We Can't Say We Met On Tinder

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  • Is meeting cute even, like, a real thing anymore?

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    Anne Lane
    Chris Reinacher
    Mike Postalakis

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    Steven Wilson


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  • rollyrama2009
    rollyrama2009 13 days ago

    That single girl's reaction, in the middle, at the end was priceless. 'I'll play along with your lies'

  • Shahriar Anan
    Shahriar Anan 2 months ago

    I met my husband on tinder 7 months ago (he was not my husband at that time 😂, but he became afterwards ♥)

  • Ivan Langi
    Ivan Langi 2 months ago

    just realized they referenced the dating in 90s vs. now video

  • Ariana Penny
    Ariana Penny 5 months ago



  • Alice the Mad Rabbit
    Alice the Mad Rabbit 6 months ago

    My plan would be that you each tell everyone who asks a different, over romanticized, story. You'll definitely get caught or found out, but just laugh it off and tell the truth. :) It's no biggie. Everyone meets online now.

  • Hilda A
    Hilda A 7 months ago

    I had to fake a story to my parents that I met my boyfriend because he was a foreign exchange student

  • Sara Gutierrez
    Sara Gutierrez 7 months ago

    we met in Tinder and I feel embarrassed to tell to my family (only my friends know the true) we just moved together after 15 months :)

  • LOVE4everSher
    LOVE4everSher 7 months ago +13

    that uber story was so cute tho....

  • wooodstock
    wooodstock 8 months ago

    viva el pisco sour!

  • lol you're not Misha Collins

    Fedora and deep V? Do you mean Jared Padalecki?

    • lol you're not Misha Collins
      lol you're not Misha Collins 8 months ago

      Thanks. :3 +Lilith

    • Me
      Me 8 months ago

      lol you're not Misha Collins everything about this is awesome!: your comment, your username and your profilepic!!!!!!! :DDD

  • Tyler Padgett
    Tyler Padgett 11 months ago


  • Pinkybear
    Pinkybear 11 months ago

    I just tell people..o_o

  • funNypinkbaLletdot

    My boyfriend's cousin got married when she was 18. She met this guy online who lived halfway across the country and started dating long-distance. After a few months they got engaged and then married. He moved to her city and they got a place together. Everyone was horrified and certain that they would break up in a couple of months but they're still together 5 years later.

  • Laurita Venus
    Laurita Venus Year ago

    i met my boyfriend on tinder ^^

  • valerie Martínez
    valerie Martínez Year ago +1

    Tinder is everything! :3

  • Emily Slaton
    Emily Slaton Year ago

    my boyfriend and I of ten months met on Tinder. We say we met at the gym.

  • VirtualPreston
    VirtualPreston Year ago +32

    I met my partner through Wattpad, actually.

  • jaleeda Moore
    jaleeda Moore Year ago

    I really met my boyfriend on Tinder. We struck up  a conversation because we were both reading "Gone Girl."...This is de ja vue for me.  We say we met at Starbucks.

  • Tere Silas
    Tere Silas Year ago

    story of my life

  • Santiago Alvarado Orlandini

    All I care... Pisco Sour casually mentioned in a Buzfeed video. The cheesy patriot in me came out.

  • Rei Ackerman
    Rei Ackerman Year ago

    how people.. meets.. - no I don't know. le otaku.. -

  • Emi Paints
    Emi Paints Year ago +7

    I met my boyfriend on tinder, only 2 months going strong but it's still an amazing relationship <3

  • Erinate in a Bush

    Great uber driver.

  • Carolan Mcevoy
    Carolan Mcevoy Year ago

    hahaha i remember doing this! where did you guys meet him: SPAIN! me:LONDON! then we both give each other that face like whattt 😣 we said no more telling people spain! lol ....thankfully were over that now weve been married 7 years and have a 1 year old i was in the uk and he was in the usa we made it work were still very much in love..dont listen to anyone else and dont give up if you feel its true love it probably is ...it was for us💞
    BUT i wouldnt advise anyone to meet someone theyve only known a short while in person especially thats not in the same country we spoke all day everyday our webcams stayed on permentaly we fell sleep together woke up together for a year before we made plans to even meet..our phone bills alone let us know this was serious lol ..i hope everyone finds their happiness too 💖 god bless

  • amanda beronilla
    amanda beronilla Year ago


  • Gerardo Monteagudo

    Tecate? really? it´s the worst beer ever!

  • Refusetodefuse
    Refusetodefuse Year ago


  • lauren hall
    lauren hall Year ago

    the cafe part where they met, reminded me of Tokyo Ghoul, with Rize and Kaneki...tbh.

  • Shea Pierson
    Shea Pierson Year ago +3

    I've been with a Tinder match for over a year now. Online/apps is the best way to date.

  • MidnyteMorgan
    MidnyteMorgan Year ago

    that feel when you met your boyfriend on Leauge of Legends.

  • xXFluttershyXx
    xXFluttershyXx Year ago

    Was the boot of the car open?

  • S. Sarajlić
    S. Sarajlić Year ago

    Beware of ads disguised as non ads.

  • I love Tacos
    I love Tacos Year ago +2

    I don't have Tinder because of this reason

  • kevin w
    kevin w Year ago +28

    am i the only one who doesn't want to online date and actually met the person by accident in the street or a bar or what ever ? :/

    • kevin w
      kevin w 9 months ago

      +mynameispol when i figure that one i tell you ^^ i'm like you those kind of meeting are great online sounds depressing and lazy

    • kevin w
      kevin w Year ago

      +linafelina move here then ^^ because i do it ^^ i'm just a bit picky

    • kevin w
      kevin w Year ago

      +linafelina maybe because most of the girls that we ask out just a want a free drink or think men = he wants a one night stand
      when that's just a small part of men and most of us just want to be with someone :/

  • Sarah James
    Sarah James Year ago

    Black People Meet... Cannot tell people you met there.

  • Complexology
    Complexology Year ago

    I don't meet people, I am not allowed to, because I am not good enough to date.

  • Cindy Alonzo
    Cindy Alonzo Year ago

    Inlove how brittani just knows bc her and chris are best friends

  • Kari Lari
    Kari Lari Year ago

    this is like the black people meet comercial

  • Gra Piken
    Gra Piken Year ago +1

    Buzzfeed promoting a service that discriminates against trans people. Boycott Tinder

  • ill ironiks
    ill ironiks Year ago

    Yep, I'm about to see a girl I met on Tinder over the weekend. if we should so happen to end up together this will be the story.

  • music4everz95
    music4everz95 Year ago +3

    I met my boyfriend online. and I don't care. I just tell people we met online. Meeting people online is actually really common nowadays.

  • Misa Bella
    Misa Bella Year ago +1

    This video is so hilarious. My boyfriend & I met on tinder and we made up a whole story about how we met at a party. Nobody's questioned it. We've told our close friends the truth though, haha.

  • basedgodess
    basedgodess Year ago

    Met my boyf on tinder woooo

  • SheliakDragon
    SheliakDragon Year ago

    I met a guy on Tinder. Everyone knows how we met. We're getting married in two weeks.

  • MortallicA91
    MortallicA91 Year ago +1

    There should be like tinder for friends... fb is not helping
    im an introvert. Maybe I should perfect the language in the country I'm living in... Like I didn't speak english with people back in my country and didn't even care they don't speak my language without being upset or not interested or...

    • alexkg1
      alexkg1 Year ago

      +MortallicA91 Tinder is not a great outlet for guys that don't look like super models. If you're a girl however, you'll get tons of matches.

  • دينك خرى
    دينك خرى Year ago +1

    lol...i usually say met my girlfriend on tinder but truth is on tg dating site....

  • Gucci/Thunder
    Gucci/Thunder Year ago +4

    Man I love how the drivers looking the whole time.😅😅

  • yourhamptonspouse

    Pisco sour. I see you, Chris

  • TimeLapse54321
    TimeLapse54321 Year ago +20

    I met a great guy on Tinder recently. We initially agreed on it just being a hook-up, but he's actually really cool so we'll see where it leads. I'm hesitant because we didn't meet in a more traditional way. Thankfully, my mom is a marriage therapist and a lot of her clients recently have met online so she's cool with it and thinks it's a completely valid way of meeting someone. I just don't know about the rest of the world though...

    • H4LFB4K3D1
      H4LFB4K3D1 Year ago

      +TimeLapse54321 the rest of the world is also on tinder, i think youre good

    • Ms. Lola
      Ms. Lola Year ago

      +TimeLapse54321 Don't worry about the rest of the world. Who cares where you found your love. Be happy and I hopes it works out for you. :) Good luck

  • Alex Kosh
    Alex Kosh Year ago

    Literally me and my boyfriend

  • Joanna Wojtalik
    Joanna Wojtalik Year ago +60

    I met my boyfriend on tinder and i say it proudly, because it's 2015 and dating online should no longer be looked down upon. thanks to the app ive actually found somebody who i was able to meet up with while sober, fully aware and consensualy, instead of finding some random dude at the bar, drunk and waking up next to a nightmare.

    • Crisol Barajas
      Crisol Barajas Year ago

      Wow that's awesome.

    • fashionkid1000
      fashionkid1000 Year ago

      That is so good.. You should be proud of how you guys met. Long as you are both happy! I wish you both the best.

    • fashionkid1000
      fashionkid1000 Year ago

      Are you guys still together?

  • rosa brannan
    rosa brannan Year ago

    pisco sour is not gross!

  • Taylor Leigh
    Taylor Leigh Year ago +114

    I feel a little bit better now that I know this video exist. Because I totally met my boyfriend on tinder and I HATE telling people.

    • Gigi Lanette
      Gigi Lanette 3 months ago

      Congrats! I feel embarrassed saying me and my fiancé met on tinder but honestly I'm truly glad I met him. Some people don't care, others make it awkward but... we can't change where we met. I'm just glad that I met him.

    • pippylunalove
      pippylunalove 8 months ago

      Woo! That's so awesome!!!

    • Taylor Leigh
      Taylor Leigh 8 months ago

      +ayaan afroqueen We're still together :) We just hit 15 months two days ago! lol. We have to remind ourselves that we met on tinder because it doesn't feel like it. We like to say "we found love in a hopeless place". lol.

    • ayaan afroqueen
      ayaan afroqueen 8 months ago

      keep us updated :)

    • bluefavorites
      bluefavorites Year ago

      Congrats! I'm happy for you :)

  • Olga Medvedieva
    Olga Medvedieva Year ago

    I was reading Gone Girl when I clicked on this video. How ironic.

  • jack villafuerte
    jack villafuerte Year ago

    wait, did she said gross to pisco sour??

  • 00sasukelovagirl00
    00sasukelovagirl00 Year ago +20

    Oh man I totally get it. I met my husband on a dating site, a site which I have completely forgotten the name of lol. It started with an M, I know that much. We were trying to come up with a story of how we met, but we just couldn't come up with one, so after so many months of dodging the question or being vague I finally told people we met online. Yep, shouldn't have done that. Oh the ridicule. My parents STILL don't expect us to stay together and we dated for 4 years, have been married for 2 years this month. My uncle tried to convince me to break up with him after we dated for a year, and my dad even forced me to move back home (I had been living with him for a year) by coming over with my brother and uncle, packing all my stuff up, and driving me back home, but I refused to break up with him. After 10 months of crying all the time and just being completely miserable apart they finally gave in and helped us get our own place together again. Even though my dad whispered in my ear as he walked me down the aisle, "It's not to late to turn back you know." I know dad...all because we just happened to meet online.

    • alexkg1
      alexkg1 Year ago

      +00sasukelovagirl00 Match.com?

  • Mike Meza
    Mike Meza Year ago

    "So... were did you guys meet?"
    "Oh... we met on Tinder"
    *Epic Facepaaaaalm*

  • Dylan Beazley
    Dylan Beazley Year ago +1

    I laughed so damn loud at the end XD love you 5eva Buzzfeed

  • Fern Potts
    Fern Potts 2 years ago

    800 pages a book

  • TheHorse316
    TheHorse316 2 years ago

    Britney at the end referencing another video made me die

  • Isabelle jean-Louis
    Isabelle jean-Louis 2 years ago

    I met my boyfriend on chatous :P

  • aprilblenk
    aprilblenk 2 years ago

    My best friend actually met her boyfriend on Tinder about a year ago and he's by far the best guy I've seen her go out with. But yeah, she always lies and says they met at a party or something. XD

  • Lilly B
    Lilly B 2 years ago


  • Mary Whipple
    Mary Whipple 2 years ago

    Yeah, my husband and I met on Zoosk. We happened to also be in the same psychology class so, if I don't want to explain the online dating thing (read: telling old people how we met), I usually just tell them we had a class together.

  • Jess
    Jess 2 years ago +12

    for the longest of time I thought Chris was gay

  • Taryn Lutz
    Taryn Lutz 2 years ago +14

    I'm not ashamed to say I met my girlfriend on a Panic! At the Disco group chat on kik :3

  • Silyeah
    Silyeah 2 years ago

    I met my boyfriend on Instagram. I just tell people we met at an archery contest, but whenever someone ask for details I always give away different, made-up details. I hope the people I talk to don't talk to each other..

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 2 years ago

    I totally can relate to this, boyfriend and i, we met on twitter

  • GreenRosetta
    GreenRosetta 2 years ago

    I met my boyfriend of almost 2 years at a bar/pool hall. Meeting at a bar isn't the best story. But it is a good story when he was about to leave because he was tired from work but bumped into me and ended up staying till close. I never go to bars by myself but for some reason I decided to that night, I bumped into him shortly after I arrived. He ordered a Drambuie and one of those peach ice teas, I had never seen that combination so I asked him about it. Regardless of how or where you meet, in the end it is about the decisions you make which may bring two people together.

  • OhMyGodGiveMeAName
    OhMyGodGiveMeAName 2 years ago

    I never understand these "We'll just say we met in a supermarket" people :P

  • Tori Danielle
    Tori Danielle 2 years ago

    This is how my boyfriend and I were in the beginning. Now we don't care haha

  • Must love black film and unicorns

    This must be inspired by that Black People Meet Commercial. lol.

  • Sergio Vera
    Sergio Vera 2 years ago

    "I've only read Game of Thrones for the past two years" That man gets me

  • Suzani Fernandes
    Suzani Fernandes 2 years ago

    I'm very shy and dont go out so much so most of the guys i met were on tinder. Part of them are my good friends now and atm im kind of dating a guy from tinder. It's been a month and im not ashamed to tell people my supposed bf to be met me on an app.

  • wouldnt you like to know

    just love it

  • Tom Wotton
    Tom Wotton 2 years ago

    I LOVE the Taxi Driver
    and I love this video.

  • Johanna Martel
    Johanna Martel 2 years ago

    I'm sorry.. How come she doesn't like pisco sour???!

  • Lidor Zauda
    Lidor Zauda 2 years ago

    yeah... they don't sell this where i come from

  • Alexandra4real
    Alexandra4real 2 years ago

    But do people actually meet on Tinder and start relationships or do they just hookup??

    • wut ever
      wut ever 2 years ago

      +junejunejuniejune How's it like meeting people from the internet? is it an awkward thing at first? And whata bout when you guys started dating? how did any of you approach each other about deleting the app lol? or was it something you guys did on your own?

    • junejunejuniejune
      junejunejuniejune 2 years ago

      Some people use it only for hookups, or just dates in general. I've been on Tinder dates with 12 different men where nothing happened, just meeting, didn't get along with any of them, and realized how rare it is to find someone who has a connection. The first guy I ever matched with on Tinder, I put off meeting, and when we finally did meet, it wasn't romantically orientated. But, next thing you know, we'be been together for 6 months now! It's rare, but it can happen and turn long term!

  • hedwigdashuhn2.0
    hedwigdashuhn2.0 2 years ago

    Uber is now forbidden in Germany ^^

  • Donloreas Trumbridge
    Donloreas Trumbridge 2 years ago

    1,000,000 view XD I MADE IT

  • MC zoeT
    MC zoeT 2 years ago

    I'm the millionth view

  • jkl
    jkl 2 years ago +1

    Exactly 1,000,000 views holy moly.

  • adirgeforher
    adirgeforher 2 years ago

    k but the cab story is cute though, ha

  • saltypork101
    saltypork101 2 years ago +6

    That's a very nice cabbie.

  • zeppelin462
    zeppelin462 2 years ago

    Anne Lane!

  • bagel
    bagel 2 years ago

    this is hilarious

  • Carolyn Burt
    Carolyn Burt 2 years ago +2

    "I get it. I get it Britney. I get it we live in a different time."

  • Clara R.
    Clara R. 2 years ago

    Met on Tinder AND called an Uber! That just like the stereotypical Californian

  • Kodi Walker
    Kodi Walker 2 years ago +1

    "My audiobook of gone girl" hahaha

  • Valen son
    Valen son 2 years ago

    I met my current girlfriend online. So what? She's from phillipines :D

  • Sara Powers
    Sara Powers 2 years ago

    Hey I know that guy!
    Way to go Chris Reinacker (don't know if I spelled that right…)

  • spinemelter2000
    spinemelter2000 2 years ago

    Normal people do not use any online dating sites. They meet in person. If you were attractive or at least presentable, someone would see you and pursue you based on your physical attractiveness. The only people on dating sites are as ugly as I am, or worse. If you currently have an online dating profile, it's because you're hoping someone will notice your inner beauty and be too in love with you to dump you when you meet in real life because of how gross you are. Your only profile picture is either blurry, or an all-the-way-zoomed in fat-girl pose that doesn't show anything below your first chin.

  • L T
    L T 2 years ago

    Sooooo... Like the black people meet commercial...

  • steven schwartzhoff
    steven schwartzhoff 2 years ago

    A sponsored video? Just seems currious.

  • CraftyJane
    CraftyJane 2 years ago

    That fedora has got to be the one that Brittany sports all the time... Now I want one.

  • jennatalks
    jennatalks 2 years ago

    I wish I could meet someone by them reading the same book as me!

  • 762x39
    762x39 2 years ago +1

    Tinder is a meet and fuck ;)

  • Thomas Mullaney
    Thomas Mullaney 2 years ago

    Uber you are doing some sneaky marketing ;) very effective though

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