75 Chain Reaction Ideas & Inventions

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  • Harraz Haziq Bin Azlim

    I didnt know why I watch this type of video so many times...maybe because it felt very satisfying when looking at chain reaction sometimes

  • Azhar 5204
    Azhar 5204 Month ago

    i can make with c4d :v

  • karun mathews
    karun mathews 2 months ago

    really cool machine, great job!

  • Zapam wamba
    Zapam wamba 2 months ago

    It's a rube goldberg machine btw.

  • the blu spy pimpster bowser

    dude I love this even my family

  • Vlanzing_Manz
    Vlanzing_Manz 4 months ago

    3 million ft pool table or fake?

  • Tina Mai
    Tina Mai 4 months ago

    Love the wiggling spider! 👏 Incredible job, guys!

  • JuanGuti2304
    JuanGuti2304 4 months ago

    Great effort! Good job! :)

  • 최인태
    최인태 5 months ago

    dagswfwgwewee reg

  • jerry yen
    jerry yen 5 months ago

    bad video

  • Sunder Kumar
    Sunder Kumar 5 months ago +1


  • DizzyDog
    DizzyDog 5 months ago

    did you notice he stopped the video to push something at 2:58?

  • Ivan Benitez
    Ivan Benitez 5 months ago +1

    Solo asta donde dice mostrar mas :( es me estoy cansado -_-

  • Ivan Benitez
    Ivan Benitez 5 months ago +1


  • Ivan Benitez
    Ivan Benitez 5 months ago +1

    un nuevo like y un nuevo sub

  • LightningE 9950
    LightningE 9950 5 months ago

    Imagine if the cameraman forgot to record this XD

  • Lennox Wilmes
    Lennox Wilmes 6 months ago

    i like it cool

  • JafPlay NP
    JafPlay NP 6 months ago

    oye ma, no mames +EsauHyoudou

  • Ong
    Ong 6 months ago

    is a domino screenlink

  • Andey Grushke
    Andey Grushke 6 months ago

    How much pool tables does he have

  • Lucky Jake Decoy Romero

    The question is: How many pooltables he have?

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards 8 months ago

    Please someone tell us the song name!

  • Lemon Flavored Pickles
    Lemon Flavored Pickles 8 months ago

    That's cool

  • Fate Story
    Fate Story 9 months ago

    Hey guys, I wanna ask one thing. How does 1:46~1:50 works? We need that for our project so reply plz. Thank you

    • Andey Grushke
      Andey Grushke 6 months ago

      Fate Tv. It takes a lot of tries to get it right

  • Tami Dicus
    Tami Dicus 9 months ago

    hey sprice u are toataly amayzing at what u do can u come to my schools engeniring tech class and show us what u can do btw im ur bigest fan ur awsome kewk up the good work Go Team Sprice yay

  • Ethan Pixelate
    Ethan Pixelate 9 months ago +1

    Why is 99.99999% of all coments about 3:15

    its something called:


    Two of the plates make it hard for the ball to go, try it yourself

    • Andey Grushke
      Andey Grushke 6 months ago

      Ethan Pixelate the space in between the two panes of glass is exactly the same diameter as the bearing ball it goes down slow because of the diameter if it wasn't a bearing ball and it was like a ping pong ball it wouldn't go down the only forces acting on it is gravity and normal

    • Andey Grushke
      Andey Grushke 6 months ago

      Ethan Pixelate idiot it has nothing todo with friction

    • Ethan Pixelate
      Ethan Pixelate 9 months ago


    • Hayes
      Hayes 9 months ago

      Ethan Pixelate the fuck is psyense?

  • Missael Gutierrez
    Missael Gutierrez 10 months ago

    es la mesa de billar mas larga que he visto jaja

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 10 months ago

    3:35 Are you kiding me? Was that lucky?

  • NinjaJXN
    NinjaJXN 10 months ago

    3:12 - How does that work?

    • Ethan Pixelate
      Ethan Pixelate 9 months ago

      Jaxon Boozer its a tight space so its actually the marble spinning very fast

  • Logan Pauli
    Logan Pauli 10 months ago


  • Crqticxl
    Crqticxl 10 months ago


  • Vicky B
    Vicky B 11 months ago


  • The local rapist
    The local rapist 11 months ago

    wii is for fags

  • Melissa Pasko
    Melissa Pasko Year ago

    Catjolic muice

  • 박찬선
    박찬선 Year ago


  • RYZE gaming
    RYZE gaming Year ago


  • Mason Matkowski
    Mason Matkowski Year ago

    A-MAZING this is SO dang COOL :~D

  • StrawberryDan
    StrawberryDan Year ago

    Watching This in 10239 At The 1930Th WWE

  • PiggybackGaming
    PiggybackGaming Year ago

    I smell like poop

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson Year ago +1

    2:52 come on, buddy!

  • Bhuvanesh Prabaa
    Bhuvanesh Prabaa Year ago

    Is that 3 27 was slow motion ?

    • Ethan Pixelate
      Ethan Pixelate 9 months ago

      Bhuvanesh Prabaa no, tight spaces make the ball roll fast, on two plates

  • Bhuvanesh Prabaa
    Bhuvanesh Prabaa Year ago

    Is that 3 27 was slow motion ?

  • 김준
    김준 Year ago

    What music?


    cuantos desplazamientos hace??/ me podria decir xfa noce ingles please

  • Tristan Wahington
    Tristan Wahington Year ago +1


  • mia von schulenburg

    I've gotta school project on Rube Goldberg machines and this helped me get some good ideas and now I can build it because your video gave my finishing ideas, thanks for an awesome and helpful vid!!

  • Paty PB'
    Paty PB' Year ago

    cua es la musica de fondo ??

  • MinSeop Leem
    MinSeop Leem Year ago +3

    What was that in 03:15?

    • Ethan Pixelate
      Ethan Pixelate 9 months ago

      Playstations Icon no, its a tight space. put two glass plates close so that a marble has a hard time getting through

    • H H
      H H 10 months ago

      it was

    • Playstations Icon
      Playstations Icon Year ago

      Thats with a Fan inside

  • Tarvish _
    Tarvish _ Year ago +1

    i am struggling to make a rube goldberg machine that can reset itself....any ideas?

  • Jonah Schiavone
    Jonah Schiavone Year ago

    mario party 8 doesnt get enough love

  • 태태경님짱
    태태경님짱 Year ago

    oh good

  • wyatt M.
    wyatt M. Year ago +1

    You either have like 47 pool tables or this was filmed in different takes which kinda steels away the whole idea of a chain reaction

    • wyatt M.
      wyatt M. Year ago

      you certainly do! And i might've wanted to watch a few of those but i was driven away by the sarcastic insults of the creator himself!

    • Sprice Machines
      Sprice Machines  Year ago

      You can find hundreds of full one take chain reactions on my channel...

    • Peter W.
      Peter W. Year ago

      First of all, it's 25 ideas, second of all, it said it was a screen link in the description, third of all, it's ideas, not a full Rube Goldberg machine.

    • Sprice Machines
      Sprice Machines  Year ago

      +wyatt M. Reading descriptions is a thing that can be done

  • Bugaloo
    Bugaloo Year ago +11

    mind=blown! This must have taken forever to make, you did a great job!

  • MunchroomStew
    MunchroomStew Year ago +2

    like if your watching in 2016!

  • Peanuts Sponge
    Peanuts Sponge Year ago

    2:25 The balloon explored
    1:59 Circling the stick
    3:11 rolling Between two transparent PC

  • Vanessa Brett
    Vanessa Brett Year ago


  • Julia Guerrero
    Julia Guerrero Year ago


  • The Crab
    The Crab Year ago

    this is really elaborate. im struggling with my project like this but not as many steps. just 5 or 6 stwps just to pop a baloon. hopefully i can do something like your technique in building

  • William Graham
    William Graham Year ago

    Im making one that will give bob ross his paintbrush

  • Bee per
    Bee per Year ago

    Hey Sprice - thats Nice (yeah ... I'm a poet) Question: at 3:12 - is that two pieces of glass the marble rolls between - or is it plexiglass/plastic? And it is fastened only at the top left corner? Thats a real slick trick (yeah ... I'm a poet) that I want to try myself. Thanks!

  • Bomb Diggity
    Bomb Diggity Year ago

    Love it! Awesome content! Can't wait to watch what else you guys come out with.

    • Sprice Machines
      Sprice Machines  Year ago

      +Bomb Diggity well this video is like 5 years old and I've definitely improved greatly since then

  • LPSTigerPrincess
    LPSTigerPrincess Year ago +1

    GAH!! XD I could NEVER do anything as amazing as this! : D (I am using some of these ideas in my Rube Goldberg machine for school)

  • Alyssa Chan
    Alyssa Chan Year ago +1

    This is epic!

  • Anabelle Miller
    Anabelle Miller Year ago +1

    Gotta do one of these babies for a school project! Yikes! Nothing will compare to these!

  • tooth fairy
    tooth fairy Year ago +1

    These are pretty ingenius ideas. I would love to see the same idea with an app on the ipad using real physics. You could design and playback your set up and if you need to tweak something you could just push a reset button and play it from the beginning again. Would save a lot of time and you could use it as a basis for a real set up. This app could make a lot of cash for someone :-)

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith Year ago


  • Minerva Kroes
    Minerva Kroes Year ago

    its amazing how it looked as though each object knew and anticipated the role it had to play in this .

  • 장호이
    장호이 Year ago


  • Roger Lindfors
    Roger Lindfors Year ago

    It´s Art!

  • Roger Lindfors
    Roger Lindfors Year ago

    A way to play is a way to create :)

  • Redeesh Cathey
    Redeesh Cathey Year ago

    3:12-3:20 whats that

  • Mingyang Wang
    Mingyang Wang Year ago

    whats the music here?

  • I make prank calls to radio programs. Play them on my page.

    Wow! Now was this edited? Or was it all once?

  • Jeonghan Lee
    Jeonghan Lee Year ago

    I don't understand criteria. just big hands to all of players

  • Kookies With suga

    about the tape idea i have noticed that there is something on the tape i am thinking of doing that idea so does anyone know what was on the tape?

  • Kookies With suga
    Kookies With suga Year ago +9

    i actually have a rube goldberg project to do for school and this video helped me a lot compared to the others i have watched, because they were impossible to make and can take years to make them and are not suitable for my school project.In this video i could use some of the ideas for my project but of course not all of them anyway thanks so much :)

  • Jason Owlbright
    Jason Owlbright Year ago +1

    1:30 the creepy smiley face though lol

  • William Gilmore
    William Gilmore Year ago +1

    How big is this guy's pool table

  • 윤영찬
    윤영찬 Year ago


  • SonOfaChipwich
    SonOfaChipwich Year ago +23

    Forget pool tables, how many copies of Mario Party 8 do you have?

  • Anonymous Idea
    Anonymous Idea Year ago

    how much for the endless pool table?

  • IMposure
    IMposure Year ago +5

    2:53- 2:58 most tense I've been

  • sy chae
    sy chae Year ago


  • 52 Skillz
    52 Skillz Year ago

    I used this video as a huge resource to make my own Rube Goldberg Machine. Though its not nearly as crazy, after two months of work myself and a team of really cool people made something that we're really proud of.

    Its on my channel if you're interested!

    Thanks for the inspiration, and keep being awesome!

  • Vani Sivaji
    Vani Sivaji Year ago


  • SeMiBoY2
    SeMiBoY2 2 years ago +4

    who come from american got talent click like :D

  • Ferrero Rocher
    Ferrero Rocher 2 years ago

    im number 3000 to like this

  • 이종준
    이종준 2 years ago

    우와 잘 만들엇다 Good!!!

  • G.Praveen Kumar
    G.Praveen Kumar 2 years ago


  • h44345
    h44345 2 years ago +1

    Amazing! What is first video?

  • Hayden Kerr
    Hayden Kerr 2 years ago +1


  • Twig
    Twig 2 years ago +2

    what is the music in this vide0? I HAVE T0 KN0W! IT'S S0 L0VELY!

    • Brocks Dominoes
      Brocks Dominoes Year ago

      +OfficialSillypoo yee

    • Twig
      Twig 2 years ago

      +Steve Price seriously it's now one of my new favourite song ever

  • Dan Freedland
    Dan Freedland 2 years ago

    How long does it take for you to set up

  • Dan Freedland
    Dan Freedland 2 years ago

    Hey guys that is good progress

  • Sarthak Bhatt
    Sarthak Bhatt 2 years ago

    Super amazing...

  • Sarthak Bhatt
    Sarthak Bhatt 2 years ago +2


  • thetopcat84
    thetopcat84 2 years ago

    Anybody know what the music is?

  • GliTcH
    GliTcH 2 years ago


  • Ceramical
    Ceramical 2 years ago +13

    how many pool tables does dis niggah have

  • Christian Meek
    Christian Meek 2 years ago

    What was that thing at 3:31

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