Trapped ring puzzle/trick IMPOSSIBLE (not really)

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    Dhaka by Kevin MacLeod:
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  • Leo Melo
    Leo Melo 17 hours ago

    stupid fucking puzzle.
    waste of my time

    • pocket83
      pocket83 16 hours ago

      I wouldn't mourn the loss. Your time isn't worth the fossil fuel it costs us to keep you breathing.

  • Ryan Bingham
    Ryan Bingham 1 day ago

    you should put a piece of felt on the magnet so there is no clicking noise when snapping it back in place.

  • Hang Haam
    Hang Haam 2 days ago

    look like a dog toy to me

  • Flaven80
    Flaven80 2 days ago

    You should have put a ball bearing under the post held in place with a magnet. a space big enough to knock the ball out of the posts way. so you would need to know the proper angle to smack the piece and move the ball bearing.

    That would make this a truly difficult puzzle.

    no offense. without adding a puzzle to the post it's obvious that you need to move it...

  • HilolXD
    HilolXD 3 days ago

    Step 1: Get a grinder

  • Hjärnan Masken
    Hjärnan Masken 4 days ago

    This puzzle was completely obvious.

  • james morson
    james morson 4 days ago

    around the three minute mark i sorted it out... Very Cool!!

  • nbbg35
    nbbg35 4 days ago

    Such a troll video

  • Sam Goo
    Sam Goo 5 days ago

    Next step, wait ten hours for the glue to dry.

  • Thecasual? Gamer9
    Thecasual? Gamer9 5 days ago

    Damn that description is savage, but i dont think you can judge someones intellect off of an insulting comment

  • GodOfTheGamingRealm

    I knew from the beginning. It was literally impossible to get it off any other way besides having the middle tube drop or rise. Interesting idea with the magnet though. Discourage people from getting it exactly right the first time because it would make it harder to pull down. ;)


    sooooooo slow and reconstructing was not the idea. YOU DID NOT SOLVE ANYTHING.. Stick to carpentry.....

  • Joseph Steinman
    Joseph Steinman 6 days ago

    I want one. This is precision work.

  • DanHarkless
    DanHarkless 6 days ago

    Cool stuff. I saw the solution as soon as you said there was a trick to getting the ring off, though [SPOILER ALERT] I was expecting the use of a spring rather than a magnet. However, I wouldn't have thought of all the clever bits of workmanship, like using car wax to prevent epoxy squeeze-out from bonding to the wood, or using hacksaw cuts in the posts for more epoxy-gripping surface area. About the only technique I would have replicated is doing one end at a time. 😁

  • Robert MacLennan
    Robert MacLennan 6 days ago

    Outstanding instruction.

  • Onimayy 1118
    Onimayy 1118 6 days ago

    4:19 For some reason, I thought that was part of a fidget spinner. Y'know, that dead thing.

  • MaxBlight
    MaxBlight 7 days ago

    People need to learn to ask whats the limitations lol

  • W Hulshof
    W Hulshof 7 days ago

    Knew the solution from the start, but i found the woodworking interesting.

  • I'm Luryix
    I'm Luryix 7 days ago

    We gonna ignore his fingernails ?

    • pocket83
      pocket83 6 days ago

      Ha! No, you mob of morons would have strung me up by now, had you your way. After the thousands of insults, those pointless comments are now blocked. You might have the torch and pitchfork, but I have the gate-key, idiot.

      I wonder- if you were fat, would you think it alright for me to point that out to you? What if it were your mother? I promise that you aren't perfect, so learn to shut up.

  • Crazy Flat Lady
    Crazy Flat Lady 7 days ago

    The power of the human mind is incredible. I've always loved little puzzle gizmos.

  • Nerf Ranger
    Nerf Ranger 8 days ago

    Me looking at all the work you had to do "ughhhhhh can't we just order it on amazon?

  • MrSlapYourMum
    MrSlapYourMum 8 days ago

    Most trolled video on Youtube I think!
    And well earned too!

  • HexHammer67
    HexHammer67 8 days ago

    The ring ball and rope puzzle that brought me here is a puzzle, this is a trick. Puzzles can be solved by logic, tricks can only be solved with missing information. In this case the information is concealed. ( I wont say what it is here ) Without knowing the workings of the concealed mechanism it cannot be logically figured out and thus isnt a puzzle, its a scam. Revealing how it works just makes you look like a scumbag instead of a skilled engineer, or a skilled magician...

    • pocket83
      pocket83 6 days ago

      I can assure you that I'm no 'pussy.' But tell me, why should I waste my time with pointless comments like that? Convince me, tough-guy.

      What will I learn from someone who can't even use punctuation?

    • Drew Brown
      Drew Brown 7 days ago

      pocket83 avoid my comment you pussy

    • pocket83
      pocket83 7 days ago

      It's like you didn't even watch the video. I make that distinction in the very first sentence. Not that I mind another insult, but this was made for fellow puzzle-makers; it was never intended to go viral.

      If you honestly believe that I deserve the scorn I've felt over this video, then count yourself as lucky that we won't ever meet. Count yourself unlucky for not understanding why Occam's razor is useful to remember in problem solving.

  • Frugal Farmer Channel

    Thanks for the video !

  • Alexander Baum
    Alexander Baum 9 days ago

    I go to a puzzle shop in Spain every summer and they had an identical puzzle which I did when I was there so I knew how to solve it but I really enjoyed learning how it was crafted. Very nice video

  • Toxic Clown
    Toxic Clown 9 days ago

    This was a good video I liked it

  • RJSoftware2000
    RJSoftware2000 10 days ago

    When you drilled center hole. Yes, you right sometimes additional info is needed.

  • S e b a s T e n
    S e b a s T e n 10 days ago

    Keep up the good work these videos of yours are very satisfying and make my day whenever I'm stressed. Thank you for making this kind of videos!

  • KanedaSyndrome
    KanedaSyndrome 10 days ago

    There's a way to remove the ring without using a magnet trick like in the video, with a static rod.

  • AJ WoodWorking
    AJ WoodWorking 11 days ago

    When I first saw the puzzle, I was thinking that either the top or bottom came off, then thought it was too easy. My second thought was that the rods moved which happened to be the solution. My sister likes these type of videos and I'll suggest this site to her.

  • Grayson Pierce
    Grayson Pierce 11 days ago

    Great video, thank you for sharing that.

  • Ben Hollist
    Ben Hollist 11 days ago

    Just as you said you put the magnet into the center post :)

  • Gitto katekyo
    Gitto katekyo 12 days ago

    the second u said the middle post the first time u brought attention to it with out noticing I'm not saying when I said it during its break down I'm talking about affter I sloved it

  • Fr33c0r3 - Gaming & Stuff

    "Do you think I'm smug, arrogant, narcissistic, or pretentious? Well, unless you have a few videos with a million plus views, keep it to yourself."

    That description was so beatiful...And you just had to kill it...

    • pocket83
      pocket83 9 days ago

      Wow, this sort of explaining myself gets old. Here was my point: unless you have lots of views, you don't really understand what it's like to receive daily complaints and insults. It wasn't a joke.

      Have you ever received several hundred childish emails in a single day? Imagine a barely literate mob that constantly tells you how flawed you are. If I speak back, I'm instantly considered aggressive, arrogant, blah, blah, blah.

      You are about to tell me about ignoring comments- don't. In fact, don't reply to this. I've already had this conversation hundreds of times.

    • Fr33c0r3 - Gaming & Stuff
      Fr33c0r3 - Gaming & Stuff 11 days ago

      I'd never step down to the level of an average YouTube commentor by using the "my channel is more revelant than yours, eff off mate" (even as a joke, which I guessed it was from the beggining), the second they believe they're as smart as you, you have another name for the block list; but it seems that you are the type that can find amusement in YouTube commentors being salty, which is only fair. (Edit: A word)

    • pocket83
      pocket83 11 days ago

      Well, when you quote it like that, it's pretty far out of context. The very next sentence explains why I'm being defensive. My point was just that millions of views=lots of vile comments.

      I wasn't bragging about getting views; I know my channel is a joke, and there are also plenty of huge channels out there making garbage content. Size matters not ;)

  • Steven Orourke
    Steven Orourke 12 days ago

    The first thing I would do is test the middle post

  • Julian Johnson
    Julian Johnson 14 days ago

    It was pretty simple because there was no way in the universe you could have taken it off with your hands. So my initial thought was to pull things on the bar or wooden frame.

  • Josh Prince
    Josh Prince 19 days ago

    I absolutely HATE your fingers. you have toes on your hands.

    • pocket83
      pocket83 17 days ago

      Excuse me for having had short fingernails a few years ago when this was filmed, but I have since toned the bad habit down. Discipline can control the impulse. But I have to say, Mr. Perfect, at least I am not socially deficient enough to insult people I don't know without provocation.

      Further, I'm a pretty good looking guy. I'm also fit, because I'm active, and I exercise regularly. It's worth mention that I'm financially comfortable, and I'm in a committed relationship with a person who is likewise successful and attractive. I am drug and disease free, and I have been well-educated. I refrain from immoderate alcohol use, gambling, or any other vices. I am highly skilled and creative, and I luckily have an IQ that is over two standard deviations above the average. Yet somehow, you still feel superior to me!

      Congratulations, moron: you are the reason that artificial intelligence isn't going to spare humanity.

  • Richard RJ Blackmore

    Its great to have those tools. I Wish i had them!

  • Mark McCluney
    Mark McCluney 20 days ago

    just as a matter of interest I wonder if making the nicks on the posts significantly increases the strength of adhesion.

    • pocket83
      pocket83 17 days ago

      Of course it does. It adds additional surface area to the post. Think of it this way: which is easier to remove hot glue from, glass or carpet?

      Porous surfaces work better than smooth ones with adhesives.

  • 9012505a
    9012505a 21 day ago

    When you said the center hole was deeper.

  • Proce
    Proce 22 days ago

    Hahaha. The comments are waiting approval.

  • Chupame el Pito
    Chupame el Pito 22 days ago

    This guy has woodfetish

  • D. C
    D. C 22 days ago

    Did you narrate _Stand By Me_ ?

  • Triforce Cuber
    Triforce Cuber 22 days ago

    My initial (useless) comment.

  • dragonlover7196
    dragonlover7196 24 days ago

    As soon as you mentioned the middle bar was different, I was able to connect the dots. I'm not sure why so many people are calling this puzzle and video stupid. Many of the most popular "impossible" puzzles have relatively simple solutions; the key is not to overthink it. It's an algorithm that can be learned, just like solving math equations.

  • I.M. Meen
    I.M. Meen 24 days ago

    Real time woodworking simulator gameplay.

  • Foxy The gamer - spam reporter


  • BOssBOyMAX
    BOssBOyMAX 25 days ago

    it's so easy but you don't expect it to be that easy

  • omkar ambar
    omkar ambar 26 days ago

    When u made the hole deeper i knew u were gonna use magnet and i figured it out

  • Dissect Vapes
    Dissect Vapes 26 days ago

    is this like a "how it's made video"?

  • Jess jms
    Jess jms 26 days ago

    This would be really nice to store my rings

  • Marquiana Booker
    Marquiana Booker 26 days ago

    I know I shouldn't, but I loved your unexpected, highbrowed, rant as your video description. Of course I read it with speed using the bulking technique, but I understand where you are coming from. I used to do the same, but I grew wiser in the sense of realizing what/who is worthy of such an intellective response. You have a beautiful mind. I pray peace and blessings unto you.

  • the meaning of life is life

    this is cheating!!!!

  • shinvin catwalk
    shinvin catwalk 27 days ago

    interesting video, I just assumed that one of the poles could be pulled down and I was right xd

    INVERTED REALITY 27 days ago

    The centre peg being shifted was the only logical explanation.

  • Aleksander Jerkovic
    Aleksander Jerkovic 27 days ago

    that was brilliant. great construction.

  • girl in a gale
    girl in a gale 27 days ago

    Such aesthetic.

  • AD3adly Assass1n
    AD3adly Assass1n 27 days ago

    how much for you to make me one and send me one

  • Sam MSP and Roblox girl

    I knew it!! I figured out when he was cutting it deeper than the other holes

  • Zachary Takach
    Zachary Takach 27 days ago

    Not much of a ring puzzle.

  • Voltic Reactor
    Voltic Reactor 27 days ago


  • 20Landers
    20Landers 28 days ago

    England is my city

  • jarvisstephonherren
    jarvisstephonherren 28 days ago

    Someone with to much time on there hands. Wish I didn't have a super busy life of work sleep repeat so o could use my creativity

    • pocket83
      pocket83 28 days ago

      You mean:  " _too_ much time on _their_ hands. " 

      Stop acting like I've won the lottery. Your time management problems are your own. My day is also 24 hours long. Fix the mistakes you've made, and rearrange your life so that it can be conducive to creativity.

      Own it.

  • ThrundaWolf
    ThrundaWolf 28 days ago

    I knew how it worked from just looking at it.

    • pocket83
      pocket83 28 days ago

      No, you didn't. All three posts could have dropped down, and the center post could have been threaded in!

      The (this) most obvious and intuitive solution is naturally dismissed by anyone who is even remotely clever at solving puzzles. That's why it works, and they hate it for that.

  • John Miller
    John Miller 28 days ago

    I was thinking that it wouldn't be that simple but I guess I was wrong

  • D White
    D White 29 days ago

    If you hate the description you're a moron because he's just making a jab at idiots. His voice isn't monotone; he's clearly announciating his words and his choice of words and detailed explanation is to be admired. Bravo dude. Now tell me how to solve the G#$ @£¥₩ puzzle.

  • Shmey
    Shmey 29 days ago

    The real magic is using some power tools and a few hand tools to precisely construct a puzzle that looks physically appealing and well put together.

    Then again, I am going for my aircraft mechanic's licenses. I've done similar with files, sheet metal clippers, and rivets. I've heard it said that, "practice makes perfect."

    Until I find a reason to practice with wood, a bauble like this will still be filed away as "magic" to me.

  • Aboggie Wid Dat Hoodie

    when you said magnet

  • Sohaib Sharif
    Sohaib Sharif 29 days ago

    More than 8 million people wasted their 8 mins on this. OMG

    • pocket83
      pocket83 29 days ago

      Closer to ten million. But wasted time? That's a little harsh; I consider the idea expressed here as a fundamental precept of logical problem solving: this is the _Law of Parsimony._

      Remember to check your pockets first when you lose your keys! Not my fault if you (or the other 9,889,524 of you) are too dumb to grasp the value in that.

  • Roderick Castillo Jr.

    Where do I buy one? Lol

  • Simmie Booker
    Simmie Booker 29 days ago


  • Jack Middleton
    Jack Middleton 29 days ago

    A nice addition would be that you have to squeeze the plates together to pull it down. And just for kicks you could make it not come down until you turn it into the right position as well.

    • pocket83
      pocket83 29 days ago

      Thank you. Very few people get that this video was originally made as a template for designing better trick puzzles.

  • Пётр Ильич Чайковский

    I want those tools

  • Ashly Boss
    Ashly Boss 29 days ago

    I originally gave the video a thumbs up because it was neat and informative, however after reading the description I changed it to a thumbs down because of your poor attitude. Maybe delete the nastiness and you will stop getting so many thumbs down. You can still moderate your comments, hindering free speech on your videos, but you don't need to be unbelievable rude and condescending over it. Bragging about your views is nothing short of narcissistic. You have the capacity to be a better person than that.

    • pocket83
      pocket83 29 days ago

      Do you believe that thirty thousand people dislike my "poor attitude?" You have no idea what you are talking about. You sound nice and reasonable, but here you are being presumptuous, shortsighted, and naïve.

      First, I would never suppress "free" speech. However, this is a largely un-moderated public forum that consists of many individual private spaces. As a creator, it falls into my lap to decide which variety of comment should be considered relevant or productive here; and as it is, most comments are barely legible insult, which have little to do with my channel's theme. Opinion of me can be had, and will surely stay, so long as it consists of more than just _ad hominem_ provocations and trite memes that slow useful discussion.

      My next bone to pick with you is with the claim that I am a narcissist. Admittedly, I have a quirky and burdensome psychology as much as the next guy. But I'm reasonably certain that, among my many potential clinical diagnoses, yours would not be among them. As a clinician, you are being both hasty and superficial with this. Further, I at no place brag about my views, as I consider them as awarded largely by chance, and they have little to do with my actual skill. My best videos remain unrecognized.

      Now to the "better person" thing: I've spent enough time with moral philosophy now to consider myself among the minority who have become literate on the subject. Your assessment of me is insultingly dismissive. I've made great personal sacrifice towards becoming an improved version of myself, and these were decisions affecting my life and behaviors in ways that you have absolutely no knowledge of. If you find any of my positions irrational or "nasty," I would be able to respect and understand that, had you actually been made aware of the underlying rationale that support those positions. But you have not; as it stands, you have condemned me over a small sample, and you are confident that I cannot exceed the categories that you have designed for me. What if I'm more than you think, though? What if I'm not just some rude, condescending jerk, but a person who has sustained thousands of hateful messages, and who struggles with how to handle it in a constructive fashion that is consistent with both success and social responsibility ?    

      As for your dislike, consider that numerically: you account for 1/100,000 of the popular vote. I won't lose much of my self-love over that. But in all seriousness, try to consider other perspectives, ok?

  • Kristian
    Kristian 29 days ago

    I have something really exicting to show you guys, but I need to show of for 5 minutes for my own pleasure before I get to the solution, I am not self involved at all...

    • pocket83
      pocket83 29 days ago

      I wasn't showing off, you simple-minded little internet twit; I was demonstrating a constructive how-to for the other people out there who can use their fingers for something other than only phone-swiping their dog pics and duck-lipped selfies. 

      "Self involved?" I'm not even sure what that means. But if you think this video is "showing of," you're even stupider than your writing suggests, because this is child's play to me. It was a basic tutorial for puzzle archetype. This wasn't supposed to be seen by millions of entitled children.  

      Man, they get dummer everyday. I know- dumber: sarcasm, morons.

  • Betty Armontrout
    Betty Armontrout 1 month ago

    Thats cool!

  • Stephen Harvey
    Stephen Harvey 1 month ago

    does it really Need saying?.... this is good, but it is a cheap shot... relying on the assumption that all 4 poles are stationary... when all the obvious solutions have been exhausted, whatever remains, however absurd, must be the solution...

  • Gabreil Clemons
    Gabreil Clemons 1 month ago

    I feel like the puzzle just shows how complicated people try to make the most simplest things.

  • Supertrex0204
    Supertrex0204 1 month ago

    i thought it was a magic trick😅

  • Aquacelot
    Aquacelot 1 month ago

    I hate puzzles that hide things from you

    • pocket83
      pocket83 1 month ago

      So do I! Nevertheless, life isn't always fair. Some of our problems just look like they don't have solutions.

  • Kiran Graef
    Kiran Graef 1 month ago

    As soon as you talked about the middle holes specifically it was obvious to me

  • Kayla Connor
    Kayla Connor 1 month ago

    I really likes your video! I appreciate how you gave me the satisfaction of slowly figuring out how it worked while watching you make it. Plus, I loved the extra details :). Thanks for a great video

  • Ness Lee
    Ness Lee 1 month ago

    well that was anticlimactic

  • Noner/Josephcool
    Noner/Josephcool 1 month ago

    puzzle/trick? more like just a kids trick

  • sergemodee
    sergemodee 1 month ago

    I felt a little cheated that you did not show the sanding and laquering and staining etc. in detail. this sure takes patience and skill.

  • PAC Gaming
    PAC Gaming 1 month ago

    I want to buy this...

  • Richard Lopez
    Richard Lopez 1 month ago

    It wasn't interesting at all

  • balto bear
    balto bear 1 month ago

    Guy:"There's a trick to getting it off"
    Me: *smashing the entire thing?*

  • Unk Nown
    Unk Nown 1 month ago

    can i ask something

  • chrismc410
    chrismc410 1 month ago

    The Alexander the Great solution could work, instead of a sword, a Dremel

  • Kawaii Pantsu
    Kawaii Pantsu 1 month ago

    Great video very informative thank you for taking the time to show me how it make one myself! Much love and respect.

  • Med Man
    Med Man 1 month ago

    don't know why but I want this guy to finish my basement...

  • StardustMan
    StardustMan 1 month ago

    the Marx's quote at the end was a nice touch.

    • pocket83
      pocket83 1 month ago

      _Fantastic Planet,_ eh? Creepy. I love that quote. However, contrary to (un)popular opinion, I didn't select it specifically because it was Marx. Not that the man wasn't brilliant, you see- but I used it just because I thought the idea was so interesting: an object becoming time becoming value.

      Time is money, as they say.

  • Mary Berry
    Mary Berry 1 month ago

    oml, I never knew it was that easy

  • Robert Tellez
    Robert Tellez 1 month ago

    gotta say, while I rather enjoyed the video (VERY clever), I think I appreciated reading the description much more. Right on so many levels. lol. Great articulation, and keep doing what you're doing!

  • IntheBay85
    IntheBay85 1 month ago

    Thanks for the long ranting baby description, and the crappy clickbait video about a fake illusion. *promptly dislikes and moves on*

    • pocket83
      pocket83 1 month ago

      I can't take your criticism seriously with that _glamour shot_ pose.
      Also, shave that creepy goatee thing from your face. Are you also wearing Reebok pumps, tight acid washed jeans, and a belt-pager?

      Man, some of you people are like real-life caricatures!

  • SavageDarkAngel
    SavageDarkAngel 1 month ago

    These puzzles always make me triggered with even looking at it. and not even touching it.

  • Aero_Prototype X
    Aero_Prototype X 1 month ago

    Ive read through the whole description , even the after-edit . It's actually nice to see someone doing something against those "like whores" in the commentarea ... It seems that these people just watch the vid so they have something to comment , in hope of likes...But people like you , that really care about the "community" , if i am allowed to call it like that , are pretty rare . Other youtubers just give a sh!t about their fans aslong as they get enough likes , if they don't they just make a video which constists out of 3 parts :
    1st. explaining what haters are (not really)
    2nd.Saying they don't give a fuck
    3rd. making a (fake)giveaway to get all the likes.. .
    So , besides that , which took all my attention , it's amazing , how similar the end-product to the original is , but wouldn't anyone with atleast a brain with the size of a fly ,try to moove those "barriers"?

  • Ramon Ruiz
    Ramon Ruiz 1 month ago

    danna mi reina te amo❤❤❤❤

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