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  • srspower
    srspower 13 days ago

    Anyone know the music in this trailer?

  • DeathByJeffrey Woods

    omfg lol

  • Jovi Tan
    Jovi Tan Month ago

    Bro......He HAS risen

  • G K
    G K Month ago

    I thought the bitch was back? Haven't seen shit from him lately? WTF Milo stop being a pussy and get your ass back in the fight.

  • SavvySteak
    SavvySteak Month ago

    2 months later......

    ALPHA OMEGA GAMING Month ago +1

    You are my GOD now. MILO 2017

  • Anne Broadhurst
    Anne Broadhurst Month ago


  • Anti Christ
    Anti Christ Month ago


  • YayJess
    YayJess Month ago


  • Are you feeling the memes

    Milo is gay

  • Brady Thomas
    Brady Thomas Month ago

    yall saying how you want to kill all the liberals and bring back racism shows how disgusting humanity is becoming. you can call me triggered all ya want lol

  • Trial_With_An_Error

    The Bitch is back baby.

  • Crushonius
    Crushonius Month ago +1

    Fuck Viagra i watch this video once a day and it gives me a massive raging boner that wont go down

  • Melinda de los Santos

    To Milo, or any one of his staff:

    I'd really like to know why there is so much hatried and vitriole against Trump. If you would please let me know in a nutshell?

    I've read some articles and watch some talk shows and, in my view, and I'm baffled. My guess is it in part the issues are of abortion and immigration among other things.

    Anyway, I voted for Trump based on the debates I watched. (Also, I never forgot Benghazi. And more so when she (Hillary) insisted, "What difference does it make?") There is no excuse for her not being on top of the situation.

    I really appreciate your indulgence for helping me get clear on the matter. Thanks.

  • Damen McCarty
    Damen McCarty Month ago +1

    People are confused because your gay but you're against feminism 😂 they don't know what to think! You're the man Milo!

  • FaceN'Brains
    FaceN'Brains Month ago

    fuck yes.

  • SuicidalToaster
    SuicidalToaster Month ago

    e g o

  • idiot x
    idiot x Month ago

    Straight man love for #Milo. Finally back, Locked and fully loaded. Let the fun begin....

  • Dr. Snowman
    Dr. Snowman Month ago

    rise of Milo. coming to theaters near you.

  • TheBillusBillus
    TheBillusBillus Month ago

    He is woke.

  • Hamilton Armory
    Hamilton Armory Month ago +1

    This Milo message is Elton John approved! :D

  • RumblePirate
    RumblePirate Month ago

    still looking for the straight pill Mr/Ms. Wanna-be... my bad, u must been busy with Ur healthy liposuction lifestyle..
    Joe R. was asking how Ur Judeo-Christian values are holding up, over Ur self hatred yet . don't worry, u'll get over Ur child-hood trauma.. don't worry Darling. .
    oh! no u ain't got time beyond self loathing, self obseSsed , vaij, wanna-be regimen ...

  • Noah Proffitt
    Noah Proffitt 2 months ago

    I'm am not joking when I tell you I am a strong believer in miloism a strong religion as milo as my lord and savior

  • Adam Ellerbe
    Adam Ellerbe 2 months ago


  • Tekassassin96
    Tekassassin96 2 months ago

    Milo, YOU ARE A GOD DAMNED HERO TO ALL CENTRISTS, LIBERATARIANS, REPUBLICANS AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO DISAGREES WITH THE LEFT!!!!! Hi I am a big fan and I would honestly if not have you come to speak at my school, at least video chat and discuss with you. I really look up to how you devalue and disprove arguments against you so quickly. As a member of my school's debate team, I salute you.

    TOTAL GAMEPLAY 2 months ago


  • FrostyB
    FrostyB 2 months ago

    *_I can't wait for this new movie!_*

  • MindyHugs
    MindyHugs 2 months ago

    Sexy son of a Bitch he is!!!!!!!

  • Glen eve
    Glen eve 2 months ago

    LOL I'd eat a mile of your Shyt Milo!

  • SilpheedUke
    SilpheedUke 2 months ago

    All hail the most glorious Faggot! Milo, you delicious bastard! May you live a thousand years!

  • The Meme is surpreme
    The Meme is surpreme 2 months ago

    I like where this is going

  • cnoevl67
    cnoevl67 2 months ago

    If Milo has Broadway show like fat slob Michael Moore, will liberals burn down Broadway in spite of themselves?

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 2 months ago

    Can't wait what a year to be alive

  • De Wolff
    De Wolff 2 months ago

    Well hello Milo wdyt about Jews.

  • Cole Driver
    Cole Driver 2 months ago

    I love you pls

  • Cole Driver
    Cole Driver 2 months ago

    milo pls help meh

  • draco umbra
    draco umbra 2 months ago

    You sir are my fucking hero

  • Esta Medley
    Esta Medley 2 months ago

    just googled Milo and all that came up was bad shit. They are at it again.I wish ther were other ways for the people too get the truth out.

  • The Ghost's Shadow
    The Ghost's Shadow 2 months ago

    "The bitch is back"

    I found my new role model

  • cnoevl67
    cnoevl67 2 months ago

    Milo have anything planned to mark one year anniversary of godawful "Ghostbusters" remake controversy in July?

  • Censorship 4Kids
    Censorship 4Kids 2 months ago +1

    “This is the book the liberals didn’t want you to read, they did everything they could to stop it and nonetheless we persisted, and my fans have stuck by my side”
    — Milo Yiannopoulos

    see, when MILO says, "we persisted" he actually MEANS IT. he simply presents the facts:

    his voice got denied--he spoke anyway.

    his rights got revoked--he renegotiated his own permission slip.

    his credibility was stolen--he went right back to work and earned back every last red cent of faith we invested in him.

    THAT'S 'persistence' on the world stage. that's persistence in a court of LAW. that's persistence that stands up to the real test:

    public scrutiny.

    ....ON THE OTHER HAND, when Hillary Clinton supporters adopt the phrase "she persisted" they are claiming that one woman speaks for ALL WOMEN, as if ONE STONE GIRL standing defiantly in front of an equally useless stone Bull on Wallstreet, is somehow the equivalent of all women around the world overcoming adversity.

    women complain about nepotism in government when they rely on it in their daily lives to attain all their accomplishments. 'Affirmative action' is the dictionary definition of Nepotism; if a silly statue on an irrelevant street can pay dividends of unlimited credibility to a LAZY, ENTITLED, chocolate bon-bon stuffing housewife splayed out on a couch watching Kim Kardashian flaunt her lazy ass on TV, then Hillary Clinton represents the persistence of every woman around the world. she represents the entitlement feeling that every woman enlists when she's busy demanding equal pay for less work, when she's demanding equal rights for less responsibility, when she's demanding equal respect for less sacrifice.

    EVERY WOMAN pretends to 'persist' just as Hillary pretends to persist.... and what does Hillary's persistence result in?

    what did ONE PERSON do?


    when Hillary leads, women become murderous in their intention, spiteful in their rhetoric, and cancerous in their counterfeit accomplishments.

    ....you see, when Hillary's Team "persists," WE ALL GET. #MURDERED.

    ...when The Deplorables persist, the ENTIRE WORLD gets #MOTIVATED.


  • yicu I
    yicu I 2 months ago

    Milo is a very sick individual. sex with underage kids is not right. please stop doing it. you were caught again!

  • Chuck Muffin
    Chuck Muffin 2 months ago

    Better than a computer game. He is so funny.

  • Big E
    Big E 2 months ago

    If Milo were straight I think He and Lauren Southern would be a great couple

  • MP R
    MP R 2 months ago

    Flippant comparisons to Christ now hey?

  • IBV Beastmode
    IBV Beastmode 2 months ago

    why did milo cross the road


  • Pedro Henrico
    Pedro Henrico 2 months ago


  • Puddie // Nicholai Vogel

    I'm not gay but....

  • Fixate
    Fixate 2 months ago

    Blasphemer you just lost a SUB.

  • Robert Lowe
    Robert Lowe 3 months ago

    Keep it up Milo. Ariana Grande is a Satanist...

  • Oridan1
    Oridan1 3 months ago

    what I hate most about feminism is that they made this edgy idiot relevant

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters 3 months ago

    Even though I don't agree with some of what Milo believes and says, I can say I have respect for him. It unsettles small minds when someone has conviction in their beliefs, that swim against the grain of the "norm", and presents their ideas with intelligence.

    • Pollen Applebee
      Pollen Applebee 2 months ago

      Nah, no one is unsettled. Most people are just disagreeing with each other, that's all. But dumbasses have a tendency to call any resistance to their ideas "triggering", and then the conversation devolve into name calling. But you already knew that didn't you.

  • Vans Betty
    Vans Betty 3 months ago

    best fucking promo ever xD ! i bet this triggered some babies

  • My Mysteries 1
    My Mysteries 1 3 months ago

    the other side of the world is comming

  • CollegeBinary
    CollegeBinary 3 months ago

    Well I guess this didn't happen.

  • nekrokulter
    nekrokulter 3 months ago

    *has risen

  • Kyle D
    Kyle D 3 months ago

    This is lit

  • daniloceszachh
    daniloceszachh 3 months ago

    Milo yuinnopolis....so hot right now

  • ingridxo23
    ingridxo23 3 months ago

    What a troll lmao 😂

  • Joseph Flammens
    Joseph Flammens 3 months ago

    I love this. I warned the liberals back when you had your scandal that they should be careful not to chuckle too hard at your downfall. I told them that you weren't gone, that you were going to come back and be even more of a thorn in their side than you were before. Breitbart was a leash on you, but now that you don't have that, well, you can say whatever the fuck you want. Bill Maher will regret joking about how he "stopped you" by having you on his show. He's made you more powerful than ever.

  • Gekrons
    Gekrons 3 months ago

    if you ever come to canada to do speaches i would be honoured to be your security. i love to kick some liberal ass.

  • Gekrons
    Gekrons 3 months ago

    milo i want thank you for inspiring me to have the strength to voice my opinion loud and proud with no fear of racist white man bashing comments sent to me by liberal asswipes. you sir are hell of a great man and im proud to support your channel. thank you again and please dont ever give up on us.

  • Raizel M
    Raizel M 3 months ago

    Stay Fierce, stay Hot! Love you dear Milo...and I just happen to be a straight white female. Help rid the world of fat ugly women with bad hair, tatty shoes, and pathetic handbags. Now, all you brain-dead feminist nutters , do civilization a favor. Gather up all your radical hate-spewing lesbian friends and scamper off to the White Cliffs and JUMP.

  • dad
    dad 3 months ago

    bless milo

  • Sasia Remains
    Sasia Remains 3 months ago

    He better come to Canada.

  • brass monkey
    brass monkey 3 months ago

    I kinda just got scared

  • Anthony Zelot
    Anthony Zelot 3 months ago +1

    OH surprise, surprise, nothing happened, the dipshit didn't even try to come back and no one cared. Your 15 minuets are up dipshit. Get into comedy or something. Go work at google or get a job at mc donalds.

  • Oratio Libre
    Oratio Libre 3 months ago

    We can be delayed and dismayed, but we cannot be defeated.

  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules 3 months ago

    Pedophilia = Milo.

  • Paul Peniscocker
    Paul Peniscocker 3 months ago

    i think i missed the event. its 5/7 what did he do. he was talking about this year, right?

  • 赤王
    赤王 3 months ago

    milo has retured

  • David G
    David G 3 months ago

    who cares your back ..you're a poo jabber... no one missed your shit stained breath

  • Sushruta Arya Batsya
    Sushruta Arya Batsya 3 months ago

    That is actually masculine lol.

  • Galaxy Hope
    Galaxy Hope 3 months ago


  • Kathy Borthwick
    Kathy Borthwick 3 months ago

    Milo is baaaaack!

  • Number 1
    Number 1 3 months ago

    When this is all over, we should make this into a movie and this should be the trailer

  • Invalide_Account
    Invalide_Account 3 months ago

    I'm hyped

  • Joseph Phillip
    Joseph Phillip 3 months ago


  • c0lom0lo
    c0lom0lo 3 months ago +1

    Would you rather your child have feminism or cancer?

    What's the difference?

  • John Gaylor
    John Gaylor 3 months ago

    I'm shook.

  • dobbins2550
    dobbins2550 3 months ago

    I like Milo, he makes SJWs/feminist/BLMs uncomfortable.

  • JESSEverything
    JESSEverything 3 months ago

    Whenever I see Milo's watermark picture, it makes me think of the movie The Fifth Element. Don't ask me why, but I could see him playing Chris Tucker's part really well.

  • Sun Shade
    Sun Shade 3 months ago

    Well? where the hell is he?

  • MrHunty273
    MrHunty273 3 months ago

    Yessssssss brace yourselves for the truth..

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown 3 months ago

    Great Trailer.

  • Jeff El Bambino
    Jeff El Bambino 3 months ago


  • ProphetZae
    ProphetZae 3 months ago +1

    I'm waiting in anticipation

  • Jeff El Bambino
    Jeff El Bambino 3 months ago

    Inb4 5.5.2017?


  • dranet
    dranet 3 months ago +1

    I'm here, where are you?

  • Dean Phillips
    Dean Phillips 3 months ago

    oh yeah!!!

  • Ms Kay
    Ms Kay 3 months ago

    I don't think this is Milo but an imposter

  • Spooky Kid
    Spooky Kid 3 months ago +1

    I am the Hydra. Now you'll see your star!!!

  • Anth bobo
    Anth bobo 3 months ago

    the faggot is back.

  • Pako Dvorzak
    Pako Dvorzak 3 months ago

    my fav gay ! Roast away we hetero males also got your back fam

  • damijares
    damijares 3 months ago

    Currently doing an Argumentative Speech titled: Feminist Facts are Outdated and Blow out of Proportion. I'm just starting, so tell me some Feminist Myths, and how they are untrue! With sources please :). btw, i'm just 13 years old, so give me some likes cause apparently i'm the only kid in the generation who knows Feminism is bullshit!

  • alcoholicavenger1
    alcoholicavenger1 3 months ago

    I don't think he that gay,

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 3 months ago

    Is the event free? If not where do you get tickets?

  • Russell DoFrane
    Russell DoFrane 3 months ago

    that vid made my dick hard! and I'm straight. viva la Milo bitches!

  • OfficialProphetmusiq 17

    Hell Yeah

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