Fails of the Week - MARCH 2017 - WEEK 1 | Funny Fail Compilation

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  • jeff yu
    jeff yu 2 days ago


  • Jacob Hageman
    Jacob Hageman 10 days ago

    When the soldier hits the door😂😂😂😂

  • marie michiels
    marie michiels 10 days ago

    Oh My God fifteen I think really excellenv kob regulate :o)

  • TheCooperFox
    TheCooperFox 10 days ago


  • PAIN
    PAIN 10 days ago


  • PAIN
    PAIN 10 days ago


  • Utsarga Pokharel
    Utsarga Pokharel 13 days ago

    3:20 crazy

  • Ice Lion
    Ice Lion 13 days ago spine hearts just to see this

  • Budoy Arda
    Budoy Arda 13 days ago

    5:36 damn kid

  • Budoy Arda
    Budoy Arda 13 days ago

    slide the beer like that drops the beer :D

  • Joe Marano
    Joe Marano 14 days ago

    Flipping is overrated the risks aren't worth it... Sure you impress people but if you fuck up you look dumb

  • Itz Avoh
    Itz Avoh 15 days ago

    yea screw education

  • IF Rheileys/Qxility/Cheatwr

    200 dollar library book

    seems legit.

  • Victini FR
    Victini FR 17 days ago +1

    I can use your video for make a video? please☺

  • 67johnnyjoe
    67johnnyjoe 21 day ago

    too many ads

  • Charlie Coakley
    Charlie Coakley 21 day ago


  • epontok 00
    epontok 00 21 day ago


  • Christiano Ronaldo
    Christiano Ronaldo 22 days ago

    What is the for an scheiße

  • kassie raine
    kassie raine 23 days ago

    OMG I nearly wet myself on the science experiment volcano. "Get a paper towel!" THUMP.

  • Juippipelaa
    Juippipelaa 23 days ago

    This is why aliens don't visit us.

  • Yummy Fails
    Yummy Fails 23 days ago

    I think I just peed my pants can I get a like? 😂

  • Messier83
    Messier83 24 days ago

    Run a chain through, put it around your neck. Never forget your chemistry book again.

  • ye qin
    ye qin 25 days ago


  • bladesociety
    bladesociety 26 days ago +1

    I frequently hear the word "boolya" in fail videos. Anybody know what it means? Thank you.

  • coockie lover yzza #love

    bojan pacrijalik your correct the girl is a BEACH

  • Amy Lazarito
    Amy Lazarito 27 days ago


  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 29 days ago

    Why the fuck do people want to do back flips constantly?

  • Luke McCoy
    Luke McCoy Month ago


  • Bill Cow
    Bill Cow Month ago

    Horrible PR for white people.

  • Leandro Ferreira
    Leandro Ferreira Month ago

    BR em peso.

  • Bartek eg
    Bartek eg Month ago


  • Brenda Franco
    Brenda Franco Month ago

    en el de los militares no se rian mugrosos los que estaban ahi solo hacia su trabajo sin verguenza los que se rieron

  • blehquek
    blehquek Month ago

    The best fails- yea we should totally steal some videos from fail army

    me - end your fucking channel cunts

    • blehquek
      blehquek Month ago

      The Best Fails lol

    • The Best Fails
      The Best Fails  Month ago

      look here GENJI...IF THAT'S EVEN YOUR REAL NAME...I have NEVER stolen a single video from that OTHER channel and your slander is hardly becoming of the overwatch community. 1/10...hurt my feelz

  • brokennoah
    brokennoah Month ago


  • Gabriel Foucrault
    Gabriel Foucrault Month ago

    crissement pas drôle

  • Skypy :D
    Skypy :D Month ago

    wooow nice video its realy imposible try not to laugh

  • BARIŞ Özalp
    BARIŞ Özalp Month ago

    MiaSotaTR <3<3

  • Tobstar123 Plays
    Tobstar123 Plays Month ago

    These need to sign up for TGFBRO

  • deharleyva
    deharleyva Month ago

    Why would you drill into your books?

  • Duljko Rasic
    Duljko Rasic Month ago

    5:30 I'm not worried about the guy that fell im worried about that kids jumpshot in the background

  • StormDemon HD
    StormDemon HD Month ago

    franchement en montrant ses fail vous faite passer les américains pour des abrutis et des trous de cu

  • Manuel Valente
    Manuel Valente Month ago

    Rich 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

  • Khyrill Muhaimin
    Khyrill Muhaimin Month ago

    good good good good good goood

  • Luzmer Octao
    Luzmer Octao Month ago

    아주 좋은

  • Techno Buddies
    Techno Buddies Month ago

    hahaha nice fails

  • Anthony Malecki
    Anthony Malecki Month ago

    Soccer balls are on a full-out assault on mankind

  • Christian Lillegaard

    omg omg omg give me water? what... 2:57

  • Leonie Martinez
    Leonie Martinez Month ago

    wait initial front vesgba individual.

  • Aaron Cullum
    Aaron Cullum Month ago

    535 song?

  • Ash Patel
    Ash Patel Month ago

    Alia bhutt 9.45 😂

  • 3F TV
    3F TV Month ago

    Yeahhh ! Great video ! Welcome to my channel and see more funny videos.

  • Уткир Khamidov


  • Marcus Monette
    Marcus Monette Month ago

    There's soooo many fucking adsssss

  • 3eOm3Try K1d
    3eOm3Try K1d Month ago

    Bangerang I am

  • 3eOm3Try K1d
    3eOm3Try K1d Month ago

    Banger and skrillex bra!

  • rung omg
    rung omg Month ago


  • Julian Lange
    Julian Lange Month ago

    2:20 who is it?😍

  • Ben Littlechilds
    Ben Littlechilds Month ago

    4 separate adds....will have me not coming back!

  • Dave Chapelle
    Dave Chapelle Month ago

    U@Briannawhite9999 ymur parents mistakenly view drug abuse thts why they had your kids tooken away and as strictly a social problem may others characterize  addiction hope this video helps out PS get well bettersoon

  • Ryker Myram
    Ryker Myram Month ago +1

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  • Marek Navratil
    Marek Navratil Month ago

    there is no new video fuck you

  • V 511
    V 511 Month ago

    So fucking stupid... hope it hurts very bad!

  • erikaslt
    erikaslt Month ago

    The girl who drilled through the book. Is book smart but not common sense smart. And the idiot recording is book smart to. Wtf you thinking. Move the wood so it over hangs the book. Fucking idiots.

  • Ivy Kariuki
    Ivy Kariuki Month ago

    Really funny

  • scagish
    scagish Month ago +1

    millions of years of evolution for this... mankind is doomed :(

  • Sarita Ojha
    Sarita Ojha Month ago


  • Sarita Ojha
    Sarita Ojha Month ago

    subscribe my channel I am subscribing yours.

  • Ricapeanut
    Ricapeanut Month ago


  • AbbaZaba00
    AbbaZaba00 Month ago

    too many fake ones!

  • Muin 5de1
    Muin 5de1 Month ago

    i feel like want to kill that women.
    so annoying you know

  • Rob Rob
    Rob Rob Month ago

    These are stupid

  • Ronin Dan
    Ronin Dan Month ago

    Probable... the best idiots i ever see !!!

  • SynQ__ REBOUNDZz
    SynQ__ REBOUNDZz Month ago +1

    why would u use a 200$ book as a stand while your drilling a hole in a piece of board xD

  • Carol Zaragoza
    Carol Zaragoza Month ago


  • Jeremy Ratcliff
    Jeremy Ratcliff Month ago

    Cool videos!

  • Dytanium Games
    Dytanium Games Month ago +1


  • Marnix van den Berg

    I don't like fails that hurt really bad....

  • Hailstorm HD
    Hailstorm HD Month ago

    When that guy fell and his hat or something came off i thought it was blood 2:58

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L Month ago

    I never understood why people want to do stupid things or engage in risky behavior.

  • Yolanda Roman
    Yolanda Roman Month ago

    was one was in puerto rico

  • Nikki Lcc
    Nikki Lcc Month ago


  • James Tildesley
    James Tildesley Month ago

    Too many faked clips in this one.

  • Karina Borbon
    Karina Borbon Month ago

    not funny

  • Jorge Toledo
    Jorge Toledo Month ago

    crap crap crap paper towel crap (slips and falls on beanie)

  • No NameGiven
    No NameGiven Month ago

    These people are the reason we have warning labels on everything.

  • Sarah Star
    Sarah Star 2 months ago

    I think that this was not the best fails I think that that the prison who made this just put what ever they could find

  • iceill3425
    iceill3425 2 months ago


  • Jack Faith
    Jack Faith 2 months ago

    3:04 had me rolling.

    That kid wanted some damn water, and he wanted it now.

  • Sandra Van Hout
    Sandra Van Hout 2 months ago

    Someone get that kid some water😂

  • TheRedDiamond Randomness
    TheRedDiamond Randomness 2 months ago +1

    7:08 bromance at its finest

  • WeRideLikeThis
    WeRideLikeThis 2 months ago

    *hold my beer*
    drops it
    worst person to have ever existed

  • Giove 9191
    Giove 9191 2 months ago

    Poor chemistry books :'(

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 2 months ago

    7:00 Do they have a monkey in the background?

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 2 months ago

    2:12 Cleanup on isle 5

  • Brad Lindsay
    Brad Lindsay 2 months ago

    Ads every two fucking minutes. No wonder this piece of shit channel is losing subs.

  • mburch1974
    mburch1974 2 months ago

    6:35 "paper towel" lol

  • Philip Andrews
    Philip Andrews 2 months ago

    9.28 might have been better to read those books instead of using them like that.
    Might have helped prevent her from using a 200 dollar BORROWED book as a support directly below the hole she was drilling :S

  • Tereza Marušková
    Tereza Marušková 2 months ago

    Sehr schönes Video! like

  • Santos Johnson
    Santos Johnson 2 months ago

    When u turn on captions, literally every non-human sound (glass shattering, wood breaking, etc.) BESIDES music is considered "(music)" **Facepalm**

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