Joe Rogan Experience #702 - Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Dust O
    Dust O 10 hours ago

    Joe's a nice guy to listen to, but when he's wrong about something he is REALLY wrong.

  • dumb nutz
    dumb nutz 12 hours ago


  • Pieter Wessels
    Pieter Wessels Day ago

    "Don't stick up for pussies." Yes!

  • Alec Moriarty
    Alec Moriarty 2 days ago

    Really Love the show but Joe is such an ignorant cuck on 80% of topics that it almost makes certain episodes unwatchable.

  • Ctyler93
    Ctyler93 2 days ago

    Ben Shapiro vs milo would be great

  • Nicholas D'Godfrey
    Nicholas D'Godfrey 2 days ago

    "What's the most controversial think you've said" - what a fool, it's not a competition. Vanity is his main driver, not politics

  • djinnification
    djinnification 5 days ago

    Islam is the single greatest existential threat to western civilization, regardless of race, if you hold the ideas of liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and free constitution of civil government, then Islam should be your enemy. Not individual muslims, but Islam itself. How can people say it isa religion of peace when the Koran expressly allows a Muslim to lie, cheat, murder and steal to any infidel if they are working towards the installation of the global Caliphate. what this means is that you cannot explicitly trust what a muslim says because they are allowed by the tenants of thier religion to lie to you because you are an enemy. So take all the polls, take all the Muslim is a religion of peace bullshit out of the equation and look at what people who are muslim do and look at what the Koran says.

  • djinnification
    djinnification 5 days ago

    Joe, I love what you do but you don't live in the real world you live in Hollywood and unfortunately for the rest of the world that doesn't reflect society anywhere else. So your personal experience of life is not based on fact but technically fantasy. Not saying you did not earn it through hard work and dedication but let us be honest, your circle of friends doesn't reflect the dull meaningless existence of the masses sir and to say you cannot picture something because it doesn't happen to beautiful rich people is so completely off base as to be alarming. I didn't have you pegged for someone with such a narrow view of the world

  • djinnification
    djinnification 5 days ago

    The idea that you can consent to sex as an adult then after the act has occurred later withdraw said consent is PREPOSTEROUS!!!! It is literal insanity.

  • djinnification
    djinnification 5 days ago

    Why am I hearing this? There is a difference between having a state recognized marriage and having a religious ceremony in a church. You can be legally married and have an official document recognizing that marriage issued by the state without requiring a religion to disregard a tenant of it's faith. This should really be a non issue but for some reason it is.

  • asd
    asd 6 days ago +1

    He was good until his garbage about religion

  • Aaron Kisselbaugh
    Aaron Kisselbaugh 6 days ago

    i love how pissed joe is getting about the religion lmao.

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt 7 days ago


    What gas is he saying?

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook 7 days ago

    Camille Paglia has a great view and gives factual history of transgenderism and the cost it has on our society and other fallen societies

  • Keiran McKenna
    Keiran McKenna 7 days ago

    saying the nhs is total failure is straight up stupidity

  • 11033066099
    11033066099 7 days ago +1

    Milo fans,..before Milo started going ape shit, and started talking about how he sucked pounds of dicks..did you know or notice him??? He was not interesting,..he was not relevant,..Maybe Milo fans suck pounds of dicks and love the fact that he has the guts to say it to the public??

  • Jadey Byers
    Jadey Byers 7 days ago

  • Jadey Byers
    Jadey Byers 7 days ago

    Intelligence has nothing to do with sexuality. Milo said he wishes he could decide to not be gay but earlier he said he chose to be gay to defy his Mom. Dude, come on now. He contradicts himself so much that I honestly get the feeling he's insecure and uncomfortable in his own skin. Kind of feel sorry for him......I don't think he knows what's going on.

  • Jadey Byers
    Jadey Byers 8 days ago

    Is Milo trolling himself by wearing a wedding ring?

  • Pearce Thornley
    Pearce Thornley 10 days ago

    I flip flop between each of their points after the 2 hour mark. Absolutely love this discussion.

  • Julian Salama
    Julian Salama 10 days ago

    Lol Milo like I follow SCIENCE!!!! until you bring up religion then he's like fuck science 😂

  • sedgeflower
    sedgeflower 10 days ago

    Why give this hate mongering looney a platform? I'm not conservative, but surely there are better people on the right who he could interview...

  • Riotous Behaviour
    Riotous Behaviour 11 days ago

    I feel bad for Milo. In this sort of long form conversation the cracks of abuse and neglect inflicted on him during his formative years are very clear to see.
    The breathless need to be outrageous for attention is ripping apart his ideology while he talks about it.
    I hope he can find a way to be happier in the future.

  • Teegra Rodriguez
    Teegra Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Joe Rogan Experiance #702-Macaulay Culkin

  • Nathan Witus
    Nathan Witus 13 days ago

    29:50 how do you not see that Joe Rogan?

  • Aaron Craig
    Aaron Craig 13 days ago

    Milo needs to let joe talk.

  • Jacob Leavens
    Jacob Leavens 14 days ago

    To me, this "Climate Change" debate is ridiculous. The end product is objectively bad and it is happening. while the right is wasting time debating if humans are the cause or if its real or not is just wasting time and energy that could be spent finding and enacting a solution to the objectively real effects we are seeing.

  • Unique
    Unique 16 days ago

    Joe Rogan and Peter Rosenberg can be brothers

  • Kosan Stanojevic
    Kosan Stanojevic 16 days ago

    You know what, this gay guy is all right, he completly changed my views on gay people. I mean I never hated anyone but I disliked the hypocricy and imposing of their views on us... this guy is just a down to earth guy, I agree with him much more than Joe, who doesnt even get that he has been indoctrinated

  • dick butt
    dick butt 17 days ago

    I really like milo but I think he's a little arrogant. Joe isn't language policing he's just using common sense.

  • KillerCardinal DA7
    KillerCardinal DA7 18 days ago

    I love that they got heated in the middle, but by the end, were cool and fine. That's how people need to argue. Definitely liked that.

  • squizzypop66
    squizzypop66 19 days ago

    what if a homosexual ran for president

  • squizzypop66
    squizzypop66 19 days ago

    nobody wants an ant eater mouth for a dick Joe. cutting dick is a good thing

  • missalicia84
    missalicia84 19 days ago

    This kid is a lunatic!!! I want women to be superior??? Um no, I'd like the amount of respect for a woman to equal that of a man, so they stop raping us, beating us, dismissing us. OMG.

  • Reviewing Under Influence

    1:42:40 Milo at his best, imo haha 'JUST DIE!'

  • Hebrew Kang
    Hebrew Kang 20 days ago

    Babydick mutilation should be illegal

  • Justin Watkins
    Justin Watkins 20 days ago

    don't cut baby dicks said by joe rogan..... I want the shirt lol

  • Jim Biafra
    Jim Biafra 21 day ago

    Joe.... how can you be for Net Neutrality?

  • Dean Desmond
    Dean Desmond 21 day ago

    only reason i don't like Milo is the way he makes people think all Muslims are bad people

  • DrAwesome1990
    DrAwesome1990 21 day ago

    NHS is great Milo's view on it is to just dismiss it, there are problems that have been brought on by the labour government. 30 years ago it was amazing. It is still the best thing about the UK

  • Comfortably Numb
    Comfortably Numb 22 days ago

    Milo is absolutely insane...and entertaining.

  • Xavier Roberts
    Xavier Roberts 22 days ago

    Where is the thumbnail of Joe standing next to his guest with a huge smile?

  • Capricorn1998
    Capricorn1998 22 days ago

    Fuck you Milo, cutting baby dicks is wrong.

  • Rowdy Palmer
    Rowdy Palmer 22 days ago

    Took joe 2 hrs before he cracked about being interrupted lol.

  • Rowdy Palmer
    Rowdy Palmer 22 days ago

    Dude im liking what is happening but im 30mins in and milo will not let joe speak lol he talks everytime joe does. Every single fucking time. Come on man. Dont be that guy. Great podcast so far except for that

  • Judith Beaumont
    Judith Beaumont 23 days ago

    Just watched this whole thing, and must say MIND BLOWN at Hour 2, in the discussion of Religion, and its connection with Art and our Western cultural heritage, which we SO much take for granted! If you don't know the difference between Western cultural values and the rest of the world, go spend some time in Muslim countries.

  • Tiffany Frederick
    Tiffany Frederick 23 days ago

    Just because you talk fast, which makes it impossible to counter your argument, doesn't make your argument correct. Also, statistics are the epitome of bias. You can manipulate all statistics to get what you want it to say. That's why you have to compare and contrast all statistics to find the truth.

  • Ron
    Ron 24 days ago

    "I might be gay but that man is a faggot!" lmao

  • Darren Bermingham
    Darren Bermingham 24 days ago

    Nope. Three minutes. And I already can't stand this guys wilful ignorance and infinitely punchable face.

  • Hunter Schultz
    Hunter Schultz 25 days ago

    Joe is full shit some times

  • William Jr
    William Jr 25 days ago

    Don't cut baby dicks!

  • mpbirk
    mpbirk 25 days ago

    As usual facts beat feelings yet again

  • mpbirk
    mpbirk 25 days ago

    I liked Joe better when he was FE

  • Heyy Now
    Heyy Now 25 days ago

    Milo is basically Stewie from Family Guy.

  • PormethiusFalling
    PormethiusFalling 26 days ago

    Joe does to Milo what Milo does to Sjws's making him back himself up constantly never seen someone get in Milos head like that.that.

  • Sicarius Angelus
    Sicarius Angelus 26 days ago

    Joe is too smart to so easily disregard religion? Milo, i thought YOU were TOO SMART to even believe in religion.

  • Sicarius Angelus
    Sicarius Angelus 26 days ago

    When Joe disagrees with Milo about the suicide rates and how it works differently between the genders, i have to agree with Milo. i can attest to it.

    One of my crazy exes "attempted to commit suicide" indeed, "taking a load of pills". And failed. It was either disingenuous and a cry for attention or a shoddy attempt. She had 2 children as well (not mine)

    And to Milo's point of men becoming more lonely and giving up on relations with women. I can attest to that as well. A childhood friend of mine, who was somewhat very liked by girls growing up has now been single for like 8-9 years, hasn't been laid in 5+ years and is totally put off by the idea of women in general, genuinely grown a dislike for them, thinks the majority of them are cunts. He even said the words "I'm dead down there", referring to his dick of course.

    Bad times. It's a reality.

  • CK Redicus
    CK Redicus 27 days ago

    As a fellow homo who puts things in my mouth, i prefer cut lol. But that saying, if we never cut dudes, then men like me wouldn't need a preference. You could imagine that it hurts some one feeling to hear that their dick isn't up to standard.

  • travis kerns
    travis kerns 27 days ago

    Religion should not be so easily dismissed as fairy tails and myths. Thinking that you know it all only showcases ignorance. Though science does explain a great deal about our universe, there are still a vast amount of mysteries. Something should not be so readily proclaimed as fact if it is based on theories. This goes for the Bible as well. The Bible was written by men, so there are bound to be discrepancies. In short, there is no proof of a creator, and there is no proof that the universe always existed without a creator. It's completely fine to have your own opinion on the matter, but brushing one side of the argument and ridiculing it with phrases such as "Jewish undead" is ridiculous.

  • travis kerns
    travis kerns 27 days ago

    "I might be gay, but that man is a faggot." lmao

  • Antifaith29
    Antifaith29 27 days ago

    He has no idea what net nutrality is.

  • Priya Maharaj
    Priya Maharaj 28 days ago

    Omg, I wouldn't want to be around someone who bathes in faux blood for a photo shoot, acting like some weird satanic sick fuck! If he does this in public, God only knows what this motherfucker does in private. Someone shoot this fuck!

  • Anne
    Anne 28 days ago

    I do agree with Milo in some points, but I feel like he can be very mean spirited. I don't typically get triggered by people, but I get this really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear him speak.

  • bastani bastani
    bastani bastani 28 days ago

    first time JOE ROGAN is wrong and its about dicks lol dude! i thank god they cut my dick there is less bacteria and you dont have a dick sweater sir. plus no woman loves the look of those things lol

  • Liam Sweeney
    Liam Sweeney 28 days ago

    49:28 this just goes to show how pompous and pretentious Milo is as a personality. It unfortunately skews him too far right when some of what he has to say is valid. I notice that his own ideas are the ones that are fundamentally flawed and the ideas that he's heard elsewhere are the ones that make sense. He's just not intelligent enough to construct a novel or inspired idea, clearly.

  • Zoran Z
    Zoran Z 28 days ago +1

    Love him

  • Sarkastik Overlord
    Sarkastik Overlord 29 days ago

    To Milo's agreement that we have a sense of right, wrong, and value is because of Christian value is bullshit. what do you do you think the enlightenment was for. people during the enlightenment agreed against Christian values. west values came for enlightenment.

  • Sarkastik Overlord
    Sarkastik Overlord 29 days ago

    Milo talks about facts but his being wrong on many occasions. he's being on statistics, he's made bold claims that has no research to back them up, or just citing very narratively driven statistics, that have been debunked. The worst thing about him is that he contradicts himself. so he talks a he talks a big game, but surprisingly get things wrong.

  • Nathan Robbin
    Nathan Robbin Month ago

    Is it me or could Rogan be a little light in the wrists?

  • Ceri0us
    Ceri0us Month ago

    Joe talks way to damn much (interruptions) in this interview -_-

  • Chris Elliot
    Chris Elliot Month ago

    Joe won

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton Month ago

    This is the coolest gay guy I've seen. Most are Anderson Cooper type assholes.

  • Nick Woodruff
    Nick Woodruff Month ago

    I'm glad Joe stood up to the religious BS Milo tried to use as the moral high ground.

  • Keith Forbis
    Keith Forbis Month ago

    During their "net neutrality" conversation Milo says something like "the market works great for that"... but does it really? Comcast is almost universally hated by their customers, yet... they are huge. Why? Because people get locked in and don't have a reasonable choice, that is how corporations like it and want it. That is an example of an area where the libertarian philosophy fails. Was it the libertarian philosophy that stopped rivers and lakes in the northeast from being polluted? Was it libertarians that started the cleanup? In general I agree with a libertarian philosophy, but when it comes to money, greed and corruption... it just doesn't work. Unless of course you are the one that's profiting.

  • Sofia
    Sofia Month ago

    my main issue with Milo is that he presents only a type of feminism - what i would call pop feminism which is certainly the loudest (and less academically informed) form of feminism available and, by logical extension, the easiest one to use as a scapegoat to make bad light of feminism the movement as a whole. Feminism has historically been concerned with a variety of subaltern voices and minorities and not just "females" (people of colour, women, LGTBQI, heterosexuals, men etc etc) you can interpret it as a conversation between different minority groups with the dominant group. Of course, what consists the dominant voice is changing and a callous, washed up form of feminism has been popularised in recent times promoting the idea of gender wars and women wanting the same as men. That is an obscene dilution of what years of feminist scholarship has tackled and, personally, i want to say it does not represent my views as a "feminist" - even though I dont like using the term seeing it gets appropriated by monolithic interpretations attempting to peg me down as a believer of one singular category of thought clusters over others rather than a spectrum.

  • Humanoids
    Humanoids Month ago

    Hearing the introduction on how he's eloquent and well-spoken and then listening how argues here and how it gets even worse towards the end at times..

    kinda came off as any other comedian or person who has a half of a point on some issues and just biased convictions on everything else which he mostly tries to poopoo with his gay schtick. His Christian bias is the most surprising here.

  • strupulf
    strupulf Month ago +1

    Joe is so on point about the male circumcision.

  • Shawn Cameron
    Shawn Cameron Month ago

    At the 2:00 mark Joe will not shut the fuck up! I can hear your beliefs on every episode. You had Milo on so I can hear his thoughts. Why do you keep cutting off your guests!?!? Or at least stop getting angry. Just shut the fuck up and let other people speak.

  • Latrell Homie dog
    Latrell Homie dog Month ago

    Milo doesn't believe most of the bullshit he says he just says it for shock value

  • Julie Norris
    Julie Norris Month ago

    self debasing is th opposite of modesty Milo.

  • Julie Norris
    Julie Norris Month ago

    he's not British. born in Ohio

  • Alrighty Then
    Alrighty Then Month ago

    Milo is a living, walking, breathing contradiction. He has NO idea who he is.

  • Tino _1025
    Tino _1025 Month ago

    I just think he talks waaaay tooo fast

  • Clive Palmer
    Clive Palmer Month ago +1

    4:17 I feel for Milo here because this is exactly what they did to him this year

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith Month ago

    This is the first person I've ever seen even slightly hold their ground against Milo. That's because Joe was a a more left wing right wing libertarian winger and Milo is a... something Libertarian.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname Month ago

    That hair. That dude has some really nice hair. If he was straight that hair alone would get him so much snatch.

  • Ethan Ksiazek
    Ethan Ksiazek Month ago dare you

  • TheRaven067
    TheRaven067 Month ago

    MGTOW has grown, I hope Joe sees this now.

  • Ashley J.Williams
    Ashley J.Williams Month ago

    does Joe plan on letting him answer ANY question or is he going to continue to talk over him constantly

  • igor svakurac
    igor svakurac Month ago

    Hes smart.And e is spot on on everything about gays.

  • j u s t m e
    j u s t m e Month ago

    they probaply had very rough ___ after this interview

  • Jon Thomassian
    Jon Thomassian Month ago

    joe rogan really pisses me off sometimes when he always has to play devils advocate

  • Chris Hoops
    Chris Hoops Month ago

    The colonies did not flee British rule, they fled Corporate rule, namely the East Indian Trade Company:

  • souris verte
    souris verte Month ago

    we need bernie

  • MrShanester117
    MrShanester117 Month ago

    I generally don't agree with Milo. But, I'm super glad I got circumcised.

  • Massimo Minicucci
    Massimo Minicucci Month ago

    i love milo but he would absolutely be ruined by richard dawkins in a debate on religion and evolution

  • Abby
    Abby Month ago


  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston Month ago

    Milo needs to get his facts straight in regards to net neutrality.

  • Akookies
    Akookies Month ago

    "I don't vote for fat people." lol wow

  • Jimmy Changa
    Jimmy Changa Month ago

    A vocal minority functions as a majority if the actual majority falls silent with apathy.

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