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    How do YOU think we can create a better future of learning. Go here and share your thoughts on the topic! http://www.bit.ly/2ciqj4z

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    Joel Bergvall and Joe Lombardi (https://vimeo.com/aztechfilm)

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    Hodja Berlev (https://www.facebook.com/Neonbyte-382305275259022/)

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    Spencer Sharp (https://www.facebook.com/dispencery/?hc_ref=SEARCH)

    BOOK REFERENCES. If you are interested in learning more on the subject I would suggest a few books to get started

    1) Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto
    2) Creative Schools by Ken Robinson
    3) I Love Learning; I Hate School by Susan D Blum
    4) The One World SchoolHouse by Salman Khan

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  • Prince Ea
    Prince Ea 2 months ago

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    • Ghost slayer
      Ghost slayer 3 hours ago

      Prince Ea u is one cool YouTuber e

    • Italian Memes
      Italian Memes 4 days ago

      Prince Ea so basically youre advocating School Choice

    • Jack Durkin
      Jack Durkin 5 days ago

      Prince Ea you r so right let us start a protest

  • Trey2Fly
    Trey2Fly 35 minutes ago

    fuck school

  • sai prasanna
    sai prasanna 42 minutes ago


  • Bubbly Frogs
    Bubbly Frogs 2 hours ago

    Koro-Sensei would be proud!!!

  • Danielle Savage
    Danielle Savage 3 hours ago

    As a teacher, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You keep working to help make change and I will keep trying to do my best every day.

  • sydney nesley
    sydney nesley 5 hours ago

    i love this so much!!

  • Princess Snow
    Princess Snow 5 hours ago

    Prince Ea is literally the most inspiring person, so persuasive and i like how his mind works so incredible

  • Joanne Wong
    Joanne Wong 5 hours ago

    Actually i think the education method used in the western countries is much more better than that of the chinese countries. For example Hong Kong for traditional school in Hong Kong we sit behind the desk every day for around 7 hours but comparing to the western countries students in Hong Kong always believe that the western countries are more free as they can always go outside to have more learning experience. They can have different answers on the exam which are all corrects but in Hong Kong there is always just a model answer for each question which really affect the creative of a students. I am a student from Hong Kong and I really hope that we can change the educational system. Maybe not change the everyday schedule but try to change it slowly from 1 lesson or even 1 day. I did wish for more but just a relax childhood and schoolife that I can enjoy and smile when I look back.

  • lio lo
    lio lo 6 hours ago

    u either start doubting everything u know
    u wake up for the first time

  • Beatriz Jesus
    Beatriz Jesus 7 hours ago

    I'm a student and I have the same opinion as you. Sooooo true. Finally someone that stood up!

  • Realredlink the dystroyer

    Wow that was really Fucking good you can preach dude

  • Nury Brillid Guzman Avila

    thanks so much i agree with you my job in colombia was to work in the education and medical system to change it to a more natural and simple one
    the ancestral times of us always we had been educated at home pour parents pass to us their legacy so while we learn we work we were productive
    in deed the schools at starting point started with the slaves and till now we are slaves of the system
    we have presidents promoting education for woman and forget that she always had been educated in the house for being the base of family and society but the system on ly considers education under institutions to pay millions for 42 years of our lives to be able to stand in our own legs to be slaves int heir companies
    guess why many chinese or jewish or muslims are great in business and do have this grace to do it so pass his legacy to his kids and yet the man that most study about business can not success without this grace
    the change starts within

  • Orri Trolli
    Orri Trolli 11 hours ago

    Prince ea president 2020

  • Knives gaming 347
    Knives gaming 347 14 hours ago

    if they make the school system like in finand in the future i may want to be a teacher

  • Nathaniel Moore
    Nathaniel Moore 17 hours ago

    This is a beautiful speech with a great delivery. Hopefully it reaches the right people!

  • Jack Neustadter
    Jack Neustadter 19 hours ago

    this guy makes me cry

  • StayStrong
    StayStrong 21 hour ago


  • Kool Kid27
    Kool Kid27 23 hours ago

    "Make them compete to get an A"
    Nobody is competing
    Anybody can get an you just have to try

  • Rachel Dannheisser

    That is so true
    It's so very inspirational

  • Valter Camilo
    Valter Camilo 1 day ago

    In Brazil we live the same problem
    I would like to caption or put a translation in the video and pass it to the Brazilians. How can I get an authorization for this?

  • DragonWarpFX
    DragonWarpFX 1 day ago

    You are a true beast :)

  • Take It
    Take It 1 day ago

    its okay we got youtube- the www, the powers that be Are screwed, teachers are starting to teach us from the internet how funny, we have education 24/7 at our fingertips for free. WE BACK ON THE RISE

  • Hayley Chance
    Hayley Chance 1 day ago

    This actually made me cry. I know first hand how hard it is too be in a school where you are expected to be perfect and everyone is constantly fighting to have the better grade.

  • Grant Keyton
    Grant Keyton 1 day ago

    Boyinaband Ripoff

  • Jashan Dhami
    Jashan Dhami 1 day ago

    Someone show this to all my teachers

  • Alexis Hightower
    Alexis Hightower 1 day ago

    that was truly amazing🙌

  • jasmine kong
    jasmine kong 1 day ago

    I am Asian , it is so relatable, I literally cried. Mostly because we know the problem but have no way to make even a tiny change for it. I hope more people can see this video. This may make a big difference.

  • Beti Kroneva
    Beti Kroneva 1 day ago

    dis is true

  • Placements
    Placements 1 day ago

    My cycle every single day

    Wake Up
    Take a bath
    Go to School
    Go home
    Do assignments

  • Alexia Fink
    Alexia Fink 1 day ago

    I'm gonna show this to my principal the first day of school

  • Paxton Neace
    Paxton Neace 1 day ago

    The last line hits🤕🤕

  • Erica Brooks
    Erica Brooks 1 day ago


  • Lauren Playz
    Lauren Playz 1 day ago

    I will be going into the 6th grade and this changes everything I will see

  • hot fire
    hot fire 1 day ago

    So flawless I just cried of joy 😁😭😁😭😀

  • bug nothing
    bug nothing 1 day ago

    This is so true

  • _ Winter
    _ Winter 1 day ago

    I'm really glad I discovered this video today. I got hype when he mentioned Khan Academy.

    TETRAHEDRONMAN 2 days ago

    Best solution is segregation so whites and asians & Indians & everyone else are not held down by teaching extremely down for blacks in all schools in America

    JIGGLY PUFFF 2 days ago

    Prince EA for 2017-3015 (I want you to be president for more than 8 years, lol.)

  • Satu Rasilainen
    Satu Rasilainen 2 days ago

    Suomi mainittu! 😍🙌🏽

  • Madison Keogh
    Madison Keogh 2 days ago

    Agree with most points, but the one about how teachers should make the same amount as doctors. Doctors go through more training and school. They should be paid more. Teachers should be given a better wage though.

  • Braithen Vella
    Braithen Vella 2 days ago

    More more the world needs more I need more everyone needs more !!!!!👍👍👍

  • Kawaii Gamer
    Kawaii Gamer 2 days ago

    did anyone else notice that the same woman was sat and placed in TWO different spots??

  • Kawaii Gamer
    Kawaii Gamer 2 days ago

    when he said the tests were too crude and should be abandon the classical music beat dropped and he recited a quote i just start crying like i can relate, EVERYONE can relate

  • Ally W
    Ally W 2 days ago

    preach, I'm moving to Finland

  • BigBang Films
    BigBang Films 2 days ago

    I could go on for a very long time on how dumb this is.

  • BigBang Films
    BigBang Films 2 days ago

    This is just stupid. Besides, Conservatives are told to be like liberals in school. By the way, if you are smart and go to a good school, they will learn to be creative. Standardized tests also help students raise their intelligence level. Take it from a student going into grade nine, me.

    • Aš Esu
      Aš Esu 2 days ago

      it's not the point. u say ,,if u are smart'', but every kid is ,,smart'' in it's own way. now, if hes very bad at math, does that mean hes worst than u? no, it means he shoudnt even learn math, because he maybe want to be a singer and he will reach more than anyone in school, but he will never learn math, because he dont need it to be a singer.... #IRestMyCase

  • Vanessa Reich-Shackelford

    You forgot to mention Sudbury Schools. Otherwise, this video is perfect. ;)

  • Pascale & Gabi
    Pascale & Gabi 2 days ago

    I love this, it's so truuuuu

  • Hailey Lynaugh
    Hailey Lynaugh 2 days ago

    great content. so true. i relate to this too my teachers think I'm dumb but they don't get that I'm a fish not a monkey. they'll never understand. we need to MOVE ON and update our ways. i have f's but I'm sooooo smart i swear ok thanks, back to the video lol

  • NEXTGEN -Xtream- kickback.com

    you schould be able to chose what you want to learn. The teacher schould teach the student the way it needs to be taught.

  • okoknana mamana
    okoknana mamana 3 days ago

    I agree at all!!!!!

  • Josh Choi hates Corn

    That was staged

  • -Dude Rekkit106- FireAnts_phillipines

    The same old thinking=the same old results

  • aneurysm huile de colza

    So because students still sit together in front of a teacher and a large display of some sort to display information on. Schooling is exactly the same? Man I used to like Prince EA. But this guys whole thing is manipulating things to make these "viral" videos which just get him paid. He changed....

  • Angel.Justineee
    Angel.Justineee 3 days ago


  • Brian Farrell
    Brian Farrell 3 days ago

    *sniff- THIS IS AMAZING

  • TheChronicalGamer LOL

    Amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️✊️🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

  • Doctor Wollin Richthofen

    I'm currently buying a house in Finland in a different tab

  • RoyaltyWafflesYT
    RoyaltyWafflesYT 3 days ago

    This is so inspirational i play this when i have heavy stuff like hard projects,homework, & I listen to this before i go to school :P

  • SirShaun
    SirShaun 3 days ago

    You wouldn't believe how many student cheat on exams tests and worksheets...

  • SirShaun
    SirShaun 3 days ago

    The school system is so fucked if it wasn't for quizlet and answer keys you can find online I would be failing almost all my classes. Not even mentioning the lazy teachers who just hand out worksheets and hw and expect me to teach myself while they go on Facebook instead of answering questions the students had from the night before on the homework they were never taught to do in the first place.

  • philscerealbox
    philscerealbox 3 days ago

    School is just one big, long, memory game

  • Emily firefriend
    Emily firefriend 3 days ago

    to all the people who disagree with this logic, just ask some high school students, as I am also and they will tell you they get nothing out of the school system, I ask other classmates if they know the difference between a debt card and credit card but they cannot answer correctly, this is just one example of what little they teach us to succeed, all of my knowledge has been obtained through research, my parents, and reading things on my own because I feel what they are dishing out to me is not going to help me in the future...

  • apikebapie
    apikebapie 3 days ago

    Some governments do that on purpose.

    So the students don't become 'to' smart for them to handle.

    If normal people in general we're alot smarter then they could see all their shady and corrupt acts alot easier.

    They would also be able to find loopholes in the system and discover how many businesses are cheating with them.

    And if even 1 of them had evil thoughts towards their country or government then they could give them a huge headache given they know enough about their systems.

    They like to keep the population dumb or atleast 1 step behind so they will be easier to control and manipulate (for ex. by using the media and telling them lies and twisting the truth).

    Generally i despise such a method but i can understand where they're coming from, but at the same time i hate them for slowing down human progress for their own benefit.

    (Do keep in mind that this is just what i think and not a complete fact)

  • Kaley Lopez
    Kaley Lopez 3 days ago

    "I myself am no Ghandi" son, you are wrong

  • Nathan Simonton
    Nathan Simonton 3 days ago

    Loved it so much and it's sooooo true man every last word

  • Miya Susan
    Miya Susan 3 days ago

    I'm moving to Finland but this man has the most powerful speech about are futures I got told of on Friday in math because I couldn't answere and question but art is my passion and can only do that 3 times in 2 weeks so art and dance and music should be are new main lessons because we care more about them also we will acually get somewhere in life with Heart full of passion now I rest my case aswell xx

  • Israel Garcia
    Israel Garcia 3 days ago

    they should had put him XXL Freshman

  • firepower
    firepower 3 days ago

    wow this is soo feeling fool

  • tilen bon
    tilen bon 4 days ago

    man this video is so gooooodd

  • Alessio Romagnoli
    Alessio Romagnoli 4 days ago

    I think we shouldn't live with the goal of getting money. We should try to reach hapiness. I personally think that grades are useless and make a lot of students get less confident. We should have the choice of the things we want to learn at school. For me 90% of the things I am learning are useless and I forget it like 10 minutes after I've heard it because I don't want to learn it because I don't need it. Most of the time I don't even know what im learning. The schools know almost every student think school is boring. Don't they ever wonder why? We spend more time in school than home and the time we spend in home is used to do their homeworks or sleep/eat to we can't go out anymore in fact, we humans can't really live happy anymore like this, being stressed by school. The teachers have the right to fail a student to someone who tried his best to answer and went to school even if he didn't want to. And it looks like these people don't realise that they can ruin a persons career and life because of dumb grades. Who are they really to have such responsibility? They are asking us what do you want to do when you grow up... I am 16. Can you ask me later, when I grow up ?But it doesn't work like that... I think that school is used by the government to teach us to go to work and make him richer without us wondering why. Why are we waking up today? Do we really want to do it now? But unfortunately most of people can't think about it that way. Thank you for reading.

  • Day__Dreamer _.
    Day__Dreamer _. 4 days ago

    That was so amazing. You're right! Thank you for doing this!❤

  • Day__Dreamer _.
    Day__Dreamer _. 4 days ago

    Why are there dislikes? Ignorant assholes!!

  • HeroTaker 943
    HeroTaker 943 4 days ago

    By hiring prostitutes to be teachers


    **packs bags**
    **moves to Finland**

  • Amanda VS
    Amanda VS 4 days ago

    This was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Wafflemaster ツ
    Wafflemaster ツ 4 days ago

    i like fish climbing trees

  • DownerIsland
    DownerIsland 4 days ago

    If only.

  • Fake Giveaways/Scams Exposed!

    Albert Einstein Once said, Prince Ea's studies are non-existent.

  • Chloe Alexis
    Chloe Alexis 4 days ago

    Why doesn't this have more views, this needs to be heard across the nation.

  • Madison Van 't Zelfde

    Hello there everyone! I have a very important announcement.
    My name is Madison, and I am a teenage girl from Canada who would like to start a revolution to change the public school system for the better good of mankind. I have been researching practically everything to do with the system for the past year, including the reasons why it is the way it is, and the truth is absolutely shocking. It is a lot to explain, but one of my favourite quotes hits the nail on the head, which is as followed: "Governments do not want a population capable of critical thinking. They only want people smart enough to run the machines and do their paperwork, yet dumb enough to passively accept their situation." We live in a hierarchy, us as the general population being at the very bottom, bombarded constantly each day with things meant to brainwash us. It's an illusion, guys. A complete game. We have been taught from childhood to believe school is important, and told to not further question the system. Once you do begin to question it, though, let me just say that your whole world changes. I am currently writing a book, and I would like this revolution to become as HUGE AS POSSIBLE. I am going to make a Facebook group if anybody is interested, so please feel free to add me if you'd like to join forces and work together to take control of our school system once and for all. Madison Héléna van 't Zelfde. If you'd like to follow me on Instagram, that is @madivantzelfde. Thank you for reading.

  • Kovai Tidel
    Kovai Tidel 4 days ago

    hi prince your argument against the school system is awesome it made a impact on me.which turns my life to be a motivational speaker thank you soooo much for making a huge impact on me most loved video

  • Alex McGaha
    Alex McGaha 4 days ago

    I honestly cried watching this because I am often called lazy by my family and others as I struggle with school despite having an IQ ranked at genius level and it is because of homework grades. I often don't finish homework but it's not because I am lazy it's because I try so hard but I am always so anxious that no matter how hard I try to finish, I won't be able to. I am given around 6 hours of homework each night with projects every week as I am in IB/AP classes. Now if you look at my daily things I have to get done it's impossible to get it all done. I wake up at 5 to leave for school at 6 and get there with 15 minutes to spare before the late bell. I then have classes from 7:15 to 2:15 after that I sometimes have rehearsals for theater productions or I have therapy. normally after therapy, it's 3:3o and after rehearsals, it's 4. I then go home and start on homework taking breaks occasionally to clean my room or walk my dogs. I then have to completely stop my homework to make dinner at 6 so I've only had about 2 hours to work on my homework then me and my brother eat around 7 after speed eating I take a quick shower that lands the time at around 8:15 to 8:30 (depending if I have to shave because of societal expectations of female hygiene). so after my shower, I continue on homework stopping at times to check to make sure my brother is doing his homework and cleaning the dishes and taking my dogs out. When I normally get my homework done it can be 12 to 1 in the morning meaning I only get four hours of sleep to do this all again the next day. that isn't factoring in things like my insomnia, my brother fighting me on doing his homework, and whether or not I am at my mom or dad's house because if I am at my mom's house I then have to deal with my sister trying to force me to do her chores as well as more stress as I can never do anything right in my mom's eyes so she's always yelling at me. Also, my parents are making me get a job before this upcoming school year starts so it prepares me for college and making sure I now I have to be responsible enough to juggle college school work and a job so I can pay for food, clothes, things I might want, and things I'll need. I also have to get the job if I want more supplies for painting, sketching, and cosplay stuff.

  • Avril's Life
    Avril's Life 4 days ago

    Wow This Was A Very Strong Message!!

  • XKING Gaming
    XKING Gaming 4 days ago


  • Mod_Imation
    Mod_Imation 4 days ago

    I showed my dog this Video, It now runs Microsoft

  • Lillian Broadrick
    Lillian Broadrick 4 days ago

    I have spent almost every day in algebra at school thinking I'm a complete idiot for not understanding anything the teacher is saying, and it makes it all the more difficult when they only drill one way to solve an equation into my head that I can never figure out. I don't understand financial literacy at all, and it was only covered once in seventh grade over a short period of time. There is something seriously wrong with how the school systems are teaching and what they are teaching. They need to have more interactive learning, help students with different minds in different ways, and help students focus on their strengths instead of judging them for their weeknesses. I completely agree with this video and I hope it makes even a slight change in our corrupted school system.

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat 4 days ago

    Ya school! what do you have to say to that

  • Raj Srivastav
    Raj Srivastav 4 days ago

    How can 5000 people dislike this ??????

  • Steve Ulrich
    Steve Ulrich 5 days ago

    Whole speech:

    Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody's a genius. But if you judge a fish.. By its ability to climb a tree.. It will live its whole life.. believing that it is stupid." Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today on trial we have modern day schooling.Glad you could come!

    Not only does he make fish climb trees.. but also makes them climb down.. and do a ten mile run. Tell me, school.. Are you proud of the things you've done? Turning millions of people into ROBOTS, do you find that... fun?!

    Do you realize how many kids relate to that fish? Swimming upstream in class, never finding their gifts, thinking they are stupid, believing... they are useless? Well the time has come, no more excuses. I call school to the stand and.. accuse him of killing creativity, individuality, and being intellectually abusive.

    He is an ancient institution that has outlived his usage. So your honor, this concludes my opening statement, and if i may present the evidence of my case, i will prove it. (Proceed.) Exhibit A.. Here's a modern day phone. Recognize it? Here's a phone from 150 years ago. Big difference, right? Stay with me. Here's a car from today. And here's a car from 150 years ago. Big difference right? Well get this: Here's a classroom of today. And here's a class we used 150 years ago. (Gasping) Now ain't that a shame? In literally more than a CENTURY.. Nothing.. has changed! Yet you claim to.. prepare students for the future? But with evidence like that i must ask.. Do you prepare students for the future.. or the past?

    I did a backround check on you and.. Let the records show that you were made to train people to work in factories. Which explains why you put students in straight rows, nice and neat. Tell 'em sit still, raise your hand if you want to speak, give them a short break to eat and for 8 hours a day tell them what to think. Oh, and make them compete to get an A. A letter that determines product quality, hence.. Grade A.. of meat. I get it. Back then, times were different, we all have a past. I, myself am no Ghandi. But today we don't NEED to make robot zombies. The world has progressed. And now we need people who think creatively, innovatively, critically, and independently.. With the ability.. to connect! See, every scientist will tell you that no 2 brains are the same. And every parent with 2 or more children will confirm that claim. So please explain why you.. treat students like cookie cutter frames, or snap back hats, giving them this one-size-fits-all crap? (Watch your language!) Sorry, your honor. But if a doctor prescribed the exact same medicine to all of his patients, the results will be tragic, so many people would get sick, yet.. when it comes to school, this is exactly what happens, this.. educational.. malpractice, where one teacher stands in front of 20 kids, each one having.. Different strengths, different needs, different gifts, different dreams.. And you teach the same thing, the same way.. That's horrific! Ladies and gentlemen, the defendant should not be acquitted, this may be one of the worst criminal offenses ever.. To be committed. And let's mention the way you treat your employees. (Objection!) (Overruled. i want to hear this.) It's a shame. I mean, teachers have the most important job on the planet, yet they are under.. paid? No wonder why so many students are short changed. Let’s be honest, teachers should earn just as much as doctors, because a doctor can do heart surgery and save the life of a kid. But a great teacher can reach the heart of that kid and allow him to truly live. See, teachers are heroes.. they often get blamed. But they're not the problem. They work in a system without many options or rights. Curriculums are created by policy makers where most of which have never taught a day in their life. Just obsessed with.. Standarized tests.. They think bubbling in a multiple-choice question will determine success. That's outlandish. In fact, these tests are TOO CRUDE TO BE USED, and should be abandoned. But don't take my word for it, take Fredrick J. Kelly, the man who invented standardized testing, who said.. and I quote.."These tests are too crude to be used, and should be abandoned."

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.. If we continue down this road, the results will be lethal. I don't have much faith in school, but i do have faith.. in people. And if we can customize health care, cars, and.. facebook pages, then it is our DUTY to do the same for education to.. upgrade, and change, and do a way with school spirit. 'Cause that's useless. Unless we are working to bring the spirt.. out of each and every student. That.. Should be our task. No more Common Core, instead, let's reach the core of every heart, and every class. Sure, math is important. But no more than art.. or dance. Let's give every gift an equal chance. I know this sounds like a dream. But countries like Finland are doing impressive things. They have shorter school days, teachers make a decent wage, homework is nonexistent, and they focus on collaboration.. Instead of competition. But here's the kicker, boys and girls, their educational system.. outperforms EVERY other country. In the world! Other places like Singapore, are succeeding rapidly. Schools like.. Montessori, programs like.. Khan Academy.. There is no single solution. But let's get moving. Because while students may be 20% of our population.. They are 100% of our future. So let's attend to THEIR dreams. And then there's no TELLING what we can achieve. This is a world in which i believe.. A world where fish.. Are no longer forced.. To climb trees. I rest my case.

  • peterann franklyn
    peterann franklyn 5 days ago

    no thank you for it was inspiring well said

  • peterann franklyn
    peterann franklyn 5 days ago

    no thank you

  • speedmasterI0
    speedmasterI0 5 days ago

    i am going so going to show this to my school head !!!!
    i think you are totally right and i am folling neste and i hope my school buy into it

  • Epic Beats 4.11
    Epic Beats 4.11 5 days ago

    You know school system really needs fixing when a teenager say "England is my city"

  • Sapna Patel
    Sapna Patel 5 days ago

    4000 dislikes from teachers!!

  • chez11chez
    chez11chez 5 days ago

    this actually made me cry cause I've thought the same thing

  • Kim Ji-Eun
    Kim Ji-Eun 5 days ago

    I'm agreeing with all he has said. Look in South Korea, their high schooling - 13 hours a day with a child having only 5.5 hours of average sleep. Its horrendous. And they have has that for over a century. I suggest every country look at Finland right now. Fi land has actually looked at how this hasn't changed. They've done the first move, and now we should do the second.

  • Lauren Nelson
    Lauren Nelson 5 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times and I get chills every time. It's so sad that this is true. I tear up every time I listen and hear the ending "although students are only 20% of our population, they are 100% of our future" and when he says "a world where fish are no longer forced to climb trees" I love this video so much thank you

  • Edd Baguio
    Edd Baguio 5 days ago

    This would have have been a very cringy without the music...

  • Frisk Dremurr
    Frisk Dremurr 5 days ago

    this was beautiful, wow. Good job!

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