BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Trailer 2

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  • Esther Charlemagne
    Esther Charlemagne 10 minutes ago

    I'm calling it, Ryan Gosling is detective Deckard's son he had with Rachael

  • Brad3153
    Brad3153 12 minutes ago

    All I'm seeing is comments about other people commenting how bad this movie looks. Mods must be hard at work!

  • Mikewasnthere
    Mikewasnthere 1 hour ago

    I am wet for this...

  • niko bellik
    niko bellik 1 hour ago

    hit like if you're watching this in 2049 :)

  • DoxaGnosis
    DoxaGnosis 2 hours ago

    Why did they have to put Michael Bay-esque explosions in this? Blade Runner was never an action movie, it was a neo-noir thriller-mystery set in a sci fi universe. I hate to come off as some movie elitist but I pray the large scale action scenes are kept to the bare minimum. It really doesn't suit the tone or style of the original at all.

    Not to mention the continuity issues by having Deckard in this new Blade Runner in the first place. The entire ambiguity of whether Deckard was a replicant himself, something Ridley Scott has continually alluded to, is almost certainly ruined now. The whole point of the original was the themes of existentialism and the meaning of being human, and whether you know you're human or not. It made you ask these types of questions, and it looks as though the new movie will almost nullify some of what made the original such a great piece of cinema.   

    The positives I'm finding are the cinematography, which looks very good. The world looks dense and well crafted. Also, Ryan Gosling tends not to sign up for movies with bad scripts and is probably the only actor around at the moment that could pull a main role off in a Blade Runner movie. I hope it's good, it's just the trailer isn't filling me with much hope.

  • Isabela Hart
    Isabela Hart 2 hours ago

    Sony lives on in 2049 xD

  • Physickl
    Physickl 2 hours ago

    WOW cant wait, loved the old 1 /bow Harrison ford, shame Rutger Hauer isn't in it...that music tho!

  • Kyle Springthorpe
    Kyle Springthorpe 2 hours ago

    Obviously you can't gauge everything from a trailer and this film larger in scope in geographical terms. Set not only in LA. I feel the essence of the cityscapes slightly underwhelming. It looks amazing, although compared with the 2019 neon lit, post industrial, nightmarish but stunningly beautiful - living, breathing Los Angeles skyline (which are an integral part of the story), it just doesn't seem to have the same immersion.

  • faceman718
    faceman718 3 hours ago

    long overdue

  • James Hope
    James Hope 3 hours ago

    If it were directed by anyone other than Villeneuve, then I would share everyone else's skepticism.

    But it's directed by Denis fucking Villeneuve.

  • Loma Dylanator
    Loma Dylanator 4 hours ago

    Longest movie trailer i have ever watched

  • JustABasic GD
    JustABasic GD 4 hours ago

    I thought it was coming out n 2049😂 'dumbass'

  • Bo staff
    Bo staff 4 hours ago

    what about the music nobody mentioned the music it was only the best music score ever let's hope it's good and adds to the feel of the movie

  • BraveStaRR
    BraveStaRR 4 hours ago

    The year is 2049, the place, California, everyone is either Gay, Trans or Pansexual or another of the 36 genders, or a robot. They all worship the Memories of Hilary Clinton and Obama and remember President Trump as the Great Evil. CNN is the only TV channel broadcasting, and there are Transgender bathrooms, Good Times :D

  • Arvind S
    Arvind S 4 hours ago

    stranger things

  • Qwerty Asdf
    Qwerty Asdf 4 hours ago

    It's tiresome, after so many movies follow the same recipe, to see a trailer like this. Perhaps the movie won't be shit, this preview does not help at all.

  • Teemu Hautala
    Teemu Hautala 5 hours ago

    Have to buy this one

  • Jasdeep Singh
    Jasdeep Singh 5 hours ago

    My only problem with this movie is that it has that feminist pu$$y... Ryan Gosling in the lead.

  • jippalippa
    jippalippa 5 hours ago

    The look is spot on, but the pacing seems too different.
    Looks a bit too action oriented, while the slow pace of the original was its strength.
    We'll see how it turns out. Hopefully good.

  • 3y3sho7
    3y3sho7 5 hours ago

    this looks sick

  • Jorgen Pinoy
    Jorgen Pinoy 5 hours ago

    this is so cool, pure...

  • Redcat Redcat
    Redcat Redcat 5 hours ago

    Don't seem as talented that the one and more commercial... let's wait for it, we will see.

  • F u t u r e / P h a n t e r

    The soundtrack sounds amazing!

  • Diego Alcántar
    Diego Alcántar 6 hours ago

    Ryan goslin, jared leto and that girl from any Sia music video. Fuck hunger games meets any other young adult piece of shit #Millenial

  • Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    I hate this, that awesome neon-steampunk vibe is gone!
    This looks like District 9 tbh.
    Also, i know for sure they are going to ruin that mysterious vibe from the original "is Deckard a replicant?" was never meant to be answered!
    Also, too much action and explosions.

    I doubted the great George Miller before and when Fury Road was released i instantly loved it, here i hope i'm mistaken again, but looking at Scott's latest alien film...
    Really worried.

  • Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

    Let me guess, they are bringing back Ford as Deckard for the feels and then they are going to kill him to try and shock the audience. Again.

    What's next?
    Indiana Jones 5 where he dies in the end?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 hours ago

    luckily kylo is not in this movie

  • Толи еще будет


  • TheNaZeus
    TheNaZeus 7 hours ago


  • Anastasia P.
    Anastasia P. 7 hours ago

    Wow, looks awesome! I can't wait!!!!!!

  • Valentin Moldes
    Valentin Moldes 7 hours ago


  • Srinivasan radhakrishnan

    Ana De Armas😍😘

  • Ethan Corti
    Ethan Corti 7 hours ago

    holy crap!!!! harison ford must be happy he wanted to do this over star wars lol

  • H8_RICE
    H8_RICE 7 hours ago

    Cool, I'll definitely reserve my judgement until I check this movie out. - Said no youtube shit head commenter ever. Dipshits need to get a life and look out the window every once in a while.

  • Catalin Pintea
    Catalin Pintea 8 hours ago

    great trailer with great music. The music kind of reminds of the first Blade Runner (only fitting) and the soundtrack of Tron Legacy by Daft Punk.

  • Kara Hernandez
    Kara Hernandez 8 hours ago

    maze runner

  • Sanket Mehrotra
    Sanket Mehrotra 8 hours ago

    there goes the major outline of the movie.

  • gluband
    gluband 8 hours ago

    Pardon me. I think I was drooling a little. So excited!

  • EpicViciousWaffle EpicViciousWaffle

    The OST will be so good. It will make you sad, happy, energised. So hyped for the OST album from Jóhann Jóhannsson

  • Jaman Shawon
    Jaman Shawon 8 hours ago

    This movie is sucked..

  • Founder Philosophy
    Founder Philosophy 8 hours ago

    The trailer that just devours Aeon Flux. I bet Aeon Flux would make a great back story to this!!!

  • FunWithCayleeAndValerie

    My internet went out for 5 minutes.
    I met my family.
    They are nice people. :)

  • JadedGems
    JadedGems 9 hours ago

    So Deckard is not a replicant then

  • coolbuddydude1
    coolbuddydude1 9 hours ago

    This is a Perversion.
    Villeneuve should be jailed and executed.

  • cizlol
    cizlol 9 hours ago

    i see jared leto, i press like

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson 9 hours ago

    I am just glad it is a sequel and not a reboot.

  • el self
    el self 9 hours ago

    So no terminator this time .
    Human vs Human . OK

  • Batman
    Batman 10 hours ago

    Poor Leto will have no good scene in the movie and be Criticized again 😂

  • Nryke Solis
    Nryke Solis 10 hours ago

    Ana de Armas! ahhhhhh...

  • dhanush acharya
    dhanush acharya 10 hours ago

    i see claire underwood. i like

    GOOFY TV 11 hours ago

    i cant belive how bad movies look in 32 years

  • GrimStar
    GrimStar 11 hours ago

    watch this after ghost in the shell wow!

  • Kale P
    Kale P 11 hours ago

    My hype for this after Alien Covenant has flatlined. Even though Scott's not directing, his involvement concerns me.

  • Little Brooke
    Little Brooke 11 hours ago

    Clicked on this thinking it was another blade [vampire] movie :(

    TURBINSKIY 12 hours ago

    2:07 ATARI hidden ad

  • yumpladukfoo
    yumpladukfoo 13 hours ago

    Two words why this movie will suck balls.......Ryan....and.....Gosling.

  • FFF
    FFF 13 hours ago

    Америкосовский бред про пост апокалипсис уже достал. Не чего нового.

  • Spoiled Squad
    Spoiled Squad 14 hours ago

    Subscribe to my channel Spoiled Squad Please people...😃🙌✌

  • Karanveer Kun
    Karanveer Kun 14 hours ago

    Atari logo at 2.08 !!

  • Adrian Glass
    Adrian Glass 14 hours ago

    oh dear...

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford 15 hours ago

    Looks good. I watched the directors cut of the original and didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. Looking forward to this though.

  • Minx
    Minx 15 hours ago

    2049? I'll be 50 or probably already dead, fuck that!

    SOPADELICIOSA 15 hours ago

    Ha-haaa, one for the geeks. Including the original opening scene that was scrapped. :-D

  • theunraveler
    theunraveler 15 hours ago

    Please Warner Bros, my penis can only get so erect...

  • Dougs World
    Dougs World 15 hours ago

    This looks more like a X Men movie than it does Blade Runner ...

  • Ronin Dave
    Ronin Dave 16 hours ago

    Is there a point to this film other than making a buck? The original film really wasn't about Sci-fi wars and replicants vs humans. It was about life, identity, purpose, and death. This isn't a universe that you needed expanded as its story was told in 82.

  • Matt _
    Matt _ 17 hours ago

    Electric Sheep 2

  • Nobbie Q
    Nobbie Q 18 hours ago

    Feel of the movie is totally off, but the writing and story I think will be on point

  • 21 RedOdd
    21 RedOdd 18 hours ago

    Doesnt look that good... but ryan gosling does some good ass movies... i hopes its not too long... looks like a lot of slow pans...

    • Rammstein117
      Rammstein117 17 hours ago

      Kind of feel the opposite, looks too actiony. Hoping for a 2 hour 30 minute minimum runtime.

  • RexLex
    RexLex 18 hours ago

    Wonderful trailer

  • Hyboria
    Hyboria 19 hours ago

    It's good to see a trailer that doesn't have to show you literally the entire movie. I've seen trailers that give away almost every plot point.

  • Mike King
    Mike King 19 hours ago

    Looks great Glad Harrison's in it just wish they could have brought back Rutger in some capacity

  • Iouri Makotkine
    Iouri Makotkine 19 hours ago

    Judging from the trailer, the sequel is a POS.

  • aplayaz2000
    aplayaz2000 19 hours ago

    um didnt really get what was going on... so lmao

    didnt really love the old one, thought it was boring and meh

  • davo86
    davo86 20 hours ago

    This looks f#@king awesome, that's all I can say!!!!

  • john dong
    john dong 20 hours ago

    Ryan Gosling...PASS!

  • Jestin Issac
    Jestin Issac 20 hours ago

    This trailer just made me wish that there were more cyberpunk games out there.

  • Xecor Bro
    Xecor Bro 21 hour ago

    soo this will rilis in 2049?

  • TheBarry1394
    TheBarry1394 21 hour ago

    fuck fuck fuck. Look at Ryan's blaster at the beginning. Looks as a new design. Deckard still hast his old blaster, but at the end Goslin has the old blaster, don't you tell me they kill him!

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 21 hour ago

    Looks amazing. But the date should be 2149, not 28 years from now.

  • SkyJUSTIN6
    SkyJUSTIN6 21 hour ago

    This looks sick whys atari still kicking in 2049 arent they dead by then

  • Dark Paradise
    Dark Paradise 21 hour ago

    Very interesting.

  • Martin G
    Martin G 21 hour ago

    I believe this story is about replicants being able to have babies with humans.....

  • Brent H
    Brent H 21 hour ago


  • Derik Eisel
    Derik Eisel 21 hour ago

    That trailer was Intense!!!

  • tomatoflight
    tomatoflight 21 hour ago

    What's with the shitty arpeggiated synth? People keep tryna use stranger things music now.

  • tomatoflight
    tomatoflight 21 hour ago

    Vangelis still better be doing the music

  • repulse21
    repulse21 22 hours ago

    2:08 Atari. Good job Ridley Scott.

  • PMR Reviews
    PMR Reviews 22 hours ago

    Not sure the original needed a sequel, but let's wait and see!

  • Almir Preldzic
    Almir Preldzic 22 hours ago

    10.06.17 I'm so excited. Middle Earth Shadow of War comes out 4 days later . . .

  • Vincent Padilla
    Vincent Padilla 23 hours ago

    GUYS they're going to kill of DECKARD we have to stop them!!

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller 23 hours ago

    Hideous. Like they tried to turn OG Blade Runner into that crappy ScarJo version of Ghost in the Shell that deservedly faceplanted this spring.


  • seabatt
    seabatt 23 hours ago

    The original Blade Runner, which is still considered one of the best Sci Fi movies of all time, was very deep in hidden meanings and thought provoking concepts. The time between that and the sequel can only enhance the prospective reality of the story and bring forth those earlier concepts to a possible finality. I just hope they don't turn this into Blade Runner 3, 4, 5, etc.

  • sw1000xg
    sw1000xg 23 hours ago

    Yep... It sucks!

  • Human Regal
    Human Regal 1 day ago

    Mama always told me not to run with blades...

    NASSIM SLAIM 1 day ago

    c'est le studio de wb je veux vôtre pimermition de réalisé un film wb svp.pimermition the wb movie

  • dsmyify
    dsmyify 1 day ago

    do you think they will address the question of whether Decker is a replicant or not? and didn't Leto's character get killed in the first movie?

  • Mike Gould
    Mike Gould 1 day ago

    I am so gonna watch this in theatre. Alone if necessary

  • Beth Loggins
    Beth Loggins 1 day ago

    Han Solo and Claire Underwood in the same movie? Nice.

  • Alexandre Lima
    Alexandre Lima 1 day ago

    This is not Blade Runner... It's Fast & Furious in the future. If there is not an intelligent philosophical approach, then it's just another pseudo-smart-flick for the audiences to feel they saw some "crazy movie".

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