The Fray - How to Save a Life

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  • Attakdarg
    Attakdarg 24 minutes ago

    This song makes me miss life before the internet became mainstream, people were less fake and the world was more friendly, the internet has destroyed the world

  • R Mb
    R Mb 59 minutes ago

    I need sumone more than ever right now

  • T Guy in the Crib
    T Guy in the Crib 3 hours ago

    Save my life

  • Hsiley Timblin
    Hsiley Timblin 4 hours ago

    it is like a song you listen to when you are going to bed

  • Plum/Dan
    Plum/Dan 5 hours ago


  • XiiCheesy
    XiiCheesy 6 hours ago

    June 10 9:00 am my aunt died from lupes I went to her funeral 2 days of me complaining it's hot realizing it's a aunt the person that get me gifts on birthday and Christmas and fights for her life she only 35 and had a 5 year old boy I wish I can say goodbye for the last time , I was sleeping when she died I felt like a idiot and selfish peace of shit and pray that she have better time in heaven. Rest In Peace Aunt Ly 1982 - 2017

  • DoggyPlayz
    DoggyPlayz 8 hours ago

    Who else has heard this song before but this is the first time watching the music video

  • Tyson Ly
    Tyson Ly 9 hours ago

    Just starting my childhood playlist :D

  • Sarah Bowers
    Sarah Bowers 10 hours ago


  • Zackarie Weber
    Zackarie Weber 12 hours ago +1

    Is this song about depression, because everyone looks like everyone is about to kill themselves.

  • ParkeR NelsoN
    ParkeR NelsoN 14 hours ago +1

    The fray is awsome 😜😛😊

  • Heartbeat Storm
    Heartbeat Storm 17 hours ago


  • Heartbeat Storm
    Heartbeat Storm 17 hours ago


  • Rachel Leigh
    Rachel Leigh 19 hours ago

    I'm concerned about the doctors and their role in Autism. I suspect, as I believe many parents have, that the doctors have done something to the children to cause it. Now I know how many doctors can act without the patient's best interest at heart, I do believe they probably have a role in it.

  • Joe Otas
    Joe Otas 20 hours ago

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  • Little Girl
    Little Girl 21 hour ago

    you saved a life. you saved my live. the fray, thank you for taking me away from the depression when i was 9.

    DJ CLXM Day ago

    This song inspired me a lot. Thanks this song my goal is to integret army and defend my country (France) about terrorism

  • Kat Peroutka
    Kat Peroutka Day ago

    Is this about someone killing themselves...?

  • Jane Ibanez
    Jane Ibanez Day ago

    Who's here from grey's anatomy

  • Jose Castellanos
    Jose Castellanos Day ago +1

    I lost a friend and a family member and I alway play this song when I am sad

  • j. josik
    j. josik Day ago


  • TheGamingHorn
    TheGamingHorn Day ago +2

    1. Love
    2. Listen
    3. Breathe
    4. Imagine
    5. Let it go
    6. Believe
    7. Forgive
    8. Hold still
    9. Hold close
    10. Amaze yourself
    11. Remember
    12. Make yourself secure
    13. Make everyone secure
    14. Take it back
    15. Let it go
    16. Dream
    17. Fear
    18. Talk to someone
    19. Don't lie
    20. Don't pretend
    21. Trust yourself
    22. Cry
    23. Accept
    24. Don't hurt yourself
    25. Don't hurt anyone
    26. Keep moving
    27. Regret
    28. Forget
    29. Make peace
    30. Make love
    31. Banish wars
    32. Banish hate
    33. Be free
    34. Feel free
    35. Stand still
    36. Don't be scared of death
    37. Have faith
    38. Admire
    39. Stand strong
    40. Surrender
    41. Dance
    42. Smile
    43. Laugh
    44. Break
    45. Touch
    46. Have secrets
    47. Share secrets
    48. Know secrets
    49. Relieve
    50. Don’t lie to yourself
    51. Release
    52. Run
    53. Learn
    54. Leave
    55. Trust others
    56. Question
    57. Be kind
    58. Keep your memories
    59. Don’t forget
    60. Kiss
    61. Hug
    62. Scream out
    63. Be true
    64. Admit
    65. Live
    66. Release the fear
    67. Secure
    86. Open up
    99. Say goodbye

  • Sub Scribe
    Sub Scribe Day ago

    Who's watching solar eclipse?

  • Cody Faircloth
    Cody Faircloth 2 days ago

    Grandpa died of cancer and heart issues, dad just got murdered supposedly 3 weeks again. I lost my girlfriend she left when I found out. I'm so sorry I had never took initiative and have a relationship with you. I'm so sorry dad. 😭

  • Yosepi Jenkins
    Yosepi Jenkins 2 days ago

    I'm surprised this doesn't have a lot more views tbh

  • Kryptic Red
    Kryptic Red 2 days ago

    The vibe to these 90s songs are great love songs or not

  • Stephen Howell
    Stephen Howell 2 days ago

    Whoo 666k

  • Hunter McManus
    Hunter McManus 2 days ago

    I dont like the fact that i like to listen to this song but everytime i do i get sad ;_;

  • VivaLaPol
    VivaLaPol 2 days ago


  • Henry_b
    Henry_b 2 days ago

    I overdosed on viagra..

    Now life's really hard.

  • The Shaun Show
    The Shaun Show 2 days ago

    I listen to this when I'm depressed or whatever... And idk I just have so many suicidal thoughts I'm just over everything

  • harry worth
    harry worth 2 days ago

    Sorry man missin you

  • Sea Hawks rock
    Sea Hawks rock 2 days ago +1

    I get emotional on this song cuz my dad left me when I was 3 just saw him again November 2016 I was 9 left me December member 17 2016 havent had connection with him since but my mom says nobody lasts with him for very long for example his girlfriend Kristine he left to

  • Nosferatu
    Nosferatu 2 days ago

    when u dopnt have any emotions LOL.

  • agent nox
    agent nox 2 days ago

    can't stop listening to this song.

  • Manisha Wal
    Manisha Wal 2 days ago

    (im joking XD)

  • Emma Insall
    Emma Insall 2 days ago

    i dont know where id be without utuble but i love all the tunes 😍

  • Millie Jaramillo22
    Millie Jaramillo22 2 days ago

    Who's watching in 2017

  • Katie Patchett
    Katie Patchett 2 days ago


  • jun
    jun 2 days ago

    "insert a tragic, emotional story about how this song relates to me here,
    "insert wanna-be-deep philosophy about life here

    • jun
      jun 2 days ago

      gimme likes

  • Steve March
    Steve March 2 days ago

    The big fat black girl in this video looks like King Kong

    POPLARGROVE BERNZ 2 days ago +1


  • Αριων Βαβλιακης

    How to kill a brand ps3

  • It's G
    It's G 2 days ago

    Grey's Anatomy...

  • Oliver Santely
    Oliver Santely 3 days ago +1

    fuck you Marcus

  • Timmay 13
    Timmay 13 3 days ago

    666k likes hmmm

  • Laurylie Norman
    Laurylie Norman 3 days ago

    I will forever miss you Greg Litecky... I understand you had wisdom I will perhaps never comprehend and can at last accept your decision, respect your choice. So blessed to have known you, you were Trevor and Chelsea's favorite uncle, Blake's best friend and treasured by so many people. Your mother and sister adored you and so did I. You were one of the finest people i have been blessed to know. Thank You for being a big part of our lives!

  • ihatemachine
    ihatemachine 3 days ago

    This was my shit in 1st grade.... I was the quiet kid

    SMILE SUN 3 days ago

    i had a crush for him

  • Braysonchua 12345
    Braysonchua 12345 3 days ago


  • Madbubbles Cool
    Madbubbles Cool 3 days ago

    666k likes... that's scary

  • Lein
    Lein 4 days ago +2

    My Dad has stage 4 Rectum cancer that spread to his liver. 90% of his liver was covered by tumors. The rate of survival the first two years is 5% and he's still alive and winning two years in. It has shrunk to 40% and he is on the path for a (hopfully) miracle drug that's undergoing trials that stunts the stem cells which will stop the cancer. All Praise and Glory goes to God. He is the reason he got it and he will be the reason he defeats it.

    • White Fang
      White Fang 2 days ago

      Lein never give up hope man and I hope the miracle drug will work just have faith in god and ignore the harsh and negative things people will try to tell you :)

    • Gordon Daddy Ramsey
      Gordon Daddy Ramsey 3 days ago

      Lein I hope he dies motherfucker

  • TC Liess
    TC Liess 4 days ago


  • Sean Chaney
    Sean Chaney 4 days ago

    3:00 Orthodox Cross

  • TheSnapback
    TheSnapback 4 days ago



  • Joshua Scott
    Joshua Scott 4 days ago

    Reminds me of a girl that chose her husband over me even tho he was trash. Instantly lost a great friend 😰

  • Grey Wattle Productions

    4 Years on. I miss you brother everyday of my life. If you have a close friend going through depression, please try your best to see the sings or to just stop every now and then to check up on them. I will never recover from my best friends suicide, it haunts me to this very day. Please look out for your friends, even though they may not look suicidal or depressed which was the case for me. Please just talk to them and make sure their okay, 5 minutes out of your day could save a life and the suffering of those around them.

  • StonesAnimations
    StonesAnimations 4 days ago

    I knew this song for years but never knew the name or anything

  • HotWangz
    HotWangz 4 days ago

    I can very very relate too this song it actually means something

  • N3RDYG4M3R
    N3RDYG4M3R 4 days ago

    Currently listening to this at 00:55

  • Assist King Eriksen #Tottenham

    This actually makes me cry

  • JennyDelf Rodriguez
    JennyDelf Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Look at the likes of this video it's 666 but when I liked the video cause I haven't liked it yet it stayed as 666

  • zebz101able
    zebz101able 4 days ago

    Life is way too short to deal with any bullshit.

  • InvaSims
    InvaSims 4 days ago +1

    Grey's Anatomy <3

  • Richard Powell
    Richard Powell 5 days ago

    Would have Stayed Up with you all Night, Had I known: How to Save a Life...

  • Rekiy
    Rekiy 5 days ago

    When I listen to this song, I can only think about Greys Anatomy

  • Legend 69
    Legend 69 5 days ago

    This is the most depressing song ever

  • Braysonchua 12345
    Braysonchua 12345 5 days ago +1

    My sister just died unknowningly this year :( police dosnt know how either. There was no blood anywhere or injury.
    1like = help my 14yr sis

    • Gordon Daddy Ramsey
      Gordon Daddy Ramsey 3 days ago

      Braysonchua 12345 how could one help when she's rotting in the ground ya dumb bitch, she deserves to die and so does your idiotic parents.

  • michael millan
    michael millan 5 days ago

    RIP Grandpa you will always be my best friend 😢😣😣😣 love you 07/04/16

  • Madison Stephens
    Madison Stephens 5 days ago


  • Madison Stephens
    Madison Stephens 5 days ago

    Currently my fav song evea

  • HitsLikeNoOne
    HitsLikeNoOne 5 days ago

    wer is wegen stegi immernoch hier

  • Schneeflöckchen_ 95

    this song makes sad,because i get no friends are lose them always. To be alone isn´t that nice. And if i die,no one would care about it.

    • Wayne Bland
      Wayne Bland 5 days ago

      Schneeflöckchen_ 95 someone will always miss you!!¡! If it makes you sad don't listen KEEP SAFE

  • SuperHungerGamesFan
    SuperHungerGamesFan 5 days ago


  • Belinda Vega
    Belinda Vega 5 days ago

    All I can think of is greys anatomy,I loved that episode when this song came on

  • Ian Turner
    Ian Turner 5 days ago

    Has no one else noticed that the actress who plays Jenna from MTV's Awkward is in this video?

  • Rheathon
    Rheathon 6 days ago

    I was 8 wow

  • Sang Do Ahn
    Sang Do Ahn 6 days ago

    His hairline is mia. Great song though!

  • de sexter
    de sexter 6 days ago

    why do i make time for the girl that keeps flaking on me

  • Sir dank cunt
    Sir dank cunt 6 days ago

    Who ever just came to this song to leave oh "my mom died last year and this song reminds me of her" just please fuck off and write it in a letter and send it to the band

  • GrumpyGamer626
    GrumpyGamer626 6 days ago

    Please notice that the number one way is love.

  • TheUltimate Pikachu
    TheUltimate Pikachu 6 days ago

    I think this song should be in the top 10 songs ever in 2017. Lol

  • Patrol
    Patrol 6 days ago

    i lost my dad in 2013 year... :'( heart attack

  • Rianne
    Rianne 6 days ago

    I always loved this song, but never thought I would be in a similar situation... Dear Xunnie, you will be missed. I lost a coworker but most of all a friend. Although your choice to end your own live came as a shock, we understand that youre in a better place now. Rest in peace, my friend.

  • Keyrotic Simmer
    Keyrotic Simmer 6 days ago



  • Dean Tackett
    Dean Tackett 6 days ago +1

    I came here cuz I found out a good friend died last night cuz he committed suicide. And this song just makes it worse cuz I hadn't seen him in almost 3 years cuz he was going down a road of drugs and I thought I needed to distance myself from him. And the thing that sucks I had actually been thinking about reaching out to him in the past couple of weeks. Damn if only I had reached out to him. Now it's gonna to haunt me probly the rest of my life that I didn't reach out sooner and maybe I could of saved his life. Rip Cody

  • CalIsNotInterested
    CalIsNotInterested 6 days ago

    This makes me think of Chester... I wish I could of saved him 😔💔❤️

    MR TURTLE 6 days ago

    Fuck those 14 k dislikes!

  • MHVidsProductions
    MHVidsProductions 6 days ago

    These comments are bloody depressing

  • Lily the wølf
    Lily the wølf 6 days ago

    Try not to feel old 😭

  • Kanias TY
    Kanias TY 6 days ago


    SHIELA TRIMBLE 7 days ago

    Be a friend and be kind! Smile at someone!

  • Go pro Clips
    Go pro Clips 7 days ago


  • Anj , Again?
    Anj , Again? 7 days ago

    Still love this song

  • Evelyn Alvarez
    Evelyn Alvarez 7 days ago

    He needs to enunciate better. Good song tho!

  • Hanna Dza
    Hanna Dza 7 days ago

    I hate these kind of songs. The singers want to make you feel like you have someone to talk to and someone who cares enough to help you out of depression or whatever you are sufgering from but the truth is that everybody on this world cares about themselves over everyone which leads to the point that you eventually tell someone close about your struggeling and the say they'll help you and be there for you and they might be even there for you one or two times but then they lose interest, don't understand why you can't just call them when you're down, think you're fine because you laughed two times, turn away and leave you on your own again and feeling even worse because now you've lost all hope that might at least a good friend could save you. Of course after a suicide everybody is like "Oh I would've been there for you all the time If I would have known" but that's so fake and so easy to say because now they don't have to do annoying anymore cause the Problem is gone with you.

  • Duda
    Duda 7 days ago

    song nanami czan

  • Gabi Pascoe
    Gabi Pascoe 7 days ago

    Years later and i still cry

  • Pablo Sutter
    Pablo Sutter 8 days ago +1

    I love this song

  • YourCodFanboy 2113
    YourCodFanboy 2113 8 days ago


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