5 Strangest Ways The Human Body Is Used!

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  • All5!
    All5! 13 days ago +7

    Who's part of the notification squad?? 👊

  • Tiger Fairy
    Tiger Fairy 12 days ago

    I'm giveaway entering

  • Tristan Galloway
    Tristan Galloway 12 days ago +1

    Top 5 best selling trucks

  • Tristan Galloway
    Tristan Galloway 12 days ago

    Top 5 space deaths

  • Tristan Galloway
    Tristan Galloway 12 days ago

    Top 5 spontaneous combustion deaths

  • Ihlas Sadykov
    Ihlas Sadykov 12 days ago


  • Salpeteroxid
    Salpeteroxid 13 days ago +1

    GTA's Pisswasser realized.

    • Tristan Galloway
      Tristan Galloway 5 days ago

      Salpeteroxid yea I already knew that not to sure why I got P and S mixed up oh well than I have no idea why they made it look like that

    • Salpeteroxid
      Salpeteroxid 10 days ago

      ß is dubble "S" so what you are saying is Ssisswasser. Germany is my neighbouringcountry. I don't think the GTA developers intended it to be Ssisswasser.

    • Tristan Galloway
      Tristan Galloway 12 days ago

      ßisswasser you can get that type of s if you have iPhone just hold down on the letter when it's lowered cased and you'll see

  • Sergeant Extreme
    Sergeant Extreme 13 days ago

    PISS. The beer of choice

  • Sunnysideup
    Sunnysideup 13 days ago

    Awesome video as usual

    • All5!
      All5! 13 days ago

      Sunnysideup congrats! You were randomly picked. DM me on either twitter, Instagram or snapchat to arrange delivery

  • Sir Konrad JDM
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  • Kevin Flores
    Kevin Flores 13 days ago +2

    Umm POOP MEAT?!?! NO THANK YOU!! Really good video by the way.

  • Sarahdise
    Sarahdise 13 days ago

    Interesting video 👌

  • Anna X
    Anna X 13 days ago

    i never win .....why ???' pick me for a change

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  • N2itive1
    N2itive1 13 days ago

    I love the concept buddy keep it going

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  • jaeho pai
    jaeho pai 13 days ago

    all5 how do you get the prize?

    JOHN JOHN 13 days ago


  • Wayne Marty
    Wayne Marty 13 days ago

    hi Sam can you pick me please

  • DSK O2
    DSK O2 13 days ago

    That vid fed my mind

  • Kunal Kaldhari
    Kunal Kaldhari 13 days ago

    This is a random comment.

  • Torino1989
    Torino1989 13 days ago

    Yo Sam Please Consider Giving Me The Hat. You know me. c:

  • CancelTeenTitansGO
    CancelTeenTitansGO 13 days ago

    Well the Human Body is an amazing but weird tool

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    Ayomide Folowosele 13 days ago

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