I’m Black, Not Poor

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  • Uhhh… one second, I’ve got a GoFundMe page that I need to delete.

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    Raphael Chestang
    Katie Marovitch
    Grant O'Brien
    Zac Oyama
    Mike Trapp
    Ally Beardsley

    Julie Birke
    Rob O'Connor
    Pat Cassels

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  • Runtime: 3:35
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Comments: 4 623

  • Smooth-Insomniac
    Smooth-Insomniac 28 minutes ago

    lol "i'm queer not rich" xD

  • DastardlyCrook
    DastardlyCrook 13 hours ago

    "I don't even see race!" Katie call back haha

  • Mandy Mathews
    Mandy Mathews 14 hours ago

    Katie: "I don't even see race!!"

  • asd asd
    asd asd 19 hours ago

    But as Che Guevara said: "The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink". So of course he's poor.

  • Robert J. Simpson
    Robert J. Simpson 21 hour ago

    Funny thing is I've had a couple of black friends (I grew up in Canada where blacks comprise about 3% of the population), one of whom I roommated with, and they were materially better off, came from way better, two parent families (with wonderful parents), spoke cleaner "standard white English" than I, and were about as popular as any body gets. Now that I think of it, what the heck were they doing hanging out with me? I'll say this about my single parent, alcoholic, absentee, selfish and neglectful mother: she was so bad at parenting, so lacking in maternal instincts, so aversive to having conversation with her children that the concept of race or rascism was unknown to me until I reached 12 years old when after moving Montreal, where students have some school choice, my sisters and I met the principle of a high school (typically high school begins at grade 7 and finishes at grade 11 there) who while trying to sell us on the merit of his school mentioned it had a high oroportion of black students but that it was kool and the gang. My sisters and I didn't hesistate to enroll. To my absolute horror, this school made the Bronx Zoo look like a petting zoo: ain't never been a school like this in the movies - straight up mayhem (kids swore and threw small objects at teachers - after humiliating the teacher they would just tell them to "go f**ck yourself you [racial epithet], set up little groups at the back of the classroom where the'd do their own thing, the girls for some reason would pull out mirrors and hair products, and then proceed to groom themselves - I tell you nobody has ever seen this; staight out of Compton aint nothing (though I never saw ir heard a gun pop off).

    What the principle failled to tell me and my sisters, and weren't the best behaved kids around, was that the school was the first unloading zone after juvie. Many of tgese kids weren't kids at all. Recall, even accounting for those who were "held back" a year, nobody should have been older than 17 years old, but many of the students had to be in their 20s. I actualky made a couple of friends. One guy was great but he shoplifted. He wanted to share what he stole; though a thief, he was generous. Though I was a short skinny kid, I could ball as well any - without the vertical leap (which was acceptable for a pount guard back in those days). Never once got into a fight. These folks were just biding their probation time ir something. There were whites out of juvie to, but they were sent to a different school I think.

    Long story short, if you concentrate all the misfits if one racial group into one location whether it be high school, public housing, whatever; then folks outside that racial group are going to generalize what they witness of the misfits to all the other members belonging to that racial group. Bad policy. The following semester, I transfered to a school that touted its athletic programs. It was equally black, but the sports unified us. Actually, and nobody would believe this if they saw me today (I was a late bloomer and grew to 6'1" - not tall, but not shirt), but as a 12 year old at that school who looked very similiar to Michael J. Fox who was at the height of his career (Back to the Future, Family Ties and whatnot), the hottest (and I guess the most popular) chic developed a crush on me - I was a thing, a topic of gossip and conjecture. Even though she was several inches taller than me and could bust my chops if she wanted, I asked the girl out. I was instantly popular, well for a couple of months until I brought her to a party (I must have been invited at the request of my twin suster who was popular at every school we attended) but didn't pull a move on her, which somehow was offensive to her. She dumped me within 90 minutes for some other guy she ended up "making out" with. Today I'm a legitimate, authentic, straight-believing born again Christian so I'm glad I didn't pull a move, even if as an insecure prepubescent pre-teen it was something I dreamed about and very much wanted - badly. But even then the Lord was restraining me, thank God.

    Bizarre time in my life. But I learned a lot like dont concentrate the problem kids of one particular racial background into one school because human beings are designed to generalize and think in categories. It's a no-brainer.

  • Angel with a shotgun 666

    Is grant actually gay?

  • AWESOMGUY234 !!
    AWESOMGUY234 !! 1 day ago

    This video is slightly rasist

  • Brandon Kent
    Brandon Kent 1 day ago

    Great video to add the new token boy.

  • weber
    weber 1 day ago

    hahaha the thumbnail looks like it says "I’m Black, Not Poop"

  • Straynar
    Straynar 2 days ago

    The black guy gets 10/hr, female 12/hr white men 15/hr and Asian 50/hr... The female works for the black guy, the Asian and a few white dudes work for a white dude.

  • mr dog / vojce m roblox and more jk

    Every black man is poor dumbass.

  • Harry Aynsley
    Harry Aynsley 3 days ago


  • CraftingA4G
    CraftingA4G 3 days ago

    Katie said "I don't even see race!"

  • KingFiz
    KingFiz 3 days ago

    This Trapp killed Pat subplot over all these videos is great

  • MK42Dragon
    MK42Dragon 3 days ago

    I love how the thumbnail barely covers the R in poor making the title look like "I'm Black, Not Poop"

  • Gamer Bill
    Gamer Bill 4 days ago

    What's the diffrence ?

  • MagicNightmare
    MagicNightmare 4 days ago

    I love this overly-comedic racism.

  • stefan brust
    stefan brust 4 days ago

    I miss old college humor this is so fucking shitty

  • MakeZ
    MakeZ 4 days ago

    if someone gave me money i would say thank you

  • Gerry12LP
    Gerry12LP 4 days ago

    This is the most boring racism I've ever seen in my life!

  • Dalton Brown
    Dalton Brown 4 days ago

    do the episode "im white, not privileged"

  • Arianna Welch
    Arianna Welch 4 days ago

    "i'm queer not rich." ahaha best line in the video 😂😂😂

  • Cloudy Kiing
    Cloudy Kiing 4 days ago

    I'm not black, I'm OJ

  • Soviet Russia
    Soviet Russia 5 days ago

    I'm queer not rich

  • Axle Onex
    Axle Onex 5 days ago

    If being poor means friends giving me money, I'll be poor for their sake.

  • Aaron Dickson
    Aaron Dickson 6 days ago

    "rich in stamps"
    goodness that was fucking hilarious

  • Luis M Velez
    Luis M Velez 6 days ago

    This is office "humor"

  • knowziewoh
    knowziewoh 6 days ago

    is katie single?

  • Zack Schaefer
    Zack Schaefer 6 days ago

    Not just black people im Mexican all the white people always treat me like I'm homeless 😂

  • E drop
    E drop 6 days ago +2

    I'm just now noticing that the thumbnail says "poop."

  • MrRadaikon
    MrRadaikon 6 days ago

    I've been working at my job for 4 years, my coworkers still treat me like this. But they're more condescending about it. I gave up trying to explain myself.

  • Yummi Gummi
    Yummi Gummi 6 days ago

    The soft bigotry of low expectations

  • Spartan Monster
    Spartan Monster 6 days ago

    I cracked up on "Rich in stamps"

  • Ahsan 1700
    Ahsan 1700 7 days ago

    The illuminati symbol on the water tank in the beginning

  • Kaladin Stormblessed

    I'm poor, not black

  • Tree Apple
    Tree Apple 7 days ago


  • Oceana Nalani
    Oceana Nalani 7 days ago

    Did pat quit or something?

  • J Kessel
    J Kessel 8 days ago +1

    i'm not poor i'm oj

  • clockwork orange
    clockwork orange 8 days ago

    "I'm queer NOT rich" lmfao

  • Netheryk
    Netheryk 8 days ago +1

    The thumbnail at the side of my videos looks like I'm Black, Not Poop. Because the bar which shows time and it blocks out the second leg of the R. I bet CH did it on purpose.

  • James Dolensky
    James Dolensky 8 days ago

    this is why trump won

    DEUS VULT 8 days ago

    *Suddenly College Humor turns into new Buzzfeed

  • LetsPlayCrazy
    LetsPlayCrazy 8 days ago

    College humor? I think your title function is broke... or the Uploader was drunk. That headline makes no god damn sense.

  • Sirtalksalot
    Sirtalksalot 8 days ago

    "I don't even see race!"

  • Ivy Stanley
    Ivy Stanley 8 days ago


  • Sarah R
    Sarah R 8 days ago

    I'm queer, not rich

    I'm black, not poor!

  • Bella Rose
    Bella Rose 8 days ago

    i didnt know people actually thought that

  • * *
    * * 9 days ago

    Okay but is no one gonna say how accurate the urban outfitters thing is

  • 27199812 jarwan
    27199812 jarwan 9 days ago

    whats the difference

  • Eric Holladay
    Eric Holladay 9 days ago

    Liberal victimization of America.

  • Lil Cobaine Day 1 fan

    Im black and I'm broke

  • cookie0329
    cookie0329 9 days ago

    Anybody else notice the reference with Trapp killing Pat from how tall is Grant?

  • bailer4life
    bailer4life 9 days ago

    I'm white so what ever opinion I express will be preserved as racist or sexist by the liberal far left but whatever im going to say it anyway. Don't you just hate black women?

  • JAC
    JAC 10 days ago

    Fun fact there are more poor white people than poor black people.

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 10 days ago +1

    On the ipad it looks like "I'm black not poop" cuz the timestamp covers the r...

  • Iris Alejandría
    Iris Alejandría 10 days ago

    "I'm queer not rich" 😂

  • Charles Melvin
    Charles Melvin 10 days ago


  • Juliana M.
    Juliana M. 10 days ago

    "I don't even see race" katie is the best

  • Flavourius
    Flavourius 10 days ago

    I'm a Muslim, not a terrorist.

  • Franz Isley
    Franz Isley 11 days ago

    the blond girl has the most annoying screechy voice i have ever heard

  • ghostmoon94
    ghostmoon94 11 days ago


  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 11 days ago

    Rich in Stamps

  • Konoyaro Gaming
    Konoyaro Gaming 11 days ago

    anyone misread the thumbnail saying "I'm Black, Not Poop" Due to the run time info?

  • doveskiies
    doveskiies 11 days ago

    i m q u e e r n o t r i c h

  • Lily Johnson
    Lily Johnson 12 days ago

    I love the little "I don't see race" Easter egg that Katie put in

  • drz
    drz 12 days ago

    As someone who identifies as African American, this was hard to watch. Although, no has ever considered me poor because I have white skin.

  • Guoose
    Guoose 12 days ago

    How to avoid Racism

  • DealWithIt
    DealWithIt 12 days ago

    If your on mobile and your phone is sideways it says "I'm black not poop".

  • Haley Franke
    Haley Franke 12 days ago

    Is Grant actually gay

  • nejolo matrilo
    nejolo matrilo 12 days ago

    When trying to make friends with racist trust fund white folks backfires. They are trying to keep their white priviledge so don't sweat the demeaning insults.

  • JonnYNynja 75
    JonnYNynja 75 12 days ago

    Anybody else feels like liking video cause of how funny it is but also disliking video cause how people sometimes view all black people in this video?

  • BJ Hibbert
    BJ Hibbert 12 days ago

    This is my favourite video ever

  • Erin Maria
    Erin Maria 12 days ago

    i work at urban, that part was so hilarious

  • Kevin Lor
    Kevin Lor 13 days ago

    Can I intern for you guys!!!

  • 3DO!
    3DO! 13 days ago

    i am french not effeminate.

  • Elisapeta Fiaola
    Elisapeta Fiaola 13 days ago

    Did anyone notice Raffael had good feet?

  • Faithy Cake
    Faithy Cake 13 days ago

    Im QuEeR nOt RiCh

  • Titan and Ghoul
    Titan and Ghoul 13 days ago

    you should just take advantage of this

  • glamorchick954
    glamorchick954 13 days ago

    The micro aggressions. yikes. reminds me of when I worked in an office. I only liked the money.

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair 13 days ago +1

    It means the same thing

  • Jeremiah Turner
    Jeremiah Turner 13 days ago


  • Reality Truth
    Reality Truth 13 days ago

    how many white liberals actually have close blk friends or try to gain friends outside of there race? smh u learn everything when u r involved. not on the sidelines

  • Osmostrix
    Osmostrix 13 days ago

    He' a Ninja Turtle!

  • August Peterson
    August Peterson 14 days ago


  • jack loughman
    jack loughman 14 days ago

    Ch is garbage now

  • Mr Random Reviews
    Mr Random Reviews 14 days ago

    homeboy looks like a black jake gilenhall

  • Breezie Newcomb
    Breezie Newcomb 14 days ago +1

    In the thumb nail for the video, the time stamp blocked out part of the R and it looked like it said, "I'M BLACK, NOT POOP"

  • Beth Carmona
    Beth Carmona 15 days ago

    Rich in Stamps oh ally, I'm so damn in love with her ❤❤❤

  • Zefyr Frost
    Zefyr Frost 15 days ago +1

    is it racist to say a black person is just a normal person but with a dark skin tone?

  • cool omya
    cool omya 15 days ago


  • Landed Gravy
    Landed Gravy 15 days ago +2

    Who else thought it said "I'm black, not poop" ?

  • Salvadore s'Ocean
    Salvadore s'Ocean 15 days ago

    so its cannon trapp killed pat?

  • Alien CA - Clash Royale & More

    I am dead.

    But still not poor :)

  • Deuce Tyrell
    Deuce Tyrell 16 days ago

    Bruh lol

  • Dookiebutter
    Dookiebutter 16 days ago

    Oh wow comedy is really going downhill... This was awful... You guys are trying too hard to appeal to the suburb

  • Kalu Abay
    Kalu Abay 16 days ago

    funny how people are saying white liberals act like blacks are poor when conservatives love stereotyping blacks as welfare kings and queens. whites from the conservative side and liberal side do it

  • Vato Loco
    Vato Loco 16 days ago

    and liberals think their not racist

  • orane campbell
    orane campbell 16 days ago

    I'm Arab not a terrorist (speaking for their race)

  • ZZ_TV
    ZZ_TV 16 days ago

    lmao "you wouldn't pay if you could"

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