Lorde - Green Light

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  • Erika Soto
    Erika Soto 3 hours ago


  • Galaxia Gonzalez
    Galaxia Gonzalez 4 hours ago


  • #Christian Larsson
    #Christian Larsson 5 hours ago

    I was only here because of lorde in South Park and I was disappointed that she doesn't go yeah yeah yeah in any other songs like the Southpark version of her but now I don't care about that since I've been listening to her music I just can't get enough and now I'm a fan of her as well also she is one of my favourite singers now.

    Thank you so much South park for introducing me to Lorde!!!!!!!!!

  • Öykü Su Bolat
    Öykü Su Bolat 5 hours ago

    This is pure art!

  • agatha 9449
    agatha 9449 5 hours ago


  • Pat Copland
    Pat Copland 6 hours ago

    Good song best song from lorde

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 6 hours ago

    qu fo awh
    ... ... ... ...... .. .. .. ect ect same old same old!!!!!!!

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown 3 hours ago

      By the way God is love and wish you only love!

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown 3 hours ago

      Graeme Henderson
      That's why your so hurt and probably live in darkness sadly because you choose not to believe.
      I can tell you my life is great and I feel the Holy spirit in me making me feel great . It's your choice to live angry in darkness or live in happness in the light!
      Jesus Christ is the light of this world so I pray for you and hope you find your way to the light!
      Much love sent your way!

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 3 hours ago

      And the coward runs, well take your prayers with you, any God you worship is no God of mine.

    • Unknown Unknown
      Unknown Unknown 3 hours ago

      Graeme Henderson
      Bless you too and sorry that you must have been really hurt by someone who must have really hurt you to responded the way that you did.
      people like you I pray for ,but need to stay away from nasty bitter people so will not respond to you nastiness again!
      Have a good one because seems you need some good in your life!

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 4 hours ago

      If you don't intend your crap to viewed by everybody then don't publish it. How fucken stupid can you be?

  • Massls Musically Account

    Pretty Song 💖

  • agatha 9449
    agatha 9449 7 hours ago

    Amu essa música cd os *BR* ?

  • Schwäbisch Aviator
    Schwäbisch Aviator 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or does she look like Jackie Kennedy

  • Evy Albigo
    Evy Albigo 10 hours ago

    parece um peixe

  • Allysson Rodrigues
    Allysson Rodrigues 10 hours ago


  • • Helena
    • Helena 13 hours ago

    I love this song!!!!!😍❤️listening to it ecery day😊☀️you did a great job, lorde!👍🏻🦄

  • Bella Luna
    Bella Luna 14 hours ago

    Is she talking about the green light from the great gatsby

  • RecycledCoffee
    RecycledCoffee 16 hours ago

    driver - what the fuck are you doing
    lorde - just drive, star of the show coming through

  • Bianca Leota
    Bianca Leota 17 hours ago

    that is low-key me walking down the street listening to music

  • Farrel S
    Farrel S 19 hours ago

    My fav song!😍

  • John Fellers
    John Fellers 19 hours ago

    u also smoke like its a religion, or at least sound like it

  • Nicole Herrington
    Nicole Herrington 20 hours ago


  • Ghastly Goes
    Ghastly Goes 22 hours ago

    The only good part of this song is the first 30 seconds

  • Memories
    Memories Day ago

    Is it me , but the beginning of this song it kinda reminds me of a song from Shawn Hook. I can't remember the title of the song

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown Day ago

    She isn't just a great singer but a great actress also!
    ... ... ... ..... .. .. .. ect .ect .same old, same old !!!!!!!!

  • GoshSamIt
    GoshSamIt Day ago

    Jack in the background looks like Schroeder when he gets into it

  • Ximena Anleu
    Ximena Anleu Day ago

    Bitch you are the dopeee

  • kevin matherest
    kevin matherest Day ago

    usual rubbish songs from Lorde the white loathing racist

  • megatron184
    megatron184 Day ago

    It's pretty obvious in this video that she's really just a 45 year old geologist from Colorado.

  • tree keel
    tree keel Day ago +1

    she singlehandedly saved 2017 w melodrama.

  • Steph Ss
    Steph Ss Day ago

    Collab with Bjork please.

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson Day ago

      You really want to lower Lorde to that level, geez, that's nasty.

  • Bartosz Wróblewski

    What I like the best in that video: The guy, smoking cigarette in a complete dispassion, next to Lorde dancing on a rooftop of his car :-)

  • Dani C
    Dani C Day ago

    I see those complementary colors music producers yesssssss. They are so pleasing.

  • FraGaReca
    FraGaReca Day ago +1

    Who before 1 billion views?
    Everyone because Lorde is the most underrated singer

  • Cory Haught
    Cory Haught Day ago

    I never liked this song but for some reason when I'm listening to it right now I'm really really enjoying it....

  • 3Pompa
    3Pompa Day ago +1

    That's so me on the street !

  • Jin's Banana
    Jin's Banana Day ago

    She is art.

  • BreezyTown7
    BreezyTown7 Day ago

    as a guy i have no idea why i listen to lorde... but id fk lorde

  • Kalie D
    Kalie D Day ago

    I fucking love her music. 💗🙌🏻

  • Stevoj3026
    Stevoj3026 Day ago +1

    How the fuck has this got 61k dislikes? Some people really need to go take a lomg walk off a short pier!!! This song is AMAZING

  • NativePride4051
    NativePride4051 Day ago

    I think this somg failed cause i only heard it on the radio like 5 times. I heard the world premier but 4 times after that.

  • music soli
    music soli Day ago +1

    All the people who disliked this music video has no Taste in music. Keep up the good work lorde. ☺☺

  • Hannah Berry
    Hannah Berry Day ago

    I could so see them doing this on glee if it was still on

  • W. Scientisst
    W. Scientisst Day ago

    0:51 sound similar...

  • Lyli Wow
    Lyli Wow Day ago +1

    I'm generation X.
    I saw and listened so many many many artists. I'm just really happy that Lorde is there for the young generation of music. At least, she is very, very good and l love her! 🌟 For the rest... oh well...it's a sad time for real good music these days.

  • Le Thach
    Le Thach Day ago

    shes really pretty but the way she lip syncs really bothers me and i don't know why

  • Hemanth Y
    Hemanth Y Day ago

    always ❤️ Lorde

  • Reefarlane
    Reefarlane Day ago

    I've never felt goosebumps from a song before.

  • B Bistak
    B Bistak Day ago

    why the f**k does her music make my eyes tear up? Arggggggh

  • Rakner Roberto
    Rakner Roberto Day ago

    Fada que lançou o álbum do ano!!

  • Ayla Patten
    Ayla Patten Day ago

    That old man in the bathroom is literally me

  • MichaelBFDII wong

    This song is by far my most favorite song by Lorde.

  • Jackie Deuber
    Jackie Deuber Day ago


  • Jack Gookler
    Jack Gookler 2 days ago


  • Giacomo Pieropan
    Giacomo Pieropan 2 days ago

    i don't like this type of music but she's a talent

  • Torin Johnson
    Torin Johnson 2 days ago


  • Dårcy Stylës
    Dårcy Stylës 2 days ago +2


  • Rainbow Beast
    Rainbow Beast 2 days ago +1


  • Ufuk Duygu
    Ufuk Duygu 2 days ago +1

    I was very scared at first when I got the news of Lorde's new album's coming. Because I thought it wouldn't be greater than Pure Heroine. But I'm amazed. Love you.

  • Iggy Paps
    Iggy Paps 2 days ago

    Kenzo *WORLD* the New fraGANCE

  • Pedro Ignacio Muñoz
    Pedro Ignacio Muñoz 2 days ago +1

    That moment when you realized that kid in the piano is Jack Antonoff.

  • Piyanut Padee
    Piyanut Padee 2 days ago


  • Eliška Reds
    Eliška Reds 2 days ago


  • 1KRAZM F
    1KRAZM F 2 days ago

    She's ruining that car.

  • Nguyen Linh Chi
    Nguyen Linh Chi 2 days ago

    That adidas, i want it

  • Caterina Poletti
    Caterina Poletti 2 days ago

  • tin foil
    tin foil 2 days ago

    bull shit

    • tin foil
      tin foil 2 days ago

      stand up leave this place and never come back

    • tin foil
      tin foil 2 days ago


  • John Richie
    John Richie 2 days ago

    What a load of crap sounds like a Kate bush wannabe.
    Go bk to a day job stacking shelves at Wal-Mart coz u can't sing

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 2 days ago

      Kate Bush is crap compared to Lorde, a Lorde wanna be in fact, just look at the numbers. And saying she can't sing, do you think we don't have ears, your a lying moronic troll, Crawl back into your sewer and die quietly, you're wasting air and nobody wants you here.

  • Fionn Ryan
    Fionn Ryan 2 days ago

    My name is jombo

  • Ahmad Ar
    Ahmad Ar 2 days ago

    why the hell this is cringy

  • Tanner Poole
    Tanner Poole 2 days ago

    honestly i didn't like it at first but now I have it cranked while I'm at red lights, screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs.

  • Daniel Youden
    Daniel Youden 2 days ago +1

    3:07 was the best

  • Argenis Lanche Jimenez

    off iluminati

  • Autumn Olguin
    Autumn Olguin 3 days ago

    If anyone watches tove lo lorde is in the same place tove lo was in true disaster at 4:03

  • Anderson K.C.
    Anderson K.C. 3 days ago

    this song takes my breath away everytime

  • autobot diva
    autobot diva 3 days ago

    That girl know she cant dance but she talented

  • Bob FromTexas
    Bob FromTexas 3 days ago

    over produced clap trap garbage.

  • Dranem
    Dranem 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Björk? No one else talk about that XD

  • koco k
    koco k 3 days ago

    just like randy marsh.... like it

  • vidsofficial
    vidsofficial 3 days ago

    More than❤️

  • Snapsterson
    Snapsterson 3 days ago

    All steam indie devs

  • Aiz3n
    Aiz3n 3 days ago


    STINKY STAN 3 days ago +1


    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 3 days ago

      Fuck off and die you stupid troll, geez, not everyone is as stupid as the people in your family.

  • Billy Ismanto
    Billy Ismanto 3 days ago +1

    Can we hit 100 million viewers before the end of 2017 ?????

  • Mondy Kermani
    Mondy Kermani 3 days ago

    seeing lorde live was magical

  • Corentin Da Costa
    Corentin Da Costa 3 days ago

    Queen is here

  • greg rose
    greg rose 3 days ago +1

    Damn shes ugly

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 3 days ago

      She isn't but you are, and not just skin deep, you're ugly all the way to the empty space where your soul is supposed to be.

  • blake bortles
    blake bortles 3 days ago

    fuck this ugly no talent hag

    • Graeme Henderson
      Graeme Henderson 3 days ago

      Oh, did that make you feel tough? Well, it actually makes you look like a jealous child, a particularly pathetic jealous child at that.

  • Emily Sullivan
    Emily Sullivan 3 days ago

    Love the song and video. hate the dress.

  • Ashwat Giri
    Ashwat Giri 3 days ago +1

    This is my favorite song. Idk what it is about it but I listen to this every day

  • Ege
    Ege 3 days ago

    My Girlfriend and i loved eachother so much... After One little crisis i was so Angry.. I ignored her for One month.. I didnt respond to her calls and i Stoped to write her... After One month i realized how stupid it is to ignore her because of that reason but then i got a message that she died in a car accident.. now iam lonely... she loved that Song... Its like she is Next to me while i listening to this right now.. I cry Everytime when i hear this Song..( sorry for my Bad english)

    • William Garcia
      William Garcia 3 days ago

      Sorry brother for your lost,dont worry i speak spanish.

  • Sidonia Potapenco
    Sidonia Potapenco 3 days ago

    I scream this on the streets when I'm waiting for the green light to come on no wonder I have no friends xD

  • Jc Den
    Jc Den 3 days ago

    Hmmmmmm this sucks

  • Martyn Hunter
    Martyn Hunter 3 days ago +1

    0:49 The part us pianists came for

  • Kelli LeMay
    Kelli LeMay 3 days ago


  • Bella Mae
    Bella Mae 3 days ago

    I freakin loooove this song

  • Caitlin Kincaid
    Caitlin Kincaid 3 days ago

    That poor driver

  • Ange Curry
    Ange Curry 3 days ago

    we're best friends before the fire nation attack.

  • bella boo
    bella boo 3 days ago


  • bella boo
    bella boo 3 days ago

    not bro

  • Aloha Ariel
    Aloha Ariel 4 days ago

    "And those great whites they have big teeth oh they bite you thought you said that u would always be in love but your not in love no more" littyyy❤

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