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  • Before we kick off on this: I’m in ‘Straya. We spell it with a ‘Y’, like, I dunno, everywhere on earth except Retardistan, which is also called ‘Merica. Knock yourself out in the comments feed, on this, Jethro. Say hi to Jim-Bob and Ellie-Mae. Enjoy the spit roast. And all the other hillbilly fun. There’s a whole world outside the USA. How long has that been the case.
    I’m John Cadogan, from - the place where Aussie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars. Hit me up on the website for that.
    Welcome to another ‘What the FAQ’ - which oxygenates your more common questions and (I hope) equips you with the facts you need to jump these vexatious hurdles.
    There are about 12 million cars on Australian roads, which means - ballpark - 50 million tyres. And that means replacement tyres, even in a global backwater such as this, are big business. I get several recurring questions on this, which all boil down to:
    Which tyres should I buy?
    The basics are: They have to be the right size - and the right load rating. You can choose a tyre with a load rating greater than the minimum, but not less than that. That’s a detail the tyre retailer usually looks after.
    I’m kinda passionate about tyres because for five or six years I ran all the Wheels Magazine annual tyre tests. We conscripted the assistance of a lot of local tyre engineers to get the testing protocols right for those tests, and as a result, I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would about tyres.
    So the first thing you need to know is that the manufacturers of quality tyres all have a real problem: Tyres are all black and round, so the really good ones look exactly the same as the really shit ones. It’s a marketing challenge par excellence.
    If you’re a non-technical person, it can be quite hard to believe a good tyre that looks exactly the same as a shit tyre, but costs maybe $100 bucks more is actually that much better. But - trust me on this - it is.
    There are a great many urban myths on various tyre brands - like some are allegedly quieter. Some are allegedly better at grip in the wet - whatever.
    Having stood on the side of the track, set up the timing beams, briefed the race driver, consulted with the expert engineers, I can tell you those brand-based myths are bullshit.
    The number one thing to remember when you’re buying replacement tyres is that all the known, quality brands: Pirelli, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Toyo, Michelin, Yokohama - et cetera - you know the ones I mean - all those quality brands perform about the same as each other, for a particular size and category of tyre.
    Obviously a Pirelli on a Porsche is very likely to out-perform a Yokohama on a Yaris. We’re talking apples-for-apples here.
    I’d include Hankook and Kumho on that ‘quality brands’ list, too - they are definitely up there, at least they are today. And I say this on the basis of trackside measurements - testing - that I actually conducted. There’s no doubt. And FYI - I have no commercial affiliation with any tyre manufacturer.
    The number two thing is: Don’t ask for brand-type advice at the retail coal face. Retailers are incentivised by different manufacturers - so there are different agendas at play. The retailer invariable recommends the tyre that’s right for him, commercially, not necessarily you.
    I’d get three different quotes on three different quality brands, over the phone, and go with the cheapest one. It really is that simple. But asking brand advice from a tyre retailer is like walking into a Mazda dealer and asking him if Toyota is any good. It’s not a place where unbiased advice is forthcoming.
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  • DrCrazyAzz
    DrCrazyAzz 15 hours ago

    Note to self, always fry new tyres in a static burnout for safety

  • Xcalibur Prime
    Xcalibur Prime 18 hours ago

    Hi John, how are you? May I ask for your advice - I have a Run Flat TIre on my 540i E60. I am contemplating on going Non-RFT. What are you thoughts please. Much obliged.

  • Raza Siddique
    Raza Siddique Day ago

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    Sp4m Solo 2 days ago

    with that beard you looks father xmass lol

  • 5jjt
    5jjt 2 days ago

    Chicks don't dig bald guys. Go USA!

  • Russell Williams
    Russell Williams 3 days ago

    If you want to be schooled the hard way about how important tyres are - buy a motorcycle and put cheap tyres on it... Put your affairs in order before you ride it.

  • Russell Williams
    Russell Williams 3 days ago

    I am a retired London (Met) Police advanced driver and motorcyclist and a qualified assessor for both. As such, I was already aware of most of what he just said...BUT not all of it! There were a few facts that were definitely very educational for me. Excellent videos and beautifully delivered. It's like getting a briefing about something sensitive where the dude doing the briefing knows he is in secure company - a bullshit free zone, if you will.

  • billiondollardan
    billiondollardan 4 days ago

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    Jess Allen 4 days ago

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  • Michal mm
    Michal mm 4 days ago

    Honest, beautiful, I love it .... keep up good job!!😊

  • vkorinfsky
    vkorinfsky 4 days ago

    Very good video, the difference in tread design clears a few doubts. I do have a genuine question, how does one obtain high/ultra high performance tyres for older vehicles that carry sizes such as 14", 15" and 16" in my particular case 15" where it must be period correct and aftermarket rims aren't an option?

    Only option I have found so far is Sumitomo and they do have a moderate directional performance tyre in the 215/60R15 that I require. I have not found any other quality tyre of that size, only shit no name brands that literally get bogged on wet bitumen on a slight incline, embarrassingly that actually happen to me.

  • Aaron ___
    Aaron ___ 5 days ago

    there are some premium branded shit tires. Goodyear Viva 3.

  • D Tom
    D Tom 6 days ago

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  • Khu NoPie
    Khu NoPie 7 days ago

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    thiklpet 7 days ago

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  • angelo iannacone
    angelo iannacone 7 days ago

    After all these years I've been enlightened thankyou

  • Blue Patch1413
    Blue Patch1413 7 days ago

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  • SonBoogie
    SonBoogie 8 days ago

    this is fantastic

  • ChrissyOnePhoto
    ChrissyOnePhoto 8 days ago

    As an American, I can verify that these things are all true.

  • Mega King Grass
    Mega King Grass 9 days ago

    More good work riding the edge John. Entertaining and informative.

  • Mark Jacobson
    Mark Jacobson 11 days ago

    Thanks to your grandpa for fighting in WWII. Don't hate the USA just because we are all that really matters and you are butt hurt about not mattering!

  • Bourn Phree
    Bourn Phree 11 days ago

    Too much introductory crapola then just babbles on and on....perty much useless

  • Karl lee
    Karl lee 11 days ago

    what about snow tyres

  • zachary666655
    zachary666655 12 days ago

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  • S. Davis
    S. Davis 12 days ago

    I like this guy!

    The choice of words are great.

  • mozzmann
    mozzmann 12 days ago

    John , your a legend !!! No bull straight up and down . I run Michelin Pilot Sport on my Stagea and Federal's on the wifes identical Car.
    The Michelin's are outstanding in the Snow and Wet which is why I chose them for Passenger transport I do. yet for general use the Federals on the Wifes Car I cannot fault for general driving either. .
    Absolutely great advice for everyone as usual.

  • dany manchster
    dany manchster 12 days ago

    disliked for calling the greatest nation or at least better that australia (yup, lower case a, bitches) retarded.

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  12 days ago

      +dany manchster Get back to me when that fucktard Trump is no longer president of your retardo-nation...

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    7drone7 13 days ago

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    aztekkthundergod 13 days ago

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    bradley goode 13 days ago

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  • George Torres
    George Torres 15 days ago

    There are pros and cons in reference to people and country's.
    There are always differences which anyone can poke fun at another. I am proud to be an American and I would never take a pun seriously that is aimed at the US. After all we have freedoms which may or may not exist in one country over another.
    Your ability to speak with an Aussie accent doesn't mean that your speech is faulty it just means that you grew up where that is the custom or pattern of speech. To express how you think how you should behave is how you were raised. if your inability to express your thoughts by only using the language that your grew up with is, well lets just say that you would not be invited to speak around my children.

  • TheTech9
    TheTech9 16 days ago

    I've watched this so many times now. This execution of presentation is gold and informed

  • gmcjetpilot
    gmcjetpilot 16 days ago

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    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  16 days ago

      I'm sorry the education system left you behind. (The majority of the rest of the world spells it with a 'y' you imbecile...)

  • Robert Jensen
    Robert Jensen 17 days ago


  • Sficlassic
    Sficlassic 17 days ago

    I'm from the US and thank-you for the nice insult, and if I can give one back, nice review comming from the British penal colony down under. That being said, I agree completely. The only thing between your car and the road is your tyre's. They determine how well it stops, corners and mostly your and others safety. DON"T BUY RETREADS/CHEAP TYRE'S. You will only spend more in the long run. Good video and I hope people listen to it. Thanks from the yank.

  • dpistis
    dpistis 17 days ago

    What about Falken? I am a big fan of them.

  • Josh Kilen
    Josh Kilen 18 days ago

    Thanks for the info.

  • Andre Kondziolka
    Andre Kondziolka 18 days ago

    really u want to dog out my country? lmao you entire country is formed off inbreeding convicts. bubba

  • DRAKO9764
    DRAKO9764 18 days ago

    What about Falken?

  • Muzzer UK
    Muzzer UK 18 days ago

    You can't get a tyre review like this in the UK - I learnt a fair bit & laughed my tits off at the same time - I just need to google what a commodore car looks like & compare it to the boy racer wanker wagons driven by youngsters here.Thank you John Cadogan :)

  • Atrax R
    Atrax R 18 days ago

    I think you made a mistake there, directional tires CAN be rotated from left to right (or back to front for that matter). While asymmetrical tyres CAN'T be swapped from left to right but only back to front.

  • Rick Bean
    Rick Bean 19 days ago

    At least we can own guns...'Murica.

  • MrNotorius5500
    MrNotorius5500 19 days ago

    I'm ashamed to be a citizen of Retardistan. But I must admit I laughed hysterically because if how true it is. I can't get through to the imbisilic failed abortions here no matter how hard I try.

  • Univid Genosin
    Univid Genosin 19 days ago

    Lol. This guy is fuckin hilarious and honest.

  • caroline kimber
    caroline kimber 19 days ago

    The FUNNY and most bang on INFORMATION

  • caroline kimber
    caroline kimber 19 days ago +1

    As MOST Americans over HALF cannot find the USA on a map so so out side of the USA is a godless

  • Phil Burnard
    Phil Burnard 19 days ago

    Good general article. Just FYI tyres aren't "injection" molded. The are built (with a fair amount of labour) layer upon layer on an expanding drum (inner liner, sidewalls /apex/bead, steel belts, cap ply then tread rubber slab. Molds are pressed around the tyre and tyre is expanded into the mold cavity. Vent "pips" or these days micro vents are to release the excess rubber and any trapped air.

  • Cesar Marin
    Cesar Marin 19 days ago

    Thanks for all of the great videos you post. I will now unsubscribe. I will not support a channel that includes hate speech in its videos. It s a shame because you have a lot of great information.

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  19 days ago

      (I don't mind if you unsubscribe - just wanted to know how amazingly politically correct you are.)

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  19 days ago

      What hate speech?

  • Bike Man
    Bike Man 20 days ago

    This guy will be begging for the US military one day. Don't insult us! Down UNDER. Aren't you guys hanging upside down, making all the blood run to your fat head.

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  20 days ago

      Who the fuck is 'us', moron? And did they elect you a spokesperson or did you just appoint yourself?

  • Damo R
    Damo R 21 day ago

    what about all these name brand tyres seen on ebay at cheap (ish) prices? my guess is they are years old?

  • tom dolan
    tom dolan 21 day ago

    Thanks for making me laugh mate!! and good advice....

  • ghostcar
    ghostcar 21 day ago

    Someday vee shall rule de verold!

  • MarzNet256
    MarzNet256 21 day ago

    Proper tire pressure is also critical. Inflate tires to PSI (s) indicated on drivers side door jam sticker, not max PSI rating on tire. Use a quality dial gauge and check pressure every couple of weeks or when temp changes more than 20deg. Do this when tires are cold and not in the sun (morning is a good time). Pressure changes about 1 PSI for every 10 deg temperature change.

  • yarpos
    yarpos 21 day ago

    Wondering about tyre performance over the life of the tyres , rather than fronting up to a test area testing sets of new tyres. I used to drive 60-70,000 km per year and found a couple of the major brands John mentioned to completely change character when they went past 40% worn or so. Moved on to other brands with much better results.

  • Teddy Spot
    Teddy Spot 21 day ago

    Thanks John, learnt alot from your vid on tyres. One thing I'm still not sure of is whether a single spare can service the four asymetric Michelin Pilot Super Sports (in two different widths) standard on my car. Fronts are 225/40 R18, and rears 245/35 R18. Will one spare in either 225/40 or 245/35 get me to nearest town and tyre retailer? I'd feel more confident doing the south-west West Australia with a proper spare. At the moment I've only got the in-car compressor and tyre sealant BMW provides for my car. Also, it currently has an open-diffential. Will changing it to a limited-slip diffential impact whether it can handle one side on 245/35 and other side on 225/40? Hope you can help. Cheers.

  • Toshi Nakae
    Toshi Nakae 22 days ago

    so thats what the rubber hairs are

  • EJL2004
    EJL2004 23 days ago

    I found out about the mould release compound in the first intersection trying to make it in a gap in traffic and understeered like crazy in wrx. quite a surprise at first!

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura 23 days ago

    It's hilarious that you think the entire USA is nothing but rednecks and hillbilly's. You do realize the USA consists of more than just a few southern states, right???

  • J A S P E R
    J A S P E R 23 days ago

    Love how you breath into your nose so loud! 😂 Like a twin-turbo almost. 😄 Like your vids btw.

  • David Gray
    David Gray 24 days ago

    Good advice and funny commentary.

  • steinwaygrande
    steinwaygrande 24 days ago

    Your comment about brand new tyres is so true. Drive them for about 100 Km and then they are good to go.

  • Ronan Rogers
    Ronan Rogers 25 days ago

    Interesting thoughts, John.

    In Germany, where I live, tyres are independently (and thoroughly) tested by several organisations, and the data is published for consumers. This includes accurate decibel measurements, and of course wet & dry stopping distances etc etc etc. This is proper testing, R&D style.

    People living outside of Germany can access that data as well, thanks to the internet (in German, but pretty easy to translate).

    I drive on autobahns at very high speeds (double Australian speed limits), in addition to riding my KTM 1290 on these roads.

    Riding a motorcycle (for 35 years) has always impressed on me the criticality of tyres - as far as I'm concerned, tyres are the #1 safety device for any vehicle, with brakes a close second, and suspension coming in third.

    I'd rather have all of those working well than a series of curtain and knee airbags (although I'd rate a frontal airbag as highly as tyres. At the end of the day, the airbag is going to be a potential lifesaver, but great tyres might mean it's never tested).

  • Hector Domino
    Hector Domino 25 days ago +1

    Australians are Cool... Love the way they talk.

  • djmocok
    djmocok 26 days ago

    Wait a minute 0- how do u wake up dead

  • TheRealHecky420
    TheRealHecky420 26 days ago

    Other countries hate Americans, but they love our stuff!

  • mesutter
    mesutter 26 days ago

    How does one "wake up dead"?

  • AV8R
    AV8R 27 days ago

    You sound jealous. Please tell me, what have Australians invented or contributed to the world? Tick, tock, tick, tock... I'll wait. Oh yeah, that's right - NOTHING. Now compare that to the citizens from around the world that comprise the people of the US. There is no comparison. Now go back to your beer drinking and Bar-b-que.

    • pyrioncelendil
      pyrioncelendil 16 days ago

      Black box flight recorder: French engineer François Hussenot. You're probably thinking of the integrated flight data & voice recorder.
      Google Maps: funny you'd claim it as Australian. It was invented in Australia, yes, but by two Danish-born programmers, Lars and Jens Rasmussen.
      Penicillin: Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming.
      Cochlear implant: Dr. William House, from Kansas City, Missouri.
      Ultrasound: French physicist Paul Langevin.
      Aircraft escape slides & rafts: American James F. Boyle. You're probably thinking of *inflatable* aircraft escape slides and rafts.

    • AV8R
      AV8R 27 days ago

      Mine is way bigger than yours.

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  27 days ago

      Quite right: apart from the black box flight recorder, spray-on skin, the electronic heart pacemaker, Google Maps, the use of penicillin in medicine, polymer bank notes, the bionic ear, the electric drill, WiFi, ultrasound, aircraft escape slides and rafts, the cervical cancer vaccine, and Racecam … apart from that, we stupid shits Down Under have never invented anything of value.

  • Buffalo Theory
    Buffalo Theory 27 days ago

    Hi autoexpert, got a question: YHI makes Yokohama and others like Neuton. Do you rank Neuton as a good brand or a shit brand? I find Neutons really good ... thanks.

  • beccboo
    beccboo 28 days ago

    Fuck John , there are some real dumb cunts in your comments below

  • VinnieNiZero
    VinnieNiZero 29 days ago

    pls race me and stfu

  • RockBassist2112
    RockBassist2112 29 days ago

    Awww...we spell it with an "i" in Canada, too...

  • Nigel Weir
    Nigel Weir 29 days ago

    Uk and Ireland tyres

  • Eric Pommerer
    Eric Pommerer Month ago

    This Yankee subscribed promptly after the string of insults!  Good Stuff and thanks, John!

  • marioXXL2
    marioXXL2 Month ago

    He's right about this! Especially about the beginning of the video. The rest is accurate.

  • Eric Pommerer
    Eric Pommerer Month ago

    In Retardistan we pronounce "Spit Roast" as "Barbeque"

  • Al T
    Al T Month ago

    I prefer Tire Review they actual road test the tires and give reviews.....

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  Month ago

      I prefer you to hold your breath indefinitely.

  • Al T
    Al T Month ago

    LOL, is that why Ford moved out..... Enjoy your globalism fool and don't look for American men and woman to save you.... Don't take advice from this fool.. Look for vids of the real Ausi's who spend a lot of time in the out back......

    • AutoExpertTV
      AutoExpertTV  Month ago

      I'm very sorry your parents had that particular recessive gene. Shitbranium-21.

  • supersesqui
    supersesqui Month ago

    Thanks John. Great info.

  • rookie test123
    rookie test123 Month ago

    I like this guy.

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin Month ago

    Dude, love the beard!

  • Evert Nyburg
    Evert Nyburg Month ago

    hi john i have to disagree with you
    my AU FORD ute the first set of Goodyear cargo tyres where australia made thay where out of round and had 4to 5 leads on each wheel
    the next set of Goodyear cargo tyres 2 years later or 85000 kilometers later . where chineese made .thay where perfectly round and only 2 wheels had 1 lead each on them
    and thay allso lasted about 85000k

  • Lok Tom
    Lok Tom Month ago

    Do you get what you paid for premium brand tires? Michelin Premier MXV4 tires cracks and rots faster than mu wind shield wiper blade's rubber. That my friends it is about only 3 years and all 4 ltires looks like rolling time bombs on wheels.

  • Jim McDaniels
    Jim McDaniels Month ago

    John thank you for the great report.
    I have usually gone with the cheapest tire or the next cheapest if the government tread wear rating sticker is a good amount higher for say the next cheapest.
    The tire companies don't seem to want us to look at this tread wear number and do not place it on their site, but instead at the mileage warranty.
    I have bought expensive tires in many years past and can say it doesn't seem like they were any better than the cheap ones.
    And as far as warranties, they always seem to have an excuse not to give any warranty towards the next tires or I'm in a bind to replace the bad tire and can't go back to the same place to use the warranty. I wish they offered a discount for no warranty as an option.

    Often people say that even though the tread wear rating is a test designed to compare tire life of different tires, some people say the test is conducted by the tire manufacturer so they are not accurate. I'm not so sure that because the tire maker does their own test that the rating is no longer extremely helpful.
    So I noticed you said that the cheaper tires don't corner and especially brake as well but you didn't state how much of a reduced braking distance the more expensive tires give.
    It seems it's a balance between softer rubber that brakes better or harder rubber that wears longer or perhaps expensive rubber formulas that offer both....
    Also are some tires treads deeper than others therefore more rubber to wear out?
    Perhaps you could give more info these points.

    Thank you
    Jim McDaniels
    Colo Spgs CO USA

  • Gino Gervais
    Gino Gervais Month ago

    Thanks John; I've learn alot for my next tires buying!!

  • helixworld
    helixworld Month ago

    4:44 Totally agree.  The BS concentration at tyre dealers about as high as anywhere in the auto industry.

  • jnpf1
    jnpf1 Month ago

    Good on ya John. Thanks for telling us the truth. BTW do you think that the "buy 3 tyres get 4th free" is legit or just marketing BS? And those Bob Jane tyres - I mean WTF? Rebranded dodgy chinese stuff? Cheers.

  • Daniel Austin
    Daniel Austin Month ago

    excellent video! Finally a good tyre video

  • Trushank Dand
    Trushank Dand Month ago

    Why is he needlessly being mean about America?

  • I Ciglad
    I Ciglad Month ago

    It's like the pot calling the kettle black, isn't it? How do you know you're at an Australian stag party? A sheep jumps out of the cake.

  • J Smith
    J Smith Month ago

    You're cracking me up with your "no punches pulled" approach.

  • Paul Revere
    Paul Revere Month ago

    I got some Bridgestone Super cats (their budget version) on my 2004 commodore wagon because I do not expect to keep this car much longer.
    I have been happy with them for the last 6 months, would think about buying again

  • Steve  Johnstone
    Steve Johnstone Month ago

    John at least pull your head halfway out your arse before talking, then we may agree with you! Maybe 20% of the time you flog

  • John O'Connor
    John O'Connor Month ago

    I found his way of explaining very straight forward and logical. Thanks for passing on the tip about being careful to break in the new rubber before pushing them to the test. We sure do have our share of discount tires here in SD, CA with China now selling tires to a wheel mfg to have their brand name on the rubber. Three different names of tires are the same tire. Pricing wise...a 195 65 15 set of 4 of these installed go for bargin basement $215 depending on where you shop the name brand puffy dough boy prem defender tyre cost 3 to 400 more

  • mike bananas
    mike bananas Month ago

    y not brake in new tires with a small burnout

  • Gavin Ivers
    Gavin Ivers Month ago

    Well said.
    Have worked in the tyre industry, and the number of shops that will sell of price, not what should be on the car for the type of driving the customer is doing.

  • BarbieKP
    BarbieKP Month ago

    Wow there is life outside of the U.S.(lol...kidding)? Thanks for the info... about tires.

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