Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 FULL BREAKDOWN (All Easter Eggs & Song Analysis)

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    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 FULL MOVIE breakdown! Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Easter Eggs, Visuals, and Music Explained! Erik Voss explains everything you missed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, including cameos by Howard the Duck, David Hasselhoff, and James Gunn's family. What is a Celestial and why is it important that Ego is one? What were the references to the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? How did the visual effects team design Ego's planet and make Kurt Russell look younger? And what decision did Yondu make early in the film to later lead to his own death?



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    Thanks again to Dollar Shave Club for help making this video possible!

  • Arcitc Arcade
    Arcitc Arcade 4 hours ago


  • MjDJX1992
    MjDJX1992 19 hours ago

    I wish Peter Quills Walkman comes back from the dead on Awsome Mix Vol.3

  • Over King
    Over King 1 day ago


  • Jib Maher
    Jib Maher 1 day ago

    Love the MCU, "we need another species of Alien!"
    "What colour have we not used?"

  • JKL
    JKL 2 days ago

    Cash and Tango, Tango and Cash... And now my life is complete

  • Mr. MyPeopleZDr.t
    Mr. MyPeopleZDr.t 2 days ago

    Well I just four out I was a robot

  • sam madman10076
    sam madman10076 2 days ago

    Beep boop ima robot

  • evlredsun
    evlredsun 3 days ago

    i cried when father and son came on during the movie. such a perfect song choice

  • Chiara
    Chiara 4 days ago

    …scrotum head

  • K-rex
    K-rex 4 days ago

    wait a sec its set in 2014? then y does he get a zune?!

  • 2cute 4you
    2cute 4you 4 days ago

    Can we thank Yondu for making the word Daddy no longer cringey? Because he makes me happy.

  • JS Gaming
    JS Gaming 4 days ago

    on a site it says if drax was a president he would ban dancing, and the reason groot stops dancing is because if he didn't drax would literally kill him.

  • Marcus Eaton
    Marcus Eaton 5 days ago

    Groot loose Groot loose put on your Sunday roots

    that is how it should have been

  • kmriDen-O2
    kmriDen-O2 5 days ago

    ego more like egg-o

  • Dion G
    Dion G 5 days ago

    Missable detail #22 is clearly a reference to sasuke and itachi from naruto.....😉

  • Mr. Mc Dizzle
    Mr. Mc Dizzle 5 days ago

    Not all stars explode, some just just fade out and collapse on themselves to become a white dwarf

  • Draggline 77
    Draggline 77 6 days ago

    I thought it would have even been cool had he used The Stranger as well.

  • Spectre Does gaming
    Spectre Does gaming 6 days ago

    I thought Doctor Strange was released in 2016.

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  • Sebastian Cliffton
    Sebastian Cliffton 9 days ago

    do a marvel agents of shield post etc plssss

  • Dilprit Khinda
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  • RCreedance
    RCreedance 10 days ago

    I tried so hard not too cry after the death of Yondu. When the song Father and Son came on the tears fell slowly.

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 11 days ago

    I just realized Spiderman and Star-Lord have the same first name

  • Orlando Gutierrez
    Orlando Gutierrez 12 days ago

    Erik:ego is leaving his seed on thousands of planets. Me:Giggity

  • Onion
    Onion 13 days ago

    It is really disappointing that David Bowie couldn't be an actor in the film, being The Starman and all, it would just make sense.

  • nodo gamer
    nodo gamer 15 days ago

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    muhammad zidan 15 days ago

    Heeere is really full аnd good quality Guardians of the Galaxyy Vol. 2 =>

  • Braigwen
    Braigwen 15 days ago

    Only larger stars explode. Smaller stars will become red giants before shrinking to white dwarfs.

    AB BROSS EDITZ 16 days ago

    Guаaаardiаns ooоof theеe Galaхуу Vool. 2 mоviееее here =>

  • Tech tonic
    Tech tonic 16 days ago

    I watchеd Guardians оf the Gаlаху full mоviе hеrееее

  • Hooded Gamer
    Hooded Gamer 17 days ago

    cool I'm a robot

  • Samantha Kraft
    Samantha Kraft 17 days ago

    male shirtlessness is an honorable tradition

  • Squiggly Beard
    Squiggly Beard 19 days ago

    I almost cried when yondu died #r.i.p.yondu

  • Jennifer Leisl
    Jennifer Leisl 19 days ago

    did anyone else notice that in n pic of "civil war" cap is wearing the winter soldier uniform

  • Tabish Shaik
    Tabish Shaik 19 days ago

    Ender's game!!!

  • JBA Productions
    JBA Productions 19 days ago

    But if ego is accociated with fantastic 4 but is he still peters dad?

  • Brett Lee
    Brett Lee 20 days ago

    I recently rewatched guardians 1 and the beginning where peaters mother died and when she says your father was an angel knowing that he's the one who killdeer her it made me so mad

  • SuperCooki14
    SuperCooki14 20 days ago

    I M M A R Y P O P P I N S Y ' A L L

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    My name is taser face

  • Luck Kline
    Luck Kline 21 day ago

    Ego=Egg-O, that's why his ship is an egg!

  • Tactical Fanboy
    Tactical Fanboy 21 day ago

    When Star Lord say he see eternity i was like hell yeah

  • Joe Nagro
    Joe Nagro 21 day ago

    is that pirated footage used in this video? sure looked like torrent quality

  • Faith Marie
    Faith Marie 24 days ago

    @14:32 it wasnt her sister it was drax who knocked the fruit away

  • Robert M
    Robert M 24 days ago

    The soundtracks to these movies are the only ones that can compete with the ones from Wes Anderson movies.

  • JJ. O'Dochartaigh
    JJ. O'Dochartaigh 25 days ago

    Guess we are each our own matrix. lol

  • Emrah Altay
    Emrah Altay 26 days ago

    Hellо yyуyoutubers watch Guardiаns оf the Galaxуy Vol. 2 onlinе here =>

  • Edward Feng
    Edward Feng 26 days ago

    Ego can be in any kind of form. When he is meeting his children from other planet, he would be in the form of the particular specie from that planet.

  • Dr. Lego & Game Master

    that Dairy Queen scene was shot where i live

  • kraaz apex
    kraaz apex 27 days ago

    this movie in theaters was dope.

  • Over King
    Over King 27 days ago


  • Nandish thakkar
    Nandish thakkar 27 days ago

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed this or not or if it has been already pointed out by someone, but I feel that both Peter's parents kind of died in the same way, his mother died because of a tumor in her brain and his dad died because of a bomb(that's like a tumor) in his brain.


    How is Stan Lee talking to the Watchers about his cameo in Civil War if Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 takes place in 2014?

  • Tim Geißler
    Tim Geißler 28 days ago

    Wаtсh Guаааardiаns of the Gаlаху оnlinе in hd qualitу hеrееее =>

  • Irakrdz
    Irakrdz 28 days ago

    I cried hard so much on Yondus death he was my fav character

  • Mike
    Mike 28 days ago

    When Ego's ship is traveling in space in looks like a sperm... so there's that as well.

  • Pokefarts
    Pokefarts 29 days ago

    I thought ego putting the tumor in his moms head was pretty predictable I was literally thinking throughout the movie he killed her

  • Martin Anthonyo
    Martin Anthonyo 29 days ago

    Shit, I would kill to see Bowie become Pratt's dad. To bad he was killed first

  • Meghan Dugas
    Meghan Dugas 29 days ago


  • Naziur Rahman
    Naziur Rahman 29 days ago

    So, Peter essentially puts a tumor in Ego's brain?

    TROLL GOD 1 month ago

    R.I.P Yondu

  • Mateo Espinosa
    Mateo Espinosa 1 month ago

    Reeаllyуy bеst mooоvie. I fоund it hereе =>

  • ChickenRamen
    ChickenRamen 1 month ago

    I remember laughing. There was also a lot of crying.

  • Sajal Das
    Sajal Das 1 month ago

    if stan Lee's story is about post civil war. Then guardians of the galaxy vol2 is after civil war event which he told was not.

  • Grace Hampton
    Grace Hampton 1 month ago

    if there is not a Spotify play list for this movie im gonna be pissed

  • Taco Cat
    Taco Cat 1 month ago

    Also putting the bomb in egos brain can also be an 'eye for an eye' situation where the bomb is the tumor.

  • Chad Steele
    Chad Steele 1 month ago

    Thanks for the middle school sex ed lesson to accompany the breakdown of GOTG2

  • Theawesomegamer samfred
    Theawesomegamer samfred 1 month ago +1

    doctor strange wasn't made in 2015 (22:22)

  • 쏘우
    쏘우 1 month ago

    Watch Guardians of the Galaaaxy online here =>

  • William Morrison
    William Morrison 1 month ago

    not gonna talk about the best song in the movie? Wham Bam Shang A Lang by Silver?

  • Doogert McKoog
    Doogert McKoog 1 month ago

    Crazy theory, the big globs of gloop left over from the expanse may be collected and used to create Awesome Android

  • CartUniverse pro gamer

    rip yondu.

  • Carrie Mosman
    Carrie Mosman 1 month ago

    Maybe he was the lucky brain that escaped its celestial body before it was destroyed?

  • Carrie Mosman
    Carrie Mosman 1 month ago

    The song would be, 'Grootloose, Grootloose, break of my sunday root' ~

  • Anon Smith
    Anon Smith 1 month ago

    Excellent video-well done! !!😄

  • hưng long nguyễn
    hưng long nguyễn 1 month ago

    Heу guys wаtccсch Guаrdians оf thee Galаxу Vol. 2 оnline here =>

  • LukeMan27!
    LukeMan27! 1 month ago

    The fireworks at the end are the shape of those toys he got on #1

  • joey brock
    joey brock 1 month ago

    7:25 Well duh, a lyric in the song is literally "Just slippin' on by on LSD, Friday night trouble bound"

  • Salty Spoons
    Salty Spoons 1 month ago

    I like Ego's testicle-ship!

  • The Froggy Ninja
    The Froggy Ninja 1 month ago

    While many stars explode the smaller ones do fade down into white dwarfs instead.

  • Battleaxe 1783
    Battleaxe 1783 1 month ago

    The funny thing is this vid came a few hours after I finished watching guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

  • Hawk Byrd
    Hawk Byrd 1 month ago

    I thought I recognized the grandpa almost getting killed by the blob

  • Trisha Falls
    Trisha Falls 1 month ago

    I am Groot

  • Elixir Playz
    Elixir Playz 1 month ago

    I saw Stan Lee today and got a picture

  • Shorty Korte
    Shorty Korte 1 month ago

    Did anyone notice that the color of the car that Star Lord's dad was driving was the same design as Peter Quill's ship?

  • Carroty Eye03
    Carroty Eye03 1 month ago


  • ARey 1010
    ARey 1010 1 month ago

    Couldn't Star Lord use his helmet when him and Yondu went to space at the last scene so that Yondu didn't have to die.

  • Billy Henderson
    Billy Henderson 1 month ago

    is it just me or does the blue fireworks type stuff look like a tie-fighter?

  • Skarenox
    Skarenox 1 month ago

    27:55 I was listening to that song before watching this video, and found the lyrics in that same page, and watched that Eminen rhyming with orange video lol

  • Skarenox
    Skarenox 1 month ago

    It's funny how Peter was able to learn to control Rasengan in one try.

  • J. C.
    J. C. 1 month ago

    Rocket is spraying memory foam to rebuild the ship.

  • cheang vannak
    cheang vannak 1 month ago

    Mуу gf rеаaаallууyy lоveees this film. Wе fоund full moооviе heеre =>

  • Chastity Smith
    Chastity Smith 1 month ago

    Don't forget Michael Douglas in Antman

  • Clinton Lewis
    Clinton Lewis 1 month ago

    Amazing mate - really enjoyed your vid.

  • TheCrazyTrainer Dantdm fan

    say Mr.Blue Sky if u love the song Mr.Blue Sky

  • MutantZombie252
    MutantZombie252 1 month ago

    with that egg thing that ego says soon it will be everywhere my brother that that thing was groot

  • Hunter
    Hunter 1 month ago

    The reason Groot stops dancing when Drax looks is because he wants Drax to respect him.

  • Heather Ripalda
    Heather Ripalda 1 month ago

    vc FB 25th r th p uh g ghostedjbfhtg

  • Larding Cripple Nugget
    Larding Cripple Nugget 1 month ago +1

    22:26 Doctor Strange came put in 2016, not 2015, geez get it right

  • slycooper20 _
    slycooper20 _ 1 month ago

    Turns out the filmmakers actually used Kurt Russell's performance in Used Cars as their basis for his model in the prologue. They wanted to use Snake Plissken, but the eyepatch and beard limited their reference points.

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