Trump People's Court - SNL

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  • Ray Nieves
    Ray Nieves 1 day ago

    oh hail Donald trump

  • Richard Alexander

    Spot on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael sampson
    michael sampson 2 days ago

    as a trump supporter these are too funny thank you. make America great again

  • Amos Roger
    Amos Roger 5 days ago

    Go Putin Go..

  • Sloan the Great
    Sloan the Great 5 days ago

    Fuck hillary fuck CNN fuck SNL.

  • Emma Fisher
    Emma Fisher 5 days ago

    Compromise fool project content discuss half import male philosophy

  • William Waite
    William Waite 5 days ago

    now there has to be a judge judy episode with Trump vs Marilyn Milian(judge) where trump is suing her for killing his court case.

  • Rehfaler Reval
    Rehfaler Reval 5 days ago

    I guess its not Russian humor neither USA one. Its a Jewish humour about Goys. In every word there is a poison and hate to human race and spread of hate

  • keepYoutube Creepy
    keepYoutube Creepy 6 days ago

    He's does Donald Trump better than Donald Trump does Donald Trump...

  • Ben Altschul
    Ben Altschul 6 days ago

    Except the Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY decided it was CONSTITUTIONAL
    Ninth Circuit Court is retarded!

  • William Sullivan
    William Sullivan 6 days ago

    I've tried but this is so stupid. It's not funny at all. His imitation sucks and the writing is so stupid. SNL blows now.

  • Janice Pontillas
    Janice Pontillas 6 days ago


  • lester
    lester 7 days ago

    another gay skit. the joke is gays are a joke. that's why they always use the gay thing.

  • curtisparrytv
    curtisparrytv 7 days ago

    Who does the better Trump? Baldwin or Fallon?

  • Christian Maye
    Christian Maye 8 days ago

    why is the shirtless guy look like the guy who didn't want hi-five the shirtless guy

  • Mike MacCarthy
    Mike MacCarthy 8 days ago

    Trump is fat pig

  • Christian Maye
    Christian Maye 9 days ago

    there's a guy that looks like death

  • Shootzembu
    Shootzembu 11 days ago

    ahhh it's funny because SNL mocked Reagan and he went on for 8 years regardless. they're doing the same to Trump and this is how you get 8 years. and his travel ban got favored for 9-0 which apparently was more important than gay marriage ruling (5-4), and Democrats are losing all special elections. is there a pattern here?

  • jack nicholson
    jack nicholson 11 days ago

    Trump got it passed!!! He doesn't want whats going on in Europe to happen here. He's right. Not only should he ban Muslims from entering, he should deport those already here. REMEMBER 9-11!!

  • Steven Thommes
    Steven Thommes 11 days ago

    dam, the lady who played the judge sounded almost exactly like milian.

  • johnm400uk
    johnm400uk 11 days ago

    Hahaha, the travel ban is on as ruled by the Supreme Court you bunch of clueless morons!

  • Bucket
    Bucket 12 days ago

    SNL has went to shit.

  • Steve Poop
    Steve Poop 12 days ago

    I'm not a trump supporter but this isn't funny at all doesn't even sound like trump Snl hasn't been good in 15 years

  • Raven R
    Raven R 12 days ago

    This would of been better if it was Terrorist Obama, and Killary

  • Brandon Benson
    Brandon Benson 13 days ago

    Am I the only one who is tired of the political bias in the comedy media? Especially SNL? What happened to Adam Sandler and Chris Farley material? Non political? This is just annoying and a liberal straw argument. "I guess, knowing the constitution?" More like "use the moral argument instead of facts". Ridiculous.

  • billyKC
    billyKC 13 days ago

    lol "knowing the constitution". Travel ban was approved by the real judges in the Supreme Court.

  • Pimpin Grimace817
    Pimpin Grimace817 14 days ago

    But CNN is actually fake news

  • kisskiss4006
    kisskiss4006 16 days ago

    😂😂😂😂hilarious thanxx for the added Scream I discovered at the end.... 👏👏👏

  • KingParisBuckingham
    KingParisBuckingham 17 days ago

    no not funny.bullshit bareback in a court shit they pushing

  • Curtis Wilks
    Curtis Wilks 17 days ago


  • BMoney8600
    BMoney8600 19 days ago

    Again with Chicago, it's not that bad just don't say anything stupid

  • Manveer Singh
    Manveer Singh 20 days ago


  • ChaoticChiyo
    ChaoticChiyo 21 day ago

    Look at Eric in the background I can't XD

  • bongo fury
    bongo fury 21 day ago

    Not to this nonstop, excessive extreme.

  • PapaDeltaYankee
    PapaDeltaYankee 21 day ago

    This is actually funny now since the SCOTUS's unanimous decision exposing the 9th for playing politics.

  • Str3am F0x29
    Str3am F0x29 21 day ago

    it's so ironic because when Alex said the cops themes song, It was on tv

  • Royal One
    Royal One 22 days ago

    This is an oxymoron, but Steve Bannon as The Grim Reaper is giving me life 😂😂😂

  • XperiencE
    XperiencE 22 days ago

    Obama literally did this exact same thing

  • maxpowers3732
    maxpowers3732 23 days ago

    Looks like the judge here just got overturned by the Supreme Court. Guess saying "Trump hates Muslims" and ignoring what the actual law says doesn't sit well with the Supreme Court.

    the president “may by proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens and any class of aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants” whenever he thinks it “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.”

    Why wouldn't SNL make fun of the mind reading judges calling Trump and anything he does racist? Instead they claim to follow "the law" while Trump is a complete idiot. Do they have a standard template of "Republican = Buffoon" and it doesn't even matter who the person is?

  • James Horn
    James Horn 23 days ago


  • Nate 3512
    Nate 3512 24 days ago

    Angry republicans disliking

  • Pokécat 13
    Pokécat 13 24 days ago

    trump x putin i ship it

  • Richard Alexander
    Richard Alexander 24 days ago

    "just one day without a CNN alert". Still waiting...

  • Timothy Hamilton
    Timothy Hamilton 24 days ago

    Where is Podesta? The pedo-gay from Jewshington? Where is Soros, the real president of USrael?

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer 25 days ago

    That CNN line was spot on!

  • J Tiso
    J Tiso 25 days ago

    this sucks

  • ben webb
    ben webb 26 days ago

    I hate how they bash him so much but this shit was pretty funny

  • Lois Miller
    Lois Miller 26 days ago


  • steven richards
    steven richards 26 days ago

    Saturday night dead ! What a loser show ! I remember back in 1990,I couldn't wait for this show to come on ,now it sucks donkey ass !

  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross 26 days ago

    Does anyone actually watch SNL any more. The comedy has gone down the tubes long ago. The skits became so stupid and were not funny at all. I miss the days when there were real comedians around. I didn't even watch the skit on this site. SNL has become just pitiful.

  • jack shan
    jack shan 26 days ago

    DISAPPOINTED putin not muscular enough

  • DeathMonkeys
    DeathMonkeys 27 days ago

    I think her problem is that she listens to CNN

  • Mad Veteran
    Mad Veteran 27 days ago

    SNL is fake comedy.

  • chris johnson
    chris johnson 27 days ago

    except it didn't establish a litmus test.. it bans every single person from those countries that have no government .. regardless of religion.. it doesn't ban Muslims from other countries... stupid liberals

  • Susan Lang
    Susan Lang 27 days ago


  • Big boy man the super hero

    This is why no one watches SNL anymore.

  • Dilly Rosati
    Dilly Rosati 1 month ago

    Trump may not have made America great again but he sure as hell made SNL great again

    • H-town281 A
      H-town281 A 10 days ago

      Dilly Rosati Highest rated season in 23 years. And supposedly it's garbage, not funny, and it's failing. 🍾🍾🍾

  • Eli ReD
    Eli ReD 1 month ago

    cnn is a lie

  • Susan Heywood
    Susan Heywood 1 month ago

    Funny stuff. I find it interesting how the 1% Liberal Hollywood Elite are so out of touch with the average American. They act as if illegal immigration isn't a big deal because it doesn't affect THEIR lives, personally. Like I said, "out of touch elites." At least Trump gives a sh*t. In reality, it is the black and hispanic Americans that have been feeling the brunt of mass illegal immigration that the elites and their sheeple fans are foolishly ushering into America. It is THEIR jobs, schools, and neighborhoods that have been hardest hit for decades now -- but the (cough) "Liberal" elite don't seem to give a sh*t about their struggling fellow Americans. Funny stuff. Haha

  • ERIC_uzi
    ERIC_uzi 1 month ago

    the travel ban written and at times enforced under Obama. don't let the truth matter though. libtards

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 1 month ago

    This was so shitty. damn. . snl is goin down hill.

  • Alfredo Castro
    Alfredo Castro 1 month ago

    steve bannon blames the downfall of american society on the technocrats and banking elite for the catastrophic recession by the banking elite trying to make more profits by giving home loans to people with bad credit who in reality counldnt afford a mortgage. our society is on based on a debt system, student loans, car loans, credit card debt home mortgages he believes in putting native born americans first and preserving judeo christian american democracy. he doesn't sound like an evil mad man to me with that rhetoric.

  • Bit Of Wizdumb
    Bit Of Wizdumb 1 month ago

    He plays such a terrible trump. What a dork

  • Anthony Mcqueen
    Anthony Mcqueen 1 month ago

    "I'm Good"

  • ögeday görkey
    ögeday görkey 1 month ago

    Does Anyone know the name of the blonde judge?

  • Truth Only
    Truth Only 1 month ago

    Why do we need Russian idiots. We have enough idiots from the Democratic party.

  • Ted Ybarra Jr.
    Ted Ybarra Jr. 1 month ago

    ayyy i live in sb

  • Innerdiamond
    Innerdiamond 1 month ago

    so stupid..people watch this? Explains why most of the masses are so dumb!

  • Swan CSS
    Swan CSS 1 month ago

    so when do the jokes start. Dammm SNL is nothing like it used to be . they have NO imagination only bash trump.

  • Luke Olson
    Luke Olson 1 month ago

    More like propaganda than comedy

  • nick Kocvara
    nick Kocvara 1 month ago

    Does anyone not notice the Russian flag pin on Baldwin's jacket?

  • Cuckboi Hoi
    Cuckboi Hoi 1 month ago

    It was obamas travel ban list hahaha dumbfucks

  • jason crabtrey
    jason crabtrey 1 month ago

    Go Trump.. God and We the People are with YOU...

  • aidyn wilks
    aidyn wilks 1 month ago

    no better actor and needing minimal practice to play trump, alec baldwin.

  • MysticMist
    MysticMist 1 month ago

    Why is Donald (Alec) waering a Russian flag pin?

  • Ebony_ Love_ R 007
    Ebony_ Love_ R 007 1 month ago

    "His long time crush". Hahaha so true! In the closet boy love lol!

  • Ebony_ Love_ R 007
    Ebony_ Love_ R 007 1 month ago

    OMG Baldwin looks just like him, an ugly hot mess LOL!!! Look at the birds nest on his head LOL. And he does that sucking on a lemon Trump face so good LOL!

  • kingfish slayer
    kingfish slayer 1 month ago

    not a lick of talent and not funny at all. u liberal dumb fucks have a sorry ass sense of humor. what is funny is watchin you dem fucks squirm. hahahahaahaha looossserrrrs. sore looooosssseerrs. fuck off and die

  • Bendin' on Buckin' Broncos

    How does the Establishment Clause protect terrorism? Islam is the overwhelming majority religion in these banned countries. Violence is why those countries are banned, not because of their religion (little tidbit, but they kill people because their religon demands they do so). If Mormons went around chopping heads off in the name of Joseph Smith to cleanse the Earth of nonbelievers, there would be an outrage ten times as loud as the mess across the Atlantic (but Mormons would never do that, hence why they are allowed to live in the US). Violence is not protected by the Establishment Clause of the Constitution. You may believe in whatever religion you want, but as soon as you enact bodily harm to another person, or even threaten another person with a promise of future violence, you cannot hide behind divine instruction. The purpose of the Establishment Clause is to prevent a federal oligarchy from surfacing — or the reverse — any government intervention in law abiding religious ceremonies (like Catholics drinking wine in remembrance of Christ's blood). Citizens of the United States and anyone who happens to be inside US jurisdiction have the right to Life above all other rights. People who try to take that right will be banned on the spot, if not by the government, then by people who can read 18th century English and value their lives.

  • Bishop Dog
    Bishop Dog 1 month ago

    It would be funny to all of America if they weren't such haters 50/50 no one can bitch

  • Metal Shop
    Metal Shop 1 month ago

    wrong.overruled....ok, ill allow it

  • Wun Hung Lo
    Wun Hung Lo 1 month ago


  • Ben D.
    Ben D. 1 month ago

    the only good part was Putin. This skit sucked

  • Jeremy Stamm
    Jeremy Stamm 1 month ago

    what a joke and sorry excuse of an actor

  • Hans Odsen
    Hans Odsen 1 month ago

    Got to see this!!

  • Pils Nrimgaard
    Pils Nrimgaard 1 month ago

    8 U.S.C. §1182....says the following: Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or
    of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to
    the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such
    period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or
    any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the
    entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. Whenever
    the Attorney General finds that a commercial airline has failed to
    comply with regulations of the Attorney General relating to requirements
    of airlines for the detection of fraudulent documents used by
    passengers traveling to the United States (including the training of
    personnel in such detection), the Attorney General may suspend the entry
    of some or all aliens transported to the United States by such airline... Liberals live in a world that is driven by emotion, not facts

  • Meena Shehri
    Meena Shehri 1 month ago

    Independent people public is only government votes
    Not some personal life so shut up
    To let u know some say they keep public in their pockets to say boll shit against their enemy

  • John Sholl
    John Sholl 1 month ago

    Snot nose live ! Show sucks....always has since Belushi and Chase left. Haven;'t watched it since...go to hell you communist cocksuckers !

  • Hot Dog
    Hot Dog 1 month ago

    I have zero problem with anyone making fun of any sitting President, but this is crap. Ginsburg should recuse herself since her comments "on the campaign trail" mirror Trump' s bias. This is why people with self-respect don't watch SNL anymore. They're the CNN of comedy.

  • Charleigh Bonfiglio
    Charleigh Bonfiglio 1 month ago

    Did someone order a little american happy meal? I think mexico did :)

  • Nicolas O
    Nicolas O 1 month ago

    Great imitating Trump

    JUSTIN HIXON 1 month ago

    lol They settled Pocahontas and so will you !!! ... :)

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 1 month ago

    SNL, I'm disappointed. You can't just take CCTV footage and claim it's an original sketch. *Fake comedy.*

  • Joe Mota
    Joe Mota 1 month ago

    Trump 🍑🗽🇺🇸💝🍑🗽🇺🇸💝putin Russia 🍆🇷🇺 🐉🏰

  • Nate W
    Nate W 1 month ago

    I want ONE day without a CNN Alert that scares the hell out of me!

    The current presidency in a nutshell

  • Fallen But Saved
    Fallen But Saved 1 month ago

    Fuck this

  • YE kiprilovi
    YE kiprilovi 1 month ago

    President Trump is funny, but the Ninth CIrcuit indeed ignores the law, is so liberal that crosses beyond the law, especially to favor the rich and powerful. Yes, it "i guess...know the Constitution", but so what when it twists the law . And the law is for all of us. It is sad, not funny. See case 16-56647.

  • Sam Craven
    Sam Craven 1 month ago

    17,017 people are sued too.  XD

  • София Стоянова


  • Crimson Reaper
    Crimson Reaper 1 month ago

    how did they ever manage to get the real Trump to play himself

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