13 New Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017/2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

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  • Top 13 Upcoming SURVIVAL Games in 2017 and Beyond - NEW Survival Games for PS4 Xbox One PC

    In this video, we take a look at the Top 13 Upcoming Survival Games 2017 & 2018. Will you be picking any of these games up? Do you have any interest in these games? Comment your thoughts on the 17 NEW Upcoming Survival Games in 2017 and Beyond! Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order.

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    Games in this countdown-


    Prey for the Gods


    Rise of the King

    Stalker Noises of the Zone

    State of Decay 2

    Escape from Tarkov

    Project Wight

    Dark and Light


    Lost Region

    Die Young

    Claw Hunter

    Credit for Outro Music-

    Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
    Source: incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
    Artist: incompetech.com/
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Comments: 350

  • Cruized 53
    Cruized 53 7 days ago

    rise of the king is basically far cry primal and assassins creed together

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 8 days ago

    Y is dark and nights graphics so ass

  • CDeezy1269
    CDeezy1269 11 days ago

    Scum looks like straight shit & Die Young is just a knockoff Dying Light

  • Joe Velazquez
    Joe Velazquez 16 days ago

    Prey for the gods. Basically the next shadow of the collosus. I like it 😊

  • Rayane Rayane
    Rayane Rayane 18 days ago

    STATE OF DECAY*-* it's the best one

  • mike hayden
    mike hayden 22 days ago

    video game developer's creative skills suck! all these games are copy cats from one devoloper to another , same old same old! can you imagine if music was like this? why can't someone go out on a limb and try something different?

  • Ricardo Maniram
    Ricardo Maniram 23 days ago

    this video sucks its shit bro i watched for more better and fun videos.

  • Crazy pie
    Crazy pie 23 days ago

    Well dark and light looks kinda awesome

  • Crazy pie
    Crazy pie 23 days ago

    Are you fucking kinding me this are shit

  • Belethe
    Belethe 25 days ago

    What music is the first game? ;-;

  • liam wakeham
    liam wakeham 25 days ago

    Most of these trailers only show us cutscenes which tells us nothing about the gameplay. They need to show us gameplay like " scum"

  • Jacob Osborne
    Jacob Osborne 28 days ago

    Is Escape from Tarkov coming to xbox ?

  • William Faulkner
    William Faulkner 29 days ago

    God these all look like garbage except for Scum, what the fuck

  • Brutless
    Brutless Month ago

    dark and light or citadel forged with fire ? wich one is the best?

  • Ignacio Guerrero
    Ignacio Guerrero Month ago

    I need Rise of Tomb Raider 2

  • Dragon Age 2017
    Dragon Age 2017 Month ago

    llove its

  • Doge Skyrim
    Doge Skyrim Month ago

    no shadow of war?


    Legend of the shadow of the wild colossus

  • Pulse Heltic
    Pulse Heltic Month ago

    Which games are PS4?

  • Eton
    Eton Month ago

    time to far cry primal 2 multiplayer :D

  • Shannon Ahtone
    Shannon Ahtone Month ago


  • whatfreedom7
    whatfreedom7 Month ago

    Why is their a city building game in this list?

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly Month ago

    claw hunter looks shitty as fuck... most of these games look like crap. the only one im gonna pre-order in SoD2... the rest im gonna wait for sales or never get.

  • Lm BORZ
    Lm BORZ Month ago

    hey my name is jon DICK 😂😂

  • Ross Kliebenstein
    Ross Kliebenstein Month ago

    I want a game where we are trying to survive an alien invasion or occupation that might be different

  • Bjorn Zinken
    Bjorn Zinken Month ago

    Too bad some of these won't be on ps4 like Escape from Tarkov. Damn that game looks nice.

  • RetardedASS liberals
    RetardedASS liberals 2 months ago

    The 2nd game shown in this trailer.. feel bad for the wolf he dragged her ass miles to safety and her dumbass does the same damn thing again! The wolf is like damn dude why did I leave my pack for this BS... watch 3:12

  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson 2 months ago

    Same old boring plots. That's the problem. The older gamers want something new and all we get are Zombies, monsters, vampires, and ghosts, it's the same crap over and over again. Enough already!

  • The God Of Hell
    The God Of Hell 2 months ago


  • Diego Mr
    Diego Mr 2 months ago

    stalker noise is a stalker mod for stalker prypyat.. very buggy,... stupid nerd.

  • Even L
    Even L 2 months ago

    What about Conan Exiles ? i like that game

  • EmoPro93
    EmoPro93 2 months ago

    Looks at survival game, sees FPS, sees PS exclusive = bye

  • MajorLamb
    MajorLamb 2 months ago

    the game for this video says it is fallout 3... why am i dying of laughter?

  • GOOD Sir.
    GOOD Sir. 2 months ago


  • PhantomXninga 8
    PhantomXninga 8 2 months ago

    I want to find or someone to make an actual good game where you play as the animals

  • Peppins32
    Peppins32 2 months ago

    stalker in this video looks like low fps...

  • Manic Island Affliction

    Pray for the Gods looks like a shadow of the colossus wannabe

  • Humble Door Salesman
    Humble Door Salesman 2 months ago

    Looking Forward:

    Frost Punk

    State of Decay 2

    Escape From Tarkov

    Noises In The Zone

    Project Wight

  • T Rocky
    T Rocky 2 months ago

    Anyone know of any good survival/horror games that are out now? Thank you in advance :)

  • andrew williamson
    andrew williamson 2 months ago +1

    £50 just wait a year until it is £5

  • Wayne Hobson
    Wayne Hobson 2 months ago

    do we not yet enough zombie games? Im sick of zomies

  • kingjaffad
    kingjaffad 2 months ago

    Too bad Claw hunter is nothing but a scam and a bamboozle.

  • Schelde
    Schelde 2 months ago

    WTF is this... What about the most promissing title?? The Long Dark..! You Idiots....

  • Woody Saad
    Woody Saad 2 months ago

    What about the last of us 2?

  • SanekDoneck
    SanekDoneck 2 months ago

    Escaoe from Tarkov is best ! )

  • Efrain Romero
    Efrain Romero 2 months ago


  • ps3kuno
    ps3kuno 2 months ago

    hat der typ am anfang von 'Rise of the King" das Holz mit der Spitzhacke gespalten? kann nur von keller kindern erfunden sein, kein real life

  • Jacob Potter
    Jacob Potter 2 months ago

    This game was made from scums, literally.... 3:24

  • Jacob Potter
    Jacob Potter 2 months ago

    *FROSTPUNK* in a nutshell....

    Climb shit to save cities!

    Fly a rocketship to save the universe!

  • Kyrios Aygos ッ
    Kyrios Aygos ッ 2 months ago

    The first one looks awesome

  • Nerp47
    Nerp47 2 months ago

    i feel very sorry for the man at 3:29

  • Jörg Plath
    Jörg Plath 2 months ago

    1:22 Midgar from Final Fantasy 7? :)

  • X O
    X O 2 months ago

    rise of the king looks just like game for me. i hope it will not be disappointment 😏

  • Dre Money Raines
    Dre Money Raines 2 months ago

    Subscribe to my YouTube page Dre Money Raines

  • Hepp5
    Hepp5 2 months ago

    anyone know if dark and light is coming to console?

  • Serkan Mehmed
    Serkan Mehmed 2 months ago

    what is the song Claw Hunter ?

  • djvidi1976
    djvidi1976 2 months ago

    All of them suck Ass!!!

  • xzcrusher
    xzcrusher 2 months ago

    Claw Hunter is made by the same guy "Jig" who made The Stomping Lands on Steam, who took all the money and left the game never to be heard from. And now he is doing this.

  • Peitrex 372
    Peitrex 372 2 months ago +2

    Minecraft got an upgrade

  • That one Fob fan
    That one Fob fan 2 months ago

    For all you asking, the game with the bear in the thumbnail is called 'Wild'

  • James Staniszewsi
    James Staniszewsi 2 months ago

    Claw hunter... that's just Far Cry Primal.

  • Koala Koala
    Koala Koala 3 months ago

    GJ on the gameplay shown for Project Wight, the last part with the dragon is from a game called Dark and light

  • nukeman1303
    nukeman1303 3 months ago

    Scum and escape from tarkov is my pussy

  • klebmo
    klebmo 3 months ago

    The Long Dark.

  • Amir Avdic
    Amir Avdic 3 months ago

    Why did Frost Bite copy Midgar? Not cool

  • Angel Colantuono
    Angel Colantuono 3 months ago +4

    The dog at 3:24 is like bitch really I just got done dragging your ass all the way over here now I got to drag you again because your stupid ass wanted to go jump on a dragon

    • Sageon
      Sageon 3 days ago

      Angel Colantuono AHAHHAHAHAHAH

  • BlackJO
    BlackJO 3 months ago

    суровую реальность я и без сопливых знаю , а смотреть как 2 человека погибло... не , дальше не хочу!

  • max regan
    max regan 3 months ago

    rise of the king just looks like a btec skyrim

  • echo5delta16
    echo5delta16 3 months ago

    The MUSIC at 15:41 can i BUY that anywhere?

  • Mathew garsia
    Mathew garsia 3 months ago


  • Trojan Broke so ur here

    thumbnails sexy

  • Clovilah
    Clovilah 3 months ago

    If you're going to do lists like this, the least you could do is add a link to the developer's actual site not just list the game name in the description.

  • Joaquim Francisco
    Joaquim Francisco 3 months ago +1


  • Raoul Chiriac
    Raoul Chiriac 3 months ago

    You are right

  • terrion devine
    terrion devine 3 months ago +1

    i fucking hate games that outline enemies ruins the game tbh

  • i am Zêrø
    i am Zêrø 3 months ago +1

    pray for the gods looks fucking amazing

  • SuperKinahead
    SuperKinahead 3 months ago +2

    all of these games look trash

    • Rao Ku
      Rao Ku 3 months ago

      SuperKinahead I love how prey for the gods looks

  • Jacob Stromburg
    Jacob Stromburg 3 months ago +1

    I'm bored.

  • MableBoy234
    MableBoy234 3 months ago +1

    10:53-10:56 ummm nice knife mechanics

  • Aesthetical Content
    Aesthetical Content 3 months ago

    Boi its summer why the snow

  • Ataide Dev
    Ataide Dev 3 months ago

    Most of the games shown are not survival games. Im huge fan of hardcore survival games and I'm excited to play Wild and hyped for Frost Punk

  • Aman Kandulna
    Aman Kandulna 3 months ago

    great games coming ahead

  • Johanna Vargas
    Johanna Vargas 3 months ago

    los juegos se juegan

    ANGRY MARINE 3 months ago

    Last one is basically the stomping land 2.0? Allow me to NOT buy that xD

  • Bantaro Z
    Bantaro Z 3 months ago

    que du réchauffage de fps, zombies, monde post- apo, violence extrême, etc etc...


    same of the same..everytime a hear the words inovation,open,world and unique in a game description..i know i wont spend a single dollar on it.bacause it will be a piece of boring garbage.and absurdelly expensive.

  • -Hopeless- Agario & More

    Hi my name is john Di*% 3:26

    • Daku Karitoriki
      Daku Karitoriki 2 months ago

      -Hopeless- Agario & More

      XD I came across this part as soon as I saw this comment.

  • AvocationStudios
    AvocationStudios 3 months ago

    10:53 yeah stab his backpack that'll teach 'em

  • ItzYoBoiSatan
    ItzYoBoiSatan 3 months ago

    only game im looking for is state of decay 2

  • Flip-Flops Gucci
    Flip-Flops Gucci 3 months ago

    S T R O K E M Y C A C T U S

  • Theressa Bagnall
    Theressa Bagnall 3 months ago

    rise of the king looks good right?

  • Going Mad
    Going Mad 3 months ago

    Rise of the king, better version of Skyrim :)

  • kai ryu amin
    kai ryu amin 3 months ago

    a survival game without hunger and thirst is a piece of crap, aye? XD

  • ThePsihopatul
    ThePsihopatul 3 months ago

    Anyone else who is old Stalker fan smell a huge scam on the "stalker game"? Looks morel like a mod for CryEngine game like Crysis + remake of a already existing game. Besides who asks money for a mod development? AchievedwithCryenegine apparently. Stinks of a scam until proven otherwise.

  • vals264
    vals264 3 months ago

    Fucking stalker back !!!

  • SnakeEyesBP1980
    SnakeEyesBP1980 3 months ago

    cool man

  • Lego Lover
    Lego Lover 3 months ago

    These look terrible

  • Tarik InfiniteS Acar
    Tarik InfiniteS Acar 3 months ago

    6:22 Gerçektende köpeklerin sesini metin2 den mi çaldınız?

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