Human face evolution in the last 6 million years

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  • Ha Hasan
    Ha Hasan 3 hours ago

    This is not true. Dont believe to charles darwin. The first people alive in eart is adam and eve. And both of them are human like we all nowadays. But they are too tall.

  • -Unknown WARNING-
    -Unknown WARNING- 10 hours ago


  • Meme Liquid
    Meme Liquid 11 hours ago

    I honestly don't think we were created by god, I think we evolved

  • Brandon Tilleria
    Brandon Tilleria 12 hours ago

    God created us as a separate species, we didn't evolve from apes, or gorillas or whatever. If we did evolve, then how come there are still apes today? Plus we have no proof of evolution. Evolution is only a theory, not an actual fact. Plus, the Earth isn't millions of years old, we weren't around at that time. So there's no way we can say that evolution is real.

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    from, you only know how to smash rocks together, to OMG YOU NEED TO GET FOOD FAST, to finally we have a roof over our head, to wow forks AMAZING, to the world is getting more modern, to i'm sitting on my butt for 9 hours a day on youtube

  • Interesting Gaming HD

    we use to gave huge noses

  • Stevesupot Stevesupotet

    Woooooooow this true

  • En Ers
    En Ers Day ago

    Why would it turn out as a white man with fucking blue eyes and blonde hair...

  • Tasneem Trees
    Tasneem Trees 2 days ago


  • kitty cat
    kitty cat 2 days ago

    It lies too us god did not make monkey into human I am Christian and I know because God had made normal humans not monkey humans

    • Ricahrd P'Brien
      Ricahrd P'Brien 2 days ago

      Too bad he did not also make you functionally literate.

  • kitty cat
    kitty cat 2 days ago


  • Sarah Chesley
    Sarah Chesley 2 days ago

    This is Trippy

  • Stephanie Ocampo
    Stephanie Ocampo 2 days ago

    I don't get it if we are from monkey or gorilla or apes
    If we are from apes no ape no exist cus they turn to humans plus if there a ape in the zoo they would turn to humans.

    • Ricahrd P'Brien
      Ricahrd P'Brien 2 days ago

      Oh wow, this reveals a disturbingly low level of educational and a basic lack of analytic abilities.

  • Miguel Curbelo
    Miguel Curbelo 4 days ago

    It doesn't matter if you don't believe in it, it's a fact

  • Precious lorraine Falconi


  • JinPlaysRblx With vlogs

    I am Monkey WAT

  • Victoria Angell-Sanchez

    This kind of creeped me out at first

  • Mora Nation
    Mora Nation 7 days ago


  • Admiral General Aladeen


  • Mohamed S.
    Mohamed S. 7 days ago

    Who still believe this myth!! already proven wrong.

  • TrapGodNation
    TrapGodNation 8 days ago

    Sub to me

  • ZAYx 301
    ZAYx 301 8 days ago

    Ok I didn't come from apes

  • ZAYx 301
    ZAYx 301 8 days ago

    This shit didn't happen

  • Guardian
    Guardian 9 days ago

    Humans are still monkeys... Because of Bonzi Buddy! (If you dont know google it)

  • TwentyTwoPilots
    TwentyTwoPilots 9 days ago


  • rabid engineer
    rabid engineer 10 days ago +1

    lol monkey😂 what a terrible liar

  • Strange Gamer
    Strange Gamer 10 days ago

    I cant belive people actually beliv ethat

  • bluekeet
    bluekeet 10 days ago

    so it's a safe guess to say that chimps in 10m years will most likely evolve into new types of bipeds, maybe even get intelligent.

  • pinky blazin
    pinky blazin 11 days ago

    A black ape turned white???wow

  • _SEPTIC_
    _SEPTIC_ 11 days ago +1

    we didn't evolve from fuckin apes

  • EliteYt
    EliteYt 11 days ago


  • Emmanuelle Lokwa
    Emmanuelle Lokwa 11 days ago

    we are not made out of monkwes

  • Donavan Best
    Donavan Best 11 days ago

    Fake as crap

  • chara rem
    chara rem 11 days ago

    A bit scary

  • bérenice martin
    bérenice martin 11 days ago

    the face of a nowadays random black guy at 1:07

  • White wolf
    White wolf 11 days ago

    Are you fucking kidding me? Iam not a monkey.

  • Slomofogo
    Slomofogo 12 days ago

    He's CUTE! Is he single?

    IM DEAD INSIDE 13 days ago

    We were not monkeys that changed into a human

  • SnowHoMsp
    SnowHoMsp 13 days ago

    we are not animals we are humans We just looked like animals
    Apes Have Been Around For A while That's Where god came up with them,while he was creating us we are humans but look like animals

  • Jenny Cheng 珍妮成
    Jenny Cheng 珍妮成 13 days ago

    How did the East/South east Asian come into place? Lol

  • Joicelie reacts waht ?

    So scary

  • GhostModz
    GhostModz 14 days ago

    Guys in my opinion don't hate but ok if we where developed from a gorilla , monkey then how was the monkey or gorilla made?

  • Alex Rios
    Alex Rios 14 days ago

    Man, thats deep

  • ii_ Tali
    ii_ Tali 15 days ago

    That was lowkey scary as shit

  • Logan 8
    Logan 8 15 days ago

    We where always human

  • Billie Morgan
    Billie Morgan 16 days ago

    To be honest WE USED TO BE UGLY

  • Eron Channel
    Eron Channel 16 days ago

    I don't believe in "evolution" Allah is one👆🏻

  • Bea Bea
    Bea Bea 17 days ago

    *So first apes..then Black people..then Arabs.. then whites. wow this video shows a lot.*

  • Just call me ORANGE!
    Just call me ORANGE! 17 days ago

    Ahhh...religious people...always trying to fill the gap

  • Gavin Serdeña
    Gavin Serdeña 17 days ago

    No... We are sperm that wins the race trough the egg cell

  • Clarisa Gonzales
    Clarisa Gonzales 18 days ago

    its just me or what? thinking that he's going to eat me because of that zoom effect.

  • Samuel Belanger
    Samuel Belanger 18 days ago

    Who hears believes in God and evolution

  • Samuel Belanger
    Samuel Belanger 18 days ago

    Everyone saying god made us with mud... 5000 years ago evolution wasn't a idea

  • Satiny Jupiter335
    Satiny Jupiter335 19 days ago

    Australopithecus afarensis, homo habilis, homo erectus, homo neanderthalensis and finally, homo sapiens

  • SUNG NE 성니
    SUNG NE 성니 19 days ago

    How did a man with a lot of melanin turn into a white dude looking like Santa Claus 🤔

  • gabi rosa
    gabi rosa 19 days ago

    Es falso

    JALO LIONEL 19 days ago

    how'd you get black 2 white? i knew before i watched the video the end product was gonna be white.

    GLITTERZ # 19 days ago

    W H A T

  • Kitten Diva
    Kitten Diva 19 days ago

    Wait a second....HARAMBE.....Was a gorilla....
    Apparently we used to all be gorillas.....
    The person who shot harambe....


  • mohd hattamimie mat yaacob

    wrong fact

  • Meme Central
    Meme Central 20 days ago

    Humans did not involve from apes, in fact we have the same jeans as them, but we did not evolve from them. We can think of them as our long distance cousin basically😂 We share common features and stuff like that, but we did not evolve from them, let's just say we are related to them

  • Jude Plays
    Jude Plays 20 days ago

    gave me the fucking creeps.

    OWL SQUAD 20 days ago


  • Aniano Fernandes Tampus

    I was scared when Eyes move

  • xSTR
    xSTR 21 day ago

    I think that's you

  • Shane Mullen
    Shane Mullen 21 day ago

    People just appeared in earth 200,000 years ago.

  • Emil
    Emil 22 days ago

    A human can talk, he listens to music, watches YouTube or TV. And monkeys live in Jungles, that's all what they do

  • Danny A.
    Danny A. 22 days ago

    The human race is a unique race, we perhaps changed, but I don't believe in evolution. I believe God created us perfectly.

  • 여자친구 SinB- Buddy


  • SuperSmashLukenzoHD
    SuperSmashLukenzoHD 22 days ago

    This was in the cave man and cave woman times

  • RC Games
    RC Games 22 days ago

    Spoiler alert, evolution is fake

  • Shivam Seal
    Shivam Seal 23 days ago

    0:54 that's old man logan 😂

  • Frozen ao D.M.
    Frozen ao D.M. 23 days ago

    What the name of this effect? That transforms a photo into another photo?

  • Miguel Casiano
    Miguel Casiano 23 days ago

    Genesis 27:1
    "For you were made by my image. "
    Beacuse this world are full of lies and were facing every lies of the world that covering the whole world.

  • SophiaCantadia 14
    SophiaCantadia 14 23 days ago

    Thats cool

  • none ya business
    none ya business 24 days ago

    People did not evolve from Africa. Afrocentric bullshit, there were no Black people till Noah cursed his descendants. Blacks will steal anything to act superior. Pathetic. There's bones found in Asia before Africa.

  • The Magnifique
    The Magnifique 24 days ago

    It is Described in Holy Quran .We Created the man kind from clay than from sperm .

  • The Magnifique
    The Magnifique 24 days ago

    Its not Reality

  • dr Nefarious
    dr Nefarious 25 days ago

    its good to know that those whites who are racist towards blacks can know they were black

  • Niklas k
    Niklas k 25 days ago

    0:25 is most scarly lul

  • Sophia Luo
    Sophia Luo 25 days ago

    Who thinks this is freaky af

  • Nashroy Gaming
    Nashroy Gaming 25 days ago

    We only see human and monkey but not human+monkey

  • Dawood K
    Dawood K 26 days ago +1

    Yani Pahla Insan 'Africa' Se Tha Yani 'African'

  • Elena Caruso
    Elena Caruso 26 days ago

    This video is creepy😨

  • bias ni v
    bias ni v 26 days ago

    where not animals -_-

  • Riccardo Frezza
    Riccardo Frezza 27 days ago

    0:28 bob marley

  • Hugo Carrillo
    Hugo Carrillo 28 days ago

    If you dont, please call at 193928-SH-UT-UP-93974773I2OO3^#¥÷&×£

  • Hugo Carrillo
    Hugo Carrillo 28 days ago


  • Hugo Carrillo
    Hugo Carrillo 28 days ago

    "We don't come from apes, we just share a common anc..." SHUTUP ALREADY

  • Queen Spongebob
    Queen Spongebob 28 days ago

    WTF! I'M AN ATHEIST AND I CAN'T BELIEVE ALL OF THESE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE IN THIS COMMENT SECTION! Believe it or not humans evolving from monkeys sound more believable then every kind of species on planet earth being created by some powerful being! Really, are you all retarded? Okay sorry that sounded offensive, now every single Christian person is going to come at me.

  • xEmily s
    xEmily s 28 days ago

    why so fucking dramatic music

  • Leli Official
    Leli Official 29 days ago +1

    The theory of evolution is not true and do you know why ?! Because, according to Charles Darwin, monkeys returned to people as a cause of a genetic mistake, that is, because of a genetic mutation ... but even today science has found that mutations or mutant genes are not permissible in the nervous system, nor can physical be called otherwise Much as the disease knows and the theory is not real...

  • Kael Mendoza
    Kael Mendoza 29 days ago

    Why theres is human look like horse?

  • GamingCraftedMC And More

    So... Monkeys are evolving

  • hb.xg1 0
    hb.xg1 0 Month ago


  • Jamie Vlogs&more!
    Jamie Vlogs&more! Month ago

    Not related to the video but where do you go after you die? (non-religious way.. Not saying I am btw)

  • Beast Kenneth
    Beast Kenneth Month ago

    this video is soo wrong because we come form god

  • Eliel Marselia
    Eliel Marselia Month ago

    creepy and fake

  • Florentina Calma
    Florentina Calma Month ago

    I got an oreo ad

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