Best Mouse Trap Ever (So Simple)

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    DUC LATITUDE 2 days ago

    best mouse trap

  • Grateful Fruit
    Grateful Fruit 5 days ago

    It is very cruel to drown the mice. Where is your empathy to other living creatures?! Mice feel fear and horror when it is swimming itself to exhaustion and then drowns in panic and in pain. Have you ever thought how horrible that is? And you are doing this for other living being.
    You should use more humanely ways to kill the mice. For example instantly killing traps. This is just horrible way to kill a feeling creature.

    ПУТНИК AVATAR 6 days ago


  • Javier Nevarez
    Javier Nevarez 6 days ago

    die mtf 😂🤣

  • Kenneth P.
    Kenneth P. 7 days ago

    Is that peanut butter on the bottle? Because I seriously thought he was going to jump onto the bottle. When he went near the cap, and tried to walk on, that was the moment where the mouse thought, "oh fuck, what did I do???"

  • hungryandrew
    hungryandrew 11 days ago

    Walk thee plank matey!!!

  • Oakley Sierney
    Oakley Sierney 12 days ago

    As someone who mice have caused a LOT of psychological discomfort, torment and physical and financial damage to, this video makes me go YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Take that you disgusting horrible little vermin!! lol
    But I'm also glad you don't show him drowning because I don't feel that it's ever right to take pleasure in the suffering of other living creatures. But I take great pleasure in using our human mind to outsmart the little buggers heh.

  • Chad Folk
    Chad Folk 13 days ago

    love it hate rats&mice

  • akilan negha
    akilan negha 17 days ago

    yana goduma sir ethu

  • Jeff Flarity
    Jeff Flarity 18 days ago

    if you dont like this video check out baby monkey to make you feel better. HAhahahahahaha. nice

  • Slimmy Hendrix
    Slimmy Hendrix 18 days ago

    They said this was the worst case of suicide they'd seen in years smh. Cannonbaallllll

  • Arqam Zubair
    Arqam Zubair 20 days ago

    Death by drowning is one of the most horrible death. Be it for a mouse. I prefer to keep just enough water so that the mouse can't jump out nor would it drown. the trapped mice then become the dinner of cats who make quick work of them.

  • Zach King
    Zach King 23 days ago

    I was looking for best (computer) mouse, I guess this isnt a bad video though lol

  • Riderman Reigns
    Riderman Reigns 24 days ago

    Tie them on a bomb instead

  • war zone
    war zone 25 days ago

    4k haha

  • Jaybie Dayy
    Jaybie Dayy 25 days ago +1

    Can somebody show us the video of the rat or mouse swimming before it drowns I hate that we don't get to see it.

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 26 days ago

    haha watch the little fucker roll!

  • Gagan Deep Davy
    Gagan Deep Davy Month ago

    u bitch

  • preppychrisbou
    preppychrisbou Month ago

    I love how it fights

  • Hieu Nguyen Quang
    Hieu Nguyen Quang Month ago

    Well,would the mouse die?

  • great value bleach
    great value bleach Month ago

    clean your house

  • Marti Matheson
    Marti Matheson Month ago

    very cruel!!!!! a snap trap is more humane!

  • mreid08
    mreid08 Month ago

    I just found one sitting in the middle of my service bay between cars looking up at me with his tiny eyes and little nose wiggling and then I smashed his ass with my foot😁😁😁😎😎

  • kelly shea
    kelly shea Month ago

    4000 pussies

  • mnb323
    mnb323 Month ago

    Might try this. These damn chipmunks are digging up our front brick walkway. I keep shooting them with a decently powered air soft gun but it's not enough to kill them.

  • benicecunt o.k.
    benicecunt o.k. Month ago

    Here's a tip...don't be such a dirty living slob that you attract mice to your home.

  • benicecunt o.k.
    benicecunt o.k. Month ago

    This is not a good trap.

  • Mustafa Al Fatlawy
    Mustafa Al Fatlawy Month ago


  • jackfavvv
    jackfavvv Month ago

    I liked this, but not the baby monkey.

  • Eliazar Castillo Jr

    After the rodents have been caught, they should be shoved into a meat grinder along with all of these FUCK-TARDS that got nothing better to do other than piss and moan about why these shit bags are killed. Grind them all to HELL!!!!

  • sherlockinsomniac
    sherlockinsomniac Month ago

    I built a similar trap like this and caught two mice. One fell in an hour before the other one. The first one died in a matter of hours but the second one clung on to the floating carcass of his buddy. It survived for a day and a half. It was like watching Life of Pi or something.

  • Виталий Т
    Виталий Т Month ago

    Самый надежный вариант. Проверен лично. BRAVO !!

  • Rexx Seven
    Rexx Seven Month ago

    everybody says best mouse trap ever

  • ci6co
    ci6co 2 months ago

    I feel like the water is overdoing it a lil I wouldn't put water I'll just leave it empty and later kill it because that's just torture

  • ah jack
    ah jack 2 months ago


  • Bill Kryzak
    Bill Kryzak 2 months ago

    Made one of these yesterday.This morning 4 floaters.. Great trap and easy to do. Put some Dawn dish liquid in the water and it sinks them faster. Mice Bad, Trap Good. Turn em loose Hahaha No Way!!

  • shreddder999
    shreddder999 2 months ago

    why did you put the ramp in the Ed wrong place?

  • Alvin Seijuro
    Alvin Seijuro 2 months ago


  • Rick Wong
    Rick Wong 2 months ago

    next time try to put some acid in the bucket

  • jeff parker
    jeff parker 2 months ago

    some muratic acid instead of water where I live rats are huge here in the tropics

  • Young Mahir
    Young Mahir 2 months ago

    Even as its hanging upside down barely still alive it doesnt understand its potential fate as its still tugging its neck towards the bait and not the bucket side towards safety. Shits wild

  • Mayrah
    Mayrah 2 months ago

    aww... I wanted to see it drown. 😔

  • SneakyKittenZ
    SneakyKittenZ 2 months ago

    I wonder how it'd go if I put a bunch of snap traps at the bottom of the bucket lol

  • aman kumar
    aman kumar 2 months ago

    ur are thecfuck of shi bhosdi ke janwar ko mat mar

  • Sanju Sinha
    Sanju Sinha 2 months ago

    I feel the same way when I go to swimming classes

  • Archie
    Archie 2 months ago

    The ramp was incorrectly placed.It should have been placed parallel to the rolling bottle.

  • traildoggy
    traildoggy 2 months ago

    This is a metaphor for so many things. Welcome to the machine.

  • ptrainingbytim
    ptrainingbytim 2 months ago

    Can you make a mortal kombat version of this? Just before the rat falls there is an audible voice that shouts, "finish him!"

  • Mac Hugo
    Mac Hugo 2 months ago

    hang on hang on hahahha

  • Korya Iine
    Korya Iine 2 months ago

    Aww, poor bucket :'(

  • mrd2u1
    mrd2u1 2 months ago

    Love watching those little fuckers die

    RXYXS 2 months ago

    That's the best episode of American Ninja Warrior I've ever seen

  • Daniel Bazhenov
    Daniel Bazhenov 2 months ago


  • George Mooyman
    George Mooyman 2 months ago

    poor little mouse his mom be looking for him

  • THEGR8143VER
    THEGR8143VER 2 months ago

    Metal bucket then electrocute it when its full.

  • Jersey and Jessie Aws
    Jersey and Jessie Aws 3 months ago

    poor mouse ):

  • rosita Lindgren
    rosita Lindgren 3 months ago

    no no no no

  • Gary Hendricks
    Gary Hendricks 3 months ago +1

    Relax, there was a mouse life jacket and cheese soup below:)

  • Blader 101
    Blader 101 3 months ago

    whats the point of a mouse trap if people say dont kill them

  • Ajay Agrwal
    Ajay Agrwal 3 months ago

    aai mouse is hurting

  • Joce Hernandez
    Joce Hernandez 3 months ago

    de pura calabaza cayo

  • Deep Banerjee
    Deep Banerjee 3 months ago

    the stupid mouse drowned... human are so cruel

  • what the
    what the 3 months ago


  • raymond perrault
    raymond perrault 3 months ago

    Peanut butter is like crack to mice. Last year I had to hide some mouse traps I had out because prospective buyers were viewing the house, so I put the one I had in the bedroom in a lower dresser drawer. When I opened the drawer there was a dead mouse in the trap which had obviously been lured by the smell of the peanut butter. Either that or it was really depressed that I was moving and wanted to end it all.

  • the realm
    the realm 3 months ago

    I love it! that was sweet👍

  • jarrett howell
    jarrett howell 3 months ago

    tried so hard

  • Fish
    Fish 3 months ago

    don't do it its a trap arrrrr!

  • Stephen Nehpets
    Stephen Nehpets 3 months ago

    am I bad for laughing so hard on this video? XD

  • ms171802
    ms171802 3 months ago

    the bucket-o-water mousetrap is always the way to go

  • Asian Sensation
    Asian Sensation 3 months ago


  • Drew
    Drew 3 months ago

    Who else was rooting for the mouse?

  • Epic Playz MC
    Epic Playz MC 3 months ago

    poor rat : (

  • Robbie
    Robbie 3 months ago

    Can't believe there are people actually arguing in defence of these mice

  • Christian Neto
    Christian Neto 3 months ago


  • Wendi Mulyana
    Wendi Mulyana 3 months ago


  • Nubian31
    Nubian31 3 months ago

    these traps are so funny! but effective! the rat swang for awhile there boiii hahaha

  • Marader
    Marader 3 months ago

    Ебать в кислоту упала

  • PuggleHustler Guy
    PuggleHustler Guy 3 months ago

    that was funny dude

    KHMER NET FISHING 2017 3 months ago

    good idea

    DWAYNE JOHNSON 3 months ago

    gold peak green tea bottle

  • Jeremiah Burton
    Jeremiah Burton 3 months ago

    Me hanging on to my grades.

  • Robert Plant
    Robert Plant 3 months ago +1

    Fuck you for not showing the best part

  • If Trump can be president I can get 1000 subs

    Ohhhh you almost had it 😂😂

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 3 months ago

    sry but the best trap ever is definitely a regular wooden snap trap. cheap. reliable. easy. discreet. fast. done.

  • shining light
    shining light 3 months ago

    very clever but hungry 👻👻

  • Maha M
    Maha M 3 months ago

    A mouse would be cute if It didn't carry black death and some other shit with it

  • Chalermkitt Prachayanipon

    นี่ถ้านำ้ข้างล่างเป็นนำ้กรดนะพอหนูตกลงไปมันก็จะกัดกร่อนตัวหนูให้ดิ้นพราดๆ สะใจซี้ด

  • DoctorBrute
    DoctorBrute 4 months ago

    What is everyone talking about saying people are saying poor mouse? That must have been the first comment because all I see is blood thirsty rodent haters like myself.

  • Jlballs
    Jlballs 4 months ago

    you are a kind hearted person for giving that mouse free swimming lessons

  • Kendrick Taylor
    Kendrick Taylor 4 months ago


  • Leonardo Baumgarten
    Leonardo Baumgarten 4 months ago

    seu filha da puta seu demônio

  • CinoGames
    CinoGames 4 months ago

    They see me rolling..

  • Alex Espinoza
    Alex Espinoza 4 months ago

    should a played Kodak an a boogie song drowning in the background

  • K Souda
    K Souda 4 months ago

    its free trademill for mouse rats etc😂

  • DJ Diabeetus AKA young beetus

    Lol @ 0:58...that was the moment it knew it fucked up.

  • MultiRoss999
    MultiRoss999 4 months ago

    We started make this traps around 1970, learned from grandparents. This is the most effective massmurder for mouse I ever used. On our farm we got 20/30 every night year around. Fantastic trap.

  • manuel gramajo
    manuel gramajo 4 months ago

    yup better this than have piss and shit in your silverware and food

  • Dariusz wiszniewski
    Dariusz wiszniewski 4 months ago

    Why do people care about mouse so much ill

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