Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Post-Credits Scenes Explained

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    By now, most film fans know that when the credits roll on a Marvel Studios movie, the real fun is about to begin. That's because Marvel loves to set up future franchise installments with teasers, Easter eggs, and inside jokes "hidden" in scenes during the credits. Usually, this means one or two small bits during or after the credits, but with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, writer-director James Gunn has taken things to a whole new level with five — yes, five! — credits scenes. Some are important, and some are just goofy, but either way, we've got you covered with explanations for every credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2...

    The Arrow | 0:47
    The Original Guardians | 1:17
    Adam Warlock | 2:09
    I am Groot | 2:56
    Stan the Man | 3:31

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Comments: 301

  • Looper
    Looper  3 months ago +40

    Mary Poppins, y'all! What upcoming Marvel movies are you looking forward to next?

    • Jack of Blades
      Jack of Blades 23 days ago

      I actually used to hate guardians of the galaxy for some stupid reason after binge watching 1 and 2 they are honestly my favourite movies ever, comedic genius and never pushes it, always comes at the right time. Perfect mix of sad and funny stuff

    • Big Mama Nachos
      Big Mama Nachos 2 months ago

      Looper I

    • J.A.M.
      J.A.M. 3 months ago

      Looper Is that the soul stone powering Adam? like it did the mind stone i vision?

    • LogantheSlayer 1
      LogantheSlayer 1 3 months ago

      Looper black panther and Thor rangorrok and obviously infinity wars

    • SllliderMovEN
      SllliderMovEN 3 months ago

      [ ]

  • J4K3 Gamer
    J4K3 Gamer 6 days ago

    I have one VERY BIG issue with Kraglin using the fin and Yaka arrow. The fin was with Yondu at the end and it can be seen falling apart.

  • Jsuz Ghost
    Jsuz Ghost Month ago


  • Guard Up
    Guard Up Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that is the girl from Thor ragnorak

  • Kuen Lee
    Kuen Lee 2 months ago

    Maybe Stan Lee is The One Above All

  • Babe Ruth
    Babe Ruth 2 months ago

    Adam warlock is really key

  • Swag Beast CSGO,TF2!!
    Swag Beast CSGO,TF2!! 2 months ago

    I called golden people army "Future PC" xD

  • Zeer Ralon
    Zeer Ralon 2 months ago +1

    Is that DexterManning talking in the video?

  • _FedE
    _FedE 3 months ago

    Is that dexter manning

  • TrivialMatters1296
    TrivialMatters1296 3 months ago +1

    tfw Dex is the host.

    • ninjaowen200
      ninjaowen200 3 months ago

      So this is what he does post creatures. Probably gets paid more kek

  • LouLou
    LouLou 3 months ago

    That Thor's hammer after the marvel and disney logo pops up at the very end. It was floating in space!

  • End Game
    End Game 3 months ago

    How can Stan Lee be a watcher when he died in The Incredible Hulk? That movie is canon seeing it helped lead to the Avengers!

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers 3 months ago

    fuck all of you

  • Formula Life
    Formula Life 3 months ago


  • ReiAyanami8
    ReiAyanami8 3 months ago

    It seems like nobody has noticed, or they just don't think it's worth mentioning, that Quill seemed to be able understand Groot in that post credit scene.

    "I'm not boring! You're boring!"

  • Clean Studios
    Clean Studios 3 months ago

    Ego and Yondu have a custody battle over peter

  • Anonymous D
    Anonymous D 3 months ago

    adam warlock wont be in infinity war, but he will be in guardians of the galaxy 3

  • Nini K
    Nini K 3 months ago

    oh god sylvester stalone no never liked him

  • Jackson
    Jackson 3 months ago

    I never thought the studio would try to introduce Adam Warlock into the movies lol

  • craziedzombie
    craziedzombie 3 months ago

    Are you dumb? Judge dredd was a great film.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen 3 months ago

    Well shit only stayed for 3 scenes

  • Bass Red
    Bass Red 3 months ago

    Stan Lee is the man!!

  • Thomas5246
    Thomas5246 3 months ago

    I like teenage Groot.

  • Syre Le Premier
    Syre Le Premier 3 months ago

    Yellow Diamond !!!

  • Worrionyx
    Worrionyx 3 months ago

    w8. how does kraglin get the fin if it was vaporized at yondu's funeral

  • orion black
    orion black 3 months ago

    fuck so that's why I missed a few

  • BluuJay
    BluuJay 3 months ago

    anyone know where i can find these scenes? i saw the movie but left before i watched them all :(

  • Scott Hewitt
    Scott Hewitt 3 months ago

    James Gunn has said that Adam Warlock is NOT in "Infinity War"........

  • Jasson Quill
    Jasson Quill 3 months ago

    3:37 scene.. what movie is that?

  • Sani Render
    Sani Render 3 months ago

    MOVIE!!!!! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

  • swishpronoob
    swishpronoob 3 months ago


  • fahd s
    fahd s 3 months ago +1

    Judge Dredd is a guilty pleasure for me. Dredd was a lot better but I find Judge Dredd some entertaining silly fun

  • drgonzo703
    drgonzo703 3 months ago

    Please PLEASE Marvel, give us more Howard The Duck. A six or eight episode run of an animated series on Netflix would be great. Doesn't have to be CGI, an animated series with artwork on a par with "Bojack Horseman" or even "Archer" is all that would be needed

  • David Lumbantoruan
    David Lumbantoruan 3 months ago

    stan lee is the watcher

  • David Lumbantoruan
    David Lumbantoruan 3 months ago

    stan lee is the watcher

  • samuricexful
    samuricexful 3 months ago

    In a few more years, the credits will actually include an entire movie!

  • The assassins Fox
    The assassins Fox 3 months ago

    Ronan when are you going to get out of that chair thanos 2018

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 3 months ago

    the Batista dick size wrestling podcast meme is the wierdist joke I heard drax has the biggest poops guess cmpunk told other gotg writers

  • dbzlife420
    dbzlife420 3 months ago

    adam warlock fuck yes

  • Nightmare Freddy Krueger

    Is it me or does the worm monster in the trailer look different than the one in the film

  • Garmanarnar !!
    Garmanarnar !! 3 months ago

    Isn't there a character based off Stan Lee in the comics that's supposed to be really powerful 🤔🤔I thought I heard that from some where

  • Edgar Edge
    Edgar Edge 3 months ago

    Seriously, this channel needs to do more research... Marvel has stated that Adam Warlock won't be included until the Infinity War Saga has ended, because the producers have a different role for him in the movies for the upcoming future phases (Phase 4 onwards). And the movie was set back to 2014, so Teen Groot will very much likely come back to his original adult size from GotG1 when the Infinity War starts.

  • lotuswraith
    lotuswraith 3 months ago

    Stan Lee could also be the One Above All.

  • hybridekiller 9017
    hybridekiller 9017 3 months ago

    so it proves it st an lee is the watcher

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander 3 months ago

    Jeff Goldblum's Character is briefly seen in the credits dancing. Maybe there will be a mention of the blue goo in Ragnarok.

  • Shadez
    Shadez 3 months ago

    I really don't want Adam Warlock to play a huge role in defeating Thanos along with the Avengers. I just want to see Thanos vs Avengers. No set backs, no extra minions, just him and the team on even battlegrounds.

  • Morbal Orbal
    Morbal Orbal 3 months ago

    Yeah Marvel is just milking the post credit scenes. Most of the guardian post credit scenes weren't even funny or of much interest except the Adam Warlock scene. Especially the last Stan Lee one. No one in the theater laughed, and it was just meh.

  • Jamieb1994
    Jamieb1994 3 months ago

    Going through the comments & tbh, I'm actually glad that I've saw the movie and to the ones who made a spoiler comment, well yous are just so damn lucky that I've already seen the movie 😉

  • robot killer 123
    robot killer 123 3 months ago

    I erupted in happiness when I saw the Adam warlock reference

  • ubadman1
    ubadman1 3 months ago

    I always thought they'd make Stan the one above all.

  • Rohit Das
    Rohit Das 3 months ago

    This movie was really disappointing

    • White Walker
      White Walker 3 months ago

      Rohit Das nah it was awesome

    • EggerPro
      EggerPro 3 months ago

      Rohit Das Your opinion is incorrect

  • Taka-Kevz
    Taka-Kevz 3 months ago

    adam warlock aka "him" is the final stone!

  • davernrush
    davernrush 3 months ago

    Too bad this movie was atrocious.

  • BBB Animations
    BBB Animations 3 months ago

    miley cyrus as mainframe

  • Felhek Lehrian
    Felhek Lehrian 3 months ago

    Start at 0:54 everything before that is just a nonsense intro.

  • Steveo Hutch
    Steveo Hutch 3 months ago

    Adam warlock isn't going to show up in infinity wars according to Kevin figie. Sooooooo don't get tooo excited.

  • theunwelcome
    theunwelcome 3 months ago

    that also means it's possible that Stan Lee's appearance in Mallrats (as himself) could also be the same Watcher character...

  • Karin Kaith
    Karin Kaith 3 months ago +1

    Just watched this yesterday. No spoiler alert for me. Haha

  • Danny Bala
    Danny Bala 3 months ago

    So Adam is a good guy?

    • Bryan Koh
      Bryan Koh 3 months ago

      Stan Lee is a good guy XD

    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago


    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago


    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago

      Danny Bala no it's confined by marvel that he won't be in infinity war, and they said it will be a very different Adam warlock than we are used to seinf

  • Stephen Hall
    Stephen Hall 3 months ago

    anyone here remember sanity not included?

  • John Parker
    John Parker 3 months ago

    Besides the fact that it has been stated years ago that the watchers are under the fantastic four rights, Stan (the man) says he was a mail man.. and what movie did he appear as a postal worker? thats right true believers... Fantastic Four!!! #makephase4fantasic..

    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago

      John Parker he was a mail man at the end of civil war too...

  • EkhidnaSkiz
    EkhidnaSkiz 3 months ago +2

    Actually, Stan Lee isn't a Watcher.

    Stan Lee is none other than One Above All.

    KEVIN SHEA 3 months ago

    Jeff Goldblum is in one of the photos that are shown while the credits are displayed.

    ELECTRICDOOM 3 months ago

    does anyone have tape?

  • Herman Pesina
    Herman Pesina 3 months ago +2

    everyone acts like they know who Adam warlock was as they quietly close their YouTube apps

    • Kacey Boggs
      Kacey Boggs 3 months ago

      Herman Pesina he won't in the 3rd. but he might in the 4th.

    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago

      Herman Pesina it been confirmed that he won't even be appearing in infinity wars, and that this will be a very different Adam warlock than we are used ro


    Does the x men cameos Count or not?

  • New Night
    New Night 3 months ago

    Ayesha was so hot all covered in gold and stuck up. Thank you, Elizabeth.

    DC KILLNIT 3 months ago

    Stan lee should be the one above all

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman 3 months ago

    I only saw 3 I had to pee man lol I thought 3 was enough

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman 3 months ago

    the end was more emotional then logan lol

  • Ehmty
    Ehmty 3 months ago +5

    i thought the 3rd credit scene was the last one so i left, i had no clue they were putting 5. im going to watch it a second time just for the credit scenes (also because its a kick ass movie)

  • Cpt. MacMellon
    Cpt. MacMellon 3 months ago

    stan lee could also be the one above all wich is basically God with a big G

  • Jacob Rodriguez
    Jacob Rodriguez 3 months ago +2

    I couldn't understand anything Rambo said during the movie . Can't wait to watch it on Bluray with subtitles

  • Natsuki
    Natsuki 3 months ago


  • Skeeter
    Skeeter 3 months ago

    Anyone else come here to actually watch the End of Credits scene :( But nothing shown!

    • Some Kid
      Some Kid 3 months ago

      Skeeter I know how u feel my parents said we had to leave and forced me out

  • Mikel Erickson
    Mikel Erickson 3 months ago

    Stan Lee was playing the One Above All.

  • Deathbringersora
    Deathbringersora 3 months ago +1

    2/3's of the theater left before and during after credit scenes in my theater experience.... for shame!

    • Haze345
      Haze345 3 months ago

      Deathbringersora Dude we have other things to do you know? Just search the scenes on youtube

  • Jagadish Athmakuri
    Jagadish Athmakuri 3 months ago

    You can the Jeff goldblum during the credits

  • Ryan Curran
    Ryan Curran 3 months ago


    • Ryan Curran
      Ryan Curran 3 months ago

      Its too soon :(

    • Ryan Curran
      Ryan Curran 3 months ago

      I am Groot

    • Bryan Koh
      Bryan Koh 3 months ago

      Ryan Curran Welcome to the frickin guardians of the galaxy

    • Bryan Koh
      Bryan Koh 3 months ago

      Ryan Curran I am Groot

  • Daniel McDowell
    Daniel McDowell 3 months ago

    getting tired of all these "end credit scenes" explained videos...I wana see the end credits...

  • Christopher Cervantes
    Christopher Cervantes 3 months ago

    I knew they were the original guardians..

  • AstuteClass
    AstuteClass 3 months ago


  • Theo Germander
    Theo Germander 3 months ago

    Why did u have suffergate city in the beggining it wasn't even in the move

  • orc at war 98
    orc at war 98 3 months ago

    well someone said that the original guardians will be back in other marvel movies

  • Abimbola and Jose
    Abimbola and Jose 3 months ago

    Anyone wanna support my channel

  • Tony Ten
    Tony Ten 3 months ago

    I didn't get to see the last 2 post-credit scenes... 😞

  • Gaybob Fagpants
    Gaybob Fagpants 3 months ago

    Yeah,when she said Adam I got a fanboy boner.

    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago

      Gaybob Fagpants too bad its confirmed he won't be appearing in infinity wars.

  • SquidHub Central
    SquidHub Central 3 months ago +1

    So in the sequel you could say Groot will become a TREE-nager.

    • SquidHub Central
      SquidHub Central 3 months ago

      Bryan Koh no dude. A TREE-nager as in a teenager

    • Bryan Koh
      Bryan Koh 3 months ago

      SquidHub Central Tree-nature

    • Some Kid
      Some Kid 3 months ago

      SquidHub Central don't know why but I cracked up when I saw this

    Saggysaxon/DOUBLEUPGAMING 3 months ago +2

    Saw it today

  • Paya So
    Paya So 3 months ago

    im so glad people stopped saying 'nuff said' everywhere.

  • Paya So
    Paya So 3 months ago

    i liked judge dredd from the 90s. and the new one too.

  • Mantro
    Mantro 3 months ago

    Did a British guy just make a baseball reference?

  • Penn Cale
    Penn Cale 3 months ago

    Had to hold my bladder for fuvkssake...

  • Joe M
    Joe M 3 months ago

    Stan lee could be the ''one above all'' character.

  • Starrgate
    Starrgate 3 months ago

    You've never had luck until you go duck

  • Failing pepper11
    Failing pepper11 3 months ago +16


    when I saw the Adam WarLock credits I saw the cocoon and said out loud ADAM WARLOK before she said its

    • aditi jaiswal
      aditi jaiswal 3 months ago

      Failing pepper11 same with me

    • Failing pepper11
      Failing pepper11 3 months ago

      Bob sagget lol

    • Bob sagget
      Bob sagget 3 months ago

      Congratulations, you were successfully "that guy"

    • Failing pepper11
      Failing pepper11 3 months ago

      Steveo Hutch I know I just knew it was Adam Warlock

    • Steveo Hutch
      Steveo Hutch 3 months ago

      Failing pepper11 it's been confirmed he isn't showing up in infinity war though. Marvel also said it's going to be a very different Adam warlock than we are used to seeing.

  • BrysontheGhost Gaming
    BrysontheGhost Gaming 3 months ago

    IM MARY POPPINS Y'ALL yan du really did show how much of a good guy he was

  • The Flash
    The Flash 3 months ago

    Apparently guardians of the galaxy 2 was in 2014

  • El Rocky Raccoon
    El Rocky Raccoon 3 months ago +2

    Actually James stated that Warlock won't appear in the Infinity War, only in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

  • GokuYourself
    GokuYourself 3 months ago

    i just finished watching this and left after the arrow credit . fmd

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