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  • astrid
    astrid 7 hours ago

    i can't help but thinking, that room must be so haunted...
    guess it's imprinted by horrormovies ;)

  • Kirsten Campbell

    Some people are disturbed by Bunnys personality but people should let her be how she wants to be. I love her personality and bunny!! ❤️

  • Pixie Dust
    Pixie Dust Day ago

    Why are all these comments so long I won't read them because I'm lazy 😦😦

  • gabby reynolds
    gabby reynolds Day ago

    i love this! i would love to just walk inside i could spend hours upon hours looking at everything in there. i love old stuff like that getting to learn the history of what life was like hundreds of years ago. seeing old kids toys, looking at portraits, seeing the fashion, reading old journal entries, it's just so fascinating to me. i love how bunny appreciates everything in that room she knows everything has a story behind it, and doesn't just see it as a decoration.❤️

  • Cheryl Feeney
    Cheryl Feeney Day ago


  • emokitty357 harleyquinnxjokerakapuddin

    I love the dolls...... Like omg...... I want them

  • Tata
    Tata 3 days ago

    i hope they are not cursed

  • briannabanana
    briannabanana 3 days ago

    Bunny you should charge people so sleep in that room at night alone. I swear with all those old photographs and dolls one of them is bound to be haunted 😂 Could be like a fun Halloween attraction

  • K-Pets
    K-Pets 3 days ago

    Dang Bunny... don't you ever worry that any of your dolls are haunted?? 😱😱😱

  • Jamey Baker
    Jamey Baker 3 days ago

    Can you imagine bringing your boy/girl friend over for the first time and be normal like "and this is my collections " and turn around like.... What do you think? 😂😂 but i love how open she is with this and not scared to show it.💕

  • Tammy's Make-up Treats

    What a collection. 😊

  • Tammy's Make-up Treats

    Hey Bunny 🤗❤

  • Morgan Sandstrom
    Morgan Sandstrom 4 days ago

    This room is amazing!!

  • Caroline Paulsson
    Caroline Paulsson 5 days ago

    What an awesome room!!!

  • Kaytee Curphey
    Kaytee Curphey 6 days ago

    Do u live in a church

  • 2 Time BrainSurg Survivor/RareDisease Fighter

    "Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?...... I got gadgets and gizmos a plenty...." lol I LOVE THIS ROOM. YOU HAVE MY ESTHETIC! Just seeing all this made me think of the Little Mermaid singing lol. I love you Bunny. I always look forward to your videos. They make me feel better and distract me from my pain. I've been collecting somethings buying online for you. I hope to send out soon.

  • Alice Margatroid
    Alice Margatroid 8 days ago

    6:31, is that... it kinda looks like the ceramic display they use for church, for when jesus was a baby?

  • Salana Salamone Art
    Salana Salamone Art 8 days ago

    idk, like im not coming for anybodies genuine phobias or anything but when i hear ppl raise a stink over baby dolls i roll my eyes

  • Aprils Space
    Aprils Space 8 days ago

    Wow! This stuff is absolutely amazing!

  • Kelly Nasir
    Kelly Nasir 8 days ago

    I hope you never have to move again!

  • allie
    allie 9 days ago

    Hickey??? 😶

  • Khaleesi Mish
    Khaleesi Mish 9 days ago

    Does she still have Boris?

  • Mia and Pickle
    Mia and Pickle 9 days ago

    This is one of my favorite videos you've made! (And I've been subscribed for years.) I love how you've displayed everything, and how there is room to grow! This may sound creepy but I wish I could walk around your home and see all of your interesting things. :)

  • chaeli quitzau
    chaeli quitzau 10 days ago

    Can you imagine walking into that room on accident..

  • G. K
    G. K 11 days ago +1

    ohh my god your room it's just gorgeous and rich with old stuff like a treasure trove

  • Anya Piper
    Anya Piper 11 days ago

    I'm scared this is so wired ive never seen a room like

  • kerri watson
    kerri watson 11 days ago

    I love like vintage/retro things like this but I don't buy any incase it's like ... like haunted

  • Isabelle McGill
    Isabelle McGill 12 days ago

    Is that your natural eye colour, very pretty, I like your energy and enthusiasm and that you have your own style and unique take on collecting, I wish I was a bit braver haha. But awesome collection I love the miniature porceline doll body parts and the pictures of eyes in frames. Very cool.

  • KenzieHurlock
    KenzieHurlock 12 days ago

    your collection is so creepy!

  • kelli mikulan
    kelli mikulan 13 days ago

    That last quilt is called a crazy quilt. It's a form of a memory quilt! Quite a beautiful one at that.. it is more than likely made of different pieces of clothing and any other items that had significance... crazy quilts hold lots of stories and history...they are beautiful and A TON of work....(can you tell I'm in the quilting business?? Lol)

  • Shhsg Hsush
    Shhsg Hsush 13 days ago

    Hi can u do a QNA pls thanks

  • Lexilou29
    Lexilou29 13 days ago

    I love everything about your room (a part from bones and taxidermy) it is literally full of history.

  • lisa maddy alivia
    lisa maddy alivia 13 days ago +1

    Who else is watching at night?

  • Elisa.
    Elisa. 13 days ago

    Aw, bunny is so adorable!!!

  • Gross Liz
    Gross Liz 15 days ago

    We are complete opposites. You have such a happy personality but surround yourself with antique, earth colored items. I have a subdued personality but love stuff with bright, funky colors. lol

  • Hawaiian Pride
    Hawaiian Pride 15 days ago

    This room looks like doll island the one in mexico!!! Her rooms probably haunted👻😧

  • gabriela gc
    gabriela gc 15 days ago

    I'm sure you won't read this, but they would look so cool on a glass case. Like, all the heads in a glass box, all the arms in a nother, all the legs in another...

  • cherish harris
    cherish harris 15 days ago

    No hate but this is what nightmares are made of lol

  • Angel K
    Angel K 15 days ago

    Imagine if one of those dolls were haunted!😵😵

  • Jessa Nae
    Jessa Nae 16 days ago


  • Jessa Nae
    Jessa Nae 16 days ago

    ....HEY ITS CATCHY! !

  • Paige Marshall
    Paige Marshall 16 days ago +1

    her "basket lights" aren't baskets they are fish traps you can tell because they come in like a funnel at the light end and the open end has 2 meal hook like ends that the other half of the trap would connect to not hating just informing

  • Jessa Nae
    Jessa Nae 16 days ago

    *Yay!!! I've been curious about your decor! Is there a while home tour??*

  • presto plays
    presto plays 16 days ago

    Bunny you should make a story time channel i hope you see this

  • Elissa Shults
    Elissa Shults 16 days ago

    Omg your little mouse in a cup made me sad..thinking about it..i wish i could have kept my first pet mouse!! >.< he was so special to me and so sweet and smart and the best pet i ever had.. ahw grr

  • Najma Panhwar
    Najma Panhwar 16 days ago

    your room is amazimg

  • Elise Sutton
    Elise Sutton 16 days ago

    The only thing I can think is how daunting the dusting would be...

  • Maria Alejandra de la Cruz777

    Ahhhhh now i understand because i'm a new member of your swamp 👪 i didn't understand ❓do you have so many of creepy dolls that it makes a little escared and ➕ i'm serious 😳.

  • Janessa Pomeroy
    Janessa Pomeroy 18 days ago

    I've been there!!! I LOOOOOOOVED that store, they had some old cameras that I absolutley loved and wanted so bad but couldn't get it at the time. 😩 But your collection of things is amazing.

  • Megan R
    Megan R 18 days ago

    Bunny, this room is steampunk heaven!

  • Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown 18 days ago

    You should open this room to the public and charge them to took around

  • Mia K
    Mia K 18 days ago

    Bunny is one of the most original and truly interesting people I've seen on You Tube.

  • Breanna Lockwood
    Breanna Lockwood 19 days ago

    You should DIY a baby limb chandelier

  • Sophia Marks
    Sophia Marks 20 days ago

    My mom would say this woman is sick

  • Sophia Marks
    Sophia Marks 20 days ago +1

    Is any one else scared for life

  • kelly shaw
    kelly shaw 20 days ago

    Your space and collections are AMAZING! I love how everything is displayed, so interesting to look at, and they all have a story of their own. If your walls could talk... 😍

  • shimmerbrite
    shimmerbrite 20 days ago

    That shadow box is fraking amazing....I love the whole room..... How do you keep it so dust free???

  • Brittany Alaniz
    Brittany Alaniz 20 days ago

    All of these things are so amazing like old stuff from the 1800s its so cool to thing where those things have been and whos lifes those things have crossed im obsesed with you collection its so amazing

  • Diane Price
    Diane Price 20 days ago

    Is anything haunted?

  • Diane Price
    Diane Price 20 days ago

    Bunny! Creepy doll alert!

  • zahira del c gonzalez
    zahira del c gonzalez 20 days ago

    I dont sleep never in that scary room.
    In that room lives the bad spirits. 😂😂

  • Karolin White
    Karolin White 20 days ago +1

    Some portions of the tour reminds me of the beginning intro of American Horror Story...

  • Jules H
    Jules H 20 days ago

    how old are the antique top hats? those were my favorite items in the tour. such a cool room. 😍

  • Amanda Sun
    Amanda Sun 21 day ago

    sorry I can't help being creeped out by the headless dolls but... amazingly intriguing! that is for sure!

  • TheRisingSun
    TheRisingSun 21 day ago

    one of the dolls she has is a baby Jesus that Catholics use to do Christmas ceremony junks. my family also has the Jesus baby.

  • crying horse
    crying horse 21 day ago

    Actual room tour starts at 4:01

  • Cheesy Potato
    Cheesy Potato 22 days ago

    I love how unique this room is!

  • BEyou DEE
    BEyou DEE 22 days ago

    Your crazy dolls scare me so much idk y and I usually like "spooky" stuff. Id still marry you tho hehe

  • peachgirlx
    peachgirlx 22 days ago

    I wish my grandmother hadn't thrown away some of our antiques. I would of loved to have donated my antique clothing iron to you Bunny. :(

  • MikoMello
    MikoMello 22 days ago

    You should make a video series of going through some of your vintage/ antique oddities!

  • Gabbakitty
    Gabbakitty 22 days ago

    You never posted the Q&A 😭

  • Madison Dandrew
    Madison Dandrew 22 days ago

    What's in the wallet?

  • reina20two
    reina20two 23 days ago

    This is so creepy, but I still love Bunny.

  • Najma Faisal
    Najma Faisal 23 days ago

    I love her unique style😍

  • Rachael Wood
    Rachael Wood 23 days ago

    So amazing 😱 I love it 🦄

  • Michelle Beck
    Michelle Beck 23 days ago

    I found a creepy crawling baby doll at an antique store today and thought of you!!

  • Dragonflygrandma
    Dragonflygrandma 24 days ago

    Loved the tour. Thank you for sharing

    SAVE FACE WITH JAMIE 25 days ago

    Love it! Looks like a museum!

  • andrea cherry
    andrea cherry 26 days ago

    Love it and the random Fez on the shelf :)

  • Ketsha Colon
    Ketsha Colon 26 days ago

    Bunny, I can't believe you don't have any like WWII stuff or any RECORDS!! How can you not have any records ?!

  • Gracy Lynn
    Gracy Lynn 26 days ago

    You should take all the spare doll parts and suspend them from strings on your ceiling or even the bottom of the shelves. Your room looks amazing btw!! 🖤💜💛💚💙

  • Dinky Me
    Dinky Me 26 days ago

    Must be a nightmare to clean that room.

  • Sasha Whitefur
    Sasha Whitefur 27 days ago


  • Elena Mossman
    Elena Mossman 28 days ago

    The sort of tall doll that is laying down that she got from swamp family mail looks like Gladdis and or Glinnis from Friends

  • Kymmie924
    Kymmie924 29 days ago

    Bunny, stop apologizing about the taxidermy stuff, you need not to be sorry. If any of your viewers or subscribers don't like it, then they don't need to watch. Why should you feel sorry about showing things that make you happy and make you...You! I adore your old things, its good to preserve the past for those in the future. The babies may creep some out but it shows they were very loved and now they are loved once again by you.

  • Ruby Armstrong
    Ruby Armstrong 29 days ago

    All I thought was the song doll parts from the hole stuck in my head.

  • Kaushi 123
    Kaushi 123 29 days ago

    bunny having a baby Jesus doll kind of bothered me because it was all broken and an arm was missing, my family cherish them and seeing one like that really bothered me

  • AnnaLee
    AnnaLee 29 days ago

    Not hoarding collecting

  • Emi Tsukawaki
    Emi Tsukawaki Month ago

    one day all those doll became alive hahhaha
    I just imagine this room in night......creepy

  • Anne Chong
    Anne Chong Month ago

    i was so ready to watch this. but idk i stoped when u focus to dolls haha i dont have phobia to dolls .. maybe i have now waa haha loveu

  • xz8 xz8
    xz8 xz8 Month ago

    The kind of rooms you see in horror movies or serial killers stories.

  • Azana Ezekiel
    Azana Ezekiel Month ago

    That black cat looks like the cat from Coraline

  • madi la
    madi la Month ago

    hi bunny
    love the video did you ever experienced any of your antique collection is possessed or any paranormal experience with that love to watch the video on that.

  • Rachel Dildy
    Rachel Dildy Month ago

    Ugh, I love this so much. So cool :D I wish I had the space for a room like this. Love it love it love it <3

  • Donna Haines
    Donna Haines Month ago

    I'm going to be about 45 min from Austin in a couple weeks. I need to check out that shop!

  • heidi hall-loane
    heidi hall-loane Month ago

    I am not disturbed I love this so much. I am so jealous I want this stuff

  • Meggy cakes
    Meggy cakes Month ago

    that room is 100% haunted

  • ShadowayeLeFay
    ShadowayeLeFay Month ago


  • ShadowayeLeFay
    ShadowayeLeFay Month ago

    legit traumatized. no kidding i saw atleast 10 haunted dolls and photos in here...brrrrrr.... gets the sage

  • sumaiya Ibrahim
    sumaiya Ibrahim Month ago

    omg u r room is 😇😇😇😇😇

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