It's A Heartache - Bonnie Tyler cover - Puddles Pity Party

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  • Nikki Basas
    Nikki Basas 8 hours ago

    I'm still in tears! Still sending love! Thank you for showing me that I can be sad sometimes, and that it's okay. Please never stop singing, Puddles! 💙

  • Patricia Roggy
    Patricia Roggy 12 hours ago

    Simply amazing!

  • Lisa Englander
    Lisa Englander 13 hours ago

    How can I get one of those Puddles cuddles? (Ohio)

  • DJ Super C
    DJ Super C Day ago

    Touching. :(

    • 9354000
      9354000 Day ago

      I don't know how to use the comments, but please post this message to Puddles:  My name is Mike in Seattle and I have been singing your versions of the songs you performed for about a month.  I like them better than the originals but more than that, I am ready to buy a ticket to your Vegas or Broadway show right now because you must be on the big stage to get the real Puddles deal!  I love you Puddles!  Sincerlely, Mike

  • Mel Fre
    Mel Fre Day ago

    Love it!!!

    • 9354000
      9354000 Day ago

      I don't know how to use the comments, but please post this message to Puddles:  My name is Mike in Seattle and I have been singing your versions of the songs you performed for about a month.  I like them better than the originals but more than that, I am ready to buy a ticket to your Vegas or Broadway show right now because you must be on the big stage to get the real Puddles deal!  I love you Puddles!  Sincerlely, Mike

  • Art Libbets Tribal Best

    I love all you touch P3
    But still waiting for the obvious one my dear

  • Scott Hammond
    Scott Hammond 3 days ago +1

    Puddles, if you get into the semifinals, give Bonnie Tyler a go. Stripped-down, raw, spotlit acoustic. Good luck.

  • Dawn Becker
    Dawn Becker 3 days ago

    Wonderful! Simply haunting.

  • John Thrush
    John Thrush 4 days ago

    excellent. The whole thing cameraman and all

  • Isabella Gloetzner
    Isabella Gloetzner 4 days ago

    I love him so much

  • Michael Affronte
    Michael Affronte 4 days ago

    I wish Puddles could play my birthday party next week... not that I'm having a real party... maybe a pity party...

    QUICKIRONS 5 days ago


  • Mrs. B
    Mrs. B 6 days ago +2

    Puddles my darling, you cut right straight thru to the very core of my guarded piece of soul that I thought I had carefully hidden and protected from everything and everyone!!!! I don't know from where you manage to pull out the depth of aches and pains the heart struggles to come to terms with. I genuinely hope for YOU, that it's NOT LIKE MINE....from all I've managed to discover about you recently, you are a BEAUTIFUL man and I sincerely hope you're NOT having to "mask" any such pains. YOU are though through your WONDERFUL creations helping to soothe ours!! Much love to YOU =')

  • Stefan Neff
    Stefan Neff 6 days ago

    You are my hero Puddles. Your voice is like a magical place on this planet!!

  • williamazarado
    williamazarado 6 days ago

    This is the biggest originalities singers on the worls certally...

  • Eat Me
    Eat Me 7 days ago

    Thank you.

  • David Davidson
    David Davidson 7 days ago

    wish you would joey from concrete blonde..

  • Henry Bicocchi
    Henry Bicocchi 7 days ago

    Tears and bitter sweet memories. Most beautiful rendition I have heard, Thanks Henry

  • Lacy Young
    Lacy Young 8 days ago

    Awe I want to hug him forever

  • L G
    L G 8 days ago


  • Kim Hopkins
    Kim Hopkins 9 days ago

    Thank You Puddles, You have helped me through so much since 2013 :)

  • Wiwa Wa Pinkaew
    Wiwa Wa Pinkaew 10 days ago

    This song shows his cuntry side of voice keep it up puddles

  • Bryell Dimen
    Bryell Dimen 10 days ago

    Hi idol puddles ..can i have a favor ? Can u cover "unchained melody" by elvis for me please ...this is one of my favorite song ..thank you :)

  • Patricia G
    Patricia G 10 days ago

    I think I have a crush!

  • Vemar Yumi
    Vemar Yumi 10 days ago


  • Christel Vedo
    Christel Vedo 10 days ago


  • pop9095
    pop9095 11 days ago


  • Trollberry Z
    Trollberry Z 11 days ago

    Well, this is wondrous. It would be epic if puddles considered "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash. Lyrics, Guitar, a smooshup with either could only rock heavy!

  • mary furnier
    mary furnier 14 days ago

    hes amazing and sells him self short by saying he doesnt have stamina to sing opera.. he has such a pure voice

  • MysticalLibra
    MysticalLibra 14 days ago


  • Turtle Party
    Turtle Party 15 days ago

    LOL, I had to sing it with you, fantastic, loved it!

    FOAD RIGHTNOW 17 days ago

    Every song you do has more meaning, depth, and emotion than the original version! You have that rare ability to take a popular song and make it uniquely your own. Not just some karaoke version of it. Talent, my definitely got it!

  • Raz
    Raz 17 days ago

    Always loved this song... amazing cover by a clown at that

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 18 days ago

    you're a singer harry

  • Steve Ducharme
    Steve Ducharme 18 days ago

    Fantastic. I enjoy all your covers . Request: Always On My Mind

  • Geri Mars
    Geri Mars 18 days ago

    I can't get "It's A Heartache," by Puddles Pity Party, out of my head. I've been singing it all day. In fact, I think I like it *better* than the original Bonnie Tyler version — namely because I CAN sing along with Puddles.

    What untrained, inexperienced singer can hit or even hear clearly the notes in Tyler's version? (Not I.) Puddles enunciates so beautifully and sings every note so spot-on, it's easy to follow and appreciate the beauty of the melody. I prefer his smooth vocals to Tyler's smoky, raspy sound.

  • Paul Kirk
    Paul Kirk 19 days ago


  • Allen Gibson
    Allen Gibson 20 days ago

    freaking awesome!!!!! need to hear u do sound of silence

  • KittyKat Goes Meow
    KittyKat Goes Meow 20 days ago

    has puddles ever sung titanium?

  • KittyKat Goes Meow
    KittyKat Goes Meow 20 days ago

    has puddles ever sung titanium?

  • Lynne Fedorick
    Lynne Fedorick 20 days ago

    So sad...sniff...beautiful though.

  • The Real Si-B
    The Real Si-B 20 days ago

    The low croony ones are where his his sweet spot sits, but he's such a brilliant singer, there's very little he doesn't do well. Am def a fan.

  • Martin Blair - Books

    Bring your Pity Party to Edmonton Canada Puddles . . . I'd pay $200 or more to see your show live :)

  • mystical mixynixy
    mystical mixynixy 21 day ago

    Your AWESOME!!! :)

  • daniel trask
    daniel trask 22 days ago

    great rendition Puddles

  • Guilherme Celes Nossolarbox

    You are awesome!!!

  • Kevin Swanepoel
    Kevin Swanepoel 22 days ago

    you just made me cry like a baby

  • taxidriver508
    taxidriver508 23 days ago

    You have such a beautiful voice puddles.

  • Nine Teas
    Nine Teas 23 days ago

    The look he had when he said "Feeling like a clown" broke my heart

  • MuscleSpecialistEWC
    MuscleSpecialistEWC 23 days ago +1

    one of my favorites

  • Manfred Yon Jnr
    Manfred Yon Jnr 23 days ago

    when a song is about heartache and feeling like a clown know we have a Puddles winner

  • Jayce Brattin
    Jayce Brattin 23 days ago

    You gotta do everybody hurts!!

  • Stephen Cruz
    Stephen Cruz 24 days ago

    puddles you're so good in changing the tune of a cool to listen and the words are very clear. .good job :-)

  • Catherine Woods
    Catherine Woods 24 days ago

    I hope he sings this in the AGT live shows.

  • bobknight33
    bobknight33 24 days ago

    Thank you for your wit, charm and voice. Truly endearing.

  • sol rayz
    sol rayz 24 days ago

    I used to say "if I could schedule 'a good cry' once a month, I would"
    Now, I'll just come here...
    Thanks Puddles... luv ya!

  • Vickie Johnson
    Vickie Johnson 26 days ago

    I could just listen to you sing to me all night.

  • Gearhead 6971
    Gearhead 6971 26 days ago

    This is genius!!

  • rainybloo
    rainybloo 26 days ago

    Mr. Puddles, this is not a cover, but a masterpiece on its own

  • scott moore
    scott moore 27 days ago +1

    Mike Geier Errr hemmm.. i mean Puddles..i love your Videos..

  • 2x2Rescue
    2x2Rescue 28 days ago


  • Ade Wilkinson
    Ade Wilkinson 28 days ago

    Right from the heart AMAZING .... please do Blondie - Heart or Glass

  • william kakegamic
    william kakegamic 28 days ago

    That was just absolutely beautiful to hear this version from puddles...

  • Richo Williams
    Richo Williams 28 days ago

    Puddles is what you would get if Johnny Cash went Clown 🤡 instead of Country. Puddles is the Man in white!

  • kevinshere0485
    kevinshere0485 Month ago

    I love your music! ! So soothing...keep it up ! #lovepuddles

  • Crazee8tz
    Crazee8tz Month ago

    make me do anything you want - a foot in cold water

  • Cody Harmon
    Cody Harmon Month ago

    I'm in love with a clown

    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 22 days ago

      go to the end of the line ^^

  • Jim Piper
    Jim Piper Month ago

    Superb! Another masterpiece!

  • Michael Ramponi
    Michael Ramponi Month ago

    how about the Door's? people are strange,whisky bar, riders on the storm... or Beth by KISS.

  • Larry Szczepanik
    Larry Szczepanik Month ago

    this guy has a great voice

  • mike856ms
    mike856ms Month ago

    Why doesn't he have an album out?

  • wedi 4
    wedi 4 Month ago

    I got a headache by the cameraman

  • DarthLucario
    DarthLucario Month ago

    I would love to hear you cover of The Beatles' Yesterday, A Day in the Life, or Here Comes The Sun!

  • bob john
    bob john Month ago

    Thank You!

  • jmchez
    jmchez Month ago

    Please sing Neil Sedaka's "Solitaire".

  • Joseph Rankin
    Joseph Rankin Month ago

    Dear Puddles Pity Party.
    Have you thought about covering The Eagles - Desperado . . . or even . . . Hotel California ?

  • merdu beludru
    merdu beludru Month ago

    DEAR MR. PUDDLES, you better keep using this guitar sound, i don't know.. it's just melt ma hart, ma sawl

  • B. Adams
    B. Adams Month ago

    Another EXCEPTIONAL performance!

  • Chris Edmister
    Chris Edmister Month ago

    I'd like to hear your version of Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr. it's one of my altime favorites other than the original version in Willy Wonka. I hope you do it and look forward to seeing it.

  • Jason Haman
    Jason Haman Month ago

    I love this song to begin with. I own damn near every song of puddles on iTunes.

  • champagnesumo
    champagnesumo Month ago

    I wonder if Puddles would do Jim Croce's operator?

  • Monica Pluymers
    Monica Pluymers Month ago

    omg zo mooi , een van mijn toppers tot nu ! I fall in love , your voice !

  • j c
    j c Month ago

    wow ,..,,

  • rodrigo1965
    rodrigo1965 Month ago

    Feeling like a clown hahaha, love it.

    CHARLES ALAIMO Month ago

    Such a fantastic feeling version of this song. I would love to hear Mr Puddles do a version of Tom Jones - I'll Never Fall In Love Again - I'm certain he can master a version of this classic hit as he hits all of his versions out of the park....................

  • Tim Svea
    Tim Svea Month ago

    I like this performance of the song. It's the best version I have ever heard. Good work, Puddles! Very cathartic.

  • Jack Mandu
    Jack Mandu Month ago

    Just found you today and, of course, I had to Sub.

    I'd love to hear your take on Makin' Love out of Nothin' at All.

  • ed209inCA
    ed209inCA Month ago

    Love this version of this this song! I've listened to it over and over again.

    I'd love to hear you cover "Wishlist" by Pearl Jam.

  • Eddie King
    Eddie King Month ago

    This song compliments his voice so well.

  • Priscilla Brown
    Priscilla Brown 2 months ago


  • Chris G
    Chris G 2 months ago

    Listened to this for the first time on Friday. Then listened to it again. And again......been stuck in my head all weekend. Brilliant!

  • BettieAnns Doggiecare
    BettieAnns Doggiecare 2 months ago

    Just heartbreakingly beautiful!  You're the first Clown that doesn't terrify me.

  • btcoward63
    btcoward63 2 months ago

    Puddles how about remaking an AC/DC song like Back In Black?

  • hellboy0815
    hellboy0815 2 months ago

    I really admire your covertunes and your appearance. Greetings and best wishes from Germany!

  • Hilary G.O.
    Hilary G.O. 2 months ago


  • C D
    C D 2 months ago

    Puddles... your voice is absolutely amazing... could you do "We All Want What We Ain't Got" by Jake Owens...please...

  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 2 months ago

    I just love Puddles. Love the sign too, Free Puddles Cuddles

  • moondogaudio jones
    moondogaudio jones 2 months ago

    Listened to this again...really beautiful! Find myself not working but listening to you Puddles! Any cure for that?

  • jlovebites
    jlovebites 2 months ago

    Ive just come across Puddles, and after watching about 7 videos so far, I dont know how anyone could put a dislike. Its beyond me, mans got some great talent.

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