Kids Tell Dads the Worst Thing They've Ever Done

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  • As much as most of us love our dads, we keep secrets from them too. Everyone knows that honesty is the best policy so we went out on the street and asked kids to tell us the worst thing they ever did while their Dad was standing next to them. #FathersDay

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    Kids Tell Dads the Worst Thing They've Ever Done
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Comments: 1 529

  • moana
    moana 2 hours ago

    0:06 everyone knows that honesty is the best polly

  • Rasheik Bailey
    Rasheik Bailey 3 hours ago

    I wanna have double the amount of kids that guy has

  • Maria De Jesus
    Maria De Jesus 4 hours ago

    Kid said "shrooms"? Wtf I wpulda whooped ass on the spot

  • Guabaloo
    Guabaloo 7 hours ago

    *The last dude is like 40 and he got 22 kids*

  • dad
    dad 11 hours ago

    Too bad I don't have kids

  • lemononfire
    lemononfire 16 hours ago

    S H R O O M S

  • FadiZablah
    FadiZablah 16 hours ago

    1:35 Johnny Sins spotted!

  • God
    God 18 hours ago +1

    *0:53** steve kerr have a twin brother?*

  • Alohaxl
    Alohaxl Day ago


  • Angry Kitty
    Angry Kitty Day ago

    Three black dudes would be the best answers

  • Mr. Duubsteep
    Mr. Duubsteep Day ago


  • Gracie Foreman
    Gracie Foreman Day ago

    omg imma start saying "whats up vanilla biscuit" now XD bahahah

  • Kaye Cee
    Kaye Cee 3 days ago

    Striped shirts dad looks so embarrassed

  • Kaitlyn Lindemann
    Kaitlyn Lindemann 3 days ago

    What's up vanilla biscuit

  • BlessedIam
    BlessedIam 3 days ago

    Last dad is hot no wonder he has so many kids 😂

  • Josh is pop punk
    Josh is pop punk 3 days ago


  • Koopa Kool
    Koopa Kool 4 days ago

    Kid: I did prank calls
    Dad: *thinking* This is gonna be funny
    Interviewer:What did you say
    Kid: Poop-butt
    Dad: *thinking* Uhhh

  • Norwegian733
    Norwegian733 4 days ago

    1:09 He should have said: "I killed a man....just to watch him die"
    His fathers face would probably change. Forever.

    MAMA LUIGI 4 days ago

    I smoked weed, says the pot head

  • Jonny Test
    Jonny Test 4 days ago

    0:52 the dad kinda looks like Steve Kerr😂 idk

  • Meadow Jones
    Meadow Jones 4 days ago

    *shrooms :D*

  • AliGomie
    AliGomie 5 days ago

    The little kid with the prank calls omg

  • Battlefront 3 gameplay

    Their kid is worst thing they have done 😂 (Jk)

  • Brandon Argueta
    Brandon Argueta 6 days ago +1


  • Lydia Alonso
    Lydia Alonso 6 days ago

    What's up vannila biscuit 😂😂😂😂

    LETS LAUGH TV 6 days ago

    *What's up Vanilla Biscuit*

  • Bianca Ravizza
    Bianca Ravizza 6 days ago

    That innocent kid who did a front flip in the pool 😂🔝

  • The Lexi Who Hates Humans

    SHROOMS 😂😂😂

  • Marcela Burza
    Marcela Burza 7 days ago

    1:17 this dad don't know where to hide his face lol

  • Daniel Pesantez
    Daniel Pesantez 9 days ago

    hi, what would you like (McDonald's by the way)

    kid:BUTTHOLE!! just hangs up

  • Kenny Lee
    Kenny Lee 9 days ago

    That one kid watches 2 much Jeffie

  • Alumnaism
    Alumnaism 9 days ago

    That last one is one fine looking daddy

  • Julie Jacobs
    Julie Jacobs 10 days ago

    Database odd half elchvr defendant tobacco everything margin settle.

  • kawaiisingerXaj_5432 :D

    Happy grounded days! :D XD

  • kerri watson
    kerri watson 10 days ago

    Kid number 6 "SHROOMS"😂

  • Dorrito 4Free
    Dorrito 4Free 11 days ago

    0:54 looks like The Golden state warriors coach

  • BroUghT CS:GO
    BroUghT CS:GO 11 days ago

    Jeffy kid lil

  • miclazy
    miclazy 12 days ago

    we all did prank calls, come on

  • Sara Quintero
    Sara Quintero 12 days ago +1

    I DVRed Real Housewives over football and blamed it on my brother

    MMS STUDIOS 13 days ago

    the one kid said smoke weed! God bless America!

  • Apollo
    Apollo 14 days ago +1

    "Shrooms" lmao I'm dying

  • ruth tefera
    ruth tefera 14 days ago +1

    Lol i think the last guy is cursed.

  • Rachid Khamlichi
    Rachid Khamlichi 15 days ago +1

    Maybe he will have a 7th kid and try to make it perfect this time

  • Harandz Harandz2
    Harandz Harandz2 15 days ago

    Steve Kerr has a daughter?

  • 58128231
    58128231 15 days ago

    Kid #6 looks mexican

  • Seth Nicholls
    Seth Nicholls 15 days ago

    SHROOMS 😂💀

  • Yukine
    Yukine 16 days ago

    The last family are same as my ours .. 5 brothers and 1 sister 😂

  • Matti G-sus
    Matti G-sus 16 days ago

    1:28 uncomfortable?

  • Star_Dude 10
    Star_Dude 10 16 days ago

    Who do you call: GHOSTBUSTERS.

  • Star_Dude 10
    Star_Dude 10 16 days ago

    Who do you call: GHOSTBUSTERS.

  • Howto makefood
    Howto makefood 17 days ago

    I seriously thought the dad in the second one was Steve Kerr

  • pouria siavashi
    pouria siavashi 17 days ago


  • adrian ortiz
    adrian ortiz 17 days ago


  • Just me
    Just me 18 days ago

    I need to be friends with the shrooms guy 😂😂

  • Marco Lucas
    Marco Lucas 18 days ago

    the 6 six kids i loved how the older they were, the worst it got- sneak out, smoke weed, shroooms! ahah like growing up ahahha

  • 007Fusiion
    007Fusiion 20 days ago

    What's up with the last family? They foster kids or something.

  • switchitup sports
    switchitup sports 21 day ago

    0:55 steve kerr

  • Emma! At The Disco
    Emma! At The Disco 21 day ago

    "What's up vanilla biscuit"

  • Kaylah R
    Kaylah R 21 day ago

    The prank caller kid is so cute!😂😂😂

  • Marko Popovik
    Marko Popovik 21 day ago

    0:53 Steve Kerr?

  • Matt Chu
    Matt Chu 22 days ago

    Idk why people do that to ruin family relationships

  • Robin Lecomte
    Robin Lecomte 22 days ago

    Concerning duck impossible sidewalk grave deserve protect.

  • Michael Millard Anyog
    Michael Millard Anyog 23 days ago

    If that skit was done by conan. that would be much funnier. #kimmelhatese-gamers

  • Many S
    Many S 24 days ago

    If u like slime go buy

    iTZSOBEAST 24 days ago

    :53 was that Steve Kerr?

  • Marnie Schroerder
    Marnie Schroerder 24 days ago

    Steve kerr at 54

  • Jaevs Hill
    Jaevs Hill 25 days ago

    I thought the Dad at 0:44 was Steve Kerr. 😂

  • Qq Qq
    Qq Qq 25 days ago

    Last familys fake

  • ClashTube Cringe Clash Royale Gaming

    if the woman asked me what the bad word was I would've been like "U WOT M8!?"

  • mattijohnsonvlogs
    mattijohnsonvlogs 26 days ago

    New slang: What's up vanilla biscuit

  • pablo gonzalez
    pablo gonzalez 26 days ago

    1:09 shoutout to the dude a that turned around when they noticed the guy with the camera 🎥 and the girl asking the kids questions and did the slow cool cameo

  • noobie1890
    noobie1890 26 days ago

    "I did shrooms"
    Yeah, not telling pops what drugs I've taken. At least the Dad looks young enough that he knows what's good with it.

  • Brenton Jennings
    Brenton Jennings 26 days ago +1

    my girl Addie out here on Jimmy Kimmel ❤️

  • 9Someguy
    9Someguy 26 days ago

    lmao this nigga lowkey looks like steve kerr

  • ChiefKnocka
    ChiefKnocka 26 days ago


  • YagirlSydney !
    YagirlSydney ! 27 days ago

    The guy with 6 kids they messed him up with the kid #1 #2 etc 😂

  • Shahbaz Waraich
    Shahbaz Waraich 27 days ago

    Imagine it the other way round ;)

  • Moist Autism
    Moist Autism 27 days ago


  • Charles Garcia
    Charles Garcia 27 days ago

    Bruh 0:53 looks like Steve Kerr.

  • Youssef Channoufi
    Youssef Channoufi 27 days ago

    I prank called subway saying "when is the next train coming"

  • Savage
    Savage 27 days ago

    The bald guy can't pull out. LUL

  • Jessie Slob
    Jessie Slob 28 days ago

    There all grounded hahahah

  • BruceWaynesWife
    BruceWaynesWife 28 days ago

    The last family was that kid that says daaaaamn Daniel in them dumb videos

  • eM Es
    eM Es 28 days ago

    the "shrooms" kid is HOT AF!!

  • Scotty Boy
    Scotty Boy 28 days ago

    Next you should do dads tell kids the worst thing they have ever done

  • Txtstone
    Txtstone 28 days ago

    That last family, only five kids are grounded that one that did a flip is fine

  • hamdi fathalla bumraiwha

    hahaha that was so funny oh my God that was so funny like I can't handle this is so funny like I can't believe they actually told their dads.

  • BenOz22
    BenOz22 28 days ago

    It would be more entertaining if dads told kids the worst thing they've done!

  • bransok
    bransok 29 days ago

    "Polp butt"
    "Wazzap vanla biscat"
    "I tink I polped"
    "Bat whol"

    Yes, I know how to spell I was just writing them as the kid pronounced them.

  • moka lee
    moka lee 29 days ago

    Damn tht last guy tho they were all his kids😂

  • Faze Nordan
    Faze Nordan 29 days ago +1


  • Malachi Harris
    Malachi Harris 29 days ago +1

    I have that same lion shirt

  • Henry Fallah
    Henry Fallah 29 days ago +2

    The dad on 1:18 was just waiting for them to get home to whope his ass

  • Mandi Morgan
    Mandi Morgan 29 days ago

    Haha!!! I love the cute little kid that prank calls!!! I used to freakin love doing that!!! So much fun!!! Lol! 😝

  • Emmey342
    Emmey342 29 days ago +1

    kid #6 "shrooms"

    I can relate😂😂

  • Mateo Saldana
    Mateo Saldana 29 days ago


  • R3UQZ
    R3UQZ Month ago


  • Claus coorr
    Claus coorr Month ago

    "what's up vanilla biscuit"

  • Tom Bomb
    Tom Bomb Month ago

    The kid that did the prank calls was referencing a character from SuperMarioLogan called Jeffy

  • lostfellaGTGDAWG
    lostfellaGTGDAWG Month ago

    vanilla biscuit hahahaha so much savagery and style in two words lol

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