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  • Ducesweden
    Ducesweden 3 hours ago

    You can exclude the predator theory, Ridley Scott don't wish to connect the two franchises in his works.

  • Manboob98
    Manboob98 7 hours ago

    I wonder how a spartan from halo would fare against a engineer

  • Shane Kinsley
    Shane Kinsley 10 hours ago

    It's funny most people think the engineers where good light hearted race and hate humans because we destroy your own planet and yet forget the black stuff they created wipes out all life humans and animals. We come from them from their DNA as shown in the movie so is it so hard to believe that they acts just like us

    BILL GUNDY Day ago

    Guys it's really a lot simpler than you think they hate us cuz they ain't us......duh

  • E Dav
    E Dav Day ago


  • Eidan Sigala
    Eidan Sigala 2 days ago

    Explain the giant squid facehugger from promethus

  • Darth Lazurus
    Darth Lazurus 4 days ago

    I mind reading a while back that David said "This man is my creator and he wishes to live forever" to the Engineer. Given that the Engineers clearly come from a Life worshipping culture, that request, given by an android (an artificial life form) might have been utter blasphemy for the Engineer.

  • JV9K JL8K
    JV9K JL8K 4 days ago

    Because human beings, when given a true choice reflect scavengers behaviors within massive numbers... As to say , the prog/ram and the soul are not balanced ...  Within a toxic environment mercy will be given...

  • Luis Alcaraz
    Luis Alcaraz 4 days ago

    I know because it showed a plot in the new Aliens movie.

  • Luis Alcaraz
    Luis Alcaraz 4 days ago


  • feketepeon111
    feketepeon111 5 days ago

    Well to be fair I would rip your head off to if you wake me up from a cozy looking sleep he was in so can't fault the big guy.

  • Idgarad Lyracant
    Idgarad Lyracant 5 days ago

    Taking only the films into account it seems clear the Engineers are weapon developers. The Black Goo, and the Xenomorph, is their crowning achievement. However we see that the end result of the Black Goo creations always go dormant once they reach apex predator status and have wiped out all other life. Basically a planet wiping weapon. If we assume they were doing the same thing on Earth, we are truly a terrifying aberration on that weapon system, not only did we adapt to work with out environment (even if we still have the tendency to wipe out our own planet) we didn't go dormant. We are a weapon system that has gone out of control, capable of uncontrollably spreading rather then going dormant. I'd be pretty keen on ending that weapon system's uncontrolled spread.

  • Mitchell Ellicott
    Mitchell Ellicott 5 days ago

    What if he just killed all the people because they were potential hosts for the Xenomorph. kind of like an very aggressive quarantine.

  • Carpentry Hero
    Carpentry Hero 5 days ago

    I think the Engineers watched the DrPhil episode with the "Cash me outside" and decided they should start over. It all makes sense

  • MrPapamaci88
    MrPapamaci88 6 days ago

    How about that the engineer suffered from ptsd? He wakes up after a fuckton of time, and finds primitives around him. His crew were wiped out by something, it is safe to assume he was traumatized. When he seen the humans, he might have thought we attacked them, and he proceeded to go launch towards Earth to strike back at humanity since they are clearly a threat. This could also be plausable.

  • Xx_The Anime Boy_xX
    Xx_The Anime Boy_xX 6 days ago

    Nice accent at the beginning (づ一▽一)づ

  • valcan321
    valcan321 6 days ago

    Because the engineers just don't like anyone not like them.

  • valcan321
    valcan321 6 days ago

    Doesn't almost all evidence point to the most advanced peoples being those most capable of surviving and channeling their aggression? That just means they are the most civilized but still savage.

  • secretace
    secretace 7 days ago

    Why enslave humans and not just use robots?

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy 7 days ago

    Engineers must have state of the art plastic surgeons back on their planet.

  • Si Filey
    Si Filey 7 days ago +1

    Because Muslims...

  • roli t
    roli t 7 days ago

    They hate us because we killed jesus which was their representative on earth the one to show us the way, we lost our ways and just like the bible the with the flood they want to cleanse earth a second time but something happened im thinking the engineers bio weapon was too dangerous and got out of control they knew they couldnt go back home and failed to execute the attack

  • Finleyrizo
    Finleyrizo 7 days ago

    Engineers didn't make humans. The engineers were made from the same design as humans by a higher being who could grow any organic designs out of that black goo seen in a lot of the films. e.g: their ships, suits, armour etc... That's what I believe anyway because it makes the most sense

  • Baco Miric
    Baco Miric 7 days ago

    Or maybe because of Borat.
    High Five.

  • Baco Miric
    Baco Miric 7 days ago

    They hate us because we have Walmart.

  • Wendell L
    Wendell L 8 days ago

    Because all intelligent life forms are virus to be contained to the Engineers. Because through eons of seeding planets the Engineers realize that when a entity mutants and becomes self aware massive death and destruction usually follows. Because in the Engineers eyes who have seeded multitude of planets, they see there is no redeeming qualities of species that can create its own destiny and the Garden of Eden that they create are always eventually destroyed by the virus of a species with higher intelligence and so they send in the ant eaters "The Xenomorph" to kill off all the human ants "and everything else that can morph into future intelligent beings" then they come back and kill of the ant eaters and start over.

  • konroth rec.
    konroth rec. 8 days ago

    they are no engineers - that was an error and they changed that later.

  • lottsalasagna
    lottsalasagna 9 days ago

    Makes sense because the human species is a classic complete failure

  • ASM Kalrizion
    ASM Kalrizion 9 days ago

    I think the faction idea might be realistic but maybe not on the dot, I think the predators do exist, but that the predators have discovered either the engineers or the aliens and set out to destroy the aliens, or at least to protect the universe from them, perhaps there are engineers that want to create or even protect life (religious ones) then these militaristic engineers that may see humanity as a corrosion or infection or something (perhaps even superior) like a threat and want to destroy them but every time they try they are foiled by either the humans or the predators. Perhaps the Good engineers created the predators and the humans as their own weapons against the more militaristic engineers as they could be in a war that never ended? Or perhaps the war itself already ended and that's why the engineer in Prometheus was asleep, on call, awaiting orders for thousands of years like the Japanese soldier that was forgotten on an island and told to continue unless directly retrieved by his superior. So my theory is that either there was a war and some people are still fighting, or that there still is a war, just that it's nearing its end as the predators and humans have come to be fully capable of preventing alien outbreaks and may take the fight directly to the core of the engineers (bad ones, good ones, either way, I would assume something will escalate).

  • ukhouseRJ
    ukhouseRJ 9 days ago

    They hate us cause they anus!

  • jose garay
    jose garay 9 days ago

    XD Trust me I hit the Bell icon Nice video Bro

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon 11 days ago

    Engineers are sex starved because there do not seem to be any female engineers. Plus their suits would stop them having sex. Added up they go by the motto if you can't fuck it you kill it. That is why he wants to kill humans.

    • Omega Zultron
      Omega Zultron 6 days ago

      Not everyone needs sex to live that's a human thing dude lol Humans love sex for pleasure not because its a survival thing well actually we mainly do it to survive. to reproduce that's about it buddy that's all sex is for

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus 12 days ago

    Here on YT I once accidentally clicked the trending tab instead of the subscriptions tab. Seeing the content of the trending tab... I'm not saying I wish we got Engingeer-bombed, but I wouldn't blame them.

  • Keelan Barron
    Keelan Barron 13 days ago


  • Griphen Jones
    Griphen Jones 13 days ago

    If you really watched the movie it was that they wanted a intelligent species that would advance in unknown technology but the humans made mistakes and attacked the creators or engineer's and they want to fix their mistake

  • Zethany
    Zethany 14 days ago

    I definitely believe in the "we turned to the darkside" theory. It would put a connection between "God" and "Jesus" and "sin" and "the devil." I like to think Ridley made clever use of religion in real human history.

    I'm also beginning to theorize in that "two factions" idea. For now, let's call these two factions God and the Devil. The "God" faction wants humans to follow in their path and their path only. This faction discourages wandering away from the proper path of evolution and civilization so humans can essentially become carbon copies of the Engineers. The "Devil" faction is attempting to ruin this perfect path that humans need to take, encouraging them to think otherwise and to expand in ways that will lead to what David is currently doing: creating for the sake of fulfilling curiosity.
    It's Mad Scientists verses Sane Scientists, essentially. And we humans are the runaway experiment that's gotten way out of hand...

    A simpler theory is that Engineers seed planets, teach the evolving creatures to become carbon copies, but will destroy that life if said life begins to wander away from the proper path. The Engineer we see in Prometheus is a sole survivor of some kind of outbreak of the Black Goo. Waking him up prompted him to complete the task his kind first set out to do: wipe Earth clean.

  • Celdtrex TMcD
    Celdtrex TMcD 14 days ago

    only 2 good Alien movies were the first ones, Prometheus and Covenant are miles worse than Alien 3. i'm personally getting sick of the religious themes hes throwing into this franchise

  • DragonBat362
    DragonBat362 14 days ago

    A question that will never be answered since David killed all the Engineers.

  • Reflexez
    Reflexez 14 days ago

    550 salty gingers :)

  • NC Quadraxis
    NC Quadraxis 14 days ago

    The video got irrelevant once you involved Predators, Predators have nothing to do with the Alien Universe and certainly not Ridley Scott's movies

  • Nae
    Nae 14 days ago

    You explained nothing.

    • Viral Killer
      Viral Killer  14 days ago

      ridley scott stated "david hates engineers and has no respect for humans either, because he sees them as inferior"...anything else? maybe watch the whole video

  • way2tehdawn
    way2tehdawn 14 days ago

    Can't wait for gene editing so we can get rid of gingers.

  • DeX Nadala
    DeX Nadala 15 days ago

    The riddley scott way is canon as he is the creator, its not just a theory its the canon

  • motown
    motown 15 days ago

    I think your theory works because Prometheus and Covenant have religious overtones . So just like God used the flood to wipe the Earth of sinners, so the Enginneers felt it necessary to eliminate humanity . And they were probably correct in doing so because humans created AI aka David who created the xenomorphs .

  • Benjamin McClurg
    Benjamin McClurg 15 days ago

    It isn't hate. It is disappointment but how the children turned out in the end. I brought you into this world, I will take you out of it.

  • winged wolf
    winged wolf 15 days ago +1

    when vickers ( charlies theron ) asked david what did the engineer said he told her that he said TRY HARDER ????

  • Michael Cote
    Michael Cote 15 days ago

    A ginger is still better then a nigger! Did you enjoy that one?  Eat shit & live with it bitch!

  • David C.G.
    David C.G. 16 days ago

    How, after encountering one member of an alien species, make an assessment of an entire species and their motivations? Ways the Engineer encountered on LV-223 a criminal, a member of a radical religious sect? It would be like an alien species encountering a radical NAZI and judging all humanity by him. The structures were evaluated as atmospheric processors. The stasis room uncovered resembled a temple with biowarfare bombs as offerings, like worshiping an unexploded nuclear bomb, where have I seen that...and hidden ships loaded with bombs, like what we might identify as terrorists. how many different ways are their to interpret this. Love to here what professions would have to say, like real military analysts, intelligence specialists, anthropologists, etc. you know people with at least one Ph.D. or Doctor of Science degree.

  • Sam Baner
    Sam Baner 16 days ago

    I would disagree with your theory that there are factions to engineers... In Alien Covenant the engineers of the city are seen happy and cheering for the ship as it arrives.. Before being slaughtered by David.

    But for why they hate humans... Maybe they put humans on earth to take care of it.. As a garden or something.. In Prometheus an engineer sacrifices himself to jump start life on the planet.. For millennias humans took care of earth.. Only taking what they need.. But in the past 2 centuries we got greedy n we started to destroy earth consuming more than we need n leaving havoc behind.. So in the following centuries things are bound to get worse... N this whats left of earth will be consumed.. So the engineers have to eradicate humans... To prevent them from goin out to space n consuming other planets. N given the quick advancement of human species we may even beat the engineers n consume their own planet..

    But something went wrong and the extermination process was halted.. The woken engineer was furious n frightened because their fears came true n humans found their creators..

    From David's point of view for hating both humans and engineers is simple humans created David and forbade him to create or make anything new.. Engineers created humans and were frightened of their quick development n feared their power like humans fearwd David's "an artificial intelligence" power.. His hatred only transgressed to engineers as they indirectly created him by creating humans and etching their beliefs into them.

  • Marcos Moreno
    Marcos Moreno 17 days ago

    Because of Donald Trump

  • R3tr0Sp3ctR0
    R3tr0Sp3ctR0 17 days ago

    I believe one of the engineers was Jesus sent down to earth to greet man kind, but after witnessing his crucifixion, they plotted to destroy the human race

  • John Do
    John Do 17 days ago

    Engineers vs predators?

  • walter0bz
    walter0bz 17 days ago

    the film got it all backwards. the alien is natural; the engineers biotech is based on GMO alien extracts (hence their reverence of it with the murals). the trilobite/deacon are reversions toward natural aliens from their biotech. the engineers go around seeding planets with hosts (weakened versions of themselves) to harvest more biotech, together with adaptations to new environments

  • walter0bz
    walter0bz 17 days ago

    3:15 no! avp is not canon

  • Nlcup
    Nlcup 18 days ago

    way to promote hate for gingers that joke was in very poor taste

  • Archan2099
    Archan2099 18 days ago

    I would like to believe that its because Humans, the engineers and the Xenomorphs are all part of the same ecosystem that existed on the Engineer home world. Either the Xenomorphs were already there or arrived later and nearly exterminated the humans of that world. However the few who survived and perhaps held out in fortress cities or else developed some extraordinary combat doctrine. A balance was preserved and eventually the Xenomorph became part of the Human religion.

    The extraordinary properties of the black goo were discovered and the humans began to harvest the Xenomorphs in turn. The technology of the human outpaced the cunning of the xenomorphs. The Humans began to systematically alter themselves to their current form, leaving their humanity far behind. The new Engineers In turn developing a contempt for their weak and barbarous ancestors.

    Unfortunately the cheap and plentiful source of the black goo began to run dry. The xenomorphs were thrown back to the edges and began to die out. The goo was too expensive and difficult to process artificially and the xenomorphs were too much a part of the engineer religion to allow for their extermination.

    Attempts at domestication proved futile and dangerous. The Xenomorphs did not do well in captivity either dying or else going in to hibernation. Also for what ever reason they could only extract the right goo from samples that are mixed with human dna which means the xenomorphs must have humans to impregnate. As such preserves were made on islands or remote areas in which primitive humans were genetically made and dumped to act as a material for the xenomorphs whos hives would be raided for the goo.

    This was not an ideal solution as the wholesale slaughter of their genetic ancestors did not sit well with many engineers despite their aristocratic attitude towards us, also the possibility of xenomorph break outs was always never far from their minds.

    The Engineer Church and Scientific establishment came together to create a new Theology where humans are an impure and evil infestation that must be expunged, and as such are the perfect food for the holy xenomorph who purify them through what ever process. Their new religion in place they could live on their world in an uneasy peace until they became a star faring race.

    Now to eliminate all possibility of a xenomorph break out they would seed worlds with human and engineered life as large free range preserves that would then be subjected to xenomorph infestation once its population was high enough. usually this required the humans to develop a basic farming infrastructure and be in the 10's of millions to be worth purging. As such earth would have been ready for the purge sometime during the bronze age.

    Humans would serve many functions in addition to the Host. We could also be an experiment to see how human dna develops under different circumstances and in case that the engineer current genetic state is untenable or a genetic dead end they have an endless and replenishing reserve of genetic material. And if something were to happen to the engineers themselves any number of human societies could be co-opted and enslaved to provide a base for a new engineer society.

    As such the engineers hate us because of our place in their theology and because we remind them of a time when they were weak and prey. The wiser engineers also fear that by accident one day humans might rise too quickly for them to stop in time and discover other human worlds and together overthrow the engineer civilization or allow an uncontrollable xenomorph infestation. Both scenarios would seriously destabilize the engineers place in the/their comos and most would react violently to the implications.

  • stanley callahan
    stanley callahan 18 days ago

    I don't think they hate us I think this particular engineer just went nuts and killed all the other ones then put himself in stasis. to recover from possible wound sustained fighting other engineers.

  • Some 1
    Some 1 18 days ago

    I just saw the deleted scene, I'm changing my interpretation.

  • Some 1
    Some 1 18 days ago

    Before the engineer attacked you should notice that he seemed to like the android at first before going nuts'.  It's as if the android represented some form of perfection.  So even though the engineer tried to kill them I don't think it's something he wanted to truly do but felt he had to.

  • Foxi!
    Foxi! 18 days ago

    why do they hate us?
    Because they are badly written and shouldn't have been in prometheus or covenant....

  • video game fridays
    video game fridays 18 days ago

    Engineers: "Allright this time we're cheking on.... Hu.. Humans?... allright Humans. Last time we left you you had just ended a world conglict and fell to peace lets s..." Donald Trump: "We will build a great great wall!" Engineers: "Well shit.. again... fuck allright lets go get the extermination gear.."

  • R. L.
    R. L. 18 days ago

    who is the fagit narrating this? it seems to have shit in its mouth - bro, do you even English? fucking fag.

  • Bryan Escobar
    Bryan Escobar 18 days ago


  • Enrique Estrada
    Enrique Estrada 18 days ago

    Because of Trump

  • Noe Cervantes
    Noe Cervantes 19 days ago +2

    it may be because of the european migrinant crisis and Sweden is the rape capital of the world its disgraceful and a shame that's why the ings will attack there first

  • Army of Christ
    Army of Christ 19 days ago

    Definitely because of Rosie, I want to blow this planet up just to kill that smug ugly bitch

  • cristos
    cristos 19 days ago

    they hate humans because they created us and us instead of natural life we made androids bla bla

  • Iamyouonlydifferent
    Iamyouonlydifferent 19 days ago

    maybe he was pissed off they woke him up

  • John Doe
    John Doe 19 days ago

    because feminism is on the rise

  • TheStigma
    TheStigma 19 days ago

    As a general rule - super advanced aliens (especially ones capable of such advanced genetic engineering) wishing to use humans as slaves never makes much sense to me as a motive. As a trope it can be an appealing motive for the protagonists to struggle against - but it just seems way too impractical and inefficient. If all you need is cheap labor then surely robots or organisms specifically engineered towards that task must be a much better solution than enslaving a physically frail but intelligent and potentially rebellious species.

    Experimentation - either as some basic setup for testing xeno weapons - or perhaps just to seed worlds to see if evolution over the ages could produce something useful or superior to use or assimilate seems more plausible.

  • How To Lose Brain Cells - An Introduction

    I think the easiest and most likely is how we view animals as lower than us. We use them in any way we see that benefits us so it would make since for these engineer species to do the same to us as they are superior to us. Don't think we need to think to hard about it.

    The fact that we are actively killing our planet and ourselves makes sense to see why we are not equal to the engineers. It would seem that the engineers have existed long enough to develop these insane tech to travel to other planets far away and create life therefore they did not travel down the same path as us in killing their planet and themselves. That's my thoughts.

  • Lucas Margolliet
    Lucas Margolliet 20 days ago

    What if Xenomorph are long relatives and extinct ancestors of the Engeneers or an extinct specie that they worship and try to create again ?
    That would explain the use of the black liquid at the beginning of Prometheus and why they have representation of the Xenomorph in their ship.
    Their goal is to create the Xenomorph, who is the perfect accomplishment of the black liquid, on many suitable worlds and we're one experiment between many others.
    I also think that the people David kill in Covenant are not Engeneers but another experimentation from them.
    That would explain why they looked like Engineers, but that they are primitive and were kind of worshiping the Spaceship like an arrival of God.
    David destroyed them because they were as flawed as us (he said he learned the Engineers way, so maybe he learned their ultimate goal and that would explain why he also want to create the xenomorph).

    I think Engineers hate us because we're a failed experimentation in intend to create the Alien race.

  • Soundwave
    Soundwave 21 day ago

    the Engineers are just fiction, sorry to break the news to you

  • Neon Zebra Productions

    Wait shaw was Swedish seriously I legit thought she was British 😂

  • Tarek Chamas
    Tarek Chamas 21 day ago

    they hate humans because they are another failed experiment for the quest to make the perfect being.

    its the WHOLE theme of alien covenant and the alien franchise tbh, thats why David killed that race of aliens on paradise because they were favored by the "gods" and this pissed him off to no ends

  • camf33
    camf33 21 day ago

    For the love of God, leave Predators out of the Alien franchise....

  • Redmond Hunt
    Redmond Hunt 22 days ago +2

    The engineer didn't instantly take action to eliminate them. He asks David why Wayland wants immortality. He treats humans as potentially worthy of this gift by giving them the benefit of the doubt. He didn't just dismiss Wayland for being Human. He asked him why.

    The conflict starts when Wayland tells him he created David to be "perfect" and "to never fail", in other words a mechanical android intelligent enough to wield the powers of the very creators of mankind (he can directly communicate with them, operate their ships and control their technology with ease).

    That is what crossed the line.

  • Nemo D333
    Nemo D333 22 days ago

    because humans are nosy.

  • Macnos Mutano
    Macnos Mutano 22 days ago

    What shitty storytelling. All people have to go on are theories because Scott just totally skipped telling the story.

  • Hiro Protagonist
    Hiro Protagonist 22 days ago

    It doesn't matter because the studios fucked it up, just like they fucked-up Star Wars. It's a pointless exercise to try and understand what comes out of absurd minds. Just watch the first Alien and leave it at that. Pretend the rest never happened and you'll be fine.

    SVETOGOR 22 days ago

    I work in IT - I assume that "mom - space ship" is not stupid AI. It knows every Character on her space ship including Android - each has own ID.... so in her database she would not have DAVID - so she would detect him right away, if not right away, later when everyone go to sleep - the captain should give authorization to give full or partial control over the ship to DAVID - "MOM" would alert - captain "you about to go to sleep would you like to give control to OLD VERSION OF ANDROID-UNAUTHORIZED CHARACTER in case of emergency - PLEASE give permission....."

  • Martin Hanrahan
    Martin Hanrahan 23 days ago

    they probably made us to test out there bio weapon

  • Phill Gizmo
    Phill Gizmo 23 days ago

    The hole movie is about a bunch of idiots, who have no code, no rules, no priorities. The stupid engineers who watch an unknown object bomb the only city they built. No point to analyse that trash. Move on.

  • el reeey
    el reeey 23 days ago

    all life must pay for human error, sounds about right

  • Frederic Cherenfant
    Frederic Cherenfant 23 days ago

    They hate us because all we do is Fuck, Suck, and kill. WTF!. The great human race we are.

  • chewface
    chewface 24 days ago

    Based purely on the movies, we literally have NO FUCKING CLUE why the Engineers hate humanity. But when you look around online, you'll find out all this shit about a "Space Jesus" and how humanity killed one of their Engineer ambassadors or something, and that's why the ship in Prometheus was gunna black goo bomb us. Assumptions, assumptions, assumptions.

    Personally, I don't think they hate humanity. We are just an experiment that got out of control. A savage mammalian cancer that is self-destructive and rapes its environment. They want to wipe the slate clean because they have other plans for earth besides us.

  • kokoriko999
    kokoriko999 24 days ago

    They hate us cause they ain't us

  • Andy Web
    Andy Web 24 days ago

    Does Ridley Scott even know WTF his own films are about anymore ?! Constantly dropping in references to classical literature, grand, but quite frankly it means FUCK ALL. Prometheus had an exact direction... Covenant is just a bunch of shite that goes nowhere. Nowhere. It went NOWHERE! "Ah but it'll link into something I haven't created yet..." says Ridley. THAT'S THE EXACT PROBLEM! It doesn't function as a film... it's an uninteresting link to something .. unknown... :-0 woop-de-fuckin-doo... Ridley is literally just pulling stories out of his arse now and expecting to make millions at the cinema. What a waste of talent that film was. Great acting, great photography - ABSOLUTE SHITE SCRIPT.


  • beast9011
    beast9011 24 days ago

    God did not create the flood because he got tired of us. Come on man educate yourself

  • Player8Gaming
    Player8Gaming 25 days ago +1

    I would like to add that David never killed the Engineers home world, He just though it was, Look closer, The aliens David bombs are smaller, they have different eyes and they seem less advance, they approach the ship David is in like its a god, this gives to the theory that the aliens David bombs are more creations of the engineers. - The engineers are not dead at all and we WILL see more of them.

  • Guy Mickey
    Guy Mickey 26 days ago

    How many movies do I need to watch to get everything explained from Prometheus ???

  • Jordan Dangerously
    Jordan Dangerously 26 days ago

    Its two different fractions the warrior and the priest

  • angela darraugh
    angela darraugh 26 days ago +1

    It mite meen that they hate life of the humans like violence 🗡⚔️🔪🔫💣⛏🔪⚒⛓⚔️🔨

  • zerocool gonna hack u
    zerocool gonna hack u 27 days ago

    man jeg dansker respekt herfra bliv ved elsker den her saga! 😂

  • Cam Cam
    Cam Cam 28 days ago

    What's the picture at 2:04?

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith 29 days ago

    The Engineers are an "alien society" and whether or no they were the progenitors of life on earth, they do not follow the same path of intelligence as humanity; why assume anything when it comes to external life from other worlds?

  • Lozier Mackey
    Lozier Mackey 29 days ago

    yea y do they

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 29 days ago

    They didn't like Obama care

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 29 days ago

    Omg lmao love it

  • Carol
    Carol 29 days ago

    The engineers should get rid of SJW's

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