!!!

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      we are professionals?

  • Jurgen Pagel
    Jurgen Pagel 2 months ago

    Lets asume US SPECIAL FORCES going in and be dropped behind the Lines in NK and they are been detected !!!! I would asume that those US Service Men / Women wont bee seen again and then , what ?? It is time for the US GOV and the US FUBAR MILITARY to go home , you have done enough shit already that went wrong , a good example is Afghanistan , what a blunder , the absolute King of fuckups , loosing on every Corner . Holy Shit .

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      the very first thing the USA does is capture the sky, no enemy aircraft will be able to fly , so any special forces on the ground would have gunship support

  • ron dill
    ron dill 2 months ago +2

    Can't believe a Damn thing coming from CNN News Lies and bull shit, MSNBC is No Better!!
    Wait for the real reports from the white house or Pentagon to get the REAL SCOOP people!!

  • Hogman Go
    Hogman Go 2 months ago

    Pentagon is controlled by Trump. The Pussy Grabber and Chief. Come on Pentagon, shit or get off the pot! Trumps pissing his pants while the world burns.

  • Duke Zity
    Duke Zity 2 months ago

    were is our chemical suits

  • Roger didit
    Roger didit 2 months ago

    1)lights out 2) missles destroyed 3) artillery destroyed 4) Kim's palace destroyed. 5)bridges and roads destroyed.

  • Positiveamerica
    Positiveamerica 2 months ago

    We must get their nuclear stock piles or they will be used against us. The US should make its move before this weekend.

  • Jimmy Cogsdil
    Jimmy Cogsdil 2 months ago +1

    The pentagon has a plan . . . For the United States. Destroy us from the inside.

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      that was Obama's plan

  • Joe
    Joe 2 months ago

    The above fighting depicts  old enemy terms with no wisdom.  Kim's nuclear 'threat' make this video null and void. America has already offered the olive branch.  Eliminate all North Koreans and, if any brainwashed are left, make the enemy feed the rest! NO QUARTER!!  KIM has no honor so, show him no honor.

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young 2 months ago

    utter bollox

  • Clinton Shorrock
    Clinton Shorrock 2 months ago


  • Leonard Shand
    Leonard Shand 2 months ago

    America is doomed to the faith Of The Nation it is following because it is following in that nation's footsteps... "Rome". among the many reasons that Rome fell was: citizens were treated like subjects slave did all the labor for free and The Aristocrats use the resources of the nation to secure their own positions of power and prestige LOL sounds like America to me that's why there's so many hypocrites claiming to be judeo-christian members of the Holy Roman Church LOL welcome to hell

  • Marc48 1st
    Marc48 1st 2 months ago

    Is this Mercenaries Playground of Destruction?

  • Leonard Shand
    Leonard Shand 2 months ago +1

    the United States cannot win a war against North Korea that is still the longest ongoing War in American history. if America could have beat North Korea this war would have ended a long time ago. this talk is just another white man's fantasy

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      NK was never the problem it was China, we did not want a fight with China. NK exists because of China

  • edwardschlosser1
    edwardschlosser1 2 months ago

    Bullshit. 500,000 troops and 10 days. The nuclear sites have to be hit early and without regard for civilian casualties. There needs to be adequate forces and weapons to take on China should they be foolish enough to get involved. The nuclear sites need to be hit hard on day one with all we have, and that includes tactical nuclear weapons. Populated cities must be flattened and hundreds of thousands of North Koreans must die. This is going to take everything we have in our Pacific fleet and than some to do it right. We can't even consider civilian casualties if we want to win. The North's leadership is going to have to be summarily executed during the invasion, and no one can be left alive in any position of authority. It will be a bloody war, but if done right, it will be their blood.

  • Flat Earth Warrior
    Flat Earth Warrior 2 months ago

    It wouldn't take this many troops or that much time as this CNN video says. Just remember who this source is. This video is fake , just them lying again.

  • Sabin Nott
    Sabin Nott 2 months ago

    I heard different numbers..NK a 1000000 casualties, US 100000. If they make this a ground war it will be bloody and long!

  • Fidelina Franco
    Fidelina Franco 2 months ago


  • Gary M
    Gary M 2 months ago +2

    Take out the leader and I'll bet NK troops will lay down their weapons

    • brad arnold
      brad arnold 2 months ago

      I think you're very wrong, this is old school socialist. Another will pick up the torch.

    • Larry Ninis
      Larry Ninis 2 months ago

      Gary M. Cut the head off the NK people will welcome a positive change

  • Charmonique
    Charmonique 2 months ago +1

    90,000 troops!?! give me a break! what branch???? look up how many troops we have. The scary thing is trump keeps saying we need to restore our military. We really need to critically think about what he means by that & not take his word for it. We may have the most funded military in the whole entire world but no one asks how we're going to pay for that if he's(trump) is going to pay for that or better yet how WE are going to play for that. yet flint & many other places in the United states DO NOT have clean drinking water. Talking points of group think are always "how are you going to pay for that?" when it comes to restoring this country & helping Americans but never when it comes to wars. We have been in the longest war ever. & yet no one asks how are we going to pay for that? everyone is okay with this. Our population in this country needs to wake up. ESPECIALLY trump supporters! I was very against Hillary. I supported Bernie Sanders in the primary& during the general I supported to write Bernie in & vote for Jill Stein. But if Bernie was president right now no one who supported him would have rolled over & defended every action he did if he was wrong on the policies he preached during his campaign or policies the majority of the people would speak out against what he would be doing right now. Not the other way around. like what trump supporters are doing. Not the majority of trump supporters are doing this.. But if you are in support of someone & they become president & they do something against their campaign promis you should fight them politically the entire way I'm on your side. But if you defend every action trump does you're just as bad as Hillary Clinton& her supporters. Know when it's right to stand up for trump& know when you need to push him on what he campaigned on.

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      that is just a nasty block of text with no formatting or logical progression.
      please consider using paragraphs and maybe taking a course on writing?

  • Michele Howington
    Michele Howington 2 months ago

    People really need to pray for peace. Innocent people will die. Remove Kim from power and be done with his mentally ill self.

  • Itsa Frap
    Itsa Frap 2 months ago

    someone needs to defect and just shoot this piece of fatass shit in the head

  • Mikey Meredith
    Mikey Meredith 2 months ago

    well like how ww1 started, you could only understand why they're worried about that....

    JUNIOR HECTOR 2 months ago

    Another lie can't believe anything these news media so with that said I'm getting off and go to another media outlet.

  • KillJoy charles
    KillJoy charles 2 months ago

    Weapons of mass destruction , just like Iraq ...right.

    EARTH ONE 2 months ago

    *But according to the video, it's a plan that is a FAILURE. LOL! Good one, Monty.*


    Russia has plan for Murica.

    • Michele Howington
      Michele Howington 2 months ago

      Look at your own country and tell me your country is perfect and keep telling yourself that lie. NK is a risk to the whole world. Do u expect us to look the other way and let him keep firing nukes and building better stuff to wipe out the world. You must be a commie. Russia lets Nk walk all over them. Russia don't want NK firing nukes either but hasn't done nothing to stop them. Russia's plan should be for NK and stopping that nut job leader. Anyone that goes along with Nk needs mental help.

  • Eddie Berry
    Eddie Berry 2 months ago

    i love the way the brits talk 2 fousand and firteen lol just sayin

  • Diegolazo Super
    Diegolazo Super 2 months ago +1

    Truth channel guys? Really? Truth?

  • Gary Hert
    Gary Hert 2 months ago

    1 million in the north Korean army? ooohhh I'm so scared like size matter's!

  • Pacific Angel
    Pacific Angel 2 months ago

    What means1.5 million men when they have old and light weapons... ! ! ! Never Sadam Hussein put such a pressure on USA and US attacked Irak on presumptions they had mass destruction weaponry! After the war and during war, never any lethal gaz was discovered. And here, for Norko each one on this planet knows they have nuclear bombs and lethal gaz and they are hesitant to remove him from Norko control. Remove this kid and replace him by a matured man for the best interest off all nation surrounding Norko and avoid a future big war. . Nor does want China do the cleaning job! Consequently give the big short man the time to launch attack and it will be too late for all Countries involved. Many criticized Bush but he was a man of action. And in the mean time affirm that Obama had no balls to do the job... ! Trump is as weak as Obama has been. This is the truth!

    • Michele Howington
      Michele Howington 2 months ago

      Sadam Hussein's weapons are now in the hands of Syria. He managed to smuggle them to Syria before he got caught by the US. IDK if that's true, but I heard that is where all those weapons are now.

  • jim gyorfi
    jim gyorfi 2 months ago +1

    nuke the fucking gooks

    • Kkul Danji
      Kkul Danji 2 months ago

      Hey Kim brother, Nuke that fucking mother fucker!!!

    • Josh Vogel
      Josh Vogel 2 months ago

      jim gyorfi Yea dam right!!!

  • child of the universe
    child of the universe 2 months ago

    This is just a wishful assessment. NK will overrun and occupy  the South before they know it.

  • Old Timer
    Old Timer 2 months ago +32


    • Brian Sweetman
      Brian Sweetman 2 months ago

      Legend Man Not Liberal...Australian mate!! and the open eyes in the world see the truth. Your language also speaks volumes about a lack of IQ, EQ, CQ and SQ. Like the thug running your country.

    • Old Timer
      Old Timer 2 months ago


    • Brian Sweetman
      Brian Sweetman 2 months ago

      Legend Man and you probably believe all the Trump Twit tweets! Hitler had believers too.

      EARTH ONE 2 months ago

      *Someone didn't get the memo.*

  • Jonathan R
    Jonathan R 2 months ago

    nuke them all and let God sort it out

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 2 months ago

    Carpet Bomb them.

  • 3four 4door
    3four 4door 2 months ago

    lol america picking a fight they cant handle lol

  • Fiucik Miselfo
    Fiucik Miselfo 2 months ago

    North Brownland most likely is Israel. All that one would need to do is offer Israelis visa free travel to the US and the place will vacate in no time

  • George Kolotouros
    George Kolotouros 2 months ago

    Blow him up already !!

  • frank franko
    frank franko 2 months ago

    Koreans r not S2pit

  • frank franko
    frank franko 2 months ago

    This video R Fake News

  • Ayebrohowudoin AJ
    Ayebrohowudoin AJ 2 months ago +1

    Many countries own Nuke so what is wrong with North Korea !!!!!

    • ryan dougherty
      ryan dougherty 2 months ago

      nukes dont exist nothing has gone into AKA space so ICBMs are BS as well dont believe everything your told thy fake it all

    • Carlos Martinez
      Carlos Martinez 2 months ago

      Ayebrohowudoin AJ they want to use them as soon as they successfully launch a ICBM, that's what's wrong

  • Julio.R Entertainment
    Julio.R Entertainment 2 months ago +2

    Mass destruction sounds familiar (Iraq)then turned out they didn't have anything...

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      dictators like Kim, Saddam and Assad and Libya, are kings and own their country and will never give up or negotiate. A TRUE government will never exist. the world needs to agree to regime change in those countries not just the USA..Royals in England and Saudi Arabia allow a government to form under them and limit their dictates. I see even Jordan going with a parliament or republic with a figure head King

  • Ginger Cash
    Ginger Cash 2 months ago +2

    I find myself wondering why we couldn't fly over and spray something that would knock out the population as in put them to sleep and then go in and take out the nukes.

    • Michele Howington
      Michele Howington 2 months ago

      Yeah take out the nukes and NK leader Kim and his posy.

  • Yoo Jastle
    Yoo Jastle 2 months ago

    We are the ones who direly need a military coup

  • Sunny Foo
    Sunny Foo 2 months ago +3

    Nothing is confirmed, so far US never wim any war after Vietnam War which it lost totally!

    • Go Grape
      Go Grape 2 months ago

      Gulf War? etc etc etc...

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      we never wanted to WIN, we wanted to engage China ,and it was hearts and minds we wanted. fact was most of the south Vietnamese did not care..

    • Michele Howington
      Michele Howington 2 months ago

      Nobody wanted nor supported the Vietnam war. So yeah it was a lost cause.

    • 김병철
      김병철 2 months ago

      yes. china was beaten so badly by viet, too. you should rememeber that US never lost any battle in Viet. fake news is for communist beat US.

  • Big Shark
    Big Shark 2 months ago

    The thing is not the n Korea the problem

  • ♛ Huffdaddy™
    ♛ Huffdaddy™ 2 months ago

    that IS way to long but not a lot of troops. a war is a war, you don't send a third and that's it.

  • noah Michael
    noah Michael 2 months ago

    👍great plan

  • Pam Johnson
    Pam Johnson 2 months ago +8

    If it's secret, then keep it so. Unlike the previous failures who would announce everything.

  • shane ch
    shane ch 2 months ago +3

    what a load of bullshit !

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      it is good to have have someone think this through and have some plans ready

  • Igneos Kai
    Igneos Kai 2 months ago

    i believe this was held like 3 yrs ago

  • latin ontheroad
    latin ontheroad 2 months ago

    let the USA deal with it alone , they never fight wars alone , its usa problem

    • Kkul Danji
      Kkul Danji 2 months ago

      Scooter Blalock<- What the hell is this shit?

    • Scooter Blalock
      Scooter Blalock 2 months ago

      latin ontheroad no its not. it's a south Korean problem because if they fire nukes. south Korea will be the first one hit. how can you be so naive.

  • Jon Kinard
    Jon Kinard 2 months ago +22

    Let the Chinese and the South Koreans do it. We will just be their navy, Air Force, and arsenal. Why is it always measured in American blood?

    • john patterson
      john patterson 2 months ago

      +Reptilian Sperm Bank - because america is the one that is scared .

    • MasterAssassin 77
      MasterAssassin 77 2 months ago

      Jon Kinard China is granting their independence

    • Reptilian Sperm Bank -
      Reptilian Sperm Bank - 2 months ago

      Jon Kinard cause america blood is cheap.

    • Richard Teh
      Richard Teh 2 months ago

      Jon Kinard you are right this is way American always fight a war let those yellow Asian kill each other we just enjoy a few beer cheering those stupid bastard on after all we do not have to clean up tons of babies and blood they spill on their mother land it has always been this way since America provoke war against each countries God bless America!

  • rolan navarro
    rolan navarro 2 months ago +5

    I believe North Korea will strike first and lunch all their nuclear weapons and missile to murder hundred million people in US, South Korea, Japan and UK. US and allies are keep waitling and too warning nothing will happen and practice and warning North Korea everyday are getting more powerful and very angry.

    • OSP K9
      OSP K9 2 months ago

      rolan navarro - EMP's are the #1 way to ensure your entire country is annihilated via nuclear responses... Even at that, do you know how ridiculously hard it would be to EMP an entire COUNTRY...?

      Even if you could magically muster up EMP'ing an entire country, you'd still have to worry about the multiple nuclear submarines with 24 tridents each, the nuclear carriers with umpteen nukes, and the foreign bases with umpteen nukes, ALL coming right back at your country. Why would there be such a cataclysmic response yoy might ask? Simply because they see how much a disregard the enemy had for 100's of millions of innocent country-people, so why would they spare the enemy's smaller population of only 10's of millions? Keep in mind: you're talking about a country that literally wiped 2 entire metropolitan areas off the map via nuclear bombs, simply to intimidate another country into ending a war...

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      America is locked up with debates and rhetoric , because we are an advanced really is chaos sometimes and Trump does not have the concentrated power of Putin or Xi or even Kim but we are the beacon all strife for...our own people hurt us more then foreign governments, why is that?

    • Opinionated Azzhole
      Opinionated Azzhole 2 months ago

      dumbed down american's... they have emp's and nuclear power...they were the number 1 source for coal for years alot of revenue can buy anything...msm is lying to americans #fakenews...ha ha goodbye usa

    • Mission Impossible
      Mission Impossible 2 months ago

      rolan navarro "feel free to move to russia,china, or nkorea if that is how much faith you have in the US.
      china,russia,nkorea are all communist countries like Iran,cuba,venezuela who have a extremely poor economy, so maybe tge could beat us at throwing rocks. Im sure US can take all communist states in less than 30 days simultaneously.

    • ne1cup
      ne1cup 2 months ago

      JurgenPagel that is pure BS- propaganda, USA is a peace keeper , NK refused to sign a peace treaty, refused to surrender, the Mafia family owns it they are not a real government. question is how do we change NK with out killing them? oh and FREE TIBET

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper 2 months ago

    😥Damn man yall going to war foreal, everybody in Sk be safe n say your prayers

  • OR's Lonewolf
    OR's Lonewolf 2 months ago +2

    This IS only one option when dealing with North Korea. Sorry!!

  • Çhris Koylass
    Çhris Koylass 2 months ago

    Just say Nukes... WMD'S. .. just say nukes. Who ate they fooling.

    • Mountain MawMaw
      Mountain MawMaw 2 months ago

      I would say great me and PawPaw have one heck of nuke hoax shelter.

    • jompelis midi
      jompelis midi 2 months ago

      what if nukes are a Hoax

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