Studying for Dream Exams

  • Added:  1 month ago
  • At least I have all my clothes on this time.

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Comments: 1 513

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 19 hours ago

    Did you mean: Brother by Gerard Way's intro

  • Math Bridge
    Math Bridge 20 hours ago

    "Oh napoleon was french". Nope.

  • lachlan fountain
    lachlan fountain 1 day ago

    have you ever read something in your dream, it makes no sense your brain is literally making up words,

  • Stephen Chow
    Stephen Chow 2 days ago

    Ugh, I had one of those teeth dreams recently.

  • A Bird Lover
    A Bird Lover 2 days ago

    The only exam dream I've had was a quiz on what presidents were Republican or Democrat in my 8th grade English class.

  • Max Power
    Max Power 2 days ago

    oh my god you guys! I just realised I can graduate until I take the spanish exam.
    I didn't even know I was taking spanish

  • Harold
    Harold 2 days ago

    The 3D wolf.

  • Marie Winter
    Marie Winter 2 days ago

    Not to be that guy but did anyone else recognize the wolf howl as the same one EXO used?

  • Ro Draws
    Ro Draws 3 days ago

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargggg the falling teeth nightmares are the worst!!! they keep growing back only to fall out againn X-X

  • Osmostrix
    Osmostrix 3 days ago

    This is totally unrealistic. Anybody who actually studies that much knows that you lose so much sleeping time in the process that you can't dream anymore!

  • itsthecolleenlife
    itsthecolleenlife 5 days ago

    I get these about high school, although it's more being in high school than taking exams.

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen 5 days ago

    remove the clown at the end and this is an okay video.

  • That One Diva
    That One Diva 6 days ago

    I burst out laughing at the end because of michael's crazy eyebrow

  • John Meadow Gaming
    John Meadow Gaming 6 days ago

    no, napoleon was not french.

  • TheMastorio
    TheMastorio 6 days ago

    easy on the shrooms man

  • Declan Lambert
    Declan Lambert 7 days ago

    how many cuboards do you own?

  • Seth Tigner
    Seth Tigner 8 days ago

    The production value on that wolf was crazy

  • knine53
    knine53 8 days ago


  • Cassini127
    Cassini127 8 days ago

    For some reason who else found that the end was somewhat dark with a laughing clown?

  • Mr. MooCow
    Mr. MooCow 8 days ago

    Normal dream

  • August Peterson
    August Peterson 9 days ago


  • Levi Powell
    Levi Powell 9 days ago

    Dat CG wolf tho

  • Kyle Miles
    Kyle Miles 9 days ago

    WTF is Katie doing this whole video?

  • Yonk
    Yonk 9 days ago

    this is one of the best college humor videos ever-- the pacing and concept are so refreshing

  • Henry Baehr
    Henry Baehr 11 days ago

    He's probably only having those dreams because of all that studying.

  • N0o0x0e0r
    N0o0x0e0r 11 days ago

    How did he have pants on?

  • Merik Malhads
    Merik Malhads 12 days ago

    I dream lucidly so I just rewrite reality instead of taking the test

  • Julia Cook
    Julia Cook 13 days ago

    When he lowkey looked like Spencer from iCarly in the thumbnail

  • Logan Dulken
    Logan Dulken 14 days ago

    dont you just hate when your dreaming about that fantasy with that girl you saw in that board game but she all of a sudden turns into pizza with legs, and then she eats you until you are falling in an endless obyess of nothingness. then you wake up and start to rethink your life. yep. just one of those moments

  • Teehee
    Teehee 15 days ago

    Wasn't this like one of those avatar the last airbender episodes? (It was a really stupid one, but still)

  • Captain special snowflake Glossy Eagle

    zach is so attractive 😍

  • Micah Wong
    Micah Wong 18 days ago

    how is he tired if he study's for his dreams

  • Caitlyn Gieler
    Caitlyn Gieler 18 days ago

    Oh! I had like three dream finals last night. I got distracted saving the world between my second and third ones, though, and I got in trouble.

  • Ben Hart
    Ben Hart 19 days ago

    It's trending

  • Jala Peño
    Jala Peño 19 days ago

    Why wasn't he naked?

  • Maxi Peak
    Maxi Peak 19 days ago


  • Nicholas Kroop
    Nicholas Kroop 20 days ago

    I had a dream that I was camping on a highway (because dreams don't make sense) with my cat and 2 of my friends and all of a sudden Jason Voorhees pops in outta nowhere and we all ran like shit so we hopped in a buggy with a goldfish driving it and my cat was on the machine gun attached to it and I pulled out a nerf gun and then I just fucking shot myself and I woke up

  • Meg Glover
    Meg Glover 21 day ago

    Oh gosh, the teeth falling out; that happens in my dreams all the time

  • Arthur Lion
    Arthur Lion 21 day ago

    Why is nobody talking about the appearance of Link Wolf of The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess???

  • Caty Productions
    Caty Productions 22 days ago

    I had exactly the same dream, and exactly the same end, the clowns and the teeth falling... you see my dreams? I will never sleep again

  • Amy Gilson
    Amy Gilson 22 days ago

    Somewhere.... in the back of a cupboard in the collage humour office.... lies a foot costume

  • bad
    bad 22 days ago

    how did they get the exact look and feel of a dream on video

  • Bonasaur
    Bonasaur 23 days ago

    "5,000,000 percent of your grade"

  • R AP
    R AP 24 days ago

    the mcat is a stress dream

  • Artemis Fowl
    Artemis Fowl 25 days ago

    So, has anyone actually made a meme from Grant yet?

  • Redd Dett
    Redd Dett 26 days ago

    college humor is like a better version of Buzzfeed

  • Jim Moriarty
    Jim Moriarty 27 days ago

    I had a dream where me and my grandma went to a fair, went into a maze, then she was eaten by the minator, and i got through the maze and won a bucket of candy. The next day we drove past a fair.

  • Sandra Bless
    Sandra Bless 27 days ago

    That howl made me think of EXO

  • Natsu
    Natsu 28 days ago

    He failed the "Don't get stabbed by clowns" final.

  • nong Sick
    nong Sick 29 days ago

    Collegehumour used to be edgy and funny, now it's just buzzfeed comedy

  • Zihsus
    Zihsus 29 days ago

    You notice that Zack looked more and more tired as he studied. But the thing is he's taking a dream exam so wouldn't he be sleeping?

  • G Nk
    G Nk 1 month ago

    I have a recurring nightmare that when I try to transfer my credits from one college to another (to knock out a Doctorate) they find out I missed one class in high school and I have to go back.

    I am 31.... This is unacceptable subconscious.... fucking stop it.

  • Search
    Search 1 month ago

    ok wtf

  • The Eloquent Elephant

    Dreams in media are usually normal concepts with absurd aspects, but my dreams are usually absurd concepts with normal aspects.

  • SuperPig
    SuperPig 1 month ago

    Was I the only one listening to the background audio of Zacs dreams lol? I

  • BeAnBeAn22
    BeAnBeAn22 1 month ago

    lol the teeth

  • I'm right you're wrong

    this is just like heroine withdrawal.

  • Leah Ball
    Leah Ball 1 month ago

    Me in an exam:

    Question: what is 68 - 6

    *yes this is easy, ok it's definitely 62*

    A: Africa
    B: purple
    C: $
    D: false


    Next question:
    There are 18 blonde people on a train going to London, Tom has 27 grapes, timmy's favourite colour is yellow: what is the circumference of the sun 😂

  • Rylan Turner
    Rylan Turner 1 month ago

    Amir pulled off the foot costume way better than Pat ever could

  • Aniyoyo 良采康
    Aniyoyo 良采康 1 month ago

    This was College Humor's 3000th video.

  • Johnny Barnhill
    Johnny Barnhill 1 month ago

    Wtf was that ending???

  • Phoebe Winterbottom
    Phoebe Winterbottom 1 month ago

    I wish I could study that hard for real exams

  • Abalam Anderson
    Abalam Anderson 1 month ago


  • Kuan Bros
    Kuan Bros 1 month ago

    "Turn the oven off"

  • Victoria Newman
    Victoria Newman 1 month ago

    Once I met a guy who told me he'd never had a stress dream. Looked at me funny while I explained the concept. I just couldn't relate to him..

  • casual filth
    casual filth 1 month ago

    lol asians... when i have one of those dream i just go "meh" and walk out of class.

  • Emily Montgomery
    Emily Montgomery 1 month ago


  • Rooshii
    Rooshii 1 month ago

    I just had an exam stress dream last night. Third once since my semester finished a month ago.

  • Shaan Gaurav
    Shaan Gaurav 1 month ago

    "So these... are... bones."

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 1 month ago

    So unrealistic, he wasn't naked in any of those dreams.

  • Msksldi
    Msksldi 1 month ago

    Y wtf

  • Pocket Midoriya
    Pocket Midoriya 1 month ago

    There was a twilight princess link wolf wtf

  • Stuffz
    Stuffz 1 month ago

    'Did you turn the oven off' did anyone else catch that

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 1 month ago

    My God how is his hair so nice.... tried not to stare at it the whole video, did not succeed.

    • Alna Moju
      Alna Moju 1 month ago

      Max Powers i agree i love his hair

  • Octávio Sá
    Octávio Sá 1 month ago

    Jost love how "cartoonish" it is :D

  • Theryrover360
    Theryrover360 1 month ago

    I saw google gnome in the class during the history test

  • Spicy taco 59
    Spicy taco 59 1 month ago

    Tick taks ahhahahhah 😂

  • Boo Radely
    Boo Radely 1 month ago

    As a economic student; I just a lil triggered by the macroeconomic-microeconomic and economic exams *trauma setting back in

  • NAP_ 101
    NAP_ 101 1 month ago

    Wow 3000

  • Hester Edwards
    Hester Edwards 1 month ago

    I find the bit with the howling wolf most relatable

  • Nikki Plastini-Richard

    The lighting and color in this video is stunning. Huge props to however worked on that.

  • Sam Nicklin
    Sam Nicklin 1 month ago

    That reminded me of don't hug me I'm scared

  • mohssin bouzid
    mohssin bouzid 1 month ago

    wtf you became illuminate that symbol next to the blackboard

  • Jonathan Huhn
    Jonathan Huhn 1 month ago

    Totally unrealistic. His pants are on the entire time.

  • Quiet Grave
    Quiet Grave 1 month ago

    nobody's gonna comment on how they stole the entire wolf animation from twilight princess and just added some cgi?

  • Curtain Poles
    Curtain Poles 1 month ago

    why can't we study..... in our dreams

  • Brenna Kirksey
    Brenna Kirksey 1 month ago

    I ship Zac and Katie. Anyone else?

  • Essi Bear
    Essi Bear 1 month ago

    award bin

  • Thomas Sweet
    Thomas Sweet 1 month ago

    You should watch "The Thaw" episode from Star Trek Voyager. It has clowns in it and is like a dream.

  • jolaurel99
    jolaurel99 1 month ago

    My stress dreams are always about me being late to tests or being wildly unprepared

  • chazzacuber
    chazzacuber 1 month ago

    666k views lol

  • PinkSneaselGirl
    PinkSneaselGirl 1 month ago

    Guess we know what Zac's dream Limbo is.

    PHANT0MKNlGHT 1 month ago

    Napoleon wasn't French he was Corsican which was a different country at the time. :/

  • Coleeper Studios
    Coleeper Studios 1 month ago

    If the test is worth 5 million percent of his grade and he got 100% doesn't he fail...

  • Sup Steven?
    Sup Steven? 1 month ago

    the voice in the BG is killing me

  • Glass of Juice
    Glass of Juice 1 month ago

    Hey does napoleon being france but not born in france affect his citizenship nowadays

  • Heidi Morris
    Heidi Morris 1 month ago

    This counts as studying right?

  • Alovatololo
    Alovatololo 1 month ago

    Just Asian things

  • CIinbox
    CIinbox 1 month ago

    He didn't study enough Clown CQC basics.

  • Aethon056
    Aethon056 1 month ago

    This... was surprisingly not as good as the usual CH content. Kind of funny, I suppose, but not their best.

    Still a thumbs up, though.

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