Biggest Unanswered Questions In Alien: Covenant

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    Alien: Covenant promised to explore the mysterious and goopy lineage of the xenomorph species that we all know and love. But in many cases, it just left the entire Alien franchise open to even more questions. Let's burrow into Covenant, stick our ovipositors down its throat, and see how many answers are still waiting to hatch. And, of course, spoilers are hatching beyond this point. So cover your face, okay?

    Who are the Engineers? | 0:24
    Why did David kill the Engineers? | 1:10
    What did the goo do? | 2:05
    Why was the Engineers' planet lifeless? | 2:39
    What's up with those spores? | 3:23
    Is David the xenomorph whisperer? | 4:46
    Is Walter still alive? | 5:25

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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +52

    What other questions do you have after watching Alien: Covenant? (Warning: spoilers in comments below.)

    • Gavin Martin
      Gavin Martin Day ago

      Maybe the new thesis is the real danger is AI, not the aliens. The AI have basically protected, enabled and furthered the aliens in every movie, save for Bishop (who knows what he was doing in Med Lab, but he did come back for Ripley and Newt).

    • Csongor Bukor
      Csongor Bukor 3 days ago

      Who layed the eggs?

    • Bryan Allen Davidson
      Bryan Allen Davidson 9 days ago

      Dan Threepwood


      M O T H E R F U C K E R

  • Crow Fu
    Crow Fu 2 hours ago

    Prometheus was such a well made movie, but this one fucked it all up and made it pointless.

  • Refuse2Lose33
    Refuse2Lose33 17 hours ago

    Would ya stop saying "goo"??? It was clearly explained in the movie that it was a type of DNA virus!!

  • digwillhachi
    digwillhachi Day ago

    Biggest question is how do you make an alien movie that sucks arse and is as shit as this one?

  • marshawn c
    marshawn c Day ago

    where are the rest of the engineers? I'm sure it has to be more than just one city of engineers on the entire planet.

  • Furious_Deer_gaming

    Whats the movie with the knights

  • Lekszander
    Lekszander 2 days ago

    I thought it was explicitly stated in the movie by David himself: "because they tried to control their creations, just as Man did, instead of setting them free."

  • XXXMortal XXX
    XXXMortal XXX 3 days ago

    I saw alien I mortal Kombat X

  • Isaac Velasco
    Isaac Velasco 3 days ago

    Didn't they explain why there wasn't any life on the planet? I remember David informing the crew that the pathogen infected and killed anything that was not a plant.

  • Csongor Bukor
    Csongor Bukor 3 days ago

    In my theory these xenomrphs were only weak recreations and that's why it was so easy to kill them. (Unarmed people killed two in the last 30 minutes). I think the engineers used real xenomorph DNA to create the black goo and David cleaned it back to it's original form as good as he could. (it still don't answer that who layed the eggs so either there is/was a xenomorph queen on the planet or David created it somehow). This theory explains the ship in the first Alien movie. It could be a cargo ship which transported xenomorph eggs to the lab as resource of DNA. If I'm right there must be a xenomorph home planet with a working ecosystem ( or the alien is a parasite that destroyes entire planets then spread by asteroids and eggs.)

    If the xenomorph was created as a weapon then why they have a queen? The alien workers are fully under control of her and she usually doesn't do what other tell her to do. So it's probably not controling. Reproduction? Perhaps, but as you said in the video the black goo would be much more effective.

    I don't like this origin of the xenomorph. It convulsively want to prove that this creature is a weapon and it ruins everything for me. This way the xenomorph is like a deadly virus which is dangerous but totally boring. The fact that it kills people becomes more relevant that we're speaking about a giant skeleton dragon-ant whom blood is made of acid. Even in the covenant i felt that the xenomorph was in the movie just to be in it. Like: "Do you bore this? Here, an alien! Still bore it? An other one!"
    Why film makers think that the xenomorph is boring? After the second movie alien films wants to change it (Alien3: Cow alien and the queen makes some kind of connection with her host; Alien 4: alien-human hybrid; AVP, AVP2: Predalien; Prometheus: No normal xenomorph; Covenant: Xenomorphs were created by a some skinhead as a weapon and a mad android.)

  • Nasty-J Smith
    Nasty-J Smith 3 days ago

    You forgot the main question, why did it suck????

  • João Pedro Silva Monteiro Ferreira

    The majority of the 'questions' u have are easily answered if u do some research

  • erdemlimisin1
    erdemlimisin1 3 days ago

    wretched movie. completely Fiction mistake

  • vunderground1
    vunderground1 4 days ago

    Fungi aren't plants on earth even.

  • J. C.
    J. C. 4 days ago

    Here's a question you missed. Why was the entire population of Engineers all in one location, making it easy for them to get wiped out.

  • Max Zamora
    Max Zamora 5 days ago

    Most people aren't liking the movie because it left questions coming from Prometheus unanswered and created many new ones. Can't you people wait for the next installment of the franchise? Do you really need to be spoon-fed every detail?

  • konroth rec.
    konroth rec. 5 days ago

    some more of prometheus. crew eaten by worms etc.

  • Angel Of Heaven
    Angel Of Heaven 5 days ago

    I love all the old Alien movies they are my favorite. When I watched this one today me and my bother had so many questions like way to many like a lot. I hope there will be a third one.

  • afro symphony
    afro symphony 5 days ago

    Boy this movie was annoying as fuck! quentin tarantino even said he found the scientists to be too dumb....sticking your hand or head into an alien egg that just opened infront of you like wtf!!! i dont know if they taught they were making like some intriguing villian when they wrote david's story in this but he was just sooo annoying he lost all intrigue to me. loved how they handled it in prometheus but this was lazy writing, its clear their only goal was just to infuriate the audience hoping that would create tension and emotion(anger towards villian) but there is just a limit to everything.

  • John Braun
    John Braun 5 days ago

    Fungi, mushrooms, spores and endospores etc, that entire Kingdom, is considered not "plant" but "animal." This would explain why Fungi were affected. Plants Exhale Oxygen, fungi, Exhale carbon dioxide and consume plants.

  • ManTT ortuno
    ManTT ortuno 6 days ago

    David didn't kill all the engineers, it was stated by Scott .

  • Mees T
    Mees T 6 days ago

    Those werent engineers david killed, just a species made by the engineers.. learn your facts before you make a vid like this

  • Keith A
    Keith A 6 days ago

    You didn't ask the most important question, why was this piece of garbage ever put on film?

  • Le Typ
    Le Typ 6 days ago

    So ... where did the eggs in David's cave come from?!
    Seen a queen?!

  • Giggle Guy
    Giggle Guy 6 days ago

    My gawd, you people are dense.

  • Roland Taylor
    Roland Taylor 7 days ago

    What do people see in this franchise?

  • German Valdez
    German Valdez 7 days ago

    Does Walter create the predator because david created the alien and david fell all this knowledge of alien at the planet

  • Rolek
    Rolek 7 days ago

    Actually David explains that Goo kills or mutates... So we know what happens.

  • Dean Murray
    Dean Murray 7 days ago

    David literally tells us in the movie that he created those plants with the spores.. not a very professional video if you dont even listen to the film..

  • Cris Oliveira
    Cris Oliveira 8 days ago

    Into deep space, man finds its worst enemy: *himself!*
    A Ridley Scott movie. Twenty Century Fox.

  • The666Reaver
    The666Reaver 8 days ago

    The Engineers didn't start out on Earth. The whole point of the intro to Prometheus is that they created life on earth, by leaving their DNA in Earths water, thus allowing that DNA to eventually evolve into humans. This is why we look like them. The reason there are so many "unanswered" questions in these movies, is because there are so many people who either don't watch properly, or lack imagination to fill in the blanks themselves. It's sad so many need everything spelled out in giant letters for them. I think it's why movies are getting dumber.

  • Clinton Walsh
    Clinton Walsh 8 days ago

    I reckon there is a queen on the planet that layed the eggs. Something we have not seen yet

  • Ogix Radivojevic
    Ogix Radivojevic 8 days ago

    Movie was so crap

  • Ogix Radivojevic
    Ogix Radivojevic 8 days ago

    The shortest movie ever.

  • Big Gee
    Big Gee 9 days ago

    Biggest question - how does a movie with an unlimited budget and 15 years to make turn out so abhorrently bad, literally from start to finish?

    IAMDIMITRI 9 days ago

    You answered the question about living thing on the planet in your own video. 0o

  • Al 3000
    Al 3000 9 days ago

    your voice confuses me

  • John Garay
    John Garay 10 days ago

    Why did the spacecraft crash? Last we see it, David is hovering above and dropping the black goo... then, next, it is crashed...

  • Sky Talks
    Sky Talks 10 days ago

    lol Data and Lore

  • Red Noir Films
    Red Noir Films 10 days ago

    This movie was legit

  • somebody doesntmatter
    somebody doesntmatter 10 days ago +2

    That was a planet of engineers? They looked nothing like the 10 foot tall rubber-faced engineers in Prometheus. These ones looked like regular people covered in clay. Shenanigans.

  • Sebastian K
    Sebastian K 10 days ago

    Why hasn't anyone figured David may have moved (uploaded?) to Walter's body? There's a deleted scene and part of the book adaptation showing he's in contact with Weyland-Yutani throughout.
    I can't see why they wouldn't just overwrite Walter and leave David's limp body behind.
    This also explains how he managed to sever his arm so quickly before rejoining the crew - He didn't have to, Walter's body suits just fine.
    Further - If David is ultimately the physical vehicle for Weyland-Yutani to achieve their objectives, wouldn't they want him to possess the best, most recent version of their robot body?

  • Jim 100% liquid
    Jim 100% liquid 10 days ago

    suck movie ! so in the end that David guy is still alive and keep producing aliens. Nothing new. This is a Meh for me.

  • Dan Beaudet
    Dan Beaudet 11 days ago

    The whole thing is a bloody mess. Storyline full of holes and unnecessary stupidity. Will they ever get it right AND plausible? I doubt it, for the moment. Although I've been a fan, from the beginning, each and every film from this franchise, seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over.

  • HenryRide
    HenryRide 11 days ago +1

    Like any other big movie franchise the fans ruined this sequel. The outcry over Prometheus not having much of "Alien" in it made Ridley Scott pussy out. He originally wanted to go further into the story of the engineers after Prometheus but instead he basically made a Alien remake. It only got worse since there now is a split group of people wanting to know more about the engineers and others just want more classic alien storytelling.

  • Necronomikus
    Necronomikus 11 days ago

    Every question of the film in this clip was answered for me and I watched Covenant only once ...

  • Albert Stratos
    Albert Stratos 11 days ago

    The engineers in prometheus were bigger and pearl like in skin tone. Whereas those in covenant looked like they had gigantism features and we're tanner.... The prometheus engineers were the true engineers, the ones in covenant where a sub species, like us humans

  • Aaron Gossage
    Aaron Gossage 11 days ago

    Prometheus was worse, and covenant was bad.

  • Zuga
    Zuga 12 days ago +1

    What movie is that @ 5:44?

    BLAZENYCBLACKOPS 12 days ago

    If Walter is still alive he's stuck on the engineers planet just like David was, unless he can get the engineers ship working, maybe he comes to save Tennessee and Daniels in the next film and gets his revenge with David. Overall I know that there are many questions still but I think it's shaping up to be a pretty good set of movies so far.

      BLAZENYCBLACKOPS 12 days ago

      Just wanted to add that I really like the character Walter and completely despise David, duh for obvious reasons right, so it would be nice to see Fassbender pull another two character script.

  • Euron Greyjoy
    Euron Greyjoy 12 days ago

    I'm honestly happy they died. The crew are some of the dumbest astronauts ever. No common since or protocol. If I see a virus spreading on the ground I'm telling our ship to haul ass and leave us behind. But if I was down there we wouldn't even be in that situation.

  • Pammy Soong
    Pammy Soong 12 days ago

    Omg thanks for the Lore and Data. I honestly thought of them in this movie!

  • John Semashkewich
    John Semashkewich 12 days ago

    wrong about what you explained david did, he created the eggs and he was the creator so he mentioned how they are waiting for a mom. he had done many experiments to achieve life, he created life, he killed the previous creators and he made himself god

  • Hubert Jadczak
    Hubert Jadczak 13 days ago

    Covenant was just a cheap promotion of LGBT. FACE IT!

    • warlock
      warlock 11 days ago

      Dont forget Holocaust and Nazi references, David was making a superior species, he had Golden hair, he liked Wagner and stupid Ramses ii.

  • Bilal Raza
    Bilal Raza 13 days ago

    This movie is so stupid and has been written without any good effort of thoughts. The writers just wrote whatever came into their minds. They dont give a fuck about loop holes. All they wanted to make was a blood spilling horror movie.

    LIQUID SNAKE 13 days ago

    prometheus and covenant is good.. especially DR SHAW <3

  • PorcheDid 911
    PorcheDid 911 13 days ago

    Can someone explain why all the alien and alien related movies have a girl as the main character?
    Seriously tho short hair probably wore a tank top at some point
    It's very repetitive...

  • ian
    ian 14 days ago

    Why does an android need a flashlight that's the biggest question here.

  • oolong2
    oolong2 14 days ago

    The xenomorphs that david created would have all died out after they consumed everything with meat on the planet. I thought that would have been obvious. Also I don't think that David thought that the face huggers were a better delivery mechanism, I think that the face huggers are just the result of David's limited knowledge of biology. The Engineers were obviously far more advanced than Human's or the Androids that we created. However David wanted to be a creator so he favored his creation out of hubris. I don't think that David could actually replicate the spores/goo if he wanted to but he wanted to create a species that could give birth/propagate (true creation) vs. the spores/goo was more of a one way mutation...

  • Shadow and Yu
    Shadow and Yu 14 days ago +1

    Please Don't do those Facehugger/Ovamorph Puns please

  • Nick Maclennan
    Nick Maclennan 14 days ago

    It doesn't really matter if walter is still alive, they left the planet his body was on hahaha

  • John Lovethatmagic
    John Lovethatmagic 15 days ago +1

    Actually the point at 2:15 and the following, is fully explained in the film Alien Covenant - David explains at its most primative level the Pathogen atomizes particals when exposed to the air

    I believe David's words were "Fiendishly Inventive"

    So no Xenomorphs, those Engineers.................they just dead

  • billthestinker
    billthestinker 15 days ago

    The engineers hated David because he was gay. That is why David killed the macho engineers

  • lostn65
    lostn65 16 days ago +2

    Ridley needs to stop making these Alien horror films. They are so predictable. You get an extremely dumb crew who inadvertently breeds more xenomorphs and infests an entire planet with them. Each one dying in very predictable ways. A shower sex scene, really?

    What he should do is make an action movie like James Cameron's Aliens. At least there's some entertainment value there.

    • bangroji
      bangroji 13 days ago

      I can accept one movie that literally, cheat a woman, breed alien inside her body, and then kill and mutilate her. With this Covenant, the victim potentially will become two times in a row. ARE THE MOVIE MAKER A FUCKING PSYCHOPATH? There is no twist, there is just a clear pattern. Only a psychopath doing this over and over again.

  • Berit O
    Berit O 16 days ago

    ridley scott has gone from the most briliant director alien 1979 to the worst director ever in hollywood. the prometheus and covenant were so bad in all ways it is unbelievable. must have been other people directing these 2 worst movies in movie history ever , because it cant have been ridley scott directing it is impossible.hollywood is only into this for the money thats it

  • From Fear to Trust
    From Fear to Trust 17 days ago

    The movie is a total mess :(

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 17 days ago

    the goo dose not create aliens, it just mutates the dna

  • Ip 94
    Ip 94 18 days ago

    Walter is alive, and he will pilot the space jockey ship, the engineer ship.

  • David C.G.
    David C.G. 18 days ago

    Ridley Scott is the idiot and expects everyone else to be an idiot in trying to follow his story lines. The first movie was an success because Scott didn't try and explain anything.

  • RCDetanico
    RCDetanico 18 days ago

    The movie is filled out with flaws. And don't explain shit. It's just a crew of dumb humans doing everything wrong in a mission of discovery.

  • Mystic Accending
    Mystic Accending 18 days ago

    The biggest question is why do they keep hiring these morons to run these high risk space missions

  • SensationalMeat
    SensationalMeat 18 days ago

    Thumbnail: yo bitch ass gimme dat cookie

  • castlevania82
    castlevania82 19 days ago

    I have all the answers to all these questions but dont feel like to answer them! God night!

  • SpartanJohns
    SpartanJohns 19 days ago

    you really dropped the ball on this one...some of the things you answered here were actually answered in the movie and there the answers made sense

  • chewface
    chewface 20 days ago

    I've accepted the fact that we will NEVER get a movie where humans successfully communicate with peaceful Engineers and find out why they created humanity. Besides, the answer to such a question would most likely be "Because we were bored and because we could."

    Seriously, the Engineers seeding the earth was probably just some experiment. No different than a human creating a painting.

    We are expecting some grand explanation, but there's probably nothing "grand" about it.

  • ogrelaca
    ogrelaca 20 days ago

    Space armour, meltaguns, rad and plasma grenades. WITHOUT them I would not step onto an alien world's surface

  • Olebull93
    Olebull93 20 days ago

    For me, the question is; "Why did David bomb this engineers world and not planet earth?" Obviously, he has a chip on his shoulder against his creator and all humans, so why bomb the engineers planet? it makes no sense.

    When you have the perfect weapon, why not use it against your enemy. Instead of waisting it on someone else?

    MIZZOU BLACK 21 day ago

    David didn't wipe out the Engineers. Because there has to be more ships and some that may not be on the planet when he destroyed the ones there.

  • shmokies
    shmokies 21 day ago

    *read outloud to yourself*

    "Of course, they're all dead thanks to David's goo..."

    ..."but what exactly did this goo DO?"

  • alexreising85
    alexreising85 22 days ago

    Jesus Christ. The movie explains most of these points pretty saliently. These were hardly the most interesting questions I would have had.

  • Captain Raz
    Captain Raz 22 days ago


  • Captain Raz
    Captain Raz 22 days ago

    the movie is full of plot holes, especially regarding the rest of the franchise.

    I could use a reboot

  • Captain Raz
    Captain Raz 22 days ago

    half of these questions were actually answered in the movies. many others were not and are not mentioned.

  • Jenn eh
    Jenn eh 25 days ago

    Did this guy watch the movie. It's pretty much explained n common sense. He didn't create aliens just a different form of it. Used Shaws body after it mutated to make eggs. This is in the universe of aliens but the events of the movies the originals aren't in that time yet. Who knows David could still be on that planet when the first alien time line starts I liked the movie to much but hurt from crazy fans let's see you make a movie

  • Art Karounos
    Art Karounos 25 days ago

    This was obviously rushed the story was so poorly written and predictable.

  • Osamah Alomari
    Osamah Alomari 25 days ago

    The movie is a big disappointment to me. Its like undoing all the excitement and thrill of Prometheus.

  • Goran Dimov
    Goran Dimov 25 days ago

    Why he kill it engineers, it is ok , he kill the evil, but only 1 town! The engineer who build a weapon to destroy other planets live only in 1 small town? That is so stupid!

  • Mellon Collie
    Mellon Collie 26 days ago

    David mirrors Lucifer as he has rebelled against his creator, the Xenomorphs are his creation, his tinkering and curiousity into creation, demons who taunt and mock humanity. WE are not equal to David/Lucifer as we are not immortal.

  • norrinRadd026
    norrinRadd026 26 days ago

    The problem with Prometheus and Covenant is that storyline is weak, the characters are not believable, and who didn't know (spoiler alert) that was really David in the ending scene. Come On. I really like Ridley Scott but I struggle to thing that he had any actual involvement in this project.

  • Chris
    Chris 26 days ago

    i think the goo was simply a weapon to destroy/reanimate life. it mutates when the infected host (charlie) has intercourse with elizabeth to form the first squid->giant facehugger which when attached to the engineer at the end of prometheus finales in the first xenomorph (inside jaw not formed (looks like a primitive ("alien") This doesnt explain all the bodies the explorers found in which their chests burst open in prometheus though, maybe those hosts gave birth to the snake like things you see that infect the two stranded dudes but only seem to reanimate one of them. Either way i think prometheus shows how the xenomorph species evolved to what it is, to an extent. Further to back this, in covenant the things that hatch from the spores and infect the two crew in the opening arnt fully formed xenos. Its got somthing to do with cross genetic mutation i guess. The question that needs answering in the covenant prequel(i hope) is where the eggs in covenant came from? did the alien born of the engineer get aboard david and elizabeths ship? SO many questions. My opinion is that in the prequel to covenant we are going to see that basically it is david that set all the pieces in motion for the xenomorph species to be what we know it is and lead way for how the original movies are the ending to the whole tale.

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 27 days ago

    Saw the movie earlier today, the whole time (btw, I've watched all of the movies so I have all prior info) I was wondering about the androids, were there 2 or 3? And how the Hell did David get into the other androids body at the end!?!?!?!?!

  • Jacob Gurrola
    Jacob Gurrola 28 days ago

    I think the goo affects the engineers differently . Cause in the begging of Prometheus an engineer drinks the goo and turn into dust. When David destroys them they are like dust statues.

  • Cata Filip
    Cata Filip 28 days ago

    and i thought the biggest unanswered question was: "why are you an idiot?"

  • Silverio Reinecke
    Silverio Reinecke 28 days ago

    Walter created the Pretadors.

  • Tommy Castle
    Tommy Castle 29 days ago

    David just destroy a Outpost planet of the Engineers not the Capital Planet. Look at the scene when David Arrive, People in the planet looks small and different eyes than the Prometheus Version. The City/Planet Doesn't have Advance Defenses.

  • Yanuar anto
    Yanuar anto 29 days ago

    Worst movie of alien series.

  • Eric Suarez
    Eric Suarez 29 days ago

    David genetically modified the neomorphes To create the aliens that's y they like him even though still doesn't make sense since they should be hostile to anything other than each other

  • Great Titan
    Great Titan Month ago

    Give human one second to talk to the Engeneers and they would have wiped them out someday themselves....
    David just had a bad "childhood" and he probably watched to many WW2 movies....

    • Great Titan
      Great Titan Month ago

      Or even 3, I mean like the world did look like in the end of Alien 3...

  • Opening Salvo
    Opening Salvo Month ago

    This franchise has gone off the rails. It's fucking stupid. Hollywood should just give up on it already.

  • Sh1ekk
    Sh1ekk Month ago

    so much unreasonable hate for that movie.

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