Oprah Winfrey On Michelle Obama: She Has Meant So Much To Me

  • Added:  7 months ago
  • The First Lady and her family mean the world to Oprah, who has seen herself reflected in their image throughout their eight years in the White House.

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Comments: 938

  • Douglas Dorman
    Douglas Dorman 15 days ago

    Thank yooou Oprah for understanding everything and sharing everything with everybody !! Peace and love, Doug :). PS you have beautiful eyes.

  • hi im Emu
    hi im Emu 19 days ago

    Oprah is a goddess and we are all mere mortals

  • Emmanuel Toluhi
    Emmanuel Toluhi 27 days ago

    steven colbert is so fucking good at this

  • Me You
    Me You 28 days ago


  • Saveea Paris
    Saveea Paris Month ago


  • Mister Perez
    Mister Perez Month ago

    She WOULD win if she ran for president of the U.S.ofA..

  • Lankey Bastard
    Lankey Bastard Month ago

    You think Oprah smokes the chronic?
    I do.

  • David Gee
    David Gee Month ago

    It is so nice to watch your show (w/Oprah) without politics. So nice. It's like a lull.

  • specialpatrolgroup92

    "The lion was shot before I got there," I'm in the UK so I admit I don't know a Lott about Oprah but I really had NO idea that she was a dentist.

  • labidomosquito
    labidomosquito Month ago

    Gee what a surprise.

  • ines rivera
    ines rivera Month ago

    See your reflection as an african american in that family, sure you are both millionaries

  • Full Armour of YAHUSHUA

    URGENT !!!! Anyone knows her E-mail MUST pass the below message to Oprah Winfrey

    .....Even a beloved talk show host that the world knows once was MINE but now has gone astray. The world embraces her for she stands for the world. She no longer stands up for holiness, but instead scoffs at what she knows is holy. She mocks the Word of YAHUVEH she once believed seeking other gods for her itching ears. She has gone a whoring after other gods, yet tell her to REPENT and come back to ME for it is I who have given her this favour and popularity, so she would lead others to MY saving Blood at Calvary. Tell this to Oprah Winfrey. Tell her MY child, tell her for ME for Princess Diana’s fate will be hers for all eternity if she doesn’t quickly repent and come back to YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH, who paid the price, so she could be from satan’s grip set free. Tell Oprah Winfrey, to come back to Calvary to come back to the roots of her forefathers where she belongs. Tell her no one can love her like I love her.

    Tell her I have blessed her with every desire of her heart, and nothing can fill that God made void but ME. I am waiting for her to return and yet she calls herself MINE, and MY Spirit is far from her. Tell her for me MY Daughter, I weep for her! I weep for this world she leads astray. Tell Oprah, MY child, tell her for ME though she may mock, she will know in her spirit a prophet of YAHUVEH has warned her and the one I have sent is thee. Tell her MY child, tell her for ME, return to the God of Holiness she once worshiped, YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH who paid the price at Calvary. Tell her she must live by the Holy Word of YAHUVEH, or she will never see her family that waits for her in Heaven. Tell her; tell her MY Daughter, for ME for I have called you to minister to the world’s talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

    Tell her she was meant to be MINE, yet she has run from ME time after time. Tell her MY daughter, tell her for ME. All of MY Children that watch her each day, and make her rich, quote the words that she says, I now convict you sorely with a message like this. You call yourself by MY Name, yet you watch her daily take the meaning of holiness and profane. Rise up and tell her, tell her for ME, you also are MY voices that must bring her back to the Spirit of repentance through MY Blood shed at Calvary. Tell her MY Children; tell her for ME it’s you she tries and pleases and not ME.

    I rejoice over you, MY Children who are rich in faith. Not putting your faith in the riches of this world. You cannot serve two masters. You will hate one and love the other. You cannot serve two worlds, the world of the flesh, and the world of the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those that deny the flesh and live and walk in the RUACH ha KODESH will I spare. Tell them MY child, be MY voice and tell them for ME. To whom YAHUSHUA has given spiritual ears and eyes, with this message will be set free. Tell them MY child, tell them for ME. MY black sheep, no matter how far you have wandered, come back to your only Good Shepherd, come back to ME.

    Prophecy 13 Tell Them MY Child, Tell Them for ME!
    Given to Rev. Sherrie Elijah (Elisheva Sherrie Eliyahu) Given January 24, 1998

  • changetocome100
    changetocome100 Month ago

    OW's rocking that luscious ponytail!

  • Janine Peters
    Janine Peters 2 months ago

    'Yeah'... for photos... what a gem of advice and what a jewel of a human.

  • Muses of a Dreamer
    Muses of a Dreamer 2 months ago

    why do people hate her. she is awesome

  • B
    B 2 months ago

    She is gorgeous and fun!! <3

  • Justin Bohemier
    Justin Bohemier 2 months ago

    She's so famous she needs only 1 letter

  • Blanc D
    Blanc D 2 months ago

    stephen looks like where's wally or waldo in us

  • Lee GaryB
    Lee GaryB 3 months ago

    2:50 I love that Oprah can read someone so easily with that effortless "A lot of people with their families watched that special" and do it with the most love possible, it's amazing

  • Angela Weston
    Angela Weston 3 months ago

    I admire Oprah & many of her ventures are truly world changing. Her magazine is awful though & tiresome to read. It will continue to be published though (& sold at it's high price) because she can afford to fund it. Even if it was operating at a loss, she would still publish it. Having herself on the cover every month & throughout the magazine is self serving & turns many off from investing time in it. It should have more diversity.

  • D D
    D D 3 months ago

    Oprah Winfrey is the greatest person ❤❤❤

  • Kenyan Bunnie
    Kenyan Bunnie 3 months ago

    My mom could be her twin. They look so much alike!❤❤

  • Ruby Blue
    Ruby Blue 3 months ago

    i think this video is pretty good and she really does show courage

  • CeCe Kansas
    CeCe Kansas 3 months ago

    I agree, I will GREATLY miss their presents there.

  • Iris Staalman
    Iris Staalman 3 months ago

    hahaha Stephen still can't get over Trump's LUUVVV

  • singoutgirl
    singoutgirl 3 months ago

    She does look terrific. Combo of good genes, passion and a life purpose, and she works hard at it (exercise, dresses well, etc). Doesn't hurt to have a sense of humor either! A smile is very attractive! But I think a lot is her internal beauty as well...

  • John Balnis
    John Balnis 3 months ago

    She's wearing over a million dollars on those ears. Holy SHIT

  • whitemannativemind
    whitemannativemind 3 months ago

    I think Oprah should run for office. Why not? I know a lot of people think she's really full of herself, but honestly, after a few months of Trump already, almost anybody else would be a walk in the park by comparison. Also, of course, she has achieved a lot on par with Trump, and she earned hers rather than having it handed to her on a silver platter; has a very good, common sense, head on her shoulders; and of course, has a huge, huge, following, hopefully, on both side of the political spectrum.

    And in the end; can she POSSIBLY, be any worse than Trump?! I mean, really. I think not.

    Love and Best. Out.

  • MrPurpleAcid
    MrPurpleAcid 3 months ago


  • Aferose Ayabarreno
    Aferose Ayabarreno 3 months ago

    Oprah Winfrey the best woman in the world

  • Klutzy68
    Klutzy68 4 months ago

    OMG Oprah, _PLEASE_ run for president!!!!! We so need someone with a heart.

  • Alice Ly
    Alice Ly 4 months ago

    anyone else feeling bad for the caged lion?

  • Bradsley Jones
    Bradsley Jones 4 months ago

    Opera its such a lovely thing to be black

  • S B
    S B 4 months ago

    I wonder how much her diamond earings cost, cos they're HUGE....

  • Bill Kong
    Bill Kong 4 months ago

    It's interesting how female talk show hosts like Ellen and Oprah go by first names while male hosts like Colbert and O'Reilly often go by last names.

  • NeuroGoddess
    NeuroGoddess 4 months ago +1

    I'm not African-American, but I, too, already miss them. Michelle has so much class!

  • Gloria F
    Gloria F 4 months ago

    Her hair looks flawless. How does she pull off those frames? They look ridiculous on Colbert. And I think he's hot.

  • The Trusty Butter Knife: An '80s Adventure

    Oprah: another iconic '80s bad-ass!

  • anglianchannel
    anglianchannel 5 months ago

    racist old bitch

  • justologintoutube198
    justologintoutube198 5 months ago

    if you had a choice between trump n oprah......... ;)

  • bamboozled
    bamboozled 5 months ago

    A lesbian complimenting a tranny. How sweet!

  • Have a nice Dave
    Have a nice Dave 5 months ago

    One clown interviewing another clown. What fun.

  • CUXOB2
    CUXOB2 5 months ago

    the first time i saw oprah was on south park and now seeing her real, i cant take her serious

  • Melia Widjaja
    Melia Widjaja 5 months ago

    wise words: 1:50-2:41

  • sukrit dobhal
    sukrit dobhal 5 months ago

    Oprah is the biggest opportunist of all time.she is just,an opportunist of the highest degree.

  • sukrit dobhal
    sukrit dobhal 5 months ago

    if i had a dollar every time oprah said she was black,i wud have made you all billionaires..i mean she is full now cant even say seriously "african american"..

  • Bradlee297
    Bradlee297 5 months ago

    oprah is SLAYING

  • Joe Gallop
    Joe Gallop 5 months ago

    @2:14 you can ask for anything..but yeah Oprah..preemptively asking for courage will "set the scene" for you to practice being courageous... Perhaps you can write a book on a list of things to ask for "preemptively" that have the least amount of negative blowback :p i'm serious Oprah write a book of little things you catch yourself praying for and how youd reword them in such a way the universe wont misinterpret

  • Biny Raleigh
    Biny Raleigh 5 months ago

    why can't just most Black in America learn attitude from her !?

  • John Gable Smith
    John Gable Smith 5 months ago

    That voice! Unmistakable.

  • gambitvoleur
    gambitvoleur 5 months ago

    Oprah looks good in Stephen's glasses. Stephen... not so much in Oprah's.

  • Neha
    Neha 5 months ago

    He looks like the old guy from "UP"

  • Rara Zap
    Rara Zap 6 months ago

    I love Stephen Colbert!!!! as in to death!!! I love you!!!!!

  • righteousgroove
    righteousgroove 6 months ago

    There is no one I love in this world more than Oprah.

  • supervanessa88
    supervanessa88 6 months ago

    are we going to talk about her GORGEOUS HAIR!!!!

  • Ola Talks
    Ola Talks 6 months ago

    I miss Oprahs show, also this lady does not age.

  • H W
    H W 6 months ago

    Oprah is out of touch.

  • Daniel Furii
    Daniel Furii 6 months ago

    Oprah. Pure love <3

  • A Boston
    A Boston 6 months ago +2

    Love Oprah and Stephen!

  • Donna Fabulous!
    Donna Fabulous! 6 months ago

    Oprah ✨✨✨✨✨🌟👌🏽👍🏽💫💫💫🌞☀️🙏🏽💋💋💋💋💋

  • aeivivi
    aeivivi 6 months ago

    The classic glasses swap

  • JustB3NJI
    JustB3NJI 6 months ago

    Where the fuck was Steven's car?!

  • rasaecnai
    rasaecnai 6 months ago

    Stephen really allowed Oprah to talk. Great interview! You can feel that she was able to say the things she want to say.

  • Aria4everSUSHI
    Aria4everSUSHI 6 months ago

    the only time where steven doesn't feels like the host of the show

    TODD PREBUSHEWSKI 6 months ago

    You My Friend Are The Absolute SHIT Stephen Colbert & Oprah You Guy Are Boss!

  • Yvette Lipford
    Yvette Lipford 6 months ago

    He knew that pic wasn't real. He just wanted to see if she would lie.

  • Mikhail Botha
    Mikhail Botha 6 months ago

    3:00 Haha Stephen thought he was slick with that answer

  • A Gregoris
    A Gregoris 6 months ago

    her earrings r borrowed for the show. stylists dress her...she doesn't keep the clothes she wears on a tv show! but they would probably give her the clothes for free!

  • Tian
    Tian 6 months ago

    miss her

  • anglianchannel
    anglianchannel 6 months ago

    I wish I had a penny for every time she says she is African American..... if she hadn't pointed that out I would never have guessed

  • anglianchannel
    anglianchannel 6 months ago

    now you know what a rape broker looks like. this slut and racist whore and billionaire stingy cunt is a rape artist who makes money out of misery using poor black people as asswipes in order to make even more money.

  • Meredith Tuttle
    Meredith Tuttle 6 months ago

    How much is Lasik?

  • Isatu Mansaray
    Isatu Mansaray 6 months ago

    I like how Oprah was teasing Stephen Cobert about not watching the interview.

  • hee bee gee bees 195
    hee bee gee bees 195 6 months ago

    Oprah and Michelle are a couple. try to guess which one is the man!

  • Kristin Schaffer
    Kristin Schaffer 6 months ago

    i my daughter marched with me on martin Luther King's birthday the year he ran for president. everyone chanted, yes we can! my child held the sign. we love you Mr president. Michelle Obama is so classy smart and beautiful. a true roll model. we will miss you. I can't believe america went from amazing to embarrassing. good loving human beings. god bless you and your family. thank you for showing my girls that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard!!!!!!! will truly miss you guys!!!!

  • Kristin Schaffer
    Kristin Schaffer 6 months ago

    i my daughter marched with me on martin Luther King's birthday the year he ran for president. everyone chanted, yes we can! my child held the sign. we love you Mr president. Michelle Obama is so classy smart and beautiful. a true roll model. we will miss you. I can't believe america went from amazing to embarrassing. good loving human beings. god bless you and your family. thank you for showing my girls that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and work hard!!!!!!! will truly miss you guys!!!!

  • hee bee gee bees 195
    hee bee gee bees 195 6 months ago

    that bitch needs some of Michael Jacksons cream.

  • Anna Wyrwal
    Anna Wyrwal 6 months ago

    God Bless Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama!

  • Pesi Belau
    Pesi Belau 6 months ago

    i thought i had a great smile as my almost full set of teeth shows on my pic but now i am going to have a greater smile thanks to Oprah, Yeaaaaaaaah!

  • Truth Reigns Forever
    Truth Reigns Forever 6 months ago +2

    Oprah? Hmmm? Coming out more, once again? Hmm? After 8 years of (Obama's tenure) feeling smug in her overweening pride while saying to herself::: "All my 'Proud Black Representation' culminated in Obama and Michelle as 'First Lady'. So I'll just regale in the shadows while my life's work is out there for everyone to see". Oprah feels she needs to "ROAR ONCE AGAIN"! How so? One may ask? Well, her "life's work culmination" got shot down and scorned by Trump, as if Trump literally kicked Obama in the butt and out of the White House, and said, "Here's your luggage as well!" Oprah does not have the guts to insult Trump, she'll lose embarrassingly and knows this. So what she's to do about it in a "ROUND ABOUT FASHION"? Stand by someone who loathes Trump, Colbert the moron. This is indicative and denotes Oprah's feelings for Trump by associating with Trump's detractors cause she doesn't have the guts to insult Trump. Also, Oprah wishes she never displayed admiration to Trump before her EGO evolved to what it is today. She's upset about "THE INTERVIEW" when she asked Trump about how he felt running for president? And she's doubly upset of how it was used to market Trump for all to see.......seeing herself help (she feels it helped a lot, in her ego) Trump defeat her "LIFE'S WORK", doesn't rest well with Oprah's big ego. Only if she could of seen the future with that interview? Huh? Do you think Oprah will interview Donald today and say: "Donald, I told you, you could do it! You see?"

  • M Franklyn
    M Franklyn 6 months ago

    The Obama's didn't speak to her for years after she helped get them into office.

  • salexo9
    salexo9 6 months ago

    I wanna look like her when I'm sixty. I won't because I can't, but one may dream...

  • American Horror Story: Cult

    Who is Oprah?

    jk, i know who she is.....just really bored

  • Naya Ruth
    Naya Ruth 6 months ago +1

    She took no offense when Stephen told her that he hasn't seen the show. Even appreciated him for being honest. I love her energy and her positivity. I missed her show.

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 7 months ago

    Stephen kinda looks like a old Tyler Oakley or am I crazy?

  • Yolie Hines
    Yolie Hines 7 months ago

    I love Oprah !!! She's the real deal !!! 🇨🇱

  • pigamey
    pigamey 7 months ago

    looooooove !

  • Susan Kwan
    Susan Kwan 7 months ago +3

    In response to some people's very negative comments here: I'm American. I'm not black. Long before any of us knew of the Obamas, I loved and admired Oprah. I still do. The Obamas have been an inspiration. Government and politics are never perfect but I never doubted his administration had its heart in the right place. And yes--a politician with heart!

  • Branko Jackman
    Branko Jackman 7 months ago

    Oh they posted this backwards.

  • Jason Holcomb
    Jason Holcomb 7 months ago +1

    Oprah Winfrey a classy intelligent wonderful woman. Not surprised seeing as she is a fellow Chicagoan!!

  • Shanice Galore
    Shanice Galore 7 months ago +1

    "Everyone smile and say yaaaaayyy"

  • anita castelli
    anita castelli 7 months ago

    Are you for real

  • Andrew Mayfield
    Andrew Mayfield 7 months ago

    100% confirmed liberal idiots

  • matt & LDN
    matt & LDN 7 months ago

    actually saying yaaaaa is better then cheese when you take a pictures, your smile come up more genuine

  • Richard Knapp
    Richard Knapp 7 months ago +1

    what a woman!

  • ESE
    ESE 7 months ago

    Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama first female black PRESIDENT.

  • Jobey Roeho
    Jobey Roeho 7 months ago

    she needs ONE name. ....Oprah ....Winfrey. that's 2

  • greg j
    greg j 7 months ago

    And I bet Oprah voted for Trump?

  • Ronnie Gabriel
    Ronnie Gabriel 7 months ago +2

    Oprah you make me say "YAY!" everyday! Thank you!

  • erica olsen
    erica olsen 7 months ago +2

    the bitch speaks out of her racist ass! I hope someone teachs her a lesson

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