Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

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  • Rachel & Jun productions presents:
    Idiot's Guide to Japanese Apartments

    Directed by: Rachel & Jun
    Produced by: Rachel & Jun
    Filmed by: Rachel & Jun
    Edited by: Rachel & Jun
    Sound mixing: Rachel & Jun
    Starring: Rachel, Jun
    Cameo appearance: Haku

    One tatami mat was hurt in the making of this production.

    This video is sponsored by Jun's abs.

    How to set up, take care of, and otherwise prepare your Japanese apartment and/or house including but not limited to details such as necessary bathroom products and processes, earthquake prepardness direction, and tatami mat usage tips.

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  • ArchOfWinter
    ArchOfWinter 5 months ago +8458

    That's not an earthquake, that aliens attacking your starship in 60s Star Trek.

  • 보라 V
    보라 V 1 day ago

    I'm dead!😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • ThatAwesomeFacedGuy


  • 咲 P
    咲 P 1 day ago


  • Cherokee Myst
    Cherokee Myst 1 day ago

    "Spray and walk away!"

  • Kina Bean
    Kina Bean 1 day ago

    1:20 "you white pig"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Akira Alexis Soyra
    Akira Alexis Soyra 1 day ago +1

    White Rose!

  • EmmaCat 1738
    EmmaCat 1738 2 days ago

    And you have less chance to die😂

  • baikiman0915
    baikiman0915 2 days ago


  • Amita Pannavati
    Amita Pannavati 2 days ago +1


  • V Fablestrings
    V Fablestrings 2 days ago

    I love how he says coffee!!😂😂
    "If you spill on tatami like soy sauce or kohii..."

  • Jennet Sabrieva
    Jennet Sabrieva 2 days ago


  • Paula Szczepanski
    Paula Szczepanski 2 days ago

    you white pig? rude!

  • Sanam Patel
    Sanam Patel 3 days ago

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  • a Bear
    a Bear 3 days ago


  • Thomas Gillies
    Thomas Gillies 3 days ago

    Many asquakeuu

  • robstramma
    robstramma 3 days ago

    the subtitle are killing me. EBERI. NAITO.

  • ciaochan
    ciaochan 3 days ago

    Weabo guide

  • TECHGeek
    TECHGeek 4 days ago

    Wut... did he just call his wife White Pig?! Haha

  • Reawer
    Reawer 4 days ago

    "japan is having many assquake" xD

  • Creativity Crater
    Creativity Crater 4 days ago

    I'm sorry but when you said earth quake, i thought you sad ass quake lol

  • Angela Edwards
    Angela Edwards 5 days ago

    Okay, something is wrong in that houses in the United States do NOT have the "bathtub controls" like you have in Japan. How luxurious would THAT be?? If I ever become a bazillionaire, that's the FIRST thing I'm putting in my house.

  • Carl-David Lundstrom

    Ok this is actually pretty funny 😂

  • I Cant even rn
    I Cant even rn 5 days ago

    I literally dont wanna go anymore

  • excalibur3590
    excalibur3590 5 days ago

    I still remember when I was kid I visited a relative in Japan
    I spilled soy sauce over his tatami
    He looked like he wanted to murder me
    Now I know why
    ( -_-)

  • ShimejiPanda trash
    ShimejiPanda trash 5 days ago


  • Jan Frye
    Jan Frye 5 days ago

    The commentary was gold. Only barbarians bath in a dirty tub!! 😂😂

  • Julia Monty
    Julia Monty 5 days ago

    omg watch with subs

  • PoIicy
    PoIicy 5 days ago


  • Megumi Flies
    Megumi Flies 6 days ago

    love this! love the accent, would love to watch a lot of vids like this one :D

  • Dickjuggling Thundercunt

    put on automatic eng subs lmao

  • Lilly Cham
    Lilly Cham 6 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 ohhh the way he is speaking...creaning 😂😂😂😂

  • Xx_naenae_Xx
    Xx_naenae_Xx 6 days ago

    "It's so デリケート, you must never walk on top with しゅず、ぷと heavy furniture, or すぴる、or it become DESTROY."

  • Kc12345
    Kc12345 6 days ago

    you have the same hair color as your cat.......

  • Kathleen Kelley-Ottobre

    This is HYSTERICAL!!

  • My-Name-Is- Finnian-!

    How the hell did I stumble on to this?! XD

  • ling yang
    ling yang 7 days ago

    stupid foreigner😂

  • D Gerard
    D Gerard 8 days ago

    This was my first "living in Japan" video. Now I've subscribed to 5 different channels (including 3 of Rachel and jun's) and I have become obsessed. You two have ruined me. Thank you :)

  • _7i
    _7i 8 days ago

    Rachel if gold digger

  • Tamas Bakai
    Tamas Bakai 8 days ago

    Interesting and funny video :D good job

  • that coffee that namjoon threw down

    "And you have a less chance to die. too bad."

    im dead 😂

  • Starru Chan
    Starru Chan 9 days ago

    Put English captions and it'll make it funnier

  • crystal Shaft
    crystal Shaft 9 days ago


  • shyann jones
    shyann jones 9 days ago

    Lol ive only watched one of your videos before this and honestly I fell in love with your channel from that one video

  • Erikai Carman
    Erikai Carman 10 days ago +2

    Hanzo's guide to Japanese apartments. "Hahahaha, purrfect."

  • yien chan
    yien chan 10 days ago

    i cant stop laughing help

  • paulomerindo098 MCPE
    paulomerindo098 MCPE 10 days ago

    R.I.P Tatami died in soy sus and kohii

  • T r i g g e r e d C a t


  • [Internal Screams]
    [Internal Screams] 10 days ago

    Dammit he's taken--

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 10 days ago

    turning captions on made this a bit racist.

  • Kriso de la Erikejo
    Kriso de la Erikejo 11 days ago

    Scrub your tub 30 seconds every night and you will never have to scrub your tub again.

  • Bollocks O'Plenty
    Bollocks O'Plenty 11 days ago

    Hilarious (u)!

  • Jhoenna Perez
    Jhoenna Perez 11 days ago

    watch with English subtitles 😂😂😂😂

  • willow_ 15
    willow_ 15 11 days ago

    I thought you can't be loud

  • Adit Wisuda
    Adit Wisuda 11 days ago


  • anna chen
    anna chen 11 days ago

    I need more

  • Yari V
    Yari V 11 days ago

    omg I can't 😂😂😂 "highto!" "assquaku" "I toyuhao"
    it's so funny how in Spanish tradduction they put every word just like he says it 😂😂😂
    "estúpido extlanjelo! " bahahaha 😂😂😂😂

  • nAmJooN
    nAmJooN 11 days ago

    this is lowkey my favorite thing

  • NeesaRakell
    NeesaRakell 12 days ago

    omg this is gold 😂😂😂

  • Bonny M
    Bonny M 12 days ago

    i love the captions for when ever the dude talks lol

  • Helen Gonzales
    Helen Gonzales 12 days ago

    Congratulations you have 1 million subscribers!!

  • Versaz 1015
    Versaz 1015 12 days ago

    I laughed so hard when the guy was like
    Congratulations 😀 YOU RUIN TATAMI FOR EVER!! in the accent

  • Lord Emily
    Lord Emily 12 days ago

    I found this funny so much😂

  • IHazABuckets
    IHazABuckets 12 days ago

    "You white pig"

  • Shailenis Alvarez
    Shailenis Alvarez 13 days ago

    Did anyone notice that they put a paper saying "Earthquake Poles" instead of the original brand/name? 😆

  • TayborTalk Gaming
    TayborTalk Gaming 13 days ago

    999k good luck

  • 707
    707 13 days ago

    I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!

  • Bob Tomber
    Bob Tomber 13 days ago

    "Congratulations you ruin tatami FOREVER ". 😂😂😂

  • Tacos Locos
    Tacos Locos 14 days ago

    Asuka and Shinji really made it.

  • Yulkulf •
    Yulkulf • 14 days ago


  • Crimson-fox Twitch
    Crimson-fox Twitch 14 days ago

    One thing Japan gets right that America doesn't: the toilets.

  • Joe K
    Joe K 14 days ago

    Speaking of Earthquakes do you have tsunamis a lot?

    RAW TOPSHOT 14 days ago

    hilarious, yes more like these 👍

  • WatsonAndDaughter
    WatsonAndDaughter 14 days ago

    Now you have less chance to die! Which is too bad.

  • Michael Day
    Michael Day 15 days ago

    That's a nice apartment! I'm curious how much you guys pay per month, we live in Okinawa and our apartment isn't nearly as nice, but we pay $175. Loved the video, hope this becomes more of a series! Cheers!

  • Storm Treder
    Storm Treder 15 days ago

    the accent is PHYSICALLY PAINFUL, my family and i joke like this constantly but it's EXCRUCIATING hearing it coming from someone else, i'm dying

  • Potter Most
    Potter Most 15 days ago

    I'm glad to see that it all went right for Shinji and Asuka.

  • Pink Panther
    Pink Panther 15 days ago

    I love it when jun is aggressively Japanese

  • CrimsonBunnyScratch
    CrimsonBunnyScratch 15 days ago

    X'D i probably STILL wouldn't use the tub if not for the water pressure to get my hair extra clean, half the time that's the only reason i use the tub we have at home sometimes i take a quick bath and then shower the soap off, but honestly? XD i just use the tub spout because the water pressure gets my hair clean faster....

  • AnEnragedTurtle
    AnEnragedTurtle 15 days ago

    0:30 Killed me xD

  • fission mailed
    fission mailed 16 days ago

    "How mendokusai is tatami" 😂

  • Maiku Tsukino
    Maiku Tsukino 16 days ago

    Starting the search for an apartment in Kyoto for when I got to school in 2018. Another new word learned today! Taishin = earthquake. Thank you! Oh, and I already found out about the tatami mats....... be careful with them everyone. They are nice, but they are fragile. Love the blooper reel at the end!

  • KaLe
    KaLe 16 days ago


  • Moderator mal
    Moderator mal 16 days ago

    Nevamayndo ahhhhaha ;)

  • Matt Leung
    Matt Leung 16 days ago

    Nobody is talking about how Rachel is dedicated to this infomercial at 0:02 ???

  • Evelyn Leon
    Evelyn Leon 16 days ago

    Amo esos subtitulos en español <3

  • anas dweik
    anas dweik 17 days ago

    المترجم فخامة ، ههههههههههه

    • Luren
      Luren 5 days ago

      anas dweik مرره 😹😹😹 يضحك

  • shadow night
    shadow night 17 days ago

    plese do more of those guides . that voice is soooo funny

  • Sania Dutta
    Sania Dutta 18 days ago +2

    love the subtitles


  • Eneyda Cruz
    Eneyda Cruz 18 days ago

    I had to pause the video so I could laugh without missing on anything. BEST VIDEO!!!

  • Padme Themila Granger
    Padme Themila Granger 18 days ago

    The way Jun pronounced "apartment" is the way you say in spanish. I mean, EXACTLY like that 😂😂

  • Raven Silvertounge
    Raven Silvertounge 18 days ago

    my soul died when you spilled the soy sauce on the tatami.... it hurt

  • Spatiality
    Spatiality 18 days ago

    I have the CC on and it improves the viewing.

  • ねむ ねむ
    ねむ ねむ 19 days ago


  • It's-A-Me Heiwa
    It's-A-Me Heiwa 19 days ago


  • Emma Liv Bork
    Emma Liv Bork 19 days ago

    Lol in Denmark pretty much all bathrooms have shower/bathtub and toilet/sink in the same room... big, expensive bathrooms too

  • sakata 21
    sakata 21 19 days ago

    mendokusai lol

  • sakata 21
    sakata 21 19 days ago +1

    lol shiro buta

  • Sussie Del Mal
    Sussie Del Mal 19 days ago

    Love this video, please make more like this one!!!! <3

  • Almendra Miku
    Almendra Miku 20 days ago

    it become DESTROY

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