World Peace Rap - SNL

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  • Hana Bennet
    Hana Bennet 5 days ago

    Chris Pine sings well

  • pete256
    pete256 13 days ago

    It's a very late parody of Speak - Stop the War, the greatest embarrassment to Eastern Europe since... ever. Only this has 2 million times the budget (waaay too professional :P)

  • Kevin Renusch
    Kevin Renusch 17 days ago

    Its just so funny I had to watch it like 5 times cause the crowd doesnt laugh at some of the jokes that are hidden in it.. LMAO

  • ricky g
    ricky g 17 days ago

    Omg lol he looks like that creed dude

  • Kailyn H.
    Kailyn H. 21 day ago

    One of my favorite SNL sketches.

  • InfernalTomato
    InfernalTomato 21 day ago

    They ruined it by making it about porn

  • PiazzaGurl
    PiazzaGurl 23 days ago

    wtf is this?! Why?! 😂😂😂😂

  • kitty purry
    kitty purry 28 days ago

    So much porn in the USA

  • Maryam Zahid
    Maryam Zahid 1 month ago

    hair goals 😂

  • Marissa Folsom
    Marissa Folsom 1 month ago

    I thought Chris Pine was Brendan Fraser in the thumbnail, hahaha. This was great

  • richardo valvel
    richardo valvel 1 month ago

    stop the porno, that's the real issue

  • acespade987
    acespade987 1 month ago

    Taher Shah vibes, anyone?

  • Valeria E
    Valeria E 1 month ago

    Sometimes people make a war

  • Harris Baker
    Harris Baker 1 month ago

    why does this have to be so awesome for?

  • Seaver Schultz
    Seaver Schultz 1 month ago

    is this a spoof of something?

  • Charlie Hills
    Charlie Hills 1 month ago

    Taking it back to the lonely island days!!!

  • D C'mon
    D C'mon 1 month ago

    Chris Pine was finny as Hell! The whole show was funny. Please bring him back.

  • Marcus D. Harrison
    Marcus D. Harrison 1 month ago

    is it me or does the music🎶 sounds like "Every Praise - Hezekiah Walker"😯😀

  • subee park
    subee park 1 month ago

    It's funny clip but melody is not funny, I mean It's really nice

  • Mitchell Grosvenor
    Mitchell Grosvenor 1 month ago

    Is he saying como or gumo ?

  • Saud Dowaihy
    Saud Dowaihy 1 month ago

    i thought it was vin diesel parody at first

  • BlackzMan
    BlackzMan 1 month ago

    This is why town hall meetings are useful

  • odomodometer
    odomodometer 1 month ago

    01:28 That look that Kyle gives him. lol

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From Syracuse 1 month ago

    the tune is actually kinda pretty

  • Sean Sheist
    Sean Sheist 1 month ago

    lmao. stop the porno

  • Eimear O'Connor
    Eimear O'Connor 1 month ago


  • v Corso
    v Corso 1 month ago

    Soo hilariously absurd.

  • Rxplay
    Rxplay 1 month ago

    I want this to be an actual song on iTunes. Any on else agree?

  • A Z
    A Z 1 month ago

    No it was pretty funny. I think what made me laugh was the irrelevence in the fashion and outdated set design, and the additional distance between their geographical location and the United States, but inside a song that is supposed to be about relevant issues in 2017 USA. But they are acting so sincere like they are up to speed. Also worth mentioning - platitudes. I find platitudes ridiculous and hilarious and this skit was an overdose of them.

  • Taylor Mckee
    Taylor Mckee 1 month ago

    He looks like a Russian Eminem

  • Matthew
    Matthew 1 month ago

    This is a brilliant skit, great work, SNL.

  • C B
    C B 1 month ago

    Spot on impression of the original song! Best cast SNL has had in a long time

  • SniffyPoo
    SniffyPoo 1 month ago

    if english is not your native language, this seems very artistic

  • Lorena Jordan
    Lorena Jordan 1 month ago

    it's really so bad it's good.

  • Weilun Kang
    Weilun Kang 2 months ago

    Slavic Jam. LOL !!!

  • thewhitestblackguy boii

    hold up was that Jim Carey??

  • merida cooper
    merida cooper 2 months ago

    Looking back now this should have won eurovision

  • Malyshakti
    Malyshakti 2 months ago

    I live to sing it now, good song, really :-D

  • David _
    David _ 2 months ago

    Chris Pine was feelin himself. somebody get this man a record deal

  • FilmsFor SMARTpeople
    FilmsFor SMARTpeople 2 months ago

    Based on Speak's "Stop The War"" (2003)  One of the worst music videos ever made. See it if you haven't.

  • GOLDSK96
    GOLDSK96 2 months ago

    beautiful singing and song!!!

  • Eliseo Garcia
    Eliseo Garcia 2 months ago

    This should be on one of the," XXX" action movies!

  • BoingTarash1960s
    BoingTarash1960s 2 months ago

    This is hilariously clever (sounds like it could be the real thing). And Pine's impressive voice aside, his part in this just cracks me up!

  • Sean Green
    Sean Green 2 months ago

    soft-core is da best!

  • theCuttlekid
    theCuttlekid 2 months ago

    i feel so bad for the people who havent seen the original video that this is parodying

  • THERealRibbitBartono
    THERealRibbitBartono 2 months ago

    Stop your business, stop the sexy internet pornography

  • THERealRibbitBartono
    THERealRibbitBartono 2 months ago

    Sometimes people make a war man

  • Miss Mitzi
    Miss Mitzi 2 months ago

    This is actually really growing on me.

  • therealCamoron
    therealCamoron 2 months ago

    Sick callback! is it still a parody when the thing you're spoofing is funnier than the spoof?

  • generalxanos
    generalxanos 2 months ago

    "All my personal devices... INFECTED".

  • fredy gump
    fredy gump 2 months ago

    I...don't...know...what's happening?

  • Alan Aurmont
    Alan Aurmont 2 months ago

    Why are we fighting for? And how does porno addiction look like?

  • Guy Berryman
    Guy Berryman 2 months ago

    Has anyone else seen the thing this is parodying? Who watched cracked does not compute!

  • Moose Moose
    Moose Moose 2 months ago

    Two sousand seventeen...ya

  • Vladimir Amelkin
    Vladimir Amelkin 2 months ago

    My Slavic heart is crying... So much pain... Let's Stop the fighting! (But not pornography)

  • warecb
    warecb 2 months ago

    Chris Pine did a much better job singing than the dudes singing in the original. But damn,no words.

  • Miss Mitzi
    Miss Mitzi 2 months ago

    Watched the behind the scenes making. Still absolutely amazed that they created that entire set in three days.

  • J Burkiewicz
    J Burkiewicz 2 months ago

    SNL doesn't give a fucking about world peace because if they did they would have had the only peace candidate for president Gary Johnson on the show.

    • Nautilus Bot
      Nautilus Bot 2 months ago

  • Kato Code
    Kato Code 2 months ago

    I don't know how this doesn't have more views. It's so good.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 2 months ago

    Wow I didn't expect Chris hemsworth to be that funny

  • Some Crazed Nerd
    Some Crazed Nerd 2 months ago

    Who's Eurovision entry is this again?

  • Slade Wilson
    Slade Wilson 2 months ago

    Besides the fact it's a joke, it's REALLY GOOD.

  • Amoramore7
    Amoramore7 2 months ago

    Can anyone see my comment?

  • Jonas Polsky
    Jonas Polsky 2 months ago

    Heard you like old-ass memes

  • Cole Rakocevic
    Cole Rakocevic 2 months ago

    U can suck My slavic dick!

  • Brandon Sharp
    Brandon Sharp 2 months ago

  • Rick Penor
    Rick Penor 2 months ago

    It's better when you know what they are parodying.

  • Johnny- Jack
    Johnny- Jack 2 months ago


  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 2 months ago

    We need more porn to keep Trumps little hands away from the button.

  • dorfiji
    dorfiji 2 months ago


  • Karl trembath
    Karl trembath 2 months ago

    amazing. I love beck and Kyle

  • ольга ромашова

    Chris Pine perfectly sang ... I adore him.

  • JacobTrueman
    JacobTrueman 2 months ago

    Jesus this is a dated reference

  • Tyler Davis
    Tyler Davis 2 months ago

    Is that MC Strategy from The Mythic Insides Crew?!

  • Lydia Lestage
    Lydia Lestage 2 months ago

    I didn't know Chris Pine had pipes like that! lol

  • Alan Aurmont
    Alan Aurmont 2 months ago

    Can we name Beck Bennett the hottest man alive once and for all already!! Like if you agree. Peace.

  • Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions

    Why is Vin Diesel singing about porn?

  • Awesome Sunhatted Seal Productions

    This parody is really obscure

  • Bozzay Kálmán
    Bozzay Kálmán 2 months ago

    In 2003 the #World was not ready for this:

  • MsLovestory01
    MsLovestory01 2 months ago

    I legit thought Chris Pine was going to start stripping on that balcony :D

  • Yasmine Tart
    Yasmine Tart 2 months ago

    sometimes.... people make a waaaaar... dont know why🎶

  • Ludwina Gadelkareem
    Ludwina Gadelkareem 2 months ago

    brilliant haha

  • Derek Ma
    Derek Ma 2 months ago

    The guys of snl are terrible

  • Marisol C
    Marisol C 2 months ago

    all jokes aside... this is a pretty catchy song

  • Krisztina Lakatos
    Krisztina Lakatos 2 months ago


    piece of art.

  • Isaac Tejeda
    Isaac Tejeda 2 months ago

    damn.. i thought this was pretty funny then realized they didnt do much to make it their own.. thumbs down for Snl on creativity

  • Brandon Kreulach
    Brandon Kreulach 2 months ago

    This is not funny. This was a serious message that NEEDS to be heeded for the sake of humanity, and yet they make fun of it? Are you kidding me?

    I have lost quite a bit of respect for SNL for this.

  • Carlos Martin
    Carlos Martin 2 months ago

    at 0:28 he said "como?!" hilarious

  • Kayitesi Mussmann
    Kayitesi Mussmann 2 months ago

    Why does every snl video have the same yogurt ad?

  • PolarPhantom
    PolarPhantom 2 months ago

    I mean, if we had porn everywhere, I'm sure everything would be A-OK.

  • petya255
    petya255 2 months ago

    Hungarians are not slavic. Just sayin. But anyaway, I didn't know about the original song, so thanks.

  • Red Dae
    Red Dae 2 months ago

    Chris Pine is really great here 😂

  • phosgene2
    phosgene2 2 months ago

    surprised to see the runtime on this was 3:29. felt like 6 minutes or more when i was watching it.....

  • János Őze
    János Őze 2 months ago


  • Agnieszka Choińska
    Agnieszka Choińska 2 months ago

    GREAT! ::D

  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0ut 2 months ago

    I'm so grateful to Chris Pine for being in this and giving such a great performance. It's almost genuinely affecting. And the faces he makes are punchlines in themselves.

  • FlyingOverTr0ut
    FlyingOverTr0ut 2 months ago

    Even if this wasn't parodying Speak, this would still be fucking hilarious.

  • Pjmperez01
    Pjmperez01 2 months ago


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