Why Summer is Women's Winter

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  • When spring turns to summer
    And there’s blossom on the trees,
    The August air doth turn to ice--
    And all the women freeze!

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  • ahh Agfa ha hegfagav
    ahh Agfa ha hegfagav 4 hours ago

    Miss this college humor

  • Jock Henry
    Jock Henry 4 hours ago

    It does get really hot in buildings in the summer and if you walk into one with the ac on it is like a wave of cool refreshing relief.

  • Ms. Kesslers vlogs
    Ms. Kesslers vlogs 4 hours ago +1

    Mom!! The Air conditioning is sexist!!

  • Counting Crows
    Counting Crows Day ago

    You know what's funny a few weeks ago, I heard through the radio there was a women was planning on pressing charges on the company she worked for cause of this exact video. Hahaha

  • Stephen Kohnle
    Stephen Kohnle Day ago +1

    At my job everyone's always comfortable since it has ac and anyone who is cold can layer without problem and since I work at goodwill it's recommended that you layer so your less likely to cut yourself

  • The Saffron Seal
    The Saffron Seal 2 days ago +1

    So THIS is why women go to the bathroom in groups

  • Alyse Henson
    Alyse Henson 4 days ago

    But my anecdotal evidence doesn't completely agree with the comedic situation you're presenting! HOW DARE YOU

  • áchrista TM
    áchrista TM 5 days ago

    this is so fucking accurate

  • Larrysbride
    Larrysbride 5 days ago

    SO TRUE!!!

  • couchmermaid
    couchmermaid 6 days ago

    It's because women's clothes are spiderwebs

  • gnan mohamed
    gnan mohamed 6 days ago

    I'm a women and I don't get it 🌚😂

  • John Louden
    John Louden 8 days ago

    At night my mom gets super cold for no reason ehile I'm roasting

  • eli stover
    eli stover 9 days ago

    65 all year bra. Cool enough to wear a hoodie, and you don't sweat while your working.

  • Anna
    Anna 9 days ago

    I don't get it.

  • Perrin Calzada
    Perrin Calzada 10 days ago +1

    God I love this skit

  • Arys Handono
    Arys Handono 11 days ago

    these musics are so awesome

  • AntiqueAngel44
    AntiqueAngel44 11 days ago +1

    Is this like jab at feminist who claim that 'AC' is "sexist"?

  • Andy Singh
    Andy Singh 13 days ago

    I'm like the men


    Omg this is so true

  • Alessandra Martellacci

    Japan solved this issue by relaxing men's dress codes and allowing short sleeved button downs and dress shorts. It had the added benefit of saving employers oodles of money. AC norms were set in the 50's when men wore heavy suits to work and women's clothing was made from thicker, less "advanced" fabrics. Everyone was too warm then. These days there is no reason, for the sake of any gender, to have the AC as low as what is considered standard. No one needs it that cold because our clothing is made from thinner and more breathable fabrics. We're working on very old info. Women and men on average do prefer slightly different temperatures, but no gender needs to be a pre-toaster Eggo. Not to mention, maintaining AC at 50's norms is expensive and dangerous for the already precarious environment. Aaaaaanyway, continue with your partisan bickering on gender lines about a problem that exists not because of sexism, but because of our adherence to outdated information.

  • Old Man
    Old Man 14 days ago +1

    Sexist air conditioning

  • tifforo1
    tifforo1 14 days ago

    This is really well acted

  • pseudo3838
    pseudo3838 14 days ago

    This is terrifyingly true. Pass the community sweater, ladies!

  • Dan's Dimples
    Dan's Dimples 15 days ago +1

    I'm a woman and I can 100% say that I this is a correct representation.

  • Ames
    Ames 15 days ago +1

    "The airconditioner is sexist"

  • Stephine Yoshikawa
    Stephine Yoshikawa 15 days ago +1

    These women know my pain 😂

  • Jeffrey KRUPA
    Jeffrey KRUPA 15 days ago +2

    Keeping women in the cold will help preserve their looks as the years go by. As we all know, they need all the help they can get in that department (& it's better than cosmetic surgery).

  • AfroDollBabe
    AfroDollBabe 15 days ago

    I totally relate to this! In my school the second a whisper of warmth comes they blast the AC as if we all aren't dressed for SUMMER

  • Vanessa Ibarra
    Vanessa Ibarra 15 days ago

    You men should stop saying "the video misrepresented women!" While I can't speak for all women, I thought it was pretty accurate, even though Im always too hot and everyone else is freezing.

  • GraceKi92
    GraceKi92 16 days ago

    Omg this is soooooo accurate!!!!! Believe I bring an extra cardigan or wear an extra layer underneath when I go into work in the Summer!

  • Who Dunnit
    Who Dunnit 16 days ago

    Why...why is this a universal thing? Also, do men run hot or something? Why does this actually happen?

    • Who Dunnit
      Who Dunnit 16 days ago

      Also, what's with all the mad construction workers on this post? Do they look for videos complaining about air-conditioning every summer and just vent out their anger at being hot?

  • Evan Plite
    Evan Plite 17 days ago

    But why is it women's winter?

  • teresa fuentes
    teresa fuentes 17 days ago

    This is not true. I've never heard of it or anyone

  • emily collins
    emily collins 17 days ago

    Who's the red-head?

  • Darrel Dumontier
    Darrel Dumontier 17 days ago

    It might be true that temperatures are tailored towards men wearing a full suit.  So why don't women do the same. A woman wearing a man suit looks so good.

  • Bound4Earth
    Bound4Earth 17 days ago

    I am sick and fucking tired of this sexist air conditioning. Wearing sweaters because you are cold is bullshit.

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 17 days ago +1

    Go outside

  • Heather Macdonald
    Heather Macdonald 18 days ago

    This is what its like when its summer and you go shopping in CO-OP, its so cold you have to bring a winter jacket to go through the chilled section.

  • Iva Koleva
    Iva Koleva 18 days ago

    I couldn't understand it

  • Kleo3392
    Kleo3392 19 days ago

    Okay I guess I'm womanly because I also think AC is way too cold.

  • Jazzy Saxophone Kid
    Jazzy Saxophone Kid 19 days ago

    Why is this so accurate

  • The depressed geek that likes cats

    This is so true

  • Mak PARK
    Mak PARK 19 days ago

    Stop whining ya bunch of b and w

  • Litodoggydog
    Litodoggydog 20 days ago

    Too relevant.

  • Elaina M
    Elaina M 20 days ago

    Ha ha ha
    ... they might think were pooping and that's worse than death XD XD....lmao. Fwiw I don't Ive ever done a #2 while at work. Other than the time I had no personal life because my job was my life because I was out to sea for 7 months on a carrier. But back in my normal, now reality, yeah, I guess I always keep it in until I make it home, lol. Usually, I'm pretty sure. Unless I can find a one- person only single bathroom, in which case I might if I really have to, but otherwise I tend not to crap when I'm in public and never or almost never at work. I prefer not to be embarrassed by stinking up the bathroom when others are around, lol.

  • Already Dead
    Already Dead 20 days ago

    Can't relate
    Live in britain

  • FireDuck
    FireDuck 21 day ago

    Is this about the "AC is sexist"

  • sh avigail
    sh avigail 21 day ago

    Soooo true LOL 😂

  • Modus Pwnens
    Modus Pwnens 23 days ago

    This is my parents. Tho im a woman, its too fucking hot all the time. Only the winter does it get actually cold, but even then if i have a blanket on wayyyyy too long, its too hot. But it is true that companies put their temps too low. Its easier at home to control it too, but companies have it at vasts extremes depending on the season and its fucking annoying the guys are always wearing like tshirts and shit. Too accurate :P

  • Volda Trom
    Volda Trom 25 days ago

    im female, if its over 70 than its too Hot

  • Samaja Williams
    Samaja Williams 25 days ago

    This is very true

  • Ryan Rousseau
    Ryan Rousseau 26 days ago

    It's so true though, whenever the air conditioning is on I become an ice cube.

  • simba lee
    simba lee 26 days ago

    This better be satire of the stupid feminist article about sexist air conditioning

  • Nick River
    Nick River 26 days ago

    This is my mom, when it's 102 degrees outside she refuses to turn on the a/c because she says it's always freezing in her office and when my dad turns on the ceiling fan she puts on a jacket and covers up with a blanket even though it's 10 degrees hotter in the house than it is outside.

  • kathy meek
    kathy meek 26 days ago

    why dont they just open the fucking windows?

  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres 27 days ago

    Hahahahaha it's really funny, really funny, really... I didn't understand the joke......

  • IonizedMuffin25
    IonizedMuffin25 27 days ago

    The new Frozen remake looks great

  • FadeCloud
    FadeCloud 27 days ago

    Wait the girl from the end can't speak I'm confused

  • Mike J
    Mike J 27 days ago

    Why is she wearing a nightgown to work? lol

  • Animals 357
    Animals 357 27 days ago

    True do

  • Amit L
    Amit L 27 days ago

    Sexist air conditioning

  • TheGameBoyKid
    TheGameBoyKid 28 days ago

    I have this problem

  • Sullivan Scandi
    Sullivan Scandi 28 days ago

    Cynthia's nips are showing

  • Mae Mitchum
    Mae Mitchum 28 days ago

    Guys hardly ever get as cold as women I feel like women are always colder inside than men are

  • QRS3C273
    QRS3C273 28 days ago

    My female coworker has a space heater and turns it on day long, winter or summer.

  • TheElMuffin
    TheElMuffin 28 days ago

    You can always add another layer. There's only so much you can take off before HR wants to talk to you.

  • Assa Nassa
    Assa Nassa 29 days ago


  • Marianna Ranta
    Marianna Ranta 29 days ago

    umm...idk if its just that im from northern europe and that im used to cold,but "womans-winter" atleast to me isnt a thing. like c'moon...youre women for fucks sake! you can handle a little breeze! and i thought that the stereotype of fragile women was redicilous...well now i know better...

  • Zanar Naryon
    Zanar Naryon 29 days ago

    *When spring turns to summer, and there's blossoms on the trees. The office air doth turn to ice and all the women freeze*

  • BillyJoe1305
    BillyJoe1305 Month ago

    I feel their pain. Try convincing 200+lb women it doesn't need to be so cold they break the aircon and have things end up hotter than it is outside.
    Our stuff is pre-set and they move the sensors till they're somewhere the AC can't cool down. Used to make me do it, then I learned that the fact I show up and actually do shit for almost no money makes me almost irreplaceable. I learned to say no.

  • Ann Stooksberry
    Ann Stooksberry Month ago

    relate relate relate relate relate relate

  • Great zombie jesus
    Great zombie jesus Month ago

    It's true, women never take a shit, or fart...they just get to a certain age then explode.

  • Carson Riley
    Carson Riley Month ago

    I'm a man and I'm always cold in buildings during all of the seasons. I have very low cold resistance.

  • ziljin
    ziljin Month ago +1

    Women are cold blooded, this video confirmed it.

  • Candy Caldwell
    Candy Caldwell Month ago

    I have a heater in my office in the July. FUCKING JULY.

  • VictorianSteam
    VictorianSteam Month ago

    Lol I am a woman and I always was the one in class being like : OMG ITS FUCKING HOT IN HERE OPEN THE FUCKING WINDOWS! sitting there in a t shirt in the middle of winter. So...... Yeah guess that video is accurate for some people XD

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones Month ago

    This is hilarious! That's why I keep a heater, sweater and blanket at my desk.

  • Fluffy The Bear
    Fluffy The Bear Month ago

    U FAT!

  • FluffleLion
    FluffleLion Month ago

    I'm the woman of legend, the one that will save all others from the bitter cold. I. Am. Immune to the cold. (For reals though it's way too hot, I need a fan).

  • diego lopez
    diego lopez Month ago

    I do not understand this video


    Humans are like Photoshop: You can add as much layer as you want, but if there is no layer it won't work out.

  • Kyle Eller
    Kyle Eller Month ago

    Call me ignorant, but how is it different for women?

  • purple girl
    purple girl Month ago

    lord 😂so dramatically relatable

  • Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez Month ago

    I dont get it, I didn't know we were colder during the summer. Is it because girls are known to wear tank tops and get easily cold?

  • Hazell Vasquez
    Hazell Vasquez Month ago

    What is this? Games of Thrones

  • Daphne Goldlee
    Daphne Goldlee Month ago

    WTF I never get cold and I live in Ireland and yes I am a girl

  • The Anime Potato that likes Fall Out Boy

    You see I dress for inside weather, so in summer, I just wear long sleeves because I know I'm not going outside.

  • tubaler you
    tubaler you Month ago

    my wife always make the house the heat of the fucking sun

  • Heydee C
    Heydee C Month ago

    so freaking truee haha and i do have an office sweater xD.........but alas the bathrooms are waaayy colder then the rest of the building :'(

  • Penni G.
    Penni G. Month ago

    I am feeling the wrath on women's winter now. My fingers are so cold I can barely type this comment.

  • Brindleface
    Brindleface Month ago

    Why ppl complaining? As a woman I can confirm that This is accurate af

  • Matt H
    Matt H Month ago

    I didn't understand this until I realized I'm a woman that is wearing a knit hat, knit sweater, and sweatpants in the middle of summer.

  • Friend Fun Duo
    Friend Fun Duo Month ago

    why am I not effected it seems like I'm always warm that's why I hate long sleeve shirts

  • KingOfShadows1500
    KingOfShadows1500 Month ago +1

    So, by that logic, office heaters are sexist against men... right?

  • LithiumLion
    LithiumLion Month ago

    Is anyone else thoroughly disappointed in this comment section? It was funny and relatable. Nothing matters beyond that.

  • Stuart Hicks
    Stuart Hicks Month ago

    Women are pussies

  • Julia Caldwell
    Julia Caldwell Month ago

    I don't get it someone please explain

  • SoFetch26
    SoFetch26 Month ago

    Finally an explanation!

  • Loreena B
    Loreena B Month ago

    THIS IS LITERALLY ME AT WORK. it was like 25 degrees outside the other day and i was wearing a hoodie and shorts because it was freezing inside! my other job isn't too bad, i have a space heater for the winter and a fan in the summer!

  • giveagoodsong
    giveagoodsong Month ago

    I'm sitting here with an air condition and fan on with shorts and t-shirt and I'm still hot

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