10 CRAZY Laws That Only Exist In NORTH KOREA

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    Top 10s 4 months ago +12

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    • moon beam
      moon beam 9 days ago

      What about the 150.000 children under five who died of disease and malnutrition in cities of Iraq that were bombed by US NATO AFTER 12 years of harsh sanctions , according to HARVARD PUBLIC HEALTH group who found kids playing in streets awash with raw sewerage after .water supplies ,electricity /gas ,communications ,food depots ,civic buildings ,homes ,sewerage works ,transport were deliberately destroyed bu US bombers to make an illegal invasion easier .based on lies and more lies .according to COLIN POWELL who "fessed " that it was a "BLOT ON HIS RECORD " . poor chap !

  • DeMarion Lamb
    DeMarion Lamb 17 minutes ago +1

    who wants to live in North Korea bad people dumb ass minsters

  • Kevin Picton
    Kevin Picton 7 hours ago

    is that a all female military? ..... that's kinda hot! lol

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze 9 hours ago

    You thought Kim Jong Un was bad, check his father Kim Jong ill. That nigga was ill.

  • Abdul hameed
    Abdul hameed 19 hours ago

    If we think on these laws, they are good. If you free people, enormous problem occur.

  • Elizabeth Kaufmann
    Elizabeth Kaufmann 1 day ago

    Dictator Kim Jong Un will severely be punished by God almighty when he dies, which is very soon...

  • su sy
    su sy 1 day ago

    Americans don't go to n Korea remember Otto warmbier

  • Chickens AJ
    Chickens AJ 1 day ago

    the king north korea does not let people of other countries come inside they're country he does not let the citzens go to other countries

    JAWZ MUZIK 2 days ago

    A nation of prisoners.

  • Terrific Singer
    Terrific Singer 2 days ago +1

    Then how did they get those pictures of and in North Korea?

  • Terrific Singer
    Terrific Singer 2 days ago +1

    God help these people...

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N 2 days ago

    It should be ((Illegal ))to visit N.K.

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N 2 days ago

    TOO MUCH ((ATTITUDE)) & ((BRAIN WASHING)) going on in N.K.

  • pagan poet prophet
    pagan poet prophet 2 days ago

    north korea is the protected playground for the rich ;well heeled and perverse; ever hunted human ? need a body part for organ transplant ; have taboo sexual tastes the rich go to north korea ; come people wake up why would the whole whole whole whole world allow this ; thus the united nations is complicit in this perversity of the rich much like secret swiss bank accounts

  • ColdDead Hands
    ColdDead Hands 2 days ago

    N. Korean news outlets sound just like American ones! I'd imagine they have some serious issues with defection! WoW, Those N.Korean Army chicks have some kick ass AK's!

  • Bryan Henry
    Bryan Henry 2 days ago

    America need to take him out

  • AnimeCorSuki
    AnimeCorSuki 2 days ago

    I honestly don't get why people are so full of themselves.

  • Rman hoss
    Rman hoss 3 days ago

    people living there will be so different with different needs and expectations.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 days ago

    If I went to North Korea, I would break every bizarre rule I could, these guys are mentally unable to show respect for the others, making them inferior. Yes, I'm saying the people who made those laws is inferior to the citizens. And it is a true fact.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 days ago

    I'd like to have the chance to destroy those cameras...

  • Chloricblock 122
    Chloricblock 122 3 days ago

    6:09 lol

  • roynexus6
    roynexus6 3 days ago

    N. Korea is a Communist paradise. Just ask your local Communist Party leaders what they have planned for you.

  • Jazzy Wood
    Jazzy Wood 3 days ago

    Although I'm not religious myself, I find the lack of freedom of religion appalling. People have the right to worship whoever they believe will keep them comforted during harsh times. Not some lunatic who has done absolutely nothing for the well-being of his citizens or country.

  • Hufflepuff
    Hufflepuff 3 days ago

    6:10 that picture lol

  • The Sunset Mapping
    The Sunset Mapping 3 days ago

    Wtf God thought when it llanned this part

  • Help Line
    Help Line 3 days ago

    I love it ! what an organised society.

  • Yatish Balgobind
    Yatish Balgobind 4 days ago

    At the moment i am in North Korea and i find this video offensive! I can use my phone, facebook, twitter and make photos. Stop complaining about North Korea and lets make North Korea great again. #MNKGA

  • Mehmood Elahi
    Mehmood Elahi 4 days ago

    the badest and dirty ugly country of the world

  • Kyouya Ootori
    Kyouya Ootori 4 days ago

    I subscribed.


    The unsubscribed.

  • Ole Fella
    Ole Fella 5 days ago +1

    Folks, for truth cold hard facts about N. Korea crisis, just Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for God's honest truth.

  • Clifford Widener
    Clifford Widener 5 days ago

    the womens military mini skirt that looks good

  • Alexgrea746
    Alexgrea746 5 days ago


  • Alexgrea746
    Alexgrea746 5 days ago


  • tarzan t
    tarzan t 5 days ago

    the people there must be cowards to stand for this shit, even African leaders are not that stupid and opressive

  • madi Ceesay
    madi Ceesay 5 days ago

    another bunch of lies

  • Reaver
    Reaver 5 days ago

    tbh the only good thing about the dprk no religious bs

  • Chris S
    Chris S 5 days ago

    N Korea would be a great place to drive. But nothing to spend your money on when you get there

  • Chris S
    Chris S 5 days ago

    Thank you dear leader for giving me my licence to breath.
    Let us sing the song of devotion to the dear leader.
    " Jung zho zing how pong ding po didly stink..... "

  • Jeff Castor
    Jeff Castor 6 days ago

    wow wtf thats fuckin horrible

  • Hangout Theory
    Hangout Theory 6 days ago

    WTF, look at 6:42 it was not north korea, it was indonesia. it was indonesian goverment logo. LOL

  • Dominykas Zakrys
    Dominykas Zakrys 7 days ago

    the citizens of north korea still thinks that soviet union exists... these poor motherfuckers are literally isolated from the rest of the world, LITERALY. they would legit call other human races aliens (eg. black people, european people, they would say "what the fuck are these beings ?") it comes down to a point when you think that north korea is so fucking fucked up... Is it REALLY so hard to put a bullet in that incest kim-jong un head ?

  • Iand 13
    Iand 13 7 days ago

    I sub and liked the vid

  • Dryrazor
    Dryrazor 7 days ago

    Ok so why not destroy all the factory's and research labs that are trying to build nukes then get some civilians out of North Korea and then tell the one and only "leader" of North Korea of how much Stupidity he has because when he said "kill Americans" I got so triggered I wanted his country to blow up besides for the civilians that are trapped in labor camps and his civilians that are scared to all live with us.

  • cruxer666
    cruxer666 7 days ago

    I say bring the religion rules over. Ban all religion.

  • michael godwin
    michael godwin 8 days ago

    4:29 she's taking pictures or videos she's behind a guy with a hardhat and the very next thing they say is no pictures..no pictures??.but it's probably propaganda? For fat ass Kim.. he fucking looks like a 🥔

  • Piyush Kumar
    Piyush Kumar 8 days ago

    Long live our lord Kim!!

  • Thomas Mayer
    Thomas Mayer 8 days ago

    Are these laws actually true, though?

  • pieter vanheerden
    pieter vanheerden 8 days ago

    Fake news. Propaganda. No facts just propaganda.

  • Rex Peter
    Rex Peter 8 days ago


  • Berthier
    Berthier 8 days ago +1

    the only good law is forbiden religion

  • Smokin4CHRIST
    Smokin4CHRIST 8 days ago

    Kim Jong Un-hung, is a cock sucking clown. I guess do to my hair length I would be denied visa for access, I am a proud open honest Christian and make people aware of this factor. I love photography and take thousands of photos when on holidays and enjoy vodka and bourbon. Love pulling a skid and smoking out surrounds like 50m radius with smoke that thick cannot see a mere 4 or 5 m. through smoke. So I think Now Krap oops North Korea is not on holiday destinations for me, as I would locked away and executed if lucky. Most likely killed on the spot as a I hate Kim the cunt as a total bag of shit.

  • dahir mahamed
    dahir mahamed 9 days ago

    you are an idiote you have to go to ethiopia and see what ethiopian regime do
    .but west is evil you never tell the truth.

  • Cringey Vids m8
    Cringey Vids m8 9 days ago

    the modern hitler

  • TheAussieSlayer
    TheAussieSlayer 9 days ago

    5:33 id stick my nuke missile in that.

  • Waffelz
    Waffelz 10 days ago

    I wish someone was strong enough to liberate NKorea

  • Jeremy Howard
    Jeremy Howard 10 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with the kid's in the picture at 6:12?

  • Guy Buddy
    Guy Buddy 10 days ago

    ... It's almost like they're in a different dimension.

  • Mohammed Ibrahim
    Mohammed Ibrahim 10 days ago

    is this real

    MAGMA VLOGER 11 days ago

    i subscribe

  • The Banter Badger
    The Banter Badger 11 days ago

    why do they all have the same mouthes?

  • Waheed Balushi
    Waheed Balushi 11 days ago

    they cannot watch any Hollywood movies that's such a pain - dictatorial leadership

  • David Lugo
    David Lugo 12 days ago +1

    god damn these people are literally brain washed!!!

  • pac man
    pac man 13 days ago

    how do we know this is true?

  • kapariz44
    kapariz44 13 days ago

    Haha, I think this video is more of a joke than anything else. The brainwashing that goes on in the DPRK is no worse than that used on people here in the name of religion. If religion were allowed in the DPRK people would be hounded and badgered by bachelor priests, pastors, heretics and taught such fanciful nonsense like magisterium and transubstantiation. As for spy cameras, there' are several on most street corners in cities here in Britain. I could go on. Just out of interest, have you ever been there yourself? I visited for a fortnight in 2015 and am considering visiting again next year, 2018. DPRK is a country where if you go looking for trouble you'll most certainly find it but if you go for an interesting holiday it can be quite fun.

  • The Poison Bucket
    The Poison Bucket 13 days ago

    Why the did you show a picture of tiananmen square?

  • tonykara
    tonykara 13 days ago

    4:56, best part of N Korea. (at least in this video)

  • Mark Byrne
    Mark Byrne 13 days ago

    You do know the larger percentage of this is bullshit, right? NO CARS?? Eh, check the people who regularly post (secretly) on YouTube from North Korea. Poor research my friends.

  • Lumier Z21653
    Lumier Z21653 13 days ago

    Please caption the fact that you used a "Chinese" Comedy Action Female Special Forces TV show thumbnail and portrayed them as North Koreans and if anyone is interested in the TV show is called:我是特种兵:火凤凰

  • Ryokoon
    Ryokoon 13 days ago

    Things not allowed in North Korea:
    Basic human rights

  • Ivy Maureen Horgan
    Ivy Maureen Horgan 13 days ago

    nice trump cut dickhead,not everybody wants him dead.

  • king
    king 13 days ago

    4 minutes 55 seconds is the thumbnail not what you think

  • iamsuperman777
    iamsuperman777 13 days ago

    Geez this makes me thankful that I live in Australia

    NTANDOKABAWO JAMES 13 days ago

    This video is propaganda as well, I don't think everything said is true.

  • bangroji
    bangroji 13 days ago

    North Korea, the last communist in this planet. It is already world heritage right now.

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea 13 days ago

    The voice of this guy is pure poop

  • Mordane IronFist
    Mordane IronFist 13 days ago

    Christians still go there to bring the Gospel! because there brave! Also the Shot you took at Trump with that Picture was not cool. Trump is doing a Great job! I be-leave Trump will defeat this Horrible Kim Jon leader of north Korea too!

  • 14598175
    14598175 13 days ago

    Yet we have socialist idiots running around wishing for America to turn into this. Dumb dumb dumb.

  • drstrikezone
    drstrikezone 14 days ago

    when is someone finally going to take out that tubby little shit?

  • mudpuddlestruck bylightning

    British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a friend of North Korea and wants to use UK diplomatic muscle to prop up this psychopathic regime. What a total cunt!

  • Ole Fella
    Ole Fella 14 days ago

    Folks, Henry Kissinger once said that less stronger USA is good for the world. What he meant by that? Google 'Shrinking Uncle Sam/China Daily' for God's honest truth.

  • Bret Baker
    Bret Baker 14 days ago

    I can't wait for them to screw up and make us nuke them. That will be a happy day for them.

  • Dude Head
    Dude Head 14 days ago

    If everyone is required to vote, maybe we should insert a candidate into their election, market it well to the people, and possibly get control that way. Just throw more money at it than they can.

  • Christian Juntunen
    Christian Juntunen 14 days ago

    Some states in america has even dumber laws than this.

  • Viktor W.
    Viktor W. 14 days ago

    wow is nothern korea rally dat bad ?? ofcorse i dont want to live there even for a sec. But u really want me to say dat 20 mllion people just obey the laws of dat hitler like korean without anything to gain? if yes than the humans there must be really weak willed. well this is to mutch work for me on english have a ice day and aother good 10 top ten video kee it up.

  • γιαννης δημητριαδης

    so !!! whe european are free ....ha ha ha...hahaha..

  • kassop
    kassop 14 days ago

    How about bill 91 in Canada? always love to point fingers at the east.

  • Falcon Forest
    Falcon Forest 14 days ago

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  • St. Devil
    St. Devil 14 days ago

    Dang! just about all the paths in NK lead to concentration camps at the end of the day.

  • Mr Mystic
    Mr Mystic 14 days ago

    North Korea is the most boring country officially

  • Iesa Khan
    Iesa Khan 14 days ago

    Imagine if this was jus American propaganda to make North Korea look bad or worse... I'm not really sure TBH

  • maria wood
    maria wood 14 days ago

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    AMRAN KHAN 14 days ago

    christian bow down in front of jesus and marry christians dont know they can give nothing

  • smoothi thiezz
    smoothi thiezz 14 days ago +2

    north korea is HELL

  • Arche Nova
    Arche Nova 14 days ago

    Who needs 14 hair cuts. That's decadence! I cut my hair myself and there is only one style. Grab a pair of scissors and cut!

  • Jamie Winters
    Jamie Winters 14 days ago

    This is extremely sad

  • Arche Nova
    Arche Nova 14 days ago

    Bring some Cayenne pepper to the funeral of Kim Yong Boom. Then you will cry for sure!

  • Radbug
    Radbug 14 days ago

    most amazing thing I learned: North Korea has EX-prisoners....
    and why are the streets so damn big if no one has a car?

  • Pandor25
    Pandor25 14 days ago

    2:29 well if you are anything you should not go to north korea. >.>

  • Alf
    Alf 14 days ago

    There's no pic for balding men. Do they not have bald men in NK or are they just sent to work camp?

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