10 Ways to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

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    LAFFYTAFFYGAMING 2 hours ago

    i have been to china and had really good Chinese food but still enjoy some red flag dishes

  • Renmos
    Renmos 2 days ago

    Sorry but from Raleigh the plane tickets are too expensive

  • Mia Obul
    Mia Obul 2 days ago

    Cool emojis

  • Jacob Lazarus LIM
    Jacob Lazarus LIM 2 days ago

    but Mushu pork is a common dish in China

  • SmokeStarYT Reactions And Gamin/Unboxing

    Good job Mike, You really pissed me off this time, I've been eating at a "Chinese" Restaurant for more than half my life. These are the reasons why 1. They serve cold water 2. You said chow mein wrong which I thought for a long time was Chinese so good job

  • Trekkiejt
    Trekkiejt 3 days ago

    That Star Trek poster! My fandom of you just went up 1,000%!!

  • Audrey Ceropin
    Audrey Ceropin 6 days ago

    soak up this knowledge!

  • Rudy Arriaza
    Rudy Arriaza 7 days ago

    I love fake Chinese food!

  • Alexander Balderas
    Alexander Balderas 7 days ago

    he watches supernatural that show is awsome

  • Jacob Lazen
    Jacob Lazen 7 days ago

    I live in rural Kansas city Missouri and there is this family owned Chinese restaurant were the owners are an old Chinese couple soooo 🤷‍♂️

  • Muhammad Waqas Baig
    Muhammad Waqas Baig 11 days ago

    We had a new chinese hotspot food restaurant in Dubai...near mall of the emirates...my wife studied in china for 2 year so she took me there for dinner...I was surprised with traditional Chinese food...there was stove in every table as we were given one pot of boiling water and all food was around it so we can mix with spices and eat...omg I was thrilled by this idea...never saw anything like this before...I Love the food only one spicy sauce made of fennel seeds I couldn't handle...otherwise thumbs up...I loved it

  • Patchouli Colt
    Patchouli Colt 11 days ago

    Oh no!only 4 Chinese people left in Missouri

  • Patchouli Colt
    Patchouli Colt 11 days ago

    Who's eating at this restaurant? Asians? It's authentic. Americans? NOPE

  • Notarichkid360
    Notarichkid360 16 days ago

    Another way to spot a authentic Chinese restaurant is if you hear yelling and beating in the kitchen

  • Various Curious
    Various Curious 16 days ago

    It could be a tent with make shift table and stools. Doesn't matter I have only one criteria. The food must have "Wok Hei". Just order a stir fry veggie or broad noodles. If you can taste the seared flavor, its legit chinese food.

  • Chris Maher
    Chris Maher 17 days ago

    But the Panda Express on the corner by my house is owned and operated by real Chinese people.

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 16 days ago

      Unless you have some familiarity with the language, how do you distinguish between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc? I'm guessing they all look the same to westerners. And are they native Chinese with accents in English or were they born and raised here with perfect English?

  • raffa Ikhwan
    raffa Ikhwan 17 days ago

    when Chinese food is not fake enough beacause its made in China so you give us fake Chinese food.

  • Samuel
    Samuel 17 days ago +1

    Ok this is how you can tell. If there are Mexicans working in the back but the servers and the cashiers are Asian than yea it's American asf 😂😂😂

  • Ban the Architect
    Ban the Architect 18 days ago

    No restaurant in China has hot oil.....

  • Let's Eat Potatoes
    Let's Eat Potatoes 19 days ago

    General Tso's Chicken is Taiwanese...

  • Wiktoria unicorns
    Wiktoria unicorns 19 days ago

    My fave is pho soup

  • hannah60000
    hannah60000 19 days ago

    The Chinese invented forks...
    Nah mate many type of eating intensifies that looked like the modern fork too...

    Chopsticks are only useful for certain foods, like sticky rice or clumpy rice.
    Other than that it's a matter of preference, skill, and culture.

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang 19 days ago

    Man my parent owned a buffet we served real thing white people take the buffet and the Chinese people eat down stair order real food like Kobe beef or curry noddle at my buffet

  • Paputsza
    Paputsza 20 days ago

    I went to a genuine generic Chinese restaurant a few times, but the chef's dad got sick so he had to go back to China. It's really upsetting. Bad Chinese food is good as actual Chinese if cooked well and made with the right ingredients. I suspect something weird happened in the past 100 years since the first Chinese people immigrated to America to where all those methods of cooking stuff were lost.

  • Jsyrin
    Jsyrin 20 days ago

    If the staff isn't 99% asian and most of the customers aren't asian, generally it ain't authentic.

  • Generic youtube user

    What the F*** is happening in the background??? looks like a bedroom for a weird kid...

  • Elsie Jung
    Elsie Jung 21 day ago

    Em, if you want local and delicious Chinese food. Plz away from the oldest Chinatown in your city. By the way, dim sum belongs to Cantonese food.

  • Ham Steaks
    Ham Steaks 22 days ago

    How many farmers use pool cues?

  • Aiden G
    Aiden G 22 days ago

    This is actually useful, i usually just avoid most Chinese restaurants based on the name so i probably miss out on a lot

  • Me near, okay?
    Me near, okay? 22 days ago

    Dang it my usual order of Mongolian Beef and rangoons are super western

  • Lee Richardson
    Lee Richardson 23 days ago

    The romans invented forks...

  • Rick Twisty
    Rick Twisty 23 days ago

    "But if the restaurant serves a lot of these, what I call, 'Red Flag' dishes, then most likely this place is not very authentic."

    But since the Chinese flag IS red, wouldn't that make them more authentic?

  • Eternia
    Eternia 23 days ago

    Confusious: "yo dawg, get me some of that crab Rangoon and that mysterious red sauce"

  • tupera1
    tupera1 24 days ago

    Thanks...you just knocked out all the restaurants in a 50 mile radius from me!!!

  • bobtheduck
    bobtheduck 24 days ago

    You slurp in China? They slurp in Japan, too, but Koreans don't slurp. I was told it's really had manners in Korea to lift your bowl. I like the Chinese and Japanese way better, in that case. So much easier.

  • Jeanette Carlsson
    Jeanette Carlsson 25 days ago

    Come to Sweden and tell us which Asian resturang is fake or real! 🇸🇪🌹🌹

  • Andre van Schaijk
    Andre van Schaijk 25 days ago

    Because of the Dutch colonial history with Indonesia all Chinese restaurants are Chinese-indonesian and the menu reflect the it with many Indonesian dishes

  • Verruckter Schakal
    Verruckter Schakal 26 days ago

    I want that Enterprise poster!!!!!

  • Los Jukes
    Los Jukes 26 days ago

    General Tso didn't exist.

  • Brad Tate
    Brad Tate 26 days ago

    Chinese did not invent forks Romans did

  • Daemon Blackfyre
    Daemon Blackfyre 27 days ago

    But the thing is... I wanna eat that fake chinese cuz it tastes good

  • Cryoian
    Cryoian 27 days ago

    so I don't actually hate Chinese food? I hate white people food?

  • quartytypo
    quartytypo 29 days ago

    Some people look at a forest and see beauty. I see chopsticks.

  • ObiTrev
    ObiTrev Month ago

    If you want to eat at an authentic Chinese Restaurant, look for the C in the window.

  • Sutton Ward
    Sutton Ward Month ago

    boy kansas city in missouri has some of the highest amount of vietnamese people in the midwest

  • ThePoorest
    ThePoorest Month ago

    It's actually "dumpring"


    Shu Feng restaurant in St Louis, very good authentic. My Taiwanese friend owned it. Some Euro dishes, but equal amount of authentic dishes. Fabulous dumplings, best I ever had.

  • Rundy Ftw
    Rundy Ftw Month ago

    All the Chinese places near me call dumplings Peking ravioli

  • Zero Fighter
    Zero Fighter Month ago

    How to Spot a Fake Chinese Restaurant

    The air is less than 64% smog.

  • Meme Queen
    Meme Queen Month ago

    For me, an Asian, it doesn't matter if it's authentic or not. As long as it tastes good. I actually like fake Chinese food, to a certain extent.

  • Nana Elizabeth
    Nana Elizabeth Month ago

    I doubt there is any authentic chinese food in the city I live... I'll just stick to toast :")

  • J.R. Caldoon
    J.R. Caldoon Month ago

    The documentary "In Search of General Tso" offers some fantastic explanations of how Chinese immigrants adapted their native cuisine for American palates.. and how General Zuo's Chicken was actually sort of an authentic thing, except made by a Taiwanese chef.

  • VerysadSatan
    VerysadSatan Month ago

    Yeaa my aunt makes her food westernized so she could get more customers

  • finn0088
    finn0088 Month ago

    it really depends on whether people want fast food or real food.

  • MrPopcorn .-.
    MrPopcorn .-. Month ago

    1:52 alright then.

  • I G
    I G Month ago +1

    look for the chinese people! such good advice, could just be the one and only rule. you will never fail by just looking in the shop window and counting the white people to make sure there's not too many.

    sorry if i sound mean lol sorry white people no offence

  • Rosemary Park
    Rosemary Park Month ago

    I'm a Korean American and enjoy eating both authentic and westernized Chinese cuisines. I never liked crab ragoon.

  • Relish THEUnborn
    Relish THEUnborn Month ago

    chinese been doing it for 10k years.thye duck is jsut marvelous but lot's of nasty stuff :S:S

  • Nouva
    Nouva Month ago

    my family owns a Chinese restaurant (not fully authentic though I wish it were cause family food is best food) and I was dumbfounded for a bit when a customer was like "can I have an order of popstickers?"

    what are popstickers???? and the customer had to explain before I figured out he was talking about dumplings

  • Quashaun Deberry
    Quashaun Deberry Month ago

    What's American food? (Trolls will be cursed out.😐🤚🏽) Bc our McDonald's serves pizza

  • Max
    Max Month ago

    This video is awesome! I can't wait to try some authentic Chinese food

  • Dementix
    Dementix Month ago +1

    All I got from this video is, Chinese food is not allowed to evolve/add new recipes. If you are Chinese in the US, and make something new derived from Chinese tastes... sorry, it's still not Chinese and you're wrong. This is an extremely racist video.

  • Peter Leeson
    Peter Leeson Month ago

    Agree with that. So many regional variants, and I am one for a thumbs up for "Thereself".

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Month ago

    i want to go find a good chinese food place now but it is 3 am and i do not have any hard currency.

  • Teeny Warrior _
    Teeny Warrior _ Month ago

    "Its not like we have anything against forks, I mean WE INVENTED THAT"
    That blew my mind into a deep dark hole a thought.

  • Don't Censor
    Don't Censor Month ago

    taste so much better?
    that is subjective

  • Unknown _1234
    Unknown _1234 Month ago

    Panda express im pretty sure doesnt have real chinese food but,the food is fresh,because my dad works there and i always see fresh and the old ones r always thrown away

  • Concrete jungle
    Concrete jungle Month ago

    authentic or not general tso chicken is good af

  • zxqwerxz
    zxqwerxz Month ago

    I love Mongolian beef though...

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt Month ago

    saying you are going to get chinese food and go to a panda express is like going to get mexican food and bringing back tacobell

  • potatoking18
    potatoking18 Month ago

    if you are non Chinese and the person taking your order knows what you are asking for and you understand everything they are saying then you're not in a real Chinese restaurant

  • JE Hoyes
    JE Hoyes Month ago

    Ha! I can barely eat anything from our local Chinese take-away. Nearly everything contains animal products. So, I only ever have the same thing every time. If I want Chinese I have to cook my own. Lots of prep :(

    Shouldn't an authentic Chinese restaurant also have its menu items listed in Chinese characters first and English second?

    • Ihdc1
      Ihdc1 16 days ago

      That's your own fault for being vegan. Veganism is not a thing in China. Even buddhist monks are ovo-lacto vegetarians, not full on vegan. And yes, you are correct about the Chinese characters on the menu.

  • Ikio Star
    Ikio Star Month ago

    The Chinese didn't invent the fork, though? Grecians did.

  • nolanbmcdonald
    nolanbmcdonald Month ago

    Condiment advice is a definite, but assuming the restaurants in China are authentic, ive seen the buffets, picture menus, pot sticker translations, and several dishes resembling the Americanized ones across china.
    Ive lived here for several years, been to every province, and have realized that the majority of chinese people don't actually have a good understanding of the different regional cuisines. Also it's very common here to make sweeping statements about what all chinese do based on the regional culture one knows. I don't know how many times I've heard the overarching 我们中国人。。proceeded by something which discusses the habits of people in 广东 or 湖北。
    Also, Confucius is from shandong - capital of seafood dumplings, and dating back to his time, Chinese literature explains that they would eat a fresh cheese with the texture of tofu..So I actually could see him enjoying it

  • Rory Roberts
    Rory Roberts Month ago

    I live in New Mexico. I don't think there even are Chinese people here.

  • Brennan Williams
    Brennan Williams Month ago

    you are so obsessed with your own race be an individual

  • Larry
    Larry Month ago

    That's why I love Vietnamese food more! It hasn't been watered down and Americanized yet 😂😂😂

  • Allen's Matchmaker
    Allen's Matchmaker Month ago

    "If you love food, and you're watching this channel—and you're watching this channel so I know you love food...."


  • Niuean Laho
    Niuean Laho Month ago

    I love egg foo young .....scrambled eggs with veges very yummy......

  • Dimitri Crotchlickmeov

    I went to a "Chinese" restaurant in Miami. When I walked in, the place was PACKED with loud African Americans. Even the staff. How was that Chinese? And yes, that horizontal menu thing was there.

  • Eleni K
    Eleni K Month ago

    Em no you didn't invent forks

  • Sut Mig
    Sut Mig Month ago

    Bro. I live in denmark. No chinese here at all.

  • peiling826
    peiling826 Month ago

    I went to lots very authentic Chinese restaurant with pot-sticker on the menus. Your information is not 100% accurate.

  • AnglingNVirginia
    AnglingNVirginia Month ago

    i dont call those places chinese we call em mexico chinese food

  • AmaranthRosenrot
    AmaranthRosenrot Month ago

    If ducks aren't hanging from the front window, it's fake.

  • Keith Westpy
    Keith Westpy Month ago

    Omfg this guy has a supernatural poster ok now I have to kiss him

  • deathwind gaming-xbox

    i own a authentic contonese chinese restraunt but most cuatomers are scottish so we serve tons of "red flag dishes" thats why i dont eat at my own restraunt

  • Jacob Koste
    Jacob Koste Month ago

    I know I love the fried dog

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus Month ago

    In Germany almost all Chinese restaurants (and Sushi-bars) are run by Vietnamese people lol

  • Mal E
    Mal E Month ago

    Damn you shrimp egg foo young

  • CoreXym
    CoreXym Month ago

    Saying that chopsuey is disgusting. Man many filipinos would be hurt.

  • Orion RSX
    Orion RSX Month ago

    Lo Mein and fried rice baby!

  • ChiTownMom 66
    ChiTownMom 66 Month ago

    "That's white people food." I love your parents!

  • PyroGoose
    PyroGoose Month ago

    why do I like fake Chinese food more than real Chinese food???

  • HuffinMuffin
    HuffinMuffin Month ago

    a real chinese buffet will only have a bunch of cold dishes of stuff you couldn't recognize - all hot food must be made fresh

  • monda111111
    monda111111 Month ago

    I don't need to bring cutlery for camping, I already have 10 fingers

  • Christine Pham
    Christine Pham 2 months ago

    I remember in that Bruce Lee movie "Way of the Dragon," one of those gangsters comes in the restaurant and tries to order "chinese spare-ribs' and no one working there knew what tf that was...now I see "Chinese spare-ribs" on the menu at Panda Express lol

  • Craig Marston
    Craig Marston 2 months ago

    We have Chinese restaurants run entirely by chinese people in our town all serve mu-shu pork, I did not know they were imposters.

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 2 months ago

    Nothing but pretentious, cultural superiority. Get real dude, western palates cannot tolerate Asian cooking as a whole.

  • padlockbeats
    padlockbeats 2 months ago

    The personal table fork was most likely invented in the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, where they were in common use by the 4th century (its origin may even go back to Ancient Greece, before the Roman period).

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