Aaron Carter Arrested for DUI Refusal and Possession of Marijuana

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  • Cheeze Burger
    Cheeze Burger 5 days ago

    Meth head.

  • Adam Kahoe
    Adam Kahoe 6 days ago +1

    "You done messed up, A-A-Ron!"

  • CM Simmons
    CM Simmons 6 days ago

    Aaron Maybe should have gone to rehab, instead of putting his older brother down again for the 50th time, he has depression and needs help and Nick has a new child and wife and family to take care of!!

  • Mimi D
    Mimi D 7 days ago

    aww man...I feel sad this is happening to him. I like his new music and was hoping the best for him. hope it works out and he can get help IF he needs it.

  • Thomas Tarpley
    Thomas Tarpley 7 days ago +1

    LOL. One would have to be an IDIOT to drive drunk and with pot around Lake Lanier. Way to go Hall County Sheriff's Office! BOOK 'EM!

  • Khrisi
    Khrisi 7 days ago

    I was hoping Aaron would pull himself together. Aaron did a reality show Life or Debt and he was always broke but this guy was taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars each month only for the money to be spent by Aaron or stolen by his so called business partner/manager. I hope he pulls through.

  • adu1991
    adu1991 7 days ago +1

    This guy is proof that you can't just coast on your past fame & popularity.....

    He's fallen off. Went from being a heartthrob, to being a druggie.

  • MrTaser99
    MrTaser99 7 days ago +1

    damn he looks like shit.

  • YcatsVlogs
    YcatsVlogs 7 days ago +2

    here is what really happened that aaron him self tweeted out. he had to get a new tire on his car so he went and stopped off somewhere in Ga to get that fixed then next thing he knows the cops showed up to arrest him and his gf. they gave him a dui for no reason the car was not moving when he got arrest so he shouldn't have got that. also, he had a med. card that says he can have marijuana on him cause he is sick and that drug helps it. its for his anxilty (sorry i don't know the spelling on that.) now has to other type drugs that there talking about. he didn't say nothing about. but ever since his sister died from drugs. he has stopped doing the drugs. now he is fighting with nick again about it.

  • Gold Dust Man
    Gold Dust Man 7 days ago +4

    It amazes me that OxyContin is legal yet Cannabis isn't. *on a federal level* SMH

  • Jamie Grimes
    Jamie Grimes 7 days ago +2

    they need to stop classifying marijuana as a drug. especially with the f****** heroin problem going on right now get the f*** over it marijuana does not cause people to be so f***** up that they can drive if anything you're more cautious unless you give marijuana that's laced with another drug marijuana is perfectly f****** save

    • Barb Wewers
      Barb Wewers 7 days ago

      Jamie Grimes ARE YOU KIDDING??? Sorry to say, marijuana IS a drug that can alter your mood, and state of mind. That's why, if you're dumb enough to smoke and get high, THEN you drive, the cop that pulls you over, can give you an operating under the influence ticket. So, yes, marijuana can f*ck with you!!!

  • El Pot Spot
    El Pot Spot 8 days ago +3

    It's a damn shame that people are still getting arrested for weed

  • NinoBoi Diamond
    NinoBoi Diamond 8 days ago

    Next time we hear about this washed up NOBODY will be about how he over dose and died. OH WELL!

  • mAGY sANChez
    mAGY sANChez 8 days ago

    oh! Aaron! 😳

  • r mac
    r mac 8 days ago

    What a dope!

  • *a*./
    *a*./ 8 days ago +1

    They're putting it on the Carter bros. Just like they did Katt Wms., and Bobby Brown. Georgia is very redneck.

  • Amber Massey
    Amber Massey 8 days ago +3


  • Tabithia Moore
    Tabithia Moore 8 days ago +1

    He's only human

  • Prettyflyforawhitegirl
    Prettyflyforawhitegirl 8 days ago +1

    So I said to myself, well heck, why not?
    There's nothing that can beat the connection I got
    Aaron, Oh Aaron
    What are you going to do?
    You make empty promises oh so big
    How gonna make them come true?
    Aaron, Oh Aaron,
    What are we going to do with you?
    Always a makin' a bigger mistak
    Always a-makin' a fool

  • Robbie B.
    Robbie B. 8 days ago +1

    Marijuana is now legal you idiot news reporters!! ah"~duh!. "OH", he was not in California???, opp's he's screwed!!!. ja ja ja lol. "oh" who is Aaron Carter???, ja ja ja lol. J.K. =))

  • Alicia Pagan
    Alicia Pagan 8 days ago


  • Judson Putnii
    Judson Putnii 8 days ago +1

    why doesnt he just stay in canada or the northwest if he wants to be a stoner, rich people have no excuse for getting arrested on marijuana possession

    • Beth Milledge
      Beth Milledge 8 days ago

      Judson Putnii he has a medical marijuana card.

  • The Many unusual Faces Of Amy Slaton

    He's starting to look like eugenia cooney

    • YcatsVlogs
      YcatsVlogs 7 days ago

      learn the facts before commenting and being rude.

  • B1ackjack
    B1ackjack 8 days ago


  • Jessica Hawks
    Jessica Hawks 8 days ago +1

    should not of cheated on Lindsey Lohan and Hilary duff...shame lol it ruined his life

    • Jessica Hawks
      Jessica Hawks 8 days ago

      teenie36214 it was a total joke ..i really have no clue about any of that and that's literally the only thing I know about him take a joke

    • teenie36214
      teenie36214 8 days ago

      Jessica Hawks That ages ago. I think YOU need to get over it and it's "should not have"

  • DeeDee 1204
    DeeDee 1204 8 days ago +5

    Wait who's Aaron Carter

    • Darena Nicole
      Darena Nicole 7 days ago

      DeeDee 1204 same and I love following all music artist and I've never heard of him sooo. He must have not been so popular

    • DeeDee 1204
      DeeDee 1204 7 days ago

      YcatsVlogs I guess he wasn't that popular because I have never heard of him

    • YcatsVlogs
      YcatsVlogs 7 days ago

      what part of he was popular at the end of the 90s. did u not understand? from the age of 8 to the age of 16. so ya u would have seen him all over tv. don;t tell me u heard of bsb backstreetboys. cause if u have then u would know who aaron carter is since nick carter is his brother. i'm not even a bsb fan and i know this shit.

  • wonder woman 45
    wonder woman 45 8 days ago +16

    Always drug with these stars

    • Thomas Tarpley
      Thomas Tarpley 7 days ago


    • YcatsVlogs
      YcatsVlogs 7 days ago

      learn the facts before saying that about aaron. cause et has it wrong. read his twitter.

    • Prettyflyforawhitegirl
      Prettyflyforawhitegirl 8 days ago

      And like a lot of the rest of the world who isn't famous...

    BADGIRL MELISSA 8 days ago +5

    Kid just can't get it right I really thought Aaron was on his way back

    • Clairisse
      Clairisse 7 days ago

      Are you both struggling with reading comprehension? I said I didn't know before his arrest that he was still making music, but I went and started listening to him after. I never said I followed him or was struggling to find his music, I never bothered to look or even remembered he existed.

    • YcatsVlogs
      YcatsVlogs 7 days ago

      i see u dont keep up with aaron cause if u did u would know that he's been making new music for a while nuw and he has a lot of new music. and has been on tour a lot. clairisse.

    • YcatsVlogs
      YcatsVlogs 7 days ago

      badgirl if your a fan u would know to go read his twitter and u would know et has it wrong.

      BADGIRL MELISSA 8 days ago

      Clairisse I'm sure your inteligent enough to find his latest music videos on YouTube if you found this video

  • Scottwilkie18
    Scottwilkie18 8 days ago +1

    Some will never learn

    • YcatsVlogs
      YcatsVlogs 7 days ago

      i agree u will never learn to stop believing news people who don't have all the info. and learn to go to there twitter to se the truth.

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