Natural Beauty Makeup Look: the illusion of NO foundation! Incl. Freckles!

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  • Heres a nice natural look guys! And we made the skin look really natural with those three key products: foundation+illuminator+freckles! SO happy with it!


    Hope you enjoyed! leave a comment if you have time and please thumbs up! xx


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  • Your Faggotity
    Your Faggotity 14 hours ago

    I like how you don't lie like "You will NEVER be able to tell you have makeup on!" or "It's a completely natural no-makeup look!"
    Like, bless you just for this.

  • Niharika Priyadarshini

    you look super amazing. I love this look babe😍😘

  • Darth Mo
    Darth Mo 2 days ago

    My mom said my face is pretty and she said I don't need foundation but i saw this and this is kind of my makeup look

  • deena vlogs
    deena vlogs 6 days ago

    4:59 lol 😂 yes True don't 😂

  • Kleasha Jones
    Kleasha Jones 7 days ago

    you're beautiful you did an awesome job.

  • Kylie Ozola
    Kylie Ozola 14 days ago

    How is that natural look?!

  • Dreamy V
    Dreamy V 21 day ago

    hiiii! u're sooo beautiful!!! i love this make up and freckles! i have a video on my channel with freckles too please go check it out! <3

  • Sawsan K
    Sawsan K 22 days ago

    that nice 😍

  • Emily Munson
    Emily Munson 22 days ago

    I really like how she was super close to the camera throughout the tutorial so I was able to see what the makeup looks like up close and personal in not super bright artificial lighting, idk it was just kinda nice to me.

  • LisicaLove
    LisicaLove 26 days ago

    Where did you get your earrings??? Love them!

  • Nattattack
    Nattattack 27 days ago

    I LOVE this look. I wish I could accomplish this kind of look, but my skin is so OILY!!!!
    anyhow, this is gorge👌👍

  • Sif Hojrup
    Sif Hojrup Month ago

    What is the name of the primer you're using??:)

  • Wil Matheny
    Wil Matheny Month ago

    i thought you were Angelina Jolie for a minute...

  • Rose Marie Juhl martinussen

    What Was the name on the faundation ?

  • alycia hollins
    alycia hollins Month ago

    I love this vid Bc you don't go super guru and it's all relatable

  • Crocky Raby
    Crocky Raby Month ago

    anyone else thinks she looks a bit like Candice Swanepoel?

  • raghad 137
    raghad 137 Month ago

    You don't have brushes?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Megan Maloney
    Megan Maloney Month ago

    What color nail polish are you wearing in this video? It is the perfect red!!

  • Carol Betty
    Carol Betty Month ago +1

    Hi Chloe Morello,
    Thank you for this good Guide I like your this video..!
    I am helping girls If anyone needs free $24 makeup brushes you can get it here
    DO this good work continue

    • John John
      John John 17 days ago

      Carol Betty SCAM ARTIST!!! Do not click on this people! It will say you have a virus and need to get it fixed! SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • Yesenia Lopez
    Yesenia Lopez Month ago

    why would ppl want to have freckles ? ???!!! I want a doll skin ...come on...

  • Hend Elnady
    Hend Elnady Month ago

    You're beautiful, I like you, but you're not FUNNY

  • Estivaliz lezama caravaca

    please help me😢 I have tried doing y " own " make up and wasn't even able to do properly my kids. I kept wiping off the make up to give a shot over and over gain and it was too painful. please help?😩

  • Hola Anónimo
    Hola Anónimo Month ago

    Are you Megan Fox?

  • Roray Author
    Roray Author Month ago

    I LOVE it!

  • Sandra Kasandra
    Sandra Kasandra Month ago

    hello :)
    from Bosnia
    can you doo dragstor make up tutorial?
    thank you :)

  • Nyvaline
    Nyvaline 2 months ago

    Well I am going to try this out because apparently I look 'fake'. I understand because I use a lot of concealer for my undereyes because they're pretty dark. But maybe I'll use some color correcting stuff naturally and this tutorial so that my mom will stop making such mean comments about my appearance.

  • Luana Rivero
    Luana Rivero 2 months ago

    i loved it! it looks really natural but i don't have the products to do it :(

  • Erin Wingfield
    Erin Wingfield 2 months ago

    You look like model Candice Swanepoel

  • Michelle Do
    Michelle Do 2 months ago

    ya i bought them myselff hahuehuahue

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  • Cheyenne Archambeault
    Cheyenne Archambeault 2 months ago

    I'm jealous of your lips too

  • Cheyenne Archambeault
    Cheyenne Archambeault 2 months ago

    you look like a young brunette version of Cameron diaz

  • Brandy Spears
    Brandy Spears 2 months ago

    You are just so freaking stunning. What else is there to say? You can do no wrong when it comes to makeup.

  • TheBaseball13171
    TheBaseball13171 2 months ago

    I have to say I know nothing about makeup but I love watching make up videos. I always watch Jeffrey star and Tati's videos, which made me assume that you need to be full coverage all the time. But you just opened up a new world for me, by showing how you can put makeup on and cover your spots but at the same time not cover who you are with makeup

  • sara beauty
    sara beauty 2 months ago

    U look like Perrie Edwards

  • Loco Logos
    Loco Logos 2 months ago

    I had mini heart attack when I thought she had applied the bronzer all ovaaa her faceee

  • Loco Logos
    Loco Logos 2 months ago

    I feel naked when my freckles show through with my foundations that have sheer coverage

  • Angelika Paragas
    Angelika Paragas 2 months ago

    you look like candice swanepoel 😍

    SHEILAXGONZALEZ 2 months ago

    What's good guys! I just started my YouTube channel based on my life experiences, beauty, health, and everything in between. Check it out! Xo

  • Athziri Bugarin
    Athziri Bugarin 2 months ago

    wow you look like Candice

  • Donna Bradshaw
    Donna Bradshaw 2 months ago

    sooooo prettyyyy

  • Asıa M
    Asıa M 2 months ago

    why are you so pretty?

  • Fenna Hofstra
    Fenna Hofstra 3 months ago

    You have very beautyfull eyebrauws

  • AlanaBeale
    AlanaBeale 3 months ago

    what is the name of the supershock shadow you use????

  • Lara Buonarrotti
    Lara Buonarrotti 3 months ago

    hey, can you list the name of the products in the comments? I can't find it in the bio. the link doesn't show the images from the video...

  • Luciana Galhardi
    Luciana Galhardi 3 months ago

    omg I loved!!!! i will try this look, so fresh and young! also reminds me victoria's secret angels <3

  • nw rds
    nw rds 3 months ago

    ugh, ugly bitch

  • Manpreet Kaur Randhaawaa

    Whats the moisturizer u used??

  • tina ford
    tina ford 3 months ago

    very pretty and natural look.... your very inspiring... what is that georgous nail colour you have on... its so pretty... teena xxx

  • Kate Hernandez
    Kate Hernandez 3 months ago

    My natural kind of makeup. Curled lashes, mascara, face sunscreen, chapstick and a bit of gloss and done!! Lol.

  • Magatron Mae
    Magatron Mae 3 months ago

    When she turned orange all of a sudden my heart stopped and I choke on my cereal 😂

  • Sophie van der vis
    Sophie van der vis 3 months ago

    so... you spend a lot of time doing your make-up to make it look like you don't wear make-up? hahaha, I guess I'm just not going to understand these things😂

  • Melissa Kraman
    Melissa Kraman 3 months ago

    I love your sense of humor I chuckled throughout the video, and love the look!!

  • Vegan Yogi
    Vegan Yogi 3 months ago

    That ending though. 😆😂😂

  • Rachel Stone
    Rachel Stone 3 months ago

    I mix my BB cream with my becca highlighter! I've never seen anyone else do that!

  • Galaxies Remain
    Galaxies Remain 3 months ago

    The eyebrows are very obviously done. They looked perfect before the powder and such. By doing the eyebrows it ruined the no makeup effect.

  • Nadja H
    Nadja H 4 months ago

    "natural" 😥

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans 4 months ago

    Your makeup is also so beautiful

  • Michelle Evans
    Michelle Evans 4 months ago

    I absolutely love how sassy you are it's hilarious!!

  • heynermeen
    heynermeen 4 months ago +1


  • NikaHazel-eyed TV
    NikaHazel-eyed TV 4 months ago

    I love your brows🙂

  • Cat C
    Cat C 4 months ago

    how to have natural beauty....... don't put any make up on! you can see she's caked on 5 inches of make up...... and clogged her pores up with rubbish you're not meant to put on your skin. her skin is going to end up damaged and horrible from the make up.

  • Lanée Kersey
    Lanée Kersey 4 months ago


  • i think I'm lost
    i think I'm lost 4 months ago

    She kinda looks like Angelina Jolie

  • Model Mahogany
    Model Mahogany 4 months ago

    Where's the product list? I went to the site there was various blogs of others

  • Carina 2334
    Carina 2334 4 months ago +1

    which accent is this

  • Leila Canizo
    Leila Canizo 4 months ago

    Shes so cute🙈🙈🙈 loved the make up❤️❤️❤️

  • Elizabeth Floyd
    Elizabeth Floyd 4 months ago

    "yeah bought them myself" 😂😂I'm so stealing that one

  • Mimi Soleil
    Mimi Soleil 5 months ago +1

    This is not natural !!!!

  • Elisha V.
    Elisha V. 5 months ago +1

    When I am using my eyeshadow, I am wearing it with the brushes that I bought here
    I love to get a flawless makeup and this brushes help me to made it

    • Elisha V.
      Elisha V. 5 months ago

      And this video also assist me to fix my makeup needs <3

  • Izzy J
    Izzy J 5 months ago

    She reminds me of Candice Swanepoel

  • Porsche Tobias
    Porsche Tobias 5 months ago

    btw i love this look! :-)

  • Porsche Tobias
    Porsche Tobias 5 months ago

    ok but @candiceswanoepal

  • Kellie Westley
    Kellie Westley 5 months ago

    you cracking me up making freckles when most people hate them my sister told me mine were angle kisses . so sweet she necessary had the she very liuck.

  • Ola Karasinska
    Ola Karasinska 5 months ago

    You said No foundation, this is so fake 🙄

  • Jennifer Florero
    Jennifer Florero 5 months ago

    There's a magnificent difference 2:48 & 2:50 lmao that ain't no natural look

  • sabina harrison
    sabina harrison 5 months ago

    Love it!!

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee 5 months ago

    Gorgeous look..... especially if your as Beautful as Chloe is!!

  • Magda Michelle
    Magda Michelle 5 months ago

    I feel like all the things she put on her cheeks with her fingers are asking for breakout city with small whitehead and/or blackhead just asking to be born.
    She looks beautiful as always though. Xo

  • Afshan Raheel
    Afshan Raheel 5 months ago

    for no.make up ..its a lot of stuff

  • kat mckenzie
    kat mckenzie 5 months ago

    Step one: have flawless skin

  • Tamara Armantrout
    Tamara Armantrout 5 months ago

    Gosh you're so perfect 😍😍

  • tori pedersen
    tori pedersen 5 months ago

    "it tends to draw in ships from the harbor" I love you so much why are you so funny and pretty stop you are so loveable 😂❤

  • C E
    C E 5 months ago

    I have natural freckles

  • Bella Bloom
    Bella Bloom 5 months ago

    this showes up when searching the word beauty :)

  • grace sampayo
    grace sampayo 5 months ago

    Love the lashes!!! they really look really natural!! Love the nail polish! 💜

  • Bee Glam Beauty
    Bee Glam Beauty 5 months ago

    Looks amazing! Loved it

  • Sarenatee Brairton
    Sarenatee Brairton 6 months ago

    youre so pretty♡ you remind me of Candice Swanepoel

  • Grace McIntyre
    Grace McIntyre 6 months ago +1

    U are so gorgeous chloe I have watched u since day 1 I love u so much u are my fav YouTuber and trust me I have been through many channels ❤❤❤😂😂

  • Maria Alice Kellen
    Maria Alice Kellen 6 months ago

    você parece com a Candice

  • el mono
    el mono 6 months ago


  • Kasandra Denicia Delgado

    I 💜
    Like and suscribe 😊

  • LauraMarie Qviiist
    LauraMarie Qviiist 6 months ago +9

    "Like whenever i wear these lashes i always get at least one comment saying 'is that your real lashes' and i go 'yeah! I bought em myself" 😂😂😂😂omg😂😂

  • Agape Williams
    Agape Williams 6 months ago

    omg you're a little savage and i love it, subbed !!

  • Douaa Nada
    Douaa Nada 6 months ago

    you look so much like Cameron diaze 😍😁

  • HerewegoKP
    HerewegoKP 6 months ago

    She just looks like Angel Candice! 😳

  • Bianca Cordova
    Bianca Cordova 6 months ago

    Awesome! Fabulously done! 🤓

  • Elena rammal
    Elena rammal 6 months ago

    ohh plz make a makeup look very smokey

  • Cherry Bom
    Cherry Bom 6 months ago

    you're so looks like Candice Swanepoel

  • Montana Sanabia
    Montana Sanabia 6 months ago

    Omg I love her 😂❤️

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