Rae Sremmurd - Swang

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  • Russell_beast_brook
    Russell_beast_brook 25 minutes ago

    Warriors fans when kd joined them 2:23

  • _3A
    _3A 42 minutes ago


    When you're so drunk you try to be a model.

  • snskisusjs
    snskisusjs 49 minutes ago +1

    It's actually 2:23 .........................

  • TheGamer Hendrix
    TheGamer Hendrix 57 minutes ago


  • Kahiau Akuma
    Kahiau Akuma 58 minutes ago +1

    2:22 When your principle catches u smoking weed and he askes can I have a puff

  • Emmanuel Donan
    Emmanuel Donan 1 hour ago

    I remember I used to play this song when it just came out and my friends would say it's trash and then 2 months later they are all listening to it with the other 200 million people

  • Rose Gold Studios
    Rose Gold Studios 1 hour ago

    2:22 when your enemy gets whacked with a Gucci belt hard

  • abraham bautista
    abraham bautista 1 hour ago

    Minuto 1:14

  • Black Nigha
    Black Nigha 1 hour ago

    When you find a good meme for 2:22

  • Jourdan Gibson
    Jourdan Gibson 1 hour ago

    When I'm bout to say fuck y'all to all my teachers before summer

  • Gaming Donkey
    Gaming Donkey 2 hours ago

    2:22 when you get detention and the nice teacher is there 😂😂

  • Tenedra Meyer
    Tenedra Meyer 2 hours ago

    cool Song

  • Isaiah Villa
    Isaiah Villa 2 hours ago

    2:22 when she 14

  • LaShana Bonner
    LaShana Bonner 2 hours ago


  • Lasa B
    Lasa B 2 hours ago

    2:22 When "Slide in Maria" came out on Wild n out

  • Jack Salonsky
    Jack Salonsky 2 hours ago

    This sounds like Johnny cash

  • Hayley Dickinson
    Hayley Dickinson 2 hours ago

    the beattttt😍

  • Michael Slonski
    Michael Slonski 2 hours ago

    i love this song omg so addition to this

  • Michael Slonski
    Michael Slonski 2 hours ago

    i love this fucking song omg so addition to this

  • Michael Slonski
    Michael Slonski 2 hours ago

    i love this fucking song omg so addition to this

  • Nightbot
    Nightbot 3 hours ago +1

    0:34 *When squidward finally ate a krabby patty.*

  • Evan Strevey
    Evan Strevey 3 hours ago +1

    1 like = 1 tittie U wish u could like this twice😂

  • Emmanuel Garcia
    Emmanuel Garcia 3 hours ago

    2:22 when your parents get you food

  • Danny the dunker
    Danny the dunker 3 hours ago

    ok I put 2:22 in this coment so press the dam like button

  • tank23yo phillips
    tank23yo phillips 4 hours ago


  • tank23yo phillips
    tank23yo phillips 4 hours ago


  • Kaiwen Shi
    Kaiwen Shi 4 hours ago

    2:22 When you make it into XXL.

  • jdfkgaming
    jdfkgaming 4 hours ago

    2::22 when i get a hole in one

  • James Carter
    James Carter 4 hours ago

    This song helps me cool down

  • nathan kovacic
    nathan kovacic 4 hours ago

    your videos are amazing

  • sydne masdeu
    sydne masdeu 4 hours ago

    you guys are funny as heck

  • Grace Stewartt
    Grace Stewartt 4 hours ago

    I'm crying over the comment section 💀💀

  • l PTSD l
    l PTSD l 4 hours ago

    This song sucks decommissioned rat chods

  • Luis Ibarra
    Luis Ibarra 4 hours ago +1

    2:22 when you get high

  • Luis Ibarra
    Luis Ibarra 4 hours ago +1

    2:22 when you forget about everything and start been your self

  • Airallea
    Airallea 4 hours ago +1

    Those fucking high notes though.

  • mauricio rico
    mauricio rico 5 hours ago

    wtf is this music ?

  • MarvinMfz
    MarvinMfz 5 hours ago

    3:34 Your whale cum.

  • Nate Dog18
    Nate Dog18 5 hours ago

    when ou don't want to poo

  • Ethan Blackwood
    Ethan Blackwood 5 hours ago +1

    have a look at my remix of swang homies https://soundcloud.com/ethanblackwood/swang

  • Vxzii
    Vxzii 5 hours ago +1

    2:22 when your back tire is popped and you whip out the pump 😂

  • brandon boudry
    brandon boudry 5 hours ago +4

    when you cant find your glasses 0:46

  • Blythe Gabriel
    Blythe Gabriel 6 hours ago +1

    2:22 when u have a silent fart in front of ur crush

  • Reyna Navarrete
    Reyna Navarrete 6 hours ago

    Are you to brothers or bros

  • Vae Harmelink
    Vae Harmelink 6 hours ago

    when you dont got wifi but you got 4G 2:22

  • Dylan Mantanona
    Dylan Mantanona 6 hours ago

    I have to say this 😎😜💶💴💷💸❤️💵😍🔥

  • xSprinkklz
    xSprinkklz 6 hours ago

    My favorite Part
    SWANGGG "uhmmmm"
    Me: OML XD

  • Jermaine Calm
    Jermaine Calm 6 hours ago


  • Stephen Dowdye
    Stephen Dowdye 7 hours ago

    You know I won't need you after I get my brand new body.

  • RyBa
    RyBa 7 hours ago

    Marta jak się czujesz że inne szmaty tańczą na klipie ?

    MULTI ANDROID 7 hours ago


  • Johana Rubi
    Johana Rubi 7 hours ago

    When the money talks what is it there to say

  • kayla cain
    kayla cain 7 hours ago +1

    Dad like Swang so much he does it

  • I am wandique
    I am wandique 8 hours ago

    2:23 When you do not pass the class and you are like...

  • Ebraihem Jaiteh
    Ebraihem Jaiteh 8 hours ago

    I. Make. This. Song

  • Elite Gaming
    Elite Gaming 8 hours ago +1

    2:22 when you get a nuke in cod


    penelgringo :v

  • James
    James 8 hours ago

    If you dig this song check out my Soundcloud page! its dope stuff promise. Yes, I'm a Soundcloud rapper haha

  • Trend Ing
    Trend Ing 8 hours ago

    2:22 when jake Paul's channel dies

  • Will_enforcem
    Will_enforcem 8 hours ago

    2:22 when you nut for the first time in a month

    GALAXY SQUID 8 hours ago +1

    2:22 when your crush says she likes you back

  • Angelica Miller
    Angelica Miller 8 hours ago +1

    I love your music 💖

  • Sophsxox
    Sophsxox 8 hours ago

    his voice shouldn't be able to go that high

  • Zahara Enmond
    Zahara Enmond 8 hours ago +1

    2:22 When you get 1 like on your comment

  • Dobri
    Dobri 9 hours ago

    Jay-Z : 4:44
    Rae Sremmurd : 2:22
    Sampha : 4422

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer 9 hours ago

    2:22 when you drop ur phone and find it still working

  • Hipster 5555
    Hipster 5555 9 hours ago +1

    2:22 when u guys say retarded shit

  • Noa Nihot
    Noa Nihot 9 hours ago

    2:22 when you hear the 2:22 part of the song and do the 2:22 dance

  • Dynamic
    Dynamic 9 hours ago +1

    1:46 when you find a grand and decide to spend it on some hookers

  • Andrew JN
    Andrew JN 9 hours ago


  • Stephen Holderness
    Stephen Holderness 10 hours ago

    2:52 When your team hits the field goal.

  • Latia Thornton
    Latia Thornton 10 hours ago

    2:22 When Ghost beat the charges #Power

  • Roy Gerder
    Roy Gerder 10 hours ago

    this song bang ok

  • Bitch Please
    Bitch Please 10 hours ago

    what is swang?

  • Kreks LV
    Kreks LV 10 hours ago

    Rae Sremmurd+Headphones-Great .

  • King Josiah
    King Josiah 11 hours ago +1

    2:22 when you take your girl friend to Steve show to see if she cheated and she did

  • ? ?
    ? ? 11 hours ago

    Rap sure isn't what it was 10 yrs ago. This is some soft serve something. One word sums it up = bubble gum

  • Scary Moose
    Scary Moose 11 hours ago

    2:22 When you get a happy meal for free

  • The EXO - Clash Royale & More!

    2:22 when Maury says You Are Not The Father

  • ArchedSnake2
    ArchedSnake2 11 hours ago

    shits funny

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 11 hours ago +1

    2:22 when you find a new 2:22 joke !!!

  • J Cod
    J Cod 11 hours ago +1

    2:22 when your comment gets 2 likes

  • Lykalykaan Markriane
    Lykalykaan Markriane 11 hours ago

    2:51 When u guve granny some weed and she actually smokes it XD

  • stevepwn
    stevepwn 11 hours ago

    This shit is garbage he sucks dick

  • Yung Mind
    Yung Mind 11 hours ago

    The moment u make first mill like

  • Edgar Guerrero
    Edgar Guerrero 11 hours ago


  • Chicole Hedgebeth
    Chicole Hedgebeth 11 hours ago

    this my favorite song

  • Dogygamer034 Gaming
    Dogygamer034 Gaming 11 hours ago

    its lit

  • Dogygamer034 Gaming
    Dogygamer034 Gaming 11 hours ago

    this  song is funny  and why cause the old lady smokes

  • Awesome2themax _________

    2:22 When you finally think of a 2:22 joke

  • Aaliyah Vasquez
    Aaliyah Vasquez 12 hours ago

    My 1#song

  • fábi kovács
    fábi kovács 12 hours ago

    He is Nesquik.. I Love Nesquik milk <3

  • Jasiah Kinyon
    Jasiah Kinyon 12 hours ago

    2:22 when the judge says not guilty 😂

  • NormalGuy YT
    NormalGuy YT 12 hours ago

    2:22 when you realize england is a city

  • Variiox EZ
    Variiox EZ 12 hours ago

    Hot Espinacas xd

  • Precise Studios
    Precise Studios 12 hours ago +1

    2:22 When you find out you're not actually adopted

  • Art Waites
    Art Waites 12 hours ago +1

    Trying to avoid noob tubes in cod like 2:22

  • Kid for LiFe
    Kid for LiFe 12 hours ago

    2:22 when ur crush is single
    0:35 ur crush get a boyfriend that's not you

  • бегемот 86
    бегемот 86 12 hours ago +1

    Думаю это самый стильный клип

  • Miller Mania
    Miller Mania 13 hours ago

    Bass is lit asf

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