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    GOO MANS 21 hour ago

    Is it weird that I can perdict the future i have persisted 5 things that actually happened to me for some reason out of no where I just think of them in my mind

  • Khonjel Singh
    Khonjel Singh Day ago

    Marvel BIAS!!! Why won't anyone want to become aquaman or superman? XD

  • Gunnar Jones
    Gunnar Jones 3 days ago

    I'm 12 and my animals are over protective around me

  • Iam Tori
    Iam Tori 3 days ago

    The thumbnail is cringe

  • Heidi K.
    Heidi K. 5 days ago

    That's demonic!
    The Word of GOD, the Holy Bible forbids us the dabble in the occult or contact mediums!
    Leviticus 19:31 - “Don’t dabble in
     the occult or traffic with mediums; you’ll pollute your
    souls. I am God, your God.
    Deuteronomy 18:10 - There shall not be
    found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter
    to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an
    observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.
    If they bother or contact you ask a born again Christian to pray for you and rebuke them
    in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST!
    YOU have to become saved before it's too late> accept JSUS CHRIST as your personal  Lord and Savior who died on the cross for our sins and came back to life on the 3rd day!!! YOU have to come to the cross as a broken sinner.

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson 5 days ago

    I think I can actually feel spirits

  • Star academia
    Star academia 5 days ago

    I'ts cause he's a nord

  • Spicy Games22
    Spicy Games22 6 days ago

    I have a superpower i can complete a video game in 2 days

  • Mad Hag
    Mad Hag 6 days ago

    OR 12 because i can see dark spirts and my mom can feel them

  • greenblob
    greenblob 7 days ago

    wow i cant bulive it

  • Zerpician
    Zerpician 7 days ago

    I too have powers. I'm able to not give a shit for extended periods of time.

  • rahul hero
    rahul hero 8 days ago

    ah i will get a power of crocridiles they will be my pets and never attack me :) lol all will be scard of me

  • Cheryl Ponto
    Cheryl Ponto 8 days ago

    follow me on insta @packer87op444

  • Eri Airlangga
    Eri Airlangga 9 days ago

    In case you wonder where the thumbnail is:

  • XxNatsuLovexX
    XxNatsuLovexX 10 days ago

    I can eat and breathe fire... How rude. No one even knows I can eat and breathe fire... Oh well now you do..

  • Capi̶tal Jefferson Movi̶che

    Stop click baiting.

  • Ms Bubble GT
    Ms Bubble GT 11 days ago

    i never had a chance to lay down on spikes but i did sit on a spike chair once

  • Hassene salah
    Hassene salah 13 days ago

    I can run forever too I swear I didn't thought that is a superpower 😐
    I made 50km non stop and I didn't felt tired !!
    I am a superman and I don't know it...😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jose Zaldivar
    Jose Zaldivar 13 days ago

    Guys I actually can't feel the Cole not joke I'm not lying

  • Raminge Laker
    Raminge Laker 14 days ago

    Il rather yous a hammer yhan cut hammerheads forhead

  • Jasmine Boyd
    Jasmine Boyd 15 days ago


    OWL FTW 15 days ago

    I can do the first one when my body sweats.

  • Tanya Fairnell
    Tanya Fairnell 16 days ago

    Oh my god I don't believe this work I tried and it worked with the spoon muskens electric

  • Little Gamer
    Little Gamer 16 days ago

    I wish I had a power....

  • Iron Knight
    Iron Knight 16 days ago

    None of these are true. Do some actual research.

  • mai leskovar
    mai leskovar 17 days ago

    4:37 - stamina man he should writte 'Forrest Gump'

  • Faisal Ash-Shafi
    Faisal Ash-Shafi 17 days ago

    They finally found Rurouni Kenshin!

  • Calum Hill-Cawthorne
    Calum Hill-Cawthorne 17 days ago

    3:54 - Did he just eat his own ass?

  • CoffeeCory
    CoffeeCory 17 days ago

    We have a team of super heros on our hands

  • johnchq
    johnchq 17 days ago

    The first 2, magneto man and electric man got debunked as more trickery than mysterious power.

  • William Wilson
    William Wilson 18 days ago

    I should be on this list. I am a real life Professor X.

  • UltimusEvil
    UltimusEvil 18 days ago

    i like how they showed the origin story for electric man

  • Feuerbringer
    Feuerbringer 18 days ago

    Those aren't superpowers, just... powers. Or illnesses. Or people doing stupid shit.

  • sam bryant
    sam bryant 18 days ago

    No way you can go 74 years with out sleeping

  • robert13605
    robert13605 18 days ago

    first one is suction , second was proved to be fake so yeah , third - just a badass dude , and that was a plastic bb pellet a bullet? seriously dude come on bro fourth guy - he has stretchy skin , my ballsac doesnt have a super power does it ? fifth guy - adaptation sixth guy - he is flexible seventh guy - wolff's law eighth guy- good biomechanics & training -still human ninth guy- born without pain receptors or reduced , that is not a gift it is a curse tenth guy - he has a tumor in his brain if you watch the documentary .

  • Jacob Schanck
    Jacob Schanck 19 days ago

    When they use volts and amp interchangeable

  • Ankit Jana
    Ankit Jana 19 days ago

    I am krrish

    ASAP THA KID 19 days ago

    Over 45k people has the power

  • G K
    G K 20 days ago

    i liked the guy who could sniff his own butt

  • Kevin Sahadeo
    Kevin Sahadeo 20 days ago


  • Call Valentine
    Call Valentine 21 day ago

    Ugh the thumbnail I wish I never saw...

  • Nathan 28beast
    Nathan 28beast 21 day ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue

    I came for the thumbnail and so did you

  • Jack Threabhair
    Jack Threabhair 21 day ago

    Honestly the worst youtube channel in existence, my god people are drivel gobblers

  • I only play yasuo
    I only play yasuo 22 days ago

    Super Samurai is like a Yasuo with attack speed.

  • Dennis Kuik
    Dennis Kuik 22 days ago +1

    I'm already as strong as Hulk.

  • ROBLOX/Undertale Gaming101

    44,972 people have that magnetic power. o_O

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith 22 days ago

    Is this something? I wear pants when it's 100 degrees

  • TSTO Addict
    TSTO Addict 22 days ago

    Yeah he is going to die and just not know it happens

  • Basket of pugs
    Basket of pugs 23 days ago

    It is a diasease

  • GeoGamer Nika
    GeoGamer Nika 23 days ago

    5:14 :DDDDDDDDD

  • Spursboyk
    Spursboyk 23 days ago

    The hasn't been sleeping 43 years that makes me want to jump out the window

  • yunus shaikh
    yunus shaikh 24 days ago

    too super

  • pn vinod
    pn vinod 25 days ago

    I like the video

  • kristoffer nilsson
    kristoffer nilsson 25 days ago

    how are they super apart from samurai who cut a RUBBER BB PELLET NOT A BULLET

  • lego Boy Reyes
    lego Boy Reyes 25 days ago


  • Delaia Vazquez
    Delaia Vazquez 25 days ago

    I was hoping people to have actual supper powers like control water or heal wounds.

  • jason constantino and blake reyes

    I wan't Electroman

  • Noiprocs Z
    Noiprocs Z 26 days ago

    The guy with a stretchy skin. That's definitely a 0% body fat. Yet iv'e heard people saying, it's impossible to have 0% body fat.

  • Conner Osmon
    Conner Osmon 26 days ago

    Well nothing new for me........... I have already seen all these on Discovery Channel, except the last one.... But still nice though.

    DUBBLE TIME 27 days ago

    You just know the super flexible guy has blown himself before.

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 27 days ago

    Insomnia Man is fake....

  • Ahmad Kaaker
    Ahmad Kaaker 27 days ago


  • Michplay
    Michplay 28 days ago

    2:50 no he looks like Marilyn Manson

  • confused bonnie
    confused bonnie 28 days ago

    I have a super power to
    its unbreaking bones and wind

  • BetterKnownAsDK
    BetterKnownAsDK 29 days ago

    The Men in Black joke really got me lmao

  • Myles Creator
    Myles Creator 29 days ago


  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright Month ago

    after watching this video,
    is it hard to believe that ancient humans had powers that would be considered ALIEN,
    wouldn't that explain how they built the pyramids

  • Sormflaith
    Sormflaith Month ago

    If you couldn't sleep you would never be able to effectively transfer short term memory into long term memory. Basically you'd have a severe learning disability.

  • renzo luna
    renzo luna Month ago

    tvclip.org/video/dzU6bNAqsmM/?t=22 what is the title of this movie ?

  • Arnold Rai
    Arnold Rai Month ago

    I have a superpower to make people laugh

  • mecanic boy
    mecanic boy Month ago

    I didn't now it was going to work it worked on me I'm not joking!!!!!!!!!

  • Zertael
    Zertael Month ago

    Way to directly rip a list from Stan Lee's own TV show without giving any credit.

  • Jojo Oliver
    Jojo Oliver Month ago

    lol those are cool

  • EchoXIII...GO!
    EchoXIII...GO! Month ago

    I accidentally trained myself to stay awake all week for a while, I didn't even realize I would cause myself total insomnia by staying up a couple days a week, but I confirm you can train yourself not to sleep lol

  • Stike_force _bw
    Stike_force _bw Month ago

    i wouldn't call him hammer head man more like luke cage aka power man.

  • Leverquin
    Leverquin Month ago

    in serbia there is guy who can't be kill be lighting. :O

  • Akaome Nanashi
    Akaome Nanashi Month ago

    this is not magnetism it's a secret in the skin that allows sticking ... you can prevent it with simple baby powder...

  • Lander Cardone
    Lander Cardone Month ago

    This ain't super powers

  • Kakap0
    Kakap0 Month ago

    Most of these are fake, what a surprise...

  • Slime&LogangPauler4 life

    So can the guy run all the way to asia?😂

  • Roxanne Bobbsemple
    Roxanne Bobbsemple Month ago

    that's cool I mean that's fake nobody can't make nothing stick on to them what is wrong with some of these people what you making something stick onto you you you you you you you you are very mad makingl something sticking to you your mom why do you believe in it it's fake don't believe trust God and you take a place where you never been

  • Roxanne Bobbsemple
    Roxanne Bobbsemple Month ago

    that's cool I mean that's fake nobody can't make nothing stick on to them what is wrong with some of these people what you making something stick onto you you you you you you you you are very mad making something sticking to you your mom why do you believe in it it's fake don't believe trust God and you take a place where you never been

  • Roxanne Bobbsemple
    Roxanne Bobbsemple Month ago

    that's cool I mean that's fake nobody can't make nothing stick on to them what is wrong with some of these people what you making something stick onto you you you you you you you you are very mad making something sticking to you your mom why do you believe in it it's fake don't believe trust God and you take a place where you never been

  • Jonathan Godinez
    Jonathan Godinez Month ago

    It turns out that I can stick spoons on my skin

  • Alia Shafeer
    Alia Shafeer Month ago

    the hammer man wowwww . how he is doing such things with iron bar

  • Dan -Wait for it- Moe

    #1 NO... it is not magnetism, it's just sticky skin. Out talcum powder on him and it wont work. Its just a fraud, anyone can do what he does, he is not special. notice how he leans back and that his shirt is off. It's nonsense.

  • albayano
    albayano Month ago

    i wonder if THE RUBBERBOY(daniel smith) tried sucking his own fckn dlck

  • Noah Ammon
    Noah Ammon Month ago

    me too I can run 100mrp in less than a minute

  • Noah Ammon
    Noah Ammon Month ago


  • Fredtality
    Fredtality Month ago

    Just a wannabe Junkrat lookalike.

  • anrag
    anrag Month ago

    1:00, 1:20 fake

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson Month ago

    The electric raj mohan guy is a fake.
    Also, You said he can surviva up to 10 amps?
    Average house wires can do up to 15 amps before the usual breaker gets triggered.
    And those lines he tried to supposedly kill himself on as a child? way mo re than 10 amps.
    Its also not just amps that damage you. its a combination of amps and volts, AKA "power"
    Which means the higher voltage lines he tried to suicide on, would definitely be way out of his league.

  • Jonathan Rendon559
    Jonathan Rendon559 Month ago

    Apparently 43k people are magnets

  • Marie Scutte
    Marie Scutte Month ago

    I can break something on me. and I didn't feel it

  • Marie Scutte
    Marie Scutte Month ago

    I don't know what wrong with me but I think I have a superpower

  • Kenechukwu Ugwoke
    Kenechukwu Ugwoke Month ago

    The Japanese samurai is the most badass.

  • Mathieu Hanouz
    Mathieu Hanouz Month ago

    eat your poo. 100% fake.

  • klajdi k
    klajdi k Month ago +2

    I Have a Power, You Can't Like This Comment....

  • Alia Shafeer
    Alia Shafeer Month ago

    wow superbbbbbbbbbbb

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