Beyonce Gives Birth to Twins

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  • aladdinsane
    aladdinsane 18 days ago

    lol at the comment "I dont give af"
    they are the ones who clicked on the video called "Beyonce Gives Birth to Twins"

  • T T
    T T Month ago

    i like watching E T

  • Ntokozo Shezi
    Ntokozo Shezi Month ago

    Beyonce or Sasha? hard to tell....

  • Ashie
    Ashie Month ago +1

    Who gives a fuck? Who cares? I do bitch. Thanks👌🏻👌🏻

  • Mas G
    Mas G Month ago

    Bruh who gives a flying fuck, they just damn babies

  • Mimi
    Mimi Month ago

    its only been 3 months

  • Kathy
    Kathy Month ago

    Bitch, where r your fake, moonbump twins!???

  • Derek Garza
    Derek Garza Month ago

    Their Look like ashole

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Month ago +1

    one's name is Satan the other is Lucifer

  • Nikki Love
    Nikki Love Month ago

    Why is everyone getting twins now? her Jlo Mariah

  • Anonymous aaa
    Anonymous aaa Month ago

    If she gave birth to the twins on 15th of june then their birthdays are on the same day as North West.

  • Futuristic King Beatz

    giving birth to twins is not gonna change America is just giving attention

  • Liz Willis
    Liz Willis Month ago

    the illuminati gave her a shot to get pregnant dummies

  • Mixer For life
    Mixer For life Month ago +1

    She's the biggest star out there course the new and everybody's going to talk about her having twins so don't act like that"who cares about her kids"the parents,family,and they're fans

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson Month ago

    Ima need y'all to stop hating on she living her life so y'all live yours if you don't like her don't say anything about her

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers Month ago

    No one cares about this shit.

  • Ruth Lyons
    Ruth Lyons Month ago

    TRANNY nation grows by 2!!! Hshaha, I see you!

  • ShaiBoo Vlogs
    ShaiBoo Vlogs Month ago

    cant wait to see the babies!! i wonder what their names are

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump Month ago

    his husband might have smacked her hard

  • Bigheadtf
    Bigheadtf Month ago

    Two more snakes slither to Hollywood, as the masses become anxious 🖤🤑😈👹

  • Larry D
    Larry D Month ago

    two more criminal drug addict entertainers

  • Victor Araiza
    Victor Araiza Month ago


    AKICEQUEEN 907 Month ago

    But wait a minute. Isn't North's bday in June? This is going to turn into another stupid online battle for future bday parties.

  • Wide Out
    Wide Out Month ago

    Why do people give af

  • Sass Bae
    Sass Bae Month ago

    Every women giving birth should be prioritized like Beyoncé is I mean she's not the only women who has given birth and she's damn lucky to have twins

  • Grant Ford
    Grant Ford Month ago

    Wow! I dont care.

  • Rickie Roberts
    Rickie Roberts Month ago

    why so many dislikes???

  • Bif Londong
    Bif Londong Month ago

    cool, I guess?

  • Jennifer Chastain
    Jennifer Chastain Month ago

    who really gives a flying fuck about Beyonce? shes a fucking waste of music and space

    FC BARCA Month ago

    I'm a be honest I don't find Beyoncé that attractive

  • Sakhya Harris
    Sakhya Harris Month ago

    love them

  • 93ladyc
    93ladyc Month ago

    Who gives a damn??

    OLEHOSS Month ago

    While you guys are distracted by this our gov is releasing Chem trails, poisoning our water source, killing off political leader, and letting homeless people die.

  • Android Kelley
    Android Kelley Month ago

    they finally got a baby boy!! shout out to HOV!

  • MyopiCat
    MyopiCat Month ago +2

    wait she was pregnant?

  • chris mclaughlin
    chris mclaughlin Month ago

    Twin what?

  • Giselle Fausto
    Giselle Fausto Month ago

    God damn if you don't care then don't watch the video

  • Mexico Mexico
    Mexico Mexico Month ago +1

    Now there are two more niggas in the world

    • Sarah Thompson
      Sarah Thompson Month ago

      Mexico Mexico Hopefully there won't be any more Mexicans until the world, or at least not the US :)

  • Doug Tuke
    Doug Tuke Month ago +1

    She should adopt them to a caring family. Before they become illuminati inventory.

  • Home of the Lions and the Lioness

    Congratulations beyonce!

  • Home of the Lions and the Lioness

    Everyone in this comment section needs to calm down.

  • La Bebeyonce
    La Bebeyonce Month ago +5

    Omg Congrats 😍🎊🎉🍾🎈 💐👑❤️

  • Levix
    Levix Month ago

    Betting my life her children are going to get sooooo made fun of for their names, like seriously what the living fuck are those names

    WHITE BOY Month ago

    What do you call a beyonce with two children?
    BeyTWOce 😚

  • Susie Yonally
    Susie Yonally Month ago

    still don't know what the hell your talking about. prove what?

  • Xerneas 23
    Xerneas 23 Month ago +1

    Next news on ET - Beyonce shits and whips herself 😊

  • Dontae Jones
    Dontae Jones Month ago

    Congratulations to the power couple . Not sure why all the negative people feel the need to say something clearly envious of the fame

  • mable graces
    mable graces Month ago +2

    congratulations Beyonce

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov Month ago

    She did that in chemical way

    RTX_NBA Month ago

    Remind me how do you get on trending page???

  • Secretary of Cyber: FatfuckingLenny

    Big fucking deal. Why the fuck is this shit trending?

  • Shadowfury KatrinaFTW

    *clicks video that clearly summarizes what the video is going to be about* let me tell people how much I don't care because obviously everyone wants to know and I need some attention.

  • Brice Race
    Brice Race Month ago

    What people don't get is that this isn't a national news channel, this isn't an international new channel, it's an entertainment channel. Of course they're gonna cover Beyoncés pregnancy, because the people love her. If CNN had coverage of this than that would be a little out of hand, but this is the stuff this channel is built on.

    • Brice Race
      Brice Race Month ago

      And how is it sad that people care about it? If you're favorite celebrity became pregnant or their wife got pregnant, wouldn't you at least want to hear the news and watch one video about the day their baby is born?

  • Marcel
    Marcel Month ago

    OMG congrats.Would love to repost on blog where you can also get free baby stuff

  • Alizé Paredes
    Alizé Paredes Month ago

    we already knew it was twins it's not anything new

  • Susie Yonally
    Susie Yonally Month ago

    Karin, what the hell r u talking about

  • Шамиль Галиулин


  • James Taylor
    James Taylor Month ago

    Oh god, more liberals and haters for us.  Liberals should not be allowed to breed.

  • American Pride
    American Pride Month ago

    Wow a woman had babies and i care because

  • Linda Goffigan
    Linda Goffigan Month ago

    Any recent photos of the multiple birth from Beyonce?

  • Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton


  • Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton

    Seriously, fuck you if you clicked on the video thinking this is actual news. Also, fuck you if you think this stupid motherfucker plays a vital/huge role in our society . I just hope her twins won't end up like her. I feel sorry for them for being unfortunate enough to grow up with a mother who would probably be too irresponsible and selfish to even give a fuck about them.

  • Meme Father
    Meme Father Month ago

    Oh my god who the hell cares? Wow a mom gave birth to twins. Not like that's ever been done before.

  • Funmilola Adesina
    Funmilola Adesina Month ago


  • Wet Taco
    Wet Taco Month ago

    Who cares? Like, who genuinely cares?!

  • crustacean Sandwich

    No one gives a flying fuck if she gave birth to kids. Don't let that get in the way that she closed off the hospital, preventing a man from seeing his own newborn children

  • Patti Soares
    Patti Soares Month ago

    who cares ....ppl have babies everyday. and jay z is so ugly lol

  • Vanessa Blanco
    Vanessa Blanco Month ago +1

    Where's the baby photos??

  • brother blood
    brother blood Month ago +1

    2k dislikes 1k for each

  • DopeSpill Comics
    DopeSpill Comics Month ago

    Feels like this happened so fast!

  • Lost Under the Sky
    Lost Under the Sky Month ago

    They should have used that superbowl thumbnail of Beyoncé where she looks so beautiful for this video.

  • Devin Roberts
    Devin Roberts Month ago

    Why does anyone give a fuck. none of you actually know this woman

  • BeautyByJo
    BeautyByJo Month ago

    Yellow ivy and green ivy

  • Kate K
    Kate K Month ago

    Woman logic: He cheats, you have twins. Great way to save your marriage. *sarcastic*

  • Patriot Rising
    Patriot Rising Month ago

    wow, a ghettocrat government slave monkey gives birth to a litter....

  • AwesomeGuy2000
    AwesomeGuy2000 Month ago

    Who cares, 2 people born every second

    J SHANGHAI Month ago

    Rumors are she shaved her muff for the birth. Radical shit.

  • Hattie Williams
    Hattie Williams Month ago


  • JazzyMotive
    JazzyMotive Month ago

    For all the comments that are complaining about this, why did you even watch the video? Like the title isn't clickbait?? You knew what you were clicking into???

  • Joseph Trush
    Joseph Trush Month ago

    Wassup with the dislikes. Yall sad or sum

  • MrFunnyClips
    MrFunnyClips Month ago

    Who the fuck cares.. she's just a regular person like you and me.

  • Seth Silvershield
    Seth Silvershield Month ago

    lol everyone over here saying " who gives a fuck" lol everyone hates the best. So happy for ivy honestly lol at least she won't have to have all the pressure to living up to her parents fame

  • Greybeard
    Greybeard Month ago

    Isn't that Lavern Cox?

  • gigi black
    gigi black Month ago

    Nobody cares except for Kim K, who's probably jealous she didn't have twins or make headline news.

  • Jaedie Welcome
    Jaedie Welcome Month ago

    congratulations Beyonce and J-z your sweet Amazing twins and with blue ivy will run the world now from today onwards 😍

  • add marx
    add marx Month ago

    she is the Antichrist Illuminati Queen.

  • waterside
    waterside Month ago

    they aint in the hospital still, they with the ILLUMINATI . letting "THEM" do what they do with children. Jay and B still have to sacrifice their kids , to keep themselves on top. also no shit they had a boy & girl , it was implanted that way . smfh

  • Ben Buckreis
    Ben Buckreis Month ago

    666k subscribers????? SATAN BE GONE

  • Dog_Luvr
    Dog_Luvr Month ago

    2 baby monkeys

  • Sicily Myles
    Sicily Myles Month ago +1

    Beyhive 🐝 like this video ! Buzzz

  • Benjamin Wyrick
    Benjamin Wyrick Month ago

    why in the Hell do my dislikes get removed from only Beyonce videos?

  • Cupcakke
    Cupcakke Month ago

    666k subscribers 😱

  • K. Branch
    K. Branch Month ago


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