10 Lucky Kids Ellen DeGeneres Made Famous

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  • 10 Kids Who Found Fame On The Ellen DeGeneres Show
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    One of the best things about the “Ellen” show is Ellen DeGeneres’s ability to spot new talent. She often brings these talented people to her show to display their skills. But, it’s the most shocking when these talented people happen to be kids! From a little girl who knows every element on the periodic table to singing cousins who became internet sensations, these are ten kids Ellen made famous.

    It’s hard to get kids to sit down long enough to focus on anything other than cartoons. This is what made it entirely surprising when Ellen brought 3-year-old Brielle Milla to her show in 2016. Not only had the toddler learned every element in the periodic table, but she knew every state, state capital, and every US President! She isn’t the only toddler to impress Ellen. Heaven King appeared on the show when she was just two years old. Her talent was much different; she was a dancer! The incredible 2-year-old shocked the audience with her unbelievable dance moves, and she hasn’t slowed down since. Another dancer to perform for Ellen on her show is Merrick Hanna. The 10-year-old boy is a whiz at the robot, and his performance was so incredible that even the DJ couldn’t hold back his amazement when he joined him for a dance on stage! The most notorious kids that Ellen made famous have to be Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosie. The tiny singers blew everyone away with their version of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.”

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  • Taleisha's Vlogs
    Taleisha's Vlogs 5 days ago

    I know Sophia Grace.

  • JackieDJ
    JackieDJ 6 days ago


  • Anonymus killer
    Anonymus killer 7 days ago

    1:36 Data Jake Zyrus😂😂😂😂i miss charice.....

  • Zainanb Talib Jalloh

    those kids are so awesome

  • Whitney Jeannette
    Whitney Jeannette 8 days ago

    Ellen is awesome!

  • Shannen Estipular
    Shannen Estipular 9 days ago

    Charice!!!From philipines!!!And its Pempengco

  • Danielle Saavedra
    Danielle Saavedra 9 days ago

    Charice pempengco is actually a filipino

  • FarfalleAlfredo
    FarfalleAlfredo 9 days ago

    Merrick made it to the AGT live shows.

  • munna yadav
    munna yadav 10 days ago

    Where iz mecey????

  • Kaitlyn James
    Kaitlyn James 12 days ago

    Merrick has now been on America's Got Talent

  • Lays Reactions
    Lays Reactions 13 days ago

    Me: I don't know any of these kids!
    *Sees Merrick Hanna*
    Me: Oh, this one I know!

  • Lps kitty Cupcakes
    Lps kitty Cupcakes 15 days ago

    To be honest I'm not personally a fan of Sophia grace when she was younger I thought she was really adorable and cute and I get that a lot if you don't like her but I mean she's just a little girl and you're hating on her. I mean that's really mean nobody likes to be bullied and even though she probably won't see the comments on this video still what if she does what if you were Sophia grace and these things were said about you right now you're probably thinking oh I wouldn't care but it hasn't happened so you wouldn't know so stop making mean comments I seen one that said I hope she dies in a fire and I was surprised you need help

  • Lps kitty Cupcakes
    Lps kitty Cupcakes 15 days ago

    Merrick Hannah is an absolutely beautiful dancer we were watching I think it was America's got talent tonight and he came on there let me just tell you I cried it was so beautiful

  • Alisha Gordon
    Alisha Gordon 16 days ago


  • Aly Boss 7720
    Aly Boss 7720 16 days ago

    I can't stand Sophia grace my opinion she steals the spotlight from Rosie :/ I'm not trying to be rude so no hate it's my opinion

  • Andrea Ramirez
    Andrea Ramirez 16 days ago

    That's how I recognized apparently kid

  • Jkangie Amjk
    Jkangie Amjk 17 days ago

    I can't stand Sophia Grace partly because she acts like Rosie doesn't exist.

  • Bizzardvark
    Bizzardvark 19 days ago


  • Ningduanguangliu R. panmei

    so much of ," the rest is history"

  • Sommer Tv
    Sommer Tv 20 days ago

    How do you hate her she didn't do anything wrong when I like her

  • Sadia Khatun
    Sadia Khatun 20 days ago

    Hate Sophia grace so much
    Love Rosie so much

  • SnivysaurusMonsterr
    SnivysaurusMonsterr 21 day ago

    What is a "hot throb", Talko?

  • Hachi Ko
    Hachi Ko 22 days ago

    Charice Pempengo doesnt exist anymore, hes now Jake Zyrus

  • Bry Taylor
    Bry Taylor 22 days ago

    ELEN can I come on your show I know how to sing and face it would mean the world to be 😂😂lol

  • Video Games And Fun Toys

    What about Tayt, Brielle, Tavares Jones etc.

  • Edward Pritchard
    Edward Pritchard 23 days ago

    The last two girls were on Nickelodeon Sam and Cat.

    JANNAH EIRENE 23 days ago

    Jake zyrus WAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂

  • Claire Simmers
    Claire Simmers 23 days ago

    My favourite is Sophia grace and rosie

  • Mj Bariuan
    Mj Bariuan 25 days ago

    XD Charice is now known in The Philippines "Jake Zyrus 😂" (He's/She's actually already meme here in the PH)

  • Benjamin Sloutsky
    Benjamin Sloutsky Month ago

    Where is Charlie Puth???

  • Darienne Darby
    Darienne Darby Month ago

    I love Ellen DeGeneres

  • Nilanjana Das
    Nilanjana Das Month ago

    Brielle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Layra Walker
    Layra Walker Month ago

    whatch the talko won't reply bet you a million dollars

  • Hideaki Noma
    Hideaki Noma Month ago

    weren't they already famous ellen just made even more famous.......

    example: a kid's video goes viral meaning he/she is already famous ellen wanted the kid to go to the ellen show
    then boom! the kid is even more famous

  • fred wilson
    fred wilson Month ago

    ellen does not make them famous they have their own talent and parents.

  • Lulu Barajas
    Lulu Barajas Month ago

    I watch glee

  • Hannah Madison
    Hannah Madison Month ago

    # and the rest Is history

  • Jillian Loyvanic Vlogs

    sofia grace hacr cricket teeth eewww

  • I'mYaya Plays
    I'mYaya Plays Month ago

    My opinion is me choosing Rosie

  • Team 3
    Team 3 Month ago

    At 3:30 it's Sophia Grace in the left corner and at 3:35 at the upper left corner

  • J. Janes
    J. Janes Month ago

    Alex is hot

  • Crystalyser Gamer
    Crystalyser Gamer Month ago +1

    You can tell Ellen is very *'generes'!!!!!!!*

    • Hachi Ko
      Hachi Ko 22 days ago

      omg....im gunna kill you

  • HerroDereBirdie
    HerroDereBirdie Month ago

    Brielle knows the periodic table, all the countries in two continents all the state capitals and all the us presidents. I'm 11 I've learned about the periodic table but I don't memorize or even know every element I DONT EVEN KNOW WHICH STATE CAPITAL BELONGS TO WHICH EXCEPT FOR WASHINGTON STATE, the state I live in, NY, California, NJ, there's probably one more I don't know which state it is though

  • Benny Myles
    Benny Myles Month ago

    Sophia grace is in the toy box

  • นะย าม่าเ

    no more charice pempengco 😣 Jake Zyrus

    • Hachi Ko
      Hachi Ko 22 days ago

      True, She turned to a He, shes not the sweet girl with lovely voice anymore, He takes medicine to chance his voice, changed his name, and his personality, he even looks like an actual guy, its sad how much he changed, i mean if he doesnt wanna be a girl anymore , he doesnt have to change every inch about her life, he could just stay as a normal female but with a male heart...Its so sad

  • BlueRose 4Life
    BlueRose 4Life Month ago

    I love all the amazing singers actors and the ones that have goals i have a goal to be like singers actors and more i have another goal to work hard and make that goal come true ( i may not sing good but atleast i try and have that goal and if i wasnt good enough i know that i tried ) like if u agree

  • Jocelyn Vorhise
    Jocelyn Vorhise Month ago

    who reads the comments while watching the video

  • Mia Scissors
    Mia Scissors Month ago

    Aww this is so adorable, I know Heavan King, she comes to my school, I've known her from thick and thin and she is an amazing little talent! 💋

  • ? ?
    ? ? Month ago

    i saw the robot dancer on agt

  • ke connie
    ke connie Month ago +1

    I can't believe that Ellen made kids famous

  • Mika Konig
    Mika Konig Month ago

    Break painful private distribute type fly

  • hey_Sofie!
    hey_Sofie! Month ago +1

    *sees grace and sophia* ELLEN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!

  • DiYharie 2278
    DiYharie 2278 Month ago

    Wow...charice pempengco..he/she is from philipines so do i

    I LUV PUPPIES Month ago

    Is it just me or is Alex is just hot

  • SelenaTube 17
    SelenaTube 17 Month ago

    Ellen Is So Awesome Amazing And Cool!!!

  • Zehra Yenikomsu
    Zehra Yenikomsu Month ago

    No one is going to comment about how awesome Brielle is?

  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill Month ago

    how is a girl Gay?

    • Hachi Ko
      Hachi Ko 22 days ago

      Gay means being born with a gender but living your life in an opposite gender from what gender youve originated from... idk if dat makes sense, but shes part of an LGBT and if u wanna do research about her, shesssss no longer a she, She changed every bit of inch in her life, including her name, her looks,her personality, she even changed her sweet lovely voice, to a manly voice by taking meds, and many people hate what she have done, and our teachers actually makes her a bad example to show to their students (in our school) cuz she took it too far... even her families are disappointed..

  • marcia ewen
    marcia ewen Month ago

    i cant belief sophia and rosise i am their number 1 fan of them

  • Ella McGuigan
    Ella McGuigan Month ago

    ya aaa

  • Ella McGuigan
    Ella McGuigan Month ago

    ya aaa

  • love2laughwa
    love2laughwa Month ago

    There's no x in "especially".

  • Caroline H
    Caroline H Month ago

    Wait wasn't merrick Hannah already on americas got talent and that's why he's famous right? So why did it say he has plans to audition for americas got talent in the summer of 2017

  • Alex 62
    Alex 62 Month ago

    666th comment

  • Dearbhla Lyons Nolan

    Merrick Hanna did audition for America got talent 2017 and was my favourite contestant I didn't realise he was on the ellen show..... he was Amazing!!

  • Jihyun Kim
    Jihyun Kim Month ago

    Merrick's AGT audition is amazing!

  • Chance Translations


  • Queen Everything
    Queen Everything Month ago

    did anyone see sophia grace at 3:34 and at 11:04 they said she was also doing THE TOY BOX

  • Anwesha Paul
    Anwesha Paul Month ago

    rosie and sophia grace is irritating

  • Chloe Dale
    Chloe Dale Month ago

    I like JoJo better

  • lauathon 12
    lauathon 12 Month ago

    I think sophia grace was better when she was little because it was inpresive that someone so litte knew all the words to the songs but now her voice hasnt chainged a bit so now iher voice is just weird and she thinks that everyone likes her and that if she goes somewere everyone will be on top of her just see her song hollywood

  • lauathon 12
    lauathon 12 Month ago

    Can i just say that sophia HAS slowed down, does enyone agree with me?

  • Goddess of purple
    Goddess of purple Month ago

    The way they pronounce especially... 😬 *cringing*

  • Pinksparklez
    Pinksparklez 2 months ago

    I don't even think Sophia grace is even that good. I'm not hating I'm just saying my opinion

  • Rory mcgarrigle
    Rory mcgarrigle 2 months ago

    Ummm were ,is tavairis jones

  • Disney kids
    Disney kids 2 months ago

    why can't my kid be famous from Ellen

  • Edénia Lima
    Edénia Lima 2 months ago

    Sorry but Charice doesn't count because she was already famous. The fact she wasn't famous in the USA means nothing!

  • HikarixDaku
    HikarixDaku 2 months ago

    In 2015, I went to this festival (Which I always go to every year) Charice performed. It was a festival to celebrate the Filipino culture

  • J & R's World
    J & R's World 2 months ago

    I really want to be famous from Ellen for my amazing singing

  • Dangerous Toriel
    Dangerous Toriel 2 months ago

    I come from the same country as Charice!

  • light's Out Brick
    light's Out Brick 2 months ago

    The kids in the thumbnail look like horses

  • Joe sugg VLOGGED ME!!!!

    but alex from target is already famous before he was in th ellen show?

  • Anthony Waldron
    Anthony Waldron 2 months ago

    you are cool

  • XXkawaii Sweetheart
    XXkawaii Sweetheart 2 months ago

    When they say famous I only know 2

  • Dieuviline Francois
    Dieuviline Francois 2 months ago

    Merrick Hanna just auditioned for America's Got Talent on 5-30-17. Please go watch it! It's so good!

  • Jamie Chee
    Jamie Chee 2 months ago

    How about Zony,Yony and Emma?

  • PigTongueHuman
    PigTongueHuman 2 months ago

    i think you missed Emma Rester

  • Poorva Parajuli
    Poorva Parajuli 2 months ago +2

    Who is watching in 2017?

  • Poorva Parajuli
    Poorva Parajuli 2 months ago


  • -
    - 2 months ago



  • Jimmy Joles
    Jimmy Joles 2 months ago

    Check out Brandon does everything everybody he might be on my channel


    I just seen Merrik Hannah last night in americas got talent!

  • Emilie Woo
    Emilie Woo 2 months ago

    The cousins are on Sam and Cat old tv show with Ariana Grande

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan 2 months ago

    Brielle is like LITERALLY the SMARTEST kid in the U.S, I bet she convinced her parents who to vote for last year during the election

  • Glena Tribout
    Glena Tribout 2 months ago

    I wish I was Alexs age he is soooooo HOT

  • Glena Tribout
    Glena Tribout 2 months ago

    I wish I was Alexs age

  • Glena Tribout
    Glena Tribout 2 months ago

    I wish I was Alexs age

  • Sara Person
    Sara Person 2 months ago

    your so domp and your voice is so stupid

  • Sara Person
    Sara Person 2 months ago

    your so domp and your voice is so stupid

  • 2ma HD
    2ma HD 2 months ago

    I Know Noah On Toybox

  • Kendall Woodhams
    Kendall Woodhams 2 months ago

    um weird

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