I Rode With A Bounty Hunter For A Day

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  • Thanks for submitting your questions for the bounty hunter and Mike in the Community section. They tried to answer as many as they could but comment below if you still have other questions.

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    Big Boy Bail Bonds
    Sako Yesayan
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  • Runtime: 7:31
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  • Damian Rowland
    Damian Rowland 3 hours ago

    3:55 lmao

  • Crimson Dragon
    Crimson Dragon 16 hours ago

    "What does the fox say?"
    Fuckin same tho

  • Loveishh_ Msp
    Loveishh_ Msp 20 hours ago

    Mike: "what do need me too do?"
    Saku: *slams mike down on car*
    Mike: "oh ok."

  • Anthony LaPiana
    Anthony LaPiana Day ago

    Who knew that such a intimidating guy was in beauty pageants

  • Conner Richards
    Conner Richards Day ago

    Bounty hunter sounds like Seth Rogan

  • *kirstysmith*
    *kirstysmith* Day ago

    How come Mike has his hair even tho he shaved it?

  • Pilkard
    Pilkard Day ago

    he shouldve became a dragquen

  • The Joy Edit
    The Joy Edit Day ago

    he was such a cute pageant baby!!

  • Elisabeth Coats
    Elisabeth Coats 2 days ago

    I know righttttt his eyes are soooo beautiful

  • Trenton Richards
    Trenton Richards 2 days ago

    I got new pants today

  • iD Chaos
    iD Chaos 3 days ago

    Why does sako look like streetbike tommy

  • Maximax8 Gaming
    Maximax8 Gaming 3 days ago

    What does the fox say:reaction. F*** You. LOL 😂

  • BriPie 101
    BriPie 101 4 days ago

    i really want to be a bounty hunter but i'm a girl

  • Green Cobalt
    Green Cobalt 4 days ago

    Please tell me what are the sauces and the actual meat and the things added to it! I wanna taste this piece of heaven.

  • TeethLover97
    TeethLover97 4 days ago

    Let me remind you mike is in California why tf does he have a leather jacket

  • hamsterlover101
    hamsterlover101 4 days ago

    5:42 thats the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • Pinglen And ROBLOX Gameplays

    I'm kind of annoyed of the people saying that the bounty hunter has beautiful eyes we know already I know it is a joke but come on I AM FREAKING DONE GOD DANG IT

  • Megaman_XP
    Megaman_XP 5 days ago

    Me Me Big Boy

  • anthony nguyen
    anthony nguyen 6 days ago

    U and the unsolved mysteries saved buzzfeed

  • Double A
    Double A 6 days ago

    6:15 - 6:25 the other side of the car looks like 2 peaple are driving

  • Alvin Arts
    Alvin Arts 6 days ago

    Mike looks like Adam Levine's weird cousin. Lol

  • DubAndToke420 420
    DubAndToke420 420 8 days ago

    respect my authoritay

  • Jarett Bill
    Jarett Bill 8 days ago

    he probably gets crooks by attracting them with his eyes

  • Jarett Bill
    Jarett Bill 8 days ago

    why do people say 7 is two seconds faster than 5 when it goes 5 6 7

  • Kristian
    Kristian 9 days ago

    tbh that bounty hunter can put me in handcuffs anyday

  • lol lol
    lol lol 10 days ago

    What was the guy looking at when asking the question in the korean bbq part???

  • DJ Lindahl
    DJ Lindahl 11 days ago

    I love the bounty hunter's hat. Isn't that the police force flag.

  • Demon Gaming
    Demon Gaming 12 days ago

    have you ever had to kill someone or nearly killed someone

  • Hanz Anims
    Hanz Anims 12 days ago

    RIP HAIR -MIKE 2017

  • Hailey Tucker
    Hailey Tucker 13 days ago

    I love the one bounty hunters eyes

  • Justin _LaBaS
    Justin _LaBaS 13 days ago

    Why can't he just hide in a bunker or something

  • Fylan Mcchiken
    Fylan Mcchiken 13 days ago

    He was so cute in the picture of the Pageant

  • BengalTigersAJ
    BengalTigersAJ 13 days ago

    I'm doing this thing with my cousin, at the end of this week, I'll count how many likes I get on this comment and the amount of likes I get = the amount of push-ups I do.
    So.. like away, I guess.

  • Nicole Bliss
    Nicole Bliss 13 days ago

    Did anyone else notice how fucking handsome the bounty hunter was? if only I could meet him in person.

  • Lisandro Reyes
    Lisandro Reyes 14 days ago

    The bounty hunter's eyes are beautiful

  • Trap God
    Trap God 14 days ago

    Jack is

  • KHRN Star
    KHRN Star 14 days ago +1

    Adam Levine in a nutshell....

  • C R 7
    C R 7 14 days ago

    6:57 the flags backwards u had 1job

  • Lily Games
    Lily Games 14 days ago

    Yas bontey hunter YASSSS

  • Jordyn Folkema
    Jordyn Folkema 15 days ago

    Hi buzzfeed for your next video you should have the guy (I don't know his name) commit a "crime" and an investigator has to find out what happened and clues and find the guy

  • Potato Head
    Potato Head 15 days ago

    Ladies, get yourself a man that's a bounty hunter as well as a beauty pageant

  • Sturmevik Desu
    Sturmevik Desu 15 days ago

    I bet nobody was expecting Mike to run when he was handcuffed. I died when he took off and said "I'm kidding, I'm kidding" 😆

  • The Sarcastic One
    The Sarcastic One 16 days ago

    If this bounty hunter had I YouTube channel, I'll legit subscribe to it

  • Viozo
    Viozo 16 days ago

    The dinner is kinda like hot pot but it's a grill

  • badazz gaming0213
    badazz gaming0213 16 days ago

    i love the bointy hunters shirt i have the same one

  • Zyruz Gabriel Cataluna

    I can't believe he's undefeated in a beauty contest

  • Juan Rodrigez
    Juan Rodrigez 18 days ago

    Honestly, Christ Patt and Soka are the people I'd date, if I were gay

  • Ajit Sidhu Gaming
    Ajit Sidhu Gaming 18 days ago

    3:55 soka must have a lot of dents in the car bonet

  • JPEG
    JPEG 18 days ago

    That intro is really funny

  • Luke Cullen
    Luke Cullen 18 days ago

    The Bounty Hunter looks like Jonah hill but sounds like Seth Rogen.

  • Dark Sleyer
    Dark Sleyer 18 days ago

    God bless this bounty hunter

  • xlib_is_beastx
    xlib_is_beastx 18 days ago

    sub to me for 3 subs back

  • jas0n
    jas0n 19 days ago

    like looks good with a buzz cut

  • Mr. Unboxing
    Mr. Unboxing 19 days ago

    Are we sure that he isn't a escape artist

  • Summer C
    Summer C 19 days ago

    I have question for the bounty hunter... Do you have to get tased and get sprayed with OC spray? Police officers do I so wasn't sure

  • Jorja Beames
    Jorja Beames 19 days ago


  • Owen Davis
    Owen Davis 19 days ago


  • Hannah dream world HD
    Hannah dream world HD 19 days ago

    You are a brave man and your eyes are so beautiful

  • Delaney Coppeler
    Delaney Coppeler 20 days ago

    It looks like he's wearing eye liner😂😂😂

  • Nicole glisson
    Nicole glisson 20 days ago

    Mike reminds me of Michael Scott

  • Dominic.
    Dominic. 21 day ago

    I hope they become best friends

  • Vlogger Dude
    Vlogger Dude 21 day ago

    This is my dream job

  • Hudson Campbell
    Hudson Campbell 21 day ago

    How did he grow his hair back so quickly?

  • Armen Ordakian
    Armen Ordakian 21 day ago

    Yes! Sako is Armenian!😊

  • Meat Grinder
    Meat Grinder 22 days ago

    Is there any Dutch people who agree that the man left on the backseat (6:07) looks really like Tim Hofman. (Not Ducht people, just google: Tim Hofman, and go to pictures. You will see it yourself)

    SASxL3GITGLITCH 22 days ago

    At 5:04 this want to be cop thinks he can run

    Edit: Time change

  • Parker Powell
    Parker Powell 22 days ago

    My dad is in the swat he is a sergeant.

  • Deucalion
    Deucalion 22 days ago

    I spent 40% of this video laughing at the names of the questions asked then 60% of the video l stared at those eyes......

  • Ahmedzafar khan
    Ahmedzafar khan 22 days ago

    This guy reminds me of Micheal Scofield or Kaniel Outis😝

  • Cynthia Brookes
    Cynthia Brookes 22 days ago

    This dude just embarrassed him

  • Nichole 889
    Nichole 889 23 days ago

    IKR his eyes are AMAZING

  • Elite Operator41
    Elite Operator41 23 days ago

    Sako is a Police Lives supporter, heck yes just like me

  • Jaylen Sherman
    Jaylen Sherman 23 days ago

    The cars are going backwards in back mirror😮

  • Adam Demers
    Adam Demers 23 days ago

    I freaking love this guy

  • Josh Tiger
    Josh Tiger 24 days ago

    the bounty hunter sounds like OmarGosh tv

  • USMC Asf
    USMC Asf 24 days ago

    So hmm...
    Mikes been escaping a bounty hunter, marine special operations sniper, a lie detector test, and etc.
    He's also trying to friend a bounty hunter...
    Not suspicious at all

  • General William
    General William 24 days ago

    What's up with the back windshield? It's fake. It looks like he is reversing the whole time

  • Warren Quan
    Warren Quan 25 days ago

    he looks like bongo in team alboe

  • djephexx
    djephexx 25 days ago

    **When Maroon 5 is not recording an Album.**

  • Josh sweet
    Josh sweet 25 days ago

    1:57 I like the bounty hunters hat.

  • Random Things
    Random Things 26 days ago

    The reason why mike won is because he spent about 4 hours in a make up artists shop

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 26 days ago

    Why did he state he was gonna run
    "And I won so I'm gonna run now."

  • Pyotr Raphael
    Pyotr Raphael 26 days ago

    Huh. The bounty hunter dude looks like a decent guy. Great video as always BuzzFeedBlue.

  • Ani0227
    Ani0227 27 days ago

    aww the pageant pictures are so cute.

  • Noahnation
    Noahnation 27 days ago

    5;34 who is that

  • the amazing youtuber
    the amazing youtuber 28 days ago

    He looks like Drew Brees/ Adam Levine

  • Benjamin Hurley
    Benjamin Hurley 29 days ago

    What is up with this guy's voice he sounds so mono town.

  • Cooper Rayford
    Cooper Rayford 29 days ago

    I think mike is up to something if he tries to escape a bounty hunter a sniper and attempted to beat a lie detector

    LORD LAWLEY 29 days ago

    On the time 5:35 the car in the mirror has 2 weels

  • Madden Squirrel81
    Madden Squirrel81 29 days ago

    Who else saw him eat a napkin at 2:11?😂

  • Weed Wilson
    Weed Wilson 29 days ago

    This video probably a bait for all his targets. Make the Bounty Hunter looks like a nice friendly guy but deadly inside.

  • Christian Hunt
    Christian Hunt 29 days ago

    The bounty hunter looks like a mix of coby persin and nick crompton

  • St. Mark
    St. Mark 29 days ago

    3:54 gay moment of the day

  • Bladevampirek
    Bladevampirek 29 days ago

    When will there be more Outsmarted videos?? Can anyone reply back to me? I want more!

  • Sitrain 9900
    Sitrain 9900 29 days ago

    awww he looked so cool/cute/adorable in the beauty pageant 😮

  • Lillypad ;D
    Lillypad ;D 29 days ago

    Tbh Mike reminds me of Adam Levine. Just a little.

  • Lily Johnson
    Lily Johnson Month ago

    Me me BIG BOY

    YARKO CHALLENGS Month ago +1

    If he was more slim he could be a model

  • Ivann the greatt
    Ivann the greatt Month ago

    if you guys like bounty hunting I highly suggest patty mayos YouTube channel ! Check him out !

  • Saxon Parfitt
    Saxon Parfitt Month ago

    His eyes make him look like he's been crying

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