5 of the World's Most Dangerous Chemicals

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  • They explode when you touch them. Even a millionth of a gram can kill you. They can even disable you with their horrifying smell. SciShow introduces you to give of the most dangerous chemicals in the world.

    Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • SteelWarrior115
    SteelWarrior115 16 hours ago

    Fluorine blows holes in iron wool when it touches it.

  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster 1 day ago

    Could Chlorinetrifloryde be stored in something such as glass or more reactive containers if the inside of said storage unit were coated with teflon? I just know that it's a pretty good method for storing other fluorine-based solutions to use teflon. Thought it might work here. Any insight?
    Also, I love yall's show(s).

  • Alex Abadi
    Alex Abadi 1 day ago

    After watching your (great) video I now have a headache, it's time for aspirin, wait, is aspirin safe ?

  • Scorpion123 /Clash of Clans & more!

    My dogs fart

  • JoraniusMinecraft
    JoraniusMinecraft 2 days ago

    I want somebody to make a similar list for all people who are afraid of Chemicals in their food (no joke, they exist... and they got facebook communities on their own small facebook pages), but instead of these chemicals, I want the most vital ones to be on it, such as Dihydrogen Monoxide and Sodium Chloride. Of course mark it as being extremely dangerous to human health and have fun in your local mall whenever one of them tries to avoid them in their food 😂😂😂

  • Raven
    Raven 3 days ago

    one chemical that's missing from this list is FOOF, Dioxide difluoride.. It's like the offspring of many of the chemicals on the list with the added bonus that it can even react at cryogenic temperatures below -200C (-330F)

  • Riya Singh
    Riya Singh 3 days ago


  • Idreesandismail Syed

    Whatever you do don't be mean to aziade aziade because it's really sensitive

  • Insane Owl
    Insane Owl 4 days ago

    This has to be my favorite episode

  • Ian M Burke
    Ian M Burke 5 days ago

    2:45 clean within an INCH of its life... shouldn't this be centimeters.... since the rest of the video is using metrics???? :P

  • bugoobiga
    bugoobiga 5 days ago

    great funny video - we love how you talk

  • Sine Wave
    Sine Wave 6 days ago

    Isn't the botulinum toxin the most toxic substance?

  • Samuel Sharp
    Samuel Sharp 7 days ago

    You sometimes sound a bit like Zapp Brannigan. I love it :D

  • xCham
    xCham 7 days ago

    Botulinum toxin type H is the actual most toxic chemical in the world. inhaling as much as 13ng (13 billionths of a gram) will kill you, and if thats not bad enough one drop the size of a red blood cell will kill all 700 trillion cells in your body.

  • Nivesh Niwei
    Nivesh Niwei 8 days ago

    Best video ever

  • Matthew Cao
    Matthew Cao 9 days ago

    that stinky stuff might be fun to prank people with

  • bearsemen
    bearsemen 10 days ago

    The concrete was on fire

  • lohphat
    lohphat 10 days ago

    Why antimony and not some other element? What makes that combination the worse vs. other combinations?

  • VrOOm1337
    VrOOm1337 11 days ago

    Couple of falsehoods in this video. Fluoroantimonic acid isn't the strongest acid, helium hydride is. And the most toxic chemical is botulinum toxin, not dimethylcadmium.

  • MegaMGstudios
    MegaMGstudios 12 days ago

    2:05 can it burn water?

  • Yemzy
    Yemzy 12 days ago

    This is funny

  • Java Man
    Java Man 15 days ago

    I wonder how people make these

  • Edee Manivong
    Edee Manivong 15 days ago

    How do I order some? ;)

  • esvete
    esvete 16 days ago

    To a spider, Febreze is the world's most dangerous chemical.

  • Gaming Planet
    Gaming Planet 16 days ago

    You realize that they still didn't want to directly kill their soldiers right. That's why they didn't low them in flamethrowers and give them to undertrained troops

  • Josiah mongru
    Josiah mongru 16 days ago

    lol this is amazing

  • LazyLife IFreak
    LazyLife IFreak 17 days ago

    5000th comment

  • Ginelle The Loremaster

    You tell me about the world's smelliest chemical, you know I just want to use it to pull pranks on my brother-if I could actually stomach the smell while handling it!

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 19 days ago

    That about A A was pretty funny!
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them.

  • Hiccup Zain
    Hiccup Zain 19 days ago

    pause at about 7:30 /31

    yeah I really think the smell is that bad ;)

  • Kevin Stephenson
    Kevin Stephenson 20 days ago

    Where are the radioactive materials

  • Richard Abbott
    Richard Abbott 21 day ago

    When he started talking about acids I hoped he would start talking about the one that is a helium atom and a proton.

  • Pramod George Jose
    Pramod George Jose 22 days ago

    That quirkiness though!! hilarious!! :D

  • CharredCat17
    CharredCat17 22 days ago

    how can life exist if these exist?!

  • Rochelle in Paris
    Rochelle in Paris 23 days ago

    I think this was my favorite episode so far.

  • Deinonychus194
    Deinonychus194 23 days ago

    Chlorine Trifluoride= "They originally planned to produce 90 tonnes of the stuff every month but only made about 30 tonnes throughout the whole war" Damn, the Germans were at least quick to catch on to the fact that this stuff is too dangerous even for them!

  • Tynesha Claiborne
    Tynesha Claiborne 23 days ago

    this dude cracks me up

  • Tsavorite Prince
    Tsavorite Prince 23 days ago

    When a chemical's name is just made of a nitrogen ion you know it's bad.

  • jacob lansman
    jacob lansman 24 days ago

    Scientist Hank talks about all these chemicals like he has witnessed their effects first-hand. When talking about Thioacetone, the expression on his face tells me he walked into a room filled with its fumes. Then later about fluoroantimonic acid, he speaks about how the "fluorine will burn through your bones" like its a spa treatment he recommends.

    And to anyone who says that thioacetone isn't actually dangerous, it's listed on Wikipedia under "List of Extremely Hazardous Substances" because it can also cause people to pass out. In fact, all of them are but Azidoazide Azide and Dimethylcadmium don't actually have pages on Wikipedia, so they're listed but there's no more information on Wikipedia about them.

  • Give me 10 million subscribers Now

    Am I the only one who wants these *chemicals?!?*

  • top threeerino kripparino

    can I throw an oil drum of thio acetone into California

  • Hana4Ever
    Hana4Ever 24 days ago


  • Nara Feralina
    Nara Feralina 25 days ago

    Fluoroantimonic acid is the door salesman of chemistry.

  • Adamoto Gaming
    Adamoto Gaming 25 days ago

    if any of you watch PBG I think Mario in the hacking was made of Azidoazide.

  • Anthony Pilace
    Anthony Pilace 26 days ago

    and my favorite absolutely nothing

  • Jay Lynch
    Jay Lynch 26 days ago

    Great ep loved it 👍🏽

  • Ishin Yu
    Ishin Yu 26 days ago

    What if you were able to add all of them o_O?

  • jpkjnn
    jpkjnn 27 days ago

    I loved watching you in this. Your enthusiasm really came across and I loved it. Watched it a few times.

  • Inuyasha6594
    Inuyasha6594 28 days ago

    i guess my farts contain thioacetone. i fart once and all the birds within a 1 mile radius falls from the sky dead.

  • Suicide Sunshine
    Suicide Sunshine 29 days ago

    June 2017 and this is still the best scishow episode to date

  • ShiziMiki
    ShiziMiki 29 days ago

    Note to self: name character in novel 'Azide'.

  • Micha Grill
    Micha Grill 1 month ago

    Oh my gosh why do almost everything come from germany?😦

  • Cluckery Duckery
    Cluckery Duckery 1 month ago

    Wait, Germany has both cities named Freiburg and Hamburg...? cool.

  • Conifer
    Conifer 1 month ago

    Just recently stumbled on this channel. Really liking it. But every time I watch the host...all I can think of is Austin Powers.

  • Brylin Sundae
    Brylin Sundae 1 month ago

    Loved the Azoiazide Azide one.

  • Anthony Aranas
    Anthony Aranas 1 month ago

    Why do all the fun things happen in Germany. All we do is blow up atomic bombs here.

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas 1 month ago

    I still don't know how clean up the dimethylcadminum i spilled! I'm unsubcribing

  • todd krager
    todd krager 1 month ago

    no mention of dioxin or furans?

  • DrDress
    DrDress 1 month ago

    Oh, you really enjoyed there Hank, didn't you.

  • Unknown Man
    Unknown Man 1 month ago

    i wish i had friends like you - from fellow nerd

  • RequiemPoete
    RequiemPoete 1 month ago

    To melt allied bunkers into hot porridge...

  • Alexander Seitz
    Alexander Seitz 1 month ago

    Damn Germany....

  • Justin Ruiz
    Justin Ruiz 1 month ago

    Bricks can be set on fire? That's new.

  • Todd Bills
    Todd Bills 1 month ago

    You forgot one.
    John Cena memes.

  • Sophie Wasson
    Sophie Wasson 1 month ago

    "Nitro" explodes when you touch it, at least in Crashlands.

  • Daishin Sieradski
    Daishin Sieradski 1 month ago

    sooo just stay away from these? oops i touched some [sciency name here], what am i gonna do? *asks chemist*. Well if u dont die now ur gonna die of cancer soon haha. in other words your gonna die anyway so ur fukt.

  • Angus The Beast
    Angus The Beast 1 month ago

    I can't imagine what fluorhalantimonic acid smells like. Vinegar as we all know smells bad, sulphuric acid smells like… well… sulphur (so very unpleasant), I would have to guess then that fluorhalantimonic acid probably smells almost as bad as Thioacetone.

  • zLynxGasmaskz
    zLynxGasmaskz 1 month ago

    Where is sarin and 2,7,3,8 tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin

  • Dionce Klok
    Dionce Klok 1 month ago

    This is by far the best video from scishow i regularly watch this episode at least 1 every 2 weaks

  • Grace Khoo
    Grace Khoo 1 month ago

    atoms cant donate protons right?

  • Hortense Taylor
    Hortense Taylor 1 month ago

    Guess what I thought " Nonreactive Plating of Metallic Fluoride ", meant?

    A layer of pinkish-brown stuff that tasted sweet for like 25 seconds and then exploded in your stomach

  • Oleg Shevchenko
    Oleg Shevchenko 1 month ago

    1. Thioacetone is a thione, not a thiole
    2. Fluoroantimonic acid is H2SbF7, not H2SbF6

  • Danny De Prez
    Danny De Prez 1 month ago

    one question thow. about Azidoazide Azide. I don't know much about this stuff. But C2N14, if you look at the picture of this compound, you can see 14 nitrogen atoms, but where are the 2 carbons ?

    • Danny De Prez
      Danny De Prez 1 month ago

      oh. ok, didn't know that. Thanks for your feedback

    • compuholic82
      compuholic82 1 month ago

      They sit at the junctions that have no letters. In those diagrams, carbon atoms are usually not explicitly drawn.

  • lampardy888
    lampardy888 1 month ago

    @ 3:48 i dont see any carbon in the formula, you said it has formula of c2n14 3:08

  • Christopher McNair
    Christopher McNair 1 month ago

    every time im feeling down, ill watch this exact video and will be happy for hours

  • Kevin Gename
    Kevin Gename 1 month ago

    Look on our works, ye mighty, and despair.

  • Jan Niklas Meier
    Jan Niklas Meier 1 month ago

    i just realized that in many of them germans were involved in the discovery 😅

  • ThaBoy Wonder
    ThaBoy Wonder 1 month ago

    I can honestly say that I have never seen any thing boring on this channel.

  • Brian Foster
    Brian Foster 1 month ago

    Quick question about fluorine fire. Because water obviously doesn't work, nor do any fire extinguishers I've heard of , what is the safest/easiest/ best/etc to extinguish a fluorine fire?

  • B1 Battle Droid
    B1 Battle Droid 1 month ago

    where can i get fluoroantimonic acid? there's a spider in my house, i would use my .905 caliber rifle (which is nearly 4 times stronger than a 50 bmg), but i ran out of ammo shooting a different spider

  • Thiago Bassani
    Thiago Bassani 1 month ago

    Small mistake🤣: The picture that presents as Freiburg, Germany 🇩🇪is actually my town Freiburg, Switzerland🇨🇭. Lovely town, you should visit us 😊

  • Star Gaming
    Star Gaming 1 month ago

    Why were almost all these found in Germany.

  • Quentin Tubb
    Quentin Tubb 1 month ago

    that explosive that explodes cos you insulted its mother a mile away... its almost as bad as that one you make using iodine

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 1 month ago

    so flouroantimonic acid makes sulfuric acid look like water by comparison damn thats awesome

  • Primus Ghaul
    Primus Ghaul 1 month ago

    Wearing a vanguard t shirt under that hoodie

  • iliden strmrege
    iliden strmrege 2 months ago

    If we use chlorine trifluoride as jet fuel it can melt steel beams

  • Shut Up, Sprinkles!
    Shut Up, Sprinkles! 2 months ago

    Why are lesser-known toxic paints like cadmiums and cobalts toxic?

    Or, how are chemical compounds transformed to be used as pigments in paint?

    Or...why are fluorescent colors not lightfast?

    Honestly I just want to see an episode about paint and pigments—the chemistry is absolutely fascinating.

  • Fajar Yogyanto
    Fajar Yogyanto 2 months ago

    Dont forget, baby poop 😷😷

  • Space Doggo
    Space Doggo 2 months ago

    Fuck chemicals man, oh wait everything is made up of fucking chemicals

  • Lenny Gaming
    Lenny Gaming 2 months ago

    we germans discover alot of stuff xDDDD

  • maggie tamblin
    maggie tamblin 2 months ago

    It sounds as if he is actually a little excited about these substances! But then I would agree if he was. SO AWESOME!

  • John Larrabee
    John Larrabee 2 months ago

    awful lot of German discoveries...

  • Cu Thon
    Cu Thon 2 months ago


  • The Wolf Is Trying
    The Wolf Is Trying 2 months ago

    two mins ago :4252777 subs
    Now: 4252809 subs

  • dodobobby
    dodobobby 2 months ago

    why is there dangerous chemicals around my anus

  • Nomad2001
    Nomad2001 2 months ago

    Damn we should just spray this tioacetone stuff over isis, It would be more effective than donald trump's 25 player killstreak a few months ago

  • GalacticKnight
    GalacticKnight 2 months ago

    Came for the science, stayed for the delivery. This host MADE this video.

  • Tallest Skil
    Tallest Skil 2 months ago

    Nice Godwin’s Law abuse, kiddo. If you knew a damn thing about history and propaganda, you would have written a completely different script.

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