Lord of the Rings Medley - Lindsey Stirling

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    Filmed by Devin Graham. Devin is an amazing cinematographer so be sure to check out his channel: youtube.com/devinsupertramp

    Stephen Anderson did the sweet epic background orchestration. Stephen composes most of the music for my videos! You can check out his rad website and contact him here: www.stephenjanderson.com

    The dress was made by Shannon Mckinnon Cheek. She makes custom costumes and dresses. Her website is: www.etsy.com/shop/ShansAttic

    When the storms of winter come
    Starless nights will come again.
    When the waining sun is gone
    We will walk in bitter lands
    But in dreams.

    The composer of the original, amazing Lord of the Rings soundtrack is Howard Shore. I arranged this medley based off his main themes.

    I had an opportunity to go to New Zealand so we filmed this while we were there. Kim Dotcom funded this whole trip and he not only provided our travel but he treated us so kindly and he gave us full access to a helicopter. I don't care what the media says about him, I consider him a friend.
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  • Francesca Stura
    Francesca Stura 2 hours ago

    The reference to the Shire😍I love you, you're so admirable, and your work inspires me to keep trying to become what I want to be, even If no one believes it. Even If I didn't believe in it so much after I'd seen how talented my schoolmates were, now I have more confidence in the fact that I may be able to do something unique, even If I'm not talented, even If It won't bring me any praise, I know for sure that It'll make me happy. And I want to be happy doing what I love. I want to be in love with my art. Even If it's not breathtaking, even If it's not brilliant, or If the shadows aren't perfectly on point, I want to be able to love what I do. What I'm able to create, I want to show it's meaning, because every single work of mine is a giant step closer, a little bit more of confidence in my abilities. So I'll work with passion like I always did, and I hope that my love for art will give some fruits, be them little I don't mind. I'll show what my hands are able to create, something no one else but me can think of. I'll enjoy myself in my work and the toughness of it, I know It'll help me to grow better. Thank you, Lindsey, I didn't get an encouragement like that since I was five, when I watched an artistic documentary of the painter Amanda Dunbar, which is my among my favorite artist to this day, and is the one who inspired me to become one myself. You gave me back my confidence, even If it was little to start with, now I have it back. It's not so big, it's not a fire, but it's my hope. And I will never give it up.

  • Sani Fang
    Sani Fang 20 hours ago

    An angel in paradise.

  • Annavis
    Annavis 21 hour ago

    You are amazing and I love the places that you chose to play the violin or make the video clip.
    From Spain 😊

  • Lone F
    Lone F Day ago

    This trilogy is truly a masterpiece. Music, Characters, Battles, Mythos.

  • Nightfox
    Nightfox Day ago

    your play , your dance and singing is soo beautiful *.*

  • ankit gusain
    ankit gusain Day ago

    Heyaa you rr beautiful with this music I think I fall in love with you ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Matilde Sardinha Caldas

    You absolutely nailed it

  • Jon Dillon
    Jon Dillon Day ago

    honestly the weird dancing and looking around with the weird smile made this uncomfortable to watch. is that supposed to be lotr attire? come on...

  • Gaurav Rao
    Gaurav Rao Day ago

    Keep singing Lindsey Sterling. Your voice is so amazing and lovely.

  • KittyKatt
    KittyKatt 2 days ago

    her voice is amazing
    you go queen

  • Börni Bernstein
    Börni Bernstein 2 days ago

    Ìch finde deine Musik super

  • geovani zamora
    geovani zamora 3 days ago

    soy el único que habla español aquí
    like si no es sierto

  • grioghair macgrioghair

    gorgeous voice

  • Lavender Twilight
    Lavender Twilight 4 days ago

    You have a beautiful voice, Lindsey!!!! So angelic!
    Also, fun fact, Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays are September 22nd. Lindsey's birthday is September 21st. My mind was blown with awesomeness when I figured that out. XD
    I love the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit! I'm such a huuuuuuugge fan!!!!

    - Lavender

  • Willberzzz tomo
    Willberzzz tomo 4 days ago

    Please tell me is there any longer piece /song name as my future wife would like to walk down the isle to it .between 00.00 and 1.00 thankss

  • Defne :3
    Defne :3 4 days ago

    SHE NEEDS 1000000000000000000B SUBS

    • Defne :3
      Defne :3 4 days ago


  • Gandalf96
    Gandalf96 5 days ago

    I love new zealand

  • Fotograf & Filmemacher Luzern

    Like you so sweet i think you have ADHS Kiss

  • Jonathan Platt
    Jonathan Platt 5 days ago

    Why change the lyrics, though?

    When the cold of Winter comes
    Starless nights will cover day
    In the veiling of the sun
    We will walk in bitter rain

    But in dreams
    I can hear your name
    And in dreams
    We will meet again

    And ending after "But in dreams" ruins the sentiment of the poem.

  • HighEnergyHomeschooler

    Probably never clicked on a video so fast before X3
    Now you need to do the Hobbit!

  • Kuinimeri Talo
    Kuinimeri Talo 7 days ago

    Narnia also pls. You are amazing

  • Less Evernight
    Less Evernight 7 days ago


  • Sara Black
    Sara Black 7 days ago

    You shall pass!

  • Vern Freeck
    Vern Freeck 8 days ago

    This the kind of songs I love listening to that she plays

  • Georgina George
    Georgina George 8 days ago

    I love the way you play!! ♡ you should try a song from titanic :D

  • yellow6153
    yellow6153 8 days ago

    can you do dragonlance?

  • Abidin Furkan ARSLAN


  • Jacob Loveridge
    Jacob Loveridge 9 days ago

    2:27 who was singing? is it in the original? plz tell me what it's from!! ;-;

    GWEN KAREL 9 days ago

    I love the Lord Of The Rings trilogy! And Lindsey is AMAZING! So don 't ask me: " hey gwen, do you like the Lord Of The Rings medley of Lindsey Stirling??"
    Because my awnsser will be: " 1. Why did you aks? You know that i 'm a big fan of Lindsey Stirling!
    And 2. Violin is one of the most important thing in my life! So Lotr and violin is perfect!!

    If there mistakes in my comment, please tell me! 'Cause : i am 12 years old and i come from 🇳🇱

  • Oliver Freund
    Oliver Freund 11 days ago

    Did you played the original music. It sounds like the original

  • Joanna Grace
    Joanna Grace 11 days ago

    I would love a Narnia soundtrack

  • eli's art
    eli's art 12 days ago

    5701 Orks have disliked this wonderfull music

  • Nathan Westcott
    Nathan Westcott 12 days ago

    Lindsey Stirling- I love you ! I WOULD marry you if I Could

  • Parmarth Paudel
    Parmarth Paudel 12 days ago

    Amazing WOW

  • Tehilla Heinrich
    Tehilla Heinrich 13 days ago

    Lindsey you keep on suprising me every time you realise a new video. It amazed me every time to see how talented you are. Keep up with the good work.

  • Pilar Huarcaya Leon
    Pilar Huarcaya Leon 13 days ago

    Niceee nice....beautiful melody 🎻👑😊🎻🎻😁😁😁😁🎻🎻🎻🎻

  • Pilar Huarcaya Leon
    Pilar Huarcaya Leon 13 days ago

    Niceee nice....beautiful melody 🎻👑😊🎻🎻😁😁😁😁🎻🎻🎻🎻

  • Powered by Moonlight
    Powered by Moonlight 13 days ago

    "Strings Of Lindsey"

  • Mina
    Mina 14 days ago

    "My dear Frodo ..." 😭😭😭

  • Harshe Sahrawat
    Harshe Sahrawat 15 days ago

    Love all the variations of the Lord of the Rings theme.Thank You

  • Anya Alvarez
    Anya Alvarez 15 days ago

    she has such a beautiful voice

  • paavo turpeinen
    paavo turpeinen 15 days ago

    lindseys best songs

  • Merlin can
    Merlin can 15 days ago

    Bir insan ancak bu kadar hisseder, bravo kemanina, sana

  • Lukas Mafioso
    Lukas Mafioso 17 days ago

    Aonde fica esse lugar? slc que foda

  • Angelinas Tortenwelt
    Angelinas Tortenwelt 18 days ago

    Lieblings Melodie und Film

  • andrew citra
    andrew citra 18 days ago

    wow.. i feel like i'm join in journey of Master Frodo and others..

  • Stefani Leopold
    Stefani Leopold 18 days ago

    was this set in new zealand?

  • christinaxyeahx7
    christinaxyeahx7 18 days ago

    Looks great in anything, plays the violin amazingly and can sing! Is there anything she can't do!

  • Gabriel Estrada
    Gabriel Estrada 18 days ago


  • Raimunda Silva
    Raimunda Silva 18 days ago

    linda interpretação...musica acalma a alma...você é maravilhosa!!!

  • No2Blame
    No2Blame 18 days ago

    top stuff :P

  • faiz akbari
    faiz akbari 19 days ago


  • Frost Tooth
    Frost Tooth 20 days ago +1

    I missed the opportunity to see you in NZ. Man I wish I noticed you earlier Lindsey.

  • Vita Leonis
    Vita Leonis 21 day ago

    WAY TOO MUCH theatrics. The jerking motions do not even match the music.

  • Aman Deo
    Aman Deo 21 day ago

    I wonder who disliked the video

  • Cira Cooper
    Cira Cooper 21 day ago

    Hey could you make a Medley of Harry Potter ? That would be so cool..

  • Moon Taeilla
    Moon Taeilla 23 days ago

    I'm glad I found this channel ♡♡

  • HouseCiliviel
    HouseCiliviel 23 days ago


  • Marc Limare
    Marc Limare 24 days ago

    Quelle magnifique voix qu'elle la

  • Marc Limare
    Marc Limare 24 days ago

    Pour une jeune femme de 31 ans elle a sur Trai dix namic elle joue mairveyese du violon

    ULTRA GAMING 24 days ago

    There should be a new lord of the rings tale of arathorn Aragon's father

  • Kubilay İpek
    Kubilay İpek 24 days ago


  • John Garcia
    John Garcia 24 days ago

    is it just me or is she beautiful in everything she wears!?

  • the Bird
    the Bird 25 days ago +1

    5k Harry Potter Fans had a bad day...

  • ItsJakeSir
    ItsJakeSir 25 days ago

    Why did this come up the my zelda music mix?

  • ChesterDragon McFisticuffs

    Love your singing! And playing of course. lol

  • football M
    football M 26 days ago

    Honestly am I the only one that can't get over how beautiful she is like oh my Lord I have a new crush

  • Peter Ketteringham
    Peter Ketteringham 26 days ago

    Nice voice

  • Jan
    Jan 26 days ago

    The soundtrack of LOTR brings out genuine tears to my eyes, even more so when I watch Lindsey do the cover with her violin. Absolutely beautiful, the tune, the background, and especially you Lindsey.
    Love, Jan. X

  • Алексей Щербинин

    Sorry!Me have engleshe -very bad

  • Алексей Щербинин

    Befuti feul Girrl !

  • Sarah Weinzierl
    Sarah Weinzierl 26 days ago

    Was it you who sang?

  • Demi Magwia
    Demi Magwia 27 days ago

    if u can play dragon trance a pretty girl i will love u even more if i ever met u i will litraly run up a hug u for live

  • อาคม ชาติบุญเกิด


  • Marcel Schmidt
    Marcel Schmidt 28 days ago


  • MinnaMe01
    MinnaMe01 28 days ago

    You have an absolutely beautiful voice! (Not to mention how good you are at the violin!!!)

  • Cano Chento
    Cano Chento 29 days ago

    Her voice, she can talk, SHE CAN TALK!!!
    Jokes apart, every your song pierces my hearth with an arrow (not my knee, my hearth XD )
    Thanks, i love how you play the violin :)

  • Dawson Martin
    Dawson Martin 29 days ago

    my favorite sound track (and movie) i am working on this right now. great job

  • Zulek Zulek
    Zulek Zulek Month ago

    I just love this song <3

  • Deeksha K bhatt
    Deeksha K bhatt Month ago

    Woahhh... This is amazing!!!!

  • fernanda sousa
    fernanda sousa Month ago

    Eu fiquei muito encantada tanto com a paisagem e com a música.

  • POEsessed_
    POEsessed_ Month ago

    I am depressed. 😑 *SUDDENLY, THIS SONG!* This does NOT help. 😑

  • Jesh
    Jesh Month ago

    She probably could take away my gayness, she is gorgeous and talented like an angel ❤️😍

  • Scott Obermeyer
    Scott Obermeyer Month ago

    I was listening to the Tubular Bells Metal Version and ended up here.... Seems legit

  • colton atwell
    colton atwell Month ago

    sounds like the crappy version too me

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover Month ago

    You look like a lovely goddess, angel

  • Andy Pandy
    Andy Pandy Month ago


  • Jide_
    Jide_ Month ago

    How Have I not found this amassing musician until now?!?!

  • Robyn Ross
    Robyn Ross Month ago

    I have played along with this so much I absolutely love it along with the soundtrack Howard shore composed, couldn't have done a better job!❤️❤️

  • MK Niazi27
    MK Niazi27 Month ago

    She looks like a Godsent angel in that dress.

  • Jil Life
    Jil Life Month ago


  • tyler herlache
    tyler herlache Month ago

    When she started singing "In Dreams" that made the whole video for me

  • Jason Nichelson
    Jason Nichelson Month ago

    why hasn't she done scooby too yet?

  • David Sianipar
    David Sianipar Month ago

    I more love piano guys how to play this theme song

  • Sage Rossi
    Sage Rossi Month ago

    i was playing this when i was mad and crying and it calmed me down so easily thank you lindsey for helping me with your beautiful music :3 it really helps me when i have a rain cloud above my head

    ROYLFRSHNESS Month ago

    Why so much overlay? The movements are good but too much at times. Production manager should be replaced.

  • Serbian Connection
    Serbian Connection Month ago

    how she play it makes me crying

  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners Month ago


  • Patrick Reeners
    Patrick Reeners Month ago

    Someone Who is Crazy9 months agoCan you do Harry Potter theme song?

  • oytun özçelik
    oytun özçelik Month ago

    türk varmı ?varsa bi canlandırmak lazım buraları

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