Sh*t You Can Talk About With Your Best Friend

  • Added:  3 years ago
  • "If your dad jerked off just one more time..."

    Huge Thanks to Spark Aerial (
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    Music by Steven Wilson

    With Brittany Ashley & Chris Reinacher
    Written by Zach Maze, Chris Reinacher & Brittany Ashley

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  • Runtime: 1:40
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  • Queen C
    Queen C 15 days ago +1


  • Haylee Fowler
    Haylee Fowler Month ago

    How stoned were they though lmao

  • Wasted Zombie
    Wasted Zombie Month ago

    If only I had a bff. Or even a best friend. Or even just a friend! Or I'd be pretty happy with a pet too! I'm so lonely!

  • Hannah Press
    Hannah Press 2 months ago

    These two work well together

  • Isla N
    Isla N 2 months ago

    You and your best friend can't go to each other's funeral. That's sad.

  • Person Called Kat
    Person Called Kat 4 months ago

    well its time for me to have an existential crisis

  • LeftiSinger 66
    LeftiSinger 66 4 months ago

    This is my life.

  • Jenina Algarin
    Jenina Algarin 4 months ago

    I love this!

    Someone needs to cast these two in a Rom-Com Movie...

  • Rin L Yee
    Rin L Yee 4 months ago

    Why do I like this video so much?

  • ChloeCohndashian
    ChloeCohndashian 5 months ago

    I miss them!

  • trash can in its truest form

    the most common thing that me and my friends talk about "Are you on your period cuz u acting up"

  • Unlucky Bubble
    Unlucky Bubble 5 months ago

    I haven't got a best friend they don't really want to deal with my mental health problems

  • Tiana Vibhakar
    Tiana Vibhakar 5 months ago

    pretty sure the only reason buzzfeed made this video was to play around with the drone.

  • Chocolatier
    Chocolatier 5 months ago

    The corner of the blanket in the thumbnail is so annoying.

  • Honey
    Honey 6 months ago

    this made me horny

  • archii bags
    archii bags 6 months ago

    That aerial shot is awesome ! Wonder how they shot it.

  • TheFallenHuman
    TheFallenHuman 6 months ago +1

    Imagine if instead of saying "Because that's how everyone dies. I'm not special." she said "Because I have cancer." That'd certainly be a way to break the news.

  • Aisha June
    Aisha June 7 months ago

    Poo you can talk about with your best friend

  • Moses Gertzen
    Moses Gertzen 7 months ago

    Does anybody know the name of the song in the background?

  • Silent Kitten
    Silent Kitten 8 months ago

    This is me and my friends

  • Imagination Fox04
    Imagination Fox04 8 months ago

    BFF goals

  • Tropical Fruit
    Tropical Fruit 8 months ago +5

    WOA WOA WOA.... I was there! The exact same place! Croatia is so nice... So awkward to actually see the exact same place you've been not so long a go on a random yt video :P ILLUMINATI!

    • eugene
      eugene 7 months ago

      Tropical Fruit thanks :)

    • Tropical Fruit
      Tropical Fruit 7 months ago

      Can't tell you exactly. But it's somewhere near to Makarska when you travel from north(I think it's slightly different name in croatian but if it is it's almost the same)

    • eugene
      eugene 7 months ago

      Tropical Fruit hey where in croatia is that place?

  • Somelezo Matolengwe
    Somelezo Matolengwe 8 months ago

    When a person lies like that, all I think about is "snakes snakes snakes"

  • Kymera Dyck
    Kymera Dyck 9 months ago


  • Jenna Bean
    Jenna Bean 9 months ago

    I miss Brittany ashley

  • Adrian Andersson Martval

    Best series ❤️

  • Vanessa Foubister
    Vanessa Foubister 9 months ago +16

    "Are you gonna kill me?" Calmly says, " nah"

  • Nereida Romero
    Nereida Romero 9 months ago +1


  • Lord Tubbington
    Lord Tubbington 10 months ago

    why my best friend dont treat me like that he punch me ,and always try to annoy me in a friendly way

  • friendly heavy
    friendly heavy 10 months ago

    lmao why do so many videos of buzzfeed describe my life

  • Margarette Williams
    Margarette Williams 10 months ago


  • Cactus Human
    Cactus Human 10 months ago

    So deep
    Excuse me while I go lay down front facing my bed for the rest of this week while thinking about how I'm gonna die

  • Pokey
    Pokey 11 months ago +1

    Literally when he said do you ever think that your a sim being controlled or something what ever he said I always think about that xD

  • savethepalmtries
    savethepalmtries 11 months ago +1

    "If I was a psycho killer, I think I would collect eyes. Eyes are cool and so pretty. Like your's. I would take your eyes!" - quote from my best friend.

  • Markiplier's Pet named Steve

    i know this is stupid, but i have always wanted a friendship like that but i have never gotten one and this made me cry....i just want someone to care :(

  • HeyBaeKae
    HeyBaeKae 11 months ago

    I don't have a bff... I only have my sister and cat... AND MAN I LOVE THOSE GUYS! ARE YOU JELLY? CUZ I HAVE A SISTER THAT DOESN'T KNOW WHAT DAB IS AND A SLEEPING AND WEIRDLY GOOD SMELLING CAT! ( xD really tho... My cat smells like perfume)

  • ChakkyCharizard|Chakky-P

    ...I talk to my friends about the V/Evey smut I'm reading and the itchy pimple on my butt.

  • Kennedy Gamey
    Kennedy Gamey Year ago

    i dont talk to my friends like this i talk with my boyfriend like this!!

  • Karolina Gubanovaite

    how do hamsters survive in the wild

    • Brighid Doll
      Brighid Doll 9 months ago

      They originally lived sort of like mice in the wild but humans domesticated them and bred the smaller ones to make all the different types of hamsters we know today

    • Berri Gaming
      Berri Gaming 10 months ago

      +Karolina Gubanovaite i read this as it was being said in the video XD

    • kinky mermaid
      kinky mermaid 11 months ago

      I think they're man made 😂

  • Milana Thomas
    Milana Thomas Year ago

    I'd want to die in my sleep or something...

  • Matthew Bigelow
    Matthew Bigelow Year ago

    You know what often messes with my head, the human brain is a huge mystery according to the human brain.

  • Hayley Arlow
    Hayley Arlow Year ago

    I've definitely talked about all of these

  • WinterStripe
    WinterStripe Year ago

    Can u make a vid about things only best friends would do for u?!

  • oost1100
    oost1100 Year ago

    Does anyone know where this was filmed? I reckon some national park in California?

  • Ethan Wright
    Ethan Wright Year ago

    so deep

  • Lil Dutchie
    Lil Dutchie Year ago

    i love my bestfriend!!

  • Mia Mtz
    Mia Mtz Year ago

    im seeing this and i have no friends............................. so stupid and alone

  • Crys •w•
    Crys •w• Year ago

    how did the camera reach so high up?

  • carl plays26
    carl plays26 Year ago

    It's late at night and I'm have an exterstential crisis now well time to watch dil videos >•<

  • YoüFa
    YoüFa Year ago

    That's meeeeeeee

  • msamyrose100
    msamyrose100 Year ago

    Omg I actually remember I used to love making conspiracies and theories like this with my best friend in school. I can't believe in September I wouldn't be with him anymore. I hope after college and uni, we will still rock the world till the very last breath we take

  • frankwaymustdie
    frankwaymustdie Year ago

    The one about the dad jacking off just made me think of "you're the cumshot I should have swallowed"

  • asain boi
    asain boi Year ago

    one time me and my friend we were arguing if your a child and your into child pornorgrphy is it illegal

  • Melodie B
    Melodie B Year ago +1

    this is beautiful

  • Fiana Lile
    Fiana Lile Year ago

    I'm upset they fire her

  • Heartofadragon
    Heartofadragon Year ago +5

    Omg I have that feeling to when I think I'm in a game XD
    Anyone else?

  • Woof Chicka
    Woof Chicka Year ago


  • Jack s
    Jack s Year ago

    I need a friend like that guy

  • Life is bright
    Life is bright Year ago

    Backround music? Anyone?

  • YoungLovvve MSP
    YoungLovvve MSP Year ago

    I heard Brittany got fired

  • 2,4197604.143.
    2,4197604.143. Year ago

    wow does anyone know where they filmed this location?

  • BRUH H H H
    BRUH H H H Year ago +8

    how awkward would it be if god was actually an annoying 13 year old boy with greasy hair who loves Mountain Dew and eminem and all these people are praising him while he's playing fifa and jerking off

  • Drew Handørf
    Drew Handørf Year ago


  • MatthewGaming 10
    MatthewGaming 10 Year ago

    Chris : I think I'm gonna die in a plane crash.

    Me :Thanks so much I'm going on a plane tomorrow and now I'm scared as fudge

  • Revi Retribution
    Revi Retribution Year ago

    I talked with my best friend at 1:30 fking am about if she likes threesomes and masturbation , we are normal

  • Milk 101
    Milk 101 Year ago

    Who else that that when they were lying on the carpet , they were lying on a bunch of unopened packets of condoms 😂

  • Γεια Σου
    Γεια Σου Year ago +1

    Why am I laughing at this?! 😂😂

  • The bestist jake ever In the world

    Is it ok to ask for dating advice from your JF lady friend?

  • Nevi Vasq
    Nevi Vasq Year ago +1

    I want a female best friend because i could open my emotions to them, and also live with the best friend.

  • Mozammel EMON
    Mozammel EMON Year ago +1

    As being a guy I shouldn't like such video. But for no reason I loved it

  • xenia rovira
    xenia rovira Year ago

    Is he related to joshtv!?

  • Bashi Tortilla
    Bashi Tortilla Year ago

    The real question is how they got that magnificent shot from above.

  • Alana Carter
    Alana Carter Year ago +3

    13 year old god 😂

  • mister calle4d
    mister calle4d Year ago

    that I did with my friend lied on the ground in a high place and talk about everything

  • MrOrangetriad
    MrOrangetriad Year ago +9


  • EllaTheNerd
    EllaTheNerd Year ago +7


  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce Year ago


  • Justin Nacional
    Justin Nacional Year ago

    the end of the world is when the sun dies cuz it will create a super nova then we die of death

    • Kleo
      Kleo Year ago

      news flash our sun won't create a super nova;not big enough not hot enough

  • 2tailhawk
    2tailhawk Year ago

    how do hamster survive in the wild i need to discover channel this

  • Davies
    Davies Year ago

    R they legit best friends

  • teenage dirtbag
    teenage dirtbag Year ago

    How did they get the camera that high?

  • Distorted reality
    Distorted reality Year ago +21

    I don't even have to talk, we just know exactly what we're thinking...

  • Lucy Dugdale
    Lucy Dugdale Year ago

    How did they film from so high up?

  • Julia Pineda
    Julia Pineda Year ago +30

    its so funny how they're just laying there talking

    on a mountain

  • Cady Jane
    Cady Jane Year ago +39

    If she wasn't gay they'd be a really adorable couple.

  • Ernesto Flores
    Ernesto Flores Year ago +123

    "The end of the world is you leaving the world." Thats so adorable. ;-;

  • beary
    beary Year ago

    what is the song i need it in my life

    • A B
      A B Year ago

      It was called "mellow lake"

  • Just some Crappy youtube account

    I'm gonna die stupid I can tell.

  • Momo Neko
    Momo Neko Year ago

    The guy in the video is just soooooo handsome!!!!

  • MusicalSkier
    MusicalSkier Year ago +267

    Friendly ghost that's misunderstood aka napstablook

  • Cat B
    Cat B Year ago +25

    I want to die in a way that I would be in one of those videos that they make about weird ways people have died so I'm not forgotten.

  • Abi Mendoza
    Abi Mendoza Year ago

    A 13 year old God

  • The Masked Loon
    The Masked Loon Year ago

    I think I'll see the end of the world.

  • Magu the Mango
    Magu the Mango Year ago

    Sometimes I wonder what will happen when my best friend dies, and I would still be their friend at death, or I left the friendship before they past.

  • Sam van Ojen
    Sam van Ojen Year ago +1

    this should be a series

  • Sanʝɑɳɑ
    Sanʝɑɳɑ Year ago


  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown Year ago

    Communication is key

  • katt suarez
    katt suarez Year ago

    I have a major crush on britt

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