Why Summer is Women's Winter

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  • When spring turns to summer
    And there’s blossom on the trees,
    The August air doth turn to ice--
    And all the women freeze!

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Comments: 5 285

  • BillyJoe1305
    BillyJoe1305 5 hours ago

    I feel their pain. Try convincing 200+lb women it doesn't need to be so cold they break the aircon and have things end up hotter than it is outside.
    Our stuff is pre-set and they move the sensors till they're somewhere the AC can't cool down. Used to make me do it, then I learned that the fact I show up and actually do shit for almost no money makes me almost irreplaceable. I learned to say no.

  • Ann Stooksberry
    Ann Stooksberry 2 days ago

    relate relate relate relate relate relate

  • Great zombie jesus
    Great zombie jesus 2 days ago

    It's true, women never take a shit, or fart...they just get to a certain age then explode.

  • Carson Riley
    Carson Riley 2 days ago

    I'm a man and I'm always cold in buildings during all of the seasons. I have very low cold resistance.

  • ziljin
    ziljin 3 days ago +1

    Women are cold blooded, this video confirmed it.

  • Candy Caldwell
    Candy Caldwell 3 days ago

    I have a heater in my office in the July. FUCKING JULY.

  • VictorianSteam
    VictorianSteam 4 days ago

    Lol I am a woman and I always was the one in class being like : OMG ITS FUCKING HOT IN HERE OPEN THE FUCKING WINDOWS! sitting there in a t shirt in the middle of winter. So...... Yeah guess that video is accurate for some people XD

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones 4 days ago

    This is hilarious! That's why I keep a heater, sweater and blanket at my desk.

  • FluffleLion
    FluffleLion 6 days ago

    I'm the woman of legend, the one that will save all others from the bitter cold. I. Am. Immune to the cold. (For reals though it's way too hot, I need a fan).

  • diego lopez
    diego lopez 7 days ago

    I do not understand this video


    Humans are like Photoshop: You can add as much layer as you want, but if there is no layer it won't work out.

  • Kyle Eller
    Kyle Eller 8 days ago

    Call me ignorant, but how is it different for women?

  • purple girl
    purple girl 8 days ago

    lord 😂so dramatically relatable

  • Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez 9 days ago

    I dont get it, I didn't know we were colder during the summer. Is it because girls are known to wear tank tops and get easily cold?

  • Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez 9 days ago

    What is this? Games of Thrones

  • Daphne Goldlee
    Daphne Goldlee 9 days ago

    WTF I never get cold and I live in Ireland and yes I am a girl

  • OuatFallOutBoyPotato!AtTheDisco

    You see I dress for inside weather, so in summer, I just wear long sleeves because I know I'm not going outside.

  • tubaler you
    tubaler you 9 days ago

    my wife always make the house the heat of the fucking sun

  • Heydee C
    Heydee C 10 days ago

    so freaking truee haha and i do have an office sweater xD.........but alas the bathrooms are waaayy colder then the rest of the building :'(

  • Pen G.
    Pen G. 10 days ago

    I am feeling the wrath on women's winter now. My fingers are so cold I can barely type this comment.

  • Brindleface
    Brindleface 11 days ago

    Why ppl complaining? As a woman I can confirm that This is accurate af

  • Xtreme Otaku
    Xtreme Otaku 11 days ago

    I didn't understand this until I realized I'm a woman that is wearing a knit hat, knit sweater, and sweatpants in the middle of summer.

  • Friend Fun Duo
    Friend Fun Duo 12 days ago

    why am I not effected it seems like I'm always warm that's why I hate long sleeve shirts

  • KingOfShadows1500
    KingOfShadows1500 14 days ago +1

    So, by that logic, office heaters are sexist against men... right?

  • LithiumLion
    LithiumLion 14 days ago

    Is anyone else thoroughly disappointed in this comment section? It was funny and relatable. Nothing matters beyond that.

  • Stuart Hicks
    Stuart Hicks 14 days ago

    Women are pussies

  • Julia Caldwell
    Julia Caldwell 15 days ago

    I don't get it someone please explain

  • idi26
    idi26 15 days ago

    Finally an explanation!

  • Loreena B
    Loreena B 16 days ago

    THIS IS LITERALLY ME AT WORK. it was like 25 degrees outside the other day and i was wearing a hoodie and shorts because it was freezing inside! my other job isn't too bad, i have a space heater for the winter and a fan in the summer!

  • giveagoodsong
    giveagoodsong 16 days ago

    I'm sitting here with an air condition and fan on with shorts and t-shirt and I'm still hot

  • RD Ridin
    RD Ridin 17 days ago

    Cynthia should be good. She has her cape on.

  • MeneerMAE
    MeneerMAE 18 days ago

    i don't get this one

  • Jkwan
    Jkwan 20 days ago

    They make it cold so you can put clothes on if you are uncomfortable. If it is too warm you cant just take clothes off.

  • Oliver Forshaw
    Oliver Forshaw 20 days ago

    It reminds me a lot of game of thrones

  • The Leviathan
    The Leviathan 20 days ago

    the AC is sexist

  • Em Idc
    Em Idc 20 days ago


  • Nazirah Najib
    Nazirah Najib 21 day ago

    im not alone in this!

  • Ladykatsa8
    Ladykatsa8 21 day ago

    #1, this is so accurate its hilarious
    #2, why not just go outside and work out there like all of the other millennials.

  • Sunni O
    Sunni O 21 day ago

    A/C's aren't sexist, No matter what you wear the human body, where you're from and your life style will all play a factor in it. No one is being SJW. Depending on the person is who would be cold and who would be warm. Jesus.

  • Erin Adorabold
    Erin Adorabold 21 day ago

    I understand this now. Even have an office sweater

  • Grace Morrell
    Grace Morrell 22 days ago

    I'm a girl but i can't relate. I prefer the cold over the heat.

  • Sizzlyy
    Sizzlyy 22 days ago

    liberal feminist propaganda

  • taymartin58
    taymartin58 23 days ago

    This is so true. I had the ceiling fan on high in my room and i'm freezing but my dad comes in and says its super hot.

  • Daniel the wreath
    Daniel the wreath 23 days ago

    lol I'm a woman and I love the cold XD
    All woman are different

  • Lim Wei Min
    Lim Wei Min 24 days ago

    This is epic

  • Evil with a D
    Evil with a D 24 days ago

    Air Conditioning is Sexist

  • Aden Lamb
    Aden Lamb 25 days ago


  • Amanda Mc Carthy
    Amanda Mc Carthy 26 days ago

    Jesus, I was swishing some mouth mash and almost choked to death 😆

  • PussMag
    PussMag 27 days ago

    was hoping for hard nip

  • Prathusa Fast
    Prathusa Fast 27 days ago

    When college humor becomes buzzfeed

  • destined2bebossy
    destined2bebossy 27 days ago

    Showering with a guy is where you see this the most. Perfectly hot is scalding to them

  • Seimon Ssuil
    Seimon Ssuil 27 days ago

    Nightparty99 anyone can think he made a bad point and the person telling him doesn't have to be a woman.

  • the2great2bob
    the2great2bob 29 days ago +1

    I'm a Guy and i hate AC .. Then again im an Aussie so anything under 21 is cold , winter inside my house is 19 minimum

  • King Gamerx
    King Gamerx 1 month ago

    Can shivon not speak? Why is she holding the radio

  • Hassan Zameer
    Hassan Zameer 1 month ago

    sometimes men feel too women's winter!

  • Emily peters
    Emily peters 1 month ago

    why is this so true

  • Major Ramsey
    Major Ramsey 1 month ago +3

    I'd rather be hot than cold... You can always get more ice cream.

  • Dakota Williams
    Dakota Williams 1 month ago

    Are women more prone to the air conditioning? Or am I missing the point because I'm from Australia where summers are always warm, no matter where you are.

  • slyeepisajokehahaha
    slyeepisajokehahaha 1 month ago

    I feel like I'm the only girl that's literally always warm. I take cold showers, I basically live in air conditioning, yet I'm always so warm.

  • Mr.General.Dr.detective Clark Wilson Francis

    I live in texas usually there is no winter but when I go somewhere freezing like the peak of a mountain (this actually happened) during ski season I'm perfectly fine in a light jacket while in the summer I die

  • Panzer Man
    Panzer Man 1 month ago +2

    Who gives a shit about the rest of the video, I died at the "Uh-oh, looks like Cynthia was droppin' some DEUCES!"

  • Eevee :3
    Eevee :3 1 month ago

    I want's Men Hell's

  • Moon The magnificent
    Moon The magnificent 1 month ago

    I wrote a book like this once

  • SerenityM16
    SerenityM16 1 month ago

    I have such the opposite problem, I overheat easily and don't get cold that easy.

  • Eddie Hjalmarsson
    Eddie Hjalmarsson 1 month ago

    the new crew sucks.

  • SkepticalFilmCritic
    SkepticalFilmCritic 1 month ago

    I need a women's winter right now it's too fucking warm

  • Mr. Creeper
    Mr. Creeper 1 month ago

    pyrocinical anybody

  • Anon
    Anon 1 month ago

    4K freezing women disliked this

  • Christina Ward
    Christina Ward 1 month ago

    This is SO true! I grew up hating AC because my dad blasted it during hot Florida summers. Now that I live on my own I never use AC. ;-)

  • Sebastian Hans
    Sebastian Hans 1 month ago

    It's also winter in Australia..

  • Simply Complex
    Simply Complex 1 month ago

    Am I only the girl who can't survive without the A/C on in the summer?

  • Jayne Kyra
    Jayne Kyra 1 month ago

    I´m with the dudes on this.

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders 1 month ago

    Her British accent sounds insanely fake

  • jason barrette
    jason barrette 1 month ago

    Why turn up the ac when it makes everyone cold and costs you mor money?

  • Anastasia Theys
    Anastasia Theys 1 month ago

    This story was almost as good as frozen. I like frozen, don't get mad at me.

  • MsDaydream3r
    MsDaydream3r 1 month ago

    My high school English class was always FREEZING in the spring/summer.

  • Avery Fera
    Avery Fera 1 month ago +1

    This needs to be a movie

  • Scorch691
    Scorch691 1 month ago


  • Tim Truax
    Tim Truax 1 month ago

    This is hilarious!  I just sent it to my wife who works in one of those "polar" summer offices.   Too funny!   You guys are talented.

  • Scribbles Scrabbles
    Scribbles Scrabbles 1 month ago

    What happened to Siobhan???

  • Lyjan Firmalo
    Lyjan Firmalo 1 month ago

    there should be a why winter is a mans heatwave

  • Turtle Extra
    Turtle Extra 1 month ago

    Why did she come out of the men's

  • Michael Seale
    Michael Seale 1 month ago

    The air conditioner is sexist everyone.

  • BlockEdragon
    BlockEdragon 1 month ago

    Now do men's summer!

  • Georgia Bruno
    Georgia Bruno 1 month ago

    Men get cold too, women get hot as well.

  • Sarah Becker
    Sarah Becker 1 month ago

    the truth in this too real 😂

  • Zuschauerquaeler
    Zuschauerquaeler 1 month ago

    Actually our rooms are cooler in winter than in summer. Like, we have enough fuels forever, right?

  • Generic SML Fan
    Generic SML Fan 1 month ago

    you hear that people?
    air conditioning is SEXIST.

  • I'm Blue
    I'm Blue 1 month ago

    i'm not a guy, but i'm actually the most cold-resistant human in my class.

    cause i'm hot.

  • Michael Hester
    Michael Hester 1 month ago

    Haha this is so true! We have this argument at the office all the time! Thing is, the solution should be obvious: the women just wear more clothes and we keep the air con on! After all, what are we supposed to do if we're too hot? There's a limited number of layers you can remove haha

  • Awkward Lila
    Awkward Lila 1 month ago

    Lol but why do women get like this in reality?

  • Rory Jakobs
    Rory Jakobs 1 month ago

    "more than 15 minutes and everyone will think we're pooping" what sorta molasses pisses are you taking wtf

  • Darth Hegamonic
    Darth Hegamonic 1 month ago

    This is so true

  • PowerPulser
    PowerPulser 2 months ago

    i don't get it

  • lily d
    lily d 2 months ago


    WISE SNIPER 2 months ago

    Winter is coming

  • Samantha Bayley
    Samantha Bayley 2 months ago

    They're lucky they don't have any menopausal women in the office, no one would survive.

  • Jimin's Jams
    Jimin's Jams 2 months ago

    Lena = Sansa Stark
    Cynthia = Talisa Stark
    Katie = Catelyn Stark
    Shiobhan = Arya Stark

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