2017 Lincoln Continental Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • The new Lincoln Continental is imposing and modern. But it has some puzzling features, one of which involves how you get out of the car. Forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking are available only as options.

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Comments: 113

  • KlipschHead281
    KlipschHead281 1 month ago

    This isn't a midsize car and the seats are too narrow? 30 point adjustments and you call that fat assed seat too narrow, are you reviewing the Continental or something else?

  • Rob Mardo
    Rob Mardo 2 months ago

    I strongly feel Lincoln missed an opportunity to redefine its brand by not introducing a modern, well designed continental. Much like Jaguar did with the current XJ model.
    Even from 3 miles away you can tell the new Continental is a design by committee nightmare. This is the best an American car company can come up with? All they had to do was to come up with a modern interpretation of the '64 continental not copy the horrible existing Lincoln model lineup. It is just embarrassing to think the best a modern car company could come up with is a reinterpretation of a "05 Kia Armanti.

  • M W S
    M W S 2 months ago

    You must be in a pre production Lincoln Continental. I've watched many other videos on the 2017 continental and the one-year driving the headlights are all wrong. the Continental has headlights or the lights inside the housing mimic the Lincoln emblem so I don't know what you're driving.

  • Brennan Lancia
    Brennan Lancia 3 months ago

    Oh and the black label is the highest trim line

  • marc1093280
    marc1093280 3 months ago

    Nice car, but I would opt for a used Bentley Continental Flying Spur/Flying Spur for the price of this Lincoln.

  • colderbeer
    colderbeer 3 months ago

    They would have raved over a new Lexus sedan if it had a push-button auto trans.....

  • tedmongel
    tedmongel 3 months ago

    I was under the impression the continental was built on its own, exclusive platform?

  • CanadaCraig
    CanadaCraig 4 months ago

    I love push button transmissions. But the buttons should be on the left side of the dash. That said.... I'm not sure what I think of this car other than I think it should have been bigger.

  • Trades46
    Trades46 4 months ago

    A nice place to spend time as a passenger, but given its heft, FWD derived chassis and lack of V8 option, I wonder how much folks will be willing to take the Continental over an S-class, 7 series or A8.

  • kristo
    kristo 4 months ago

    This is a beautiful vehicle externally, borrowing a lot from Bentley and BMW, but the interior styling is areal let-down, damnably ugly seats, and those door handle/controls!?!?

  • elton john
    elton john 4 months ago

    Michelle is right. Increase the base price by $2,500 and include all of the safety equipment as standard.

  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 4 months ago

    the more electronics, the more expensive to repair and the quicker it loses value.

    • ZelRel
      ZelRel 3 days ago

      then why don't Bentleys, rolls Royce & maybachs etc.. don't lose value fast ?

  • Darren Persad
    Darren Persad 4 months ago

    This was a disappointing watch. I really don't want to see this person reviewing vehicles again - she seems like the type that would like to suck the essence of driving from the industry and have us all move to autonomous, self-driving machines that do everything for you.

  • J Segal
    J Segal 4 months ago

    The Lincoln doesn't have to "compete with Mercedes and BMW." Lincoln buyers hate those brands.

  • victreebel
    victreebel 4 months ago

    My god, those electronic door buttons replacing an interior handle. WHYYYYY.

    • Grant Jones
      Grant Jones 3 months ago

      victreebel so they can take your wallet. if you want cheap get a 90s Honda, they don't break and never have problems

  • abbaby555
    abbaby555 4 months ago

    just a ford Taurus in a pretty dress

  • Kenz300 x
    Kenz300 x 4 months ago

    All electric vehicles are the future. No emissions.
    Climate Change is real. It will be the defining issue of our lives.

  • Nima Bahrehdar
    Nima Bahrehdar 4 months ago

    The shifter alone is enough for me to skip this. Every time I get to a red light, I have to lift my hand and elbow to reach the buttons, at least twice.

    • Grant Jones
      Grant Jones 3 months ago

      Nima Bahrehdar who puts it in park at a light

    • Dave Sullivan
      Dave Sullivan 3 months ago

      you need a driving lesson.

    • colderbeer
      colderbeer 4 months ago

      It's an automatic transmission. Leave it in DRIVE the entire time you are driving, and when you arrive at your destination, simply press P to park it. Seems so easy, yes?

  • shrey2smart
    shrey2smart 4 months ago

    there is nothing more intuitive or luxurious than looking at a button and pushing it.

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson 4 months ago

    Why not use a regular shifter? It's easy and it doesn't take up that much space.

  • jfjr901
    jfjr901 4 months ago

    0:37 this car does not share a platform with the Fusion...

    • jfjr901
      jfjr901 3 months ago

      Dave Sullivan that's the Lincoln MKZ that shares a platform with the Fusion. Lincoln Continental is not, at least I hope it's not. Ford will be stupid to base a 60k plus car from a 20k car.

    • Dave Sullivan
      Dave Sullivan 3 months ago

      jfjr901 actually it does.

  • SuperHollowfied
    SuperHollowfied 4 months ago

    no way is the Continental a midsize sedan. Both Lincoln and the EPA classify this car as a full-size sedan.

  • PussMag
    PussMag 4 months ago

    nothing BMW or Benz, or Audi, or Lexus, this is more head to head with CTX or Acura RLX, or Buick

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 4 months ago

    while CR rants about standard safety tech, I'll highlight an important part, if you are going to have full size adults in back, check the headroom. At 6'2" my neck was kinked

  • Curtis Lee
    Curtis Lee 4 months ago

    wow...I love that car...think I'll stick with BMW

  • mountainhobo
    mountainhobo 4 months ago

    Interesting. You are the first ones who did not mentioned compromised rear seat headroom due to sloping roof profile. Did you ask a tall person to sit in the back? This is a Continental, after all, isn't it?

  • yudi saputra
    yudi saputra 4 months ago

    so it's the bastard child of Jaguar and bentley? but in a good way.

  • Kawai Sit
    Kawai Sit 4 months ago

    Not a good car to get

  • Eamonn McDermott
    Eamonn McDermott 4 months ago

    Won't be as reliable as any Japanese car!!!!!!!!

  • wholeNwon
    wholeNwon 4 months ago

    So, you're in a crash, the electrical system is dead and the car's on fire. Is that door button still going to work?

  • elton john
    elton john 4 months ago

    Regardless of it's faults, the car does look like something special.

  • Jack 1
    Jack 1 4 months ago

    I'm from the u.k. and all I can say is hahhahahahahahaha if you buy this over a bmw or mercedes or even an audi your mentally unwell lol

  • MotorCity J
    MotorCity J 4 months ago

    There is a manual override for the doors. These complaints along with the push button trans are pure nonsense. Only an idiot would find the push button trans unintuitive. P is park, R is reverse, N is neutral....

  • Cory McComas
    Cory McComas 4 months ago

    When you're buying a luxury car, more safety features should be standard. So it makes sense when she says "this should be standard on every trim." However I hate when CR says it should be standard on all cars. Like no a $13,000 Spark or Accent doesn't need it. Some people just want cheap and basic transportation!

  • Doge Challenger SRT8
    Doge Challenger SRT8 4 months ago

    That's fucked up how they make you pay for safety features.

  • Ross MK
    Ross MK 4 months ago

    This goes against an E class and 5 series? That's fucked Lincoln should just start going against Hyundai's new brand Genesis/Acura/Buick I don't see them competing that well against BMW, Audi, Cadillac, and Mercedes.

  • banstaman
    banstaman 4 months ago

    I really, really want to like this car, but it just doesn't seem to do the job. I wish the shifter weren't next to the audio controls and not push buttons at all. I also wish the dash were actually leather or even vinyl, not just stitched injection molded plastic.

  • albert7139
    albert7139 4 months ago

    I'd much rather a Volvo S90, even though there's some clever features a Lincoln will always be a nicer Ford.

  • venom5809
    venom5809 4 months ago

    Sat in one the other day and found it to be quite nice, the quality was excellent, much nicer than the other Lincolns, didn't feel cheap, the seats were fantastic, tons of legroom in the rear and the navigation/entertainment system quite good. Much better than what Cadillac is producing, this is more on par with the Germans.

  • Jonathan A
    Jonathan A 4 months ago

    Some of those features, like electric door handles, and being a Ford product, I expect those to fail and people getting stuck inside their cars. Not a smart design, but the car look good otherwise.

  • Heyu Yoma
    Heyu Yoma 4 months ago

    This needs to be priced 10,000 less than what it currently is. Why one would buy this over an E-Class or the new 5 Series questions. Unless of course, you own a limo company.

    • Darren Persad
      Darren Persad 4 months ago

      I would, for one. And it already prices in lower than the competition. The difference is here that the Continental only competes with the aforementioned models in price only - contrary to what the reviewer said, the Continental is actually a full-size sedan, where the E and 5 are mid-size. So the value proposition is definitely there with the Lincoln, as you're getting fairly similar features and technologies, as well as roughly the same power and performance in a larger package at either a lower or equal cost.

    • Eric Fortune
      Eric Fortune 4 months ago

      Heyu Yoma I've seen quite a few of these lately where I live, someone's spending the money.

    • Zach Dubos
      Zach Dubos 4 months ago

      Heyu Yoma it starts at 44k while the 5 series starts at $51k. it's like a entry level model for the class.

  • pedro fernandez
    pedro fernandez 4 months ago

    Good thing they didn't turn the Continental into another gigantic SUV.

  • Southern Nevada offroading and back country


  • Aurora Jones
    Aurora Jones 4 months ago

    The buttons are to confusing or difficult to use? WTH? You cant press a button? You dont know what PRLND is? I find this comment baffling. As an owner of a car that has the push button its the best. Super fast transmission change from PRLND at what? The push of a button. I think thats easier than a lever or a knob because why children? Its one touch of the button. Good lord. Find something useful to complain about.

    • Aurora Jones
      Aurora Jones 4 months ago

      I fail to see the logic in your inability to push a button that happens to be placed on the side of a screen. Its in an easy reachable location. Ive owned an MKz with this set up and im telling you as AN OWNER its great. Its better than the traditional shifter, J-Gate, rotary knob and wonky push button left right up down electronic lever. If you cant comprehend that then im afraid your cretinous.

    • victreebel
      victreebel 4 months ago

      Aurora Jones you don't put push button transmission controls on the edge of a touch screen. PERIOD.

    • MotorCity J
      MotorCity J 4 months ago

      Aurora Jones couldn't agree more. Such a lot of fuss over a simple and easy to use design that makes the console cleaner and more usable. I also found at first I didn't know where to place my right hand. Now my right hand is where it belongs, on the wheel, with my left hand. Safety bonus.

  • Barrasali Ahmed
    Barrasali Ahmed 4 months ago

    Sifters & door buttons are the deal breakers here. Plus unreachable screen....

    • Christopher Street
      Christopher Street 4 months ago

      There is a level on the bottom panel of each door ... that is a manual door handle .. .smh

    • R C
      R C 4 months ago

      There is a backup release down low on the door. But I'd like to know how many times you have had a dead battery in the last 5-10 years. I can count once in 15 years for me.

    • 66skate
      66skate 4 months ago

      Check out some of the other reviews. Some of them explain how the mechanical latch works.

    • Barrasali Ahmed
      Barrasali Ahmed 4 months ago

      Max Schlotter Whatever, you work for ford, or they told you about that emergency thing ?

    • Max Schlotter
      Max Schlotter 4 months ago

      Barrasali Ahmed Obviously your'e not the smart one here. There are manual releases on the doors in case the battery fails.

  • Brian Rosado
    Brian Rosado 4 months ago

    "We think these should be standard on all trim lines" If I had a dollar for everytime you guy's say that, I could afford subscribing to you guys.

  • ARich
    ARich 4 months ago

    Nice car, much better than some of Lincoln's past efforts. But I feel as though some of these high tech touches, such as the touch gear selector and door handles, are kind of a step in the wrong direction in a way since they end up compromising convenience in the end...

    Side note: Can't help but notice, you guy's "click" at the start of your videos sounds quite similar to the new Nintendo Switch's "click" sound in its ads. Haha hmmm...

    • Max Schlotter
      Max Schlotter 4 months ago

      Jonathan A there are manual release handles in case the electronic one fails.

    • Cameron channell
      Cameron channell 4 months ago

      Not a new technology, all of them have manual overrides just for that.

    • Jonathan A
      Jonathan A 4 months ago

      Yes, I can imagine those electronic door handles failing and people getting stuck inside. Not a smart design.

  • Richard Peters
    Richard Peters 4 months ago

    I'm still confused as to how this is a midsize...

    • J Segal
      J Segal 4 months ago

      Price-wise you can only get a midsize German for full-size Lincoln money. An S-Class is double what this costs.

    • SuperHollowfied
      SuperHollowfied 4 months ago

      Richard Peters you're right to be confused, just know that consumer reports is wrong about the classification. The Continental is a full-size sedan.

    • Eric Fortune
      Eric Fortune 4 months ago

      Richard Peters It's not, these things are pretty long, probably bigger than the Chrysler 300.

    • Robert LeBlanc
      Robert LeBlanc 4 months ago

      The sizing and pricing places it in competition with other semi-luxury offerings such as the BMW 5 series, Cadillac CTS, Genesis G80, Audi A6, and MB E Class.

    • Jonathan A
      Jonathan A 4 months ago

      It's full size, the MKZ is midsize. They messed up

  • GiovanniRomano
    GiovanniRomano 4 months ago

    Mexican built American crap

    • ZelRel
      ZelRel 3 days ago

      +Tyler Baugh exactly..

    • Darren Persad
      Darren Persad 4 months ago

      Yeah, no. It's being built right here in the States.

      And as for "MrRedskins0021" - they'll only break down if you have less brain power than a rock. I've been driving American, British, German, and Swedish for all my life (same for my parents, my grandparents, etc), and we've never had issues.

      I know how to work on my cars, and so does my family, so yeah, that doesn't happen.

      Understand too where the majority of luxury buyers priorities are set though - many feel that they are "above" things like working on your own cars, and they themselves don't know diddly squat on basic maintenance, which is why luxury cars in general have such a high fail rate. Sure, it's true that some brands have a greater predisposition to failure, but that's nothing that preventative and religious general maintenance can't handle.

      Case in point, my commuter and winter beater is a 2000 Audi A6 2.8 Quattro with 115k on the odo. Yeah, the mileage isn't the highest, but she's been religiously maintained her whole life, even despite living all of it here in New England. Even with our awful roads and over-salting in the winter, she's rust free and reliable to a fault.

      GUNSnSTUFF 4 months ago

      Uh yeah not built in Mexico.

    • Zach Dubos
      Zach Dubos 4 months ago

      it's built in Michigan, look it up.

    • Colin Heath
      Colin Heath 4 months ago

      GiovanniRomano Built right down the road from me in Michigan!

  • Teighlour Swyftte
    Teighlour Swyftte 4 months ago

    Isn't a flagship usually supposed to be a Full size? Not a midsize. The hell lincoln?

    • ZelRel
      ZelRel 3 days ago

      Yea ikr my 2000 continental longer

    • Darren Persad
      Darren Persad 4 months ago

      It is full-size. They called it mid-size here, which was a massive oversight on their part. I think a vehicle is classified as full-size when it is either greater than or equal to 110-inches in length (but don't quote me on that). What I do know is that the Continental is just over 200-inches in length, which definitely makes it full-size.

    • Teighlour Swyftte
      Teighlour Swyftte 4 months ago

      I know its big inside, but every other brand flagship is a full sized behemoth on the outside. The space in the continental is as big as a full size.

    • venom5809
      venom5809 4 months ago

      You should actually go sit inside one, it's massive inside.

  • Brenden Pragasam
    Brenden Pragasam 4 months ago

    why wouldn't you just buy a Jaguar with:
    -better materials
    -better seats
    -and a good engine

    • ZelRel
      ZelRel 3 days ago

      +Ross MK no Lincoln is actually pretty reliable.. the town car proved that

    • goodfella21f
      goodfella21f 1 month ago

      Brenden Pragasam cuz the jaguar is british shit and overpriced and will easily break down

    • Grant Jones
      Grant Jones 3 months ago

      because it's British, you will find a gallon of oil on the floor every morning

      GUNSnSTUFF 4 months ago

      Brenden Pragasam
      Because The jaguar will break down on its way home from the dealership.

    • Zach Dubos
      Zach Dubos 4 months ago

      Teighlour Swyftte what's wrong with India?

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