Sekera drops off puck for McDavid to rifle home for goal

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  • blanker
    blanker 4 months ago

    well sekra to mcdavid

  • Vince Meekmahon
    Vince Meekmahon 5 months ago

    Im late for top comment... Darn im always on time but not today

  • CantYandleTheHeat
    CantYandleTheHeat 5 months ago +4

    Sekera is underrated

  • Post2Post
    Post2Post 5 months ago

    Wow what a shot

  • davfernape
    davfernape 5 months ago

    So Habs and sens, who are battling for 1st in Atlantic, have identical records, had an outdoor game announced between them, have had recent playoff match ups and rivalries, played last night and will play tonight. A game with serious playoff impact, that twice in the game had leads erased in the matter of mere minutes, that went to ot with both goalies putting on a show, juggernauts from each team like potential Norris winning Eric Karlson playing as hard as they could, that had to be decided in a shootout, the same score of all three matchups this season of 4-3. This game had no uploads, no talk about the back to back or how crucial this is to the playoff bracket. Nothing. But luckily sportsnet uploaded random 360 highlights!

    • Deutschland Dangler #29
      Deutschland Dangler #29 5 months ago

      davfernape no they dont they are the only canadian team in the nhl that doesnt sell more than 90% of their seats every night

    • davfernape
      davfernape 5 months ago

      im a habs fan, and the sens do have a great fanbase lol

  • Vic Prestige
    Vic Prestige 5 months ago +1

    What a shot

  • Matias Johns
    Matias Johns 5 months ago +5

    Tkachuk > Puljujarvi

    • Deutschland Dangler #29
      Deutschland Dangler #29 5 months ago

      Scrote Rot typical flames fan coming on here tryna make his flames look better

  • Matias Johns
    Matias Johns 5 months ago +2

    Embarrassing that a team needs so many 1st overall picks in order to be relevant. When Mcdavid gets injured this team will seep down like the shallow roster they really are

    • Matias Johns
      Matias Johns 5 months ago

      Oilers of Edmonton thats kinda sad that only 2 of the 1st overall picks remain of the 4. It shows the lack of competence used in drafting with them

    • IAmNotABear
      IAmNotABear 5 months ago

      Scrote Rot, you have Wifi access on the short bus?

    • Vic Prestige
      Vic Prestige 5 months ago

      Scrote Rot what a miserable Calgary fan

  • Mr500248
    Mr500248 5 months ago +31

    would've been 10x funnier if the guy pointing at his jersey was wearing yakupov jersey

  • Aidan Campbell
    Aidan Campbell 5 months ago +5

    Still so many dislikes whenever they post a Connor highlight lol

    • Mr500248
      Mr500248 5 months ago

      +Sapan Sidhu what? It's just a fact dumbass. A large portion of Finnish viewers dislike Matthews so he gets a lot of dislikes.

    • Deutschland Dangler #29
      Deutschland Dangler #29 5 months ago

      Mr500248 typical toronto fan

    • Mr500248
      Mr500248 5 months ago

      nowhere near Matthews loll

  • SneekyJ
    SneekyJ 5 months ago +4

    Even thought Marchand finishes tied for 1st,he won't get voters cause he's a dirty player,it's between Crosby/McDavid or Kane/McDavid

    • lAmCanad1an
      lAmCanad1an 5 months ago

      SneekyJ Marchand definitely won't win the MVP vote.

  • Norwood Kubisiak
    Norwood Kubisiak 5 months ago +3

    Gretzky who??

  • tamer saab
    tamer saab 5 months ago +13

    Best celebration of the season ..... He pulls his hand back waits then fist pumps kids ment to be a superstar

  • Nyq
    Nyq 5 months ago +17

    100% most difficult player in the league to defend, hand too silky, feet too quick, 3 steps ahead at all times, and filthy release

  • The21abc
    The21abc 5 months ago +10

    Here come the salty flames fangirls

  • Deutschland Dangler #29
    Deutschland Dangler #29 5 months ago +13

    The 5 dislikes from the leafs fans

    • Connor Fetzer
      Connor Fetzer 4 months ago

      Or buffalo...

    • EndsIn3
      EndsIn3 5 months ago

      Of course we do, he's from TORONTO

    • The Squeaky Roaster
      The Squeaky Roaster 5 months ago

      Sapan Sidhu Leaf fans love Mcdavid

    • MrKushpop
      MrKushpop 5 months ago

      Look at buddys name.. If he told us about a bomb threat or something then I might listen up.

    • Dghvd hfhhb
      Dghvd hfhhb 5 months ago

      Sapan Sidhu How Since When do Leaf fans hate the Oilers they love them I'm a leafs fan and the Oilers are one of my favourite teams too

  • mushroomroom007
    mushroomroom007 5 months ago +8

    This kid is inhuman

  • Reverse Cisco
    Reverse Cisco 5 months ago +4

    Oilers goal song is cringe, CHANGE IT. That goal song sucks ass

    • Kadin Allan
      Kadin Allan 5 months ago

      Cranges McBasketball I actually kinda like it

    • theyellowfellow
      theyellowfellow 5 months ago

      Cranges McBasketball DI DADDY DAH DADDY DAH

  • Tbiblaine23
    Tbiblaine23 5 months ago +3

    Dear Edmonton, I hope you make it to the WCF, because if by some miracle the Preds make it, we're destined for a Stanley cup finals appearance

    • Tyler Godspeed
      Tyler Godspeed 15 days ago

      Tbiblaine23 respect for calling it

    • Deutschland Dangler #29
      Deutschland Dangler #29 5 months ago

      SneekyJ lmaoo the preds are almost out of the playoffs this dude thinkin they gon win the cup as of right now ur 8th seed

    • SneekyJ
      SneekyJ 5 months ago

      Sapan Sidhu I Agree!

    • Deutschland Dangler #29
      Deutschland Dangler #29 5 months ago

      Tbiblaine23 stfu if preds make the final the nhl tv ratings will be dreadful

  • I PureSKillz
    I PureSKillz 5 months ago +1


  • William Sohn
    William Sohn 5 months ago +3


  • DK Gaming
    DK Gaming 5 months ago +3

    Welfare team.

    • Trevor Daniels
      Trevor Daniels 5 months ago

      DK 4Life would you like some Fries with that salt?

  • JLPr
    JLPr 5 months ago

    Good job Connor, F Marchand.

  • Toxic
    Toxic 5 months ago

    Thanks Oilers!

    • Jaden Derer
      Jaden Derer 5 months ago

      Van fans be like #tankforpatrick

  • Be Laine Gibs, Son.
    Be Laine Gibs, Son. 5 months ago

    The celey lacking emotion until the last moment seems to be in this year. Great snipe, 80 points... beaut'.

  • Scramblieggs
    Scramblieggs 5 months ago +121

    lol at the guy pointing at his Lucic jersey for no reason.

    • TheWitchOvAgnesi
      TheWitchOvAgnesi 5 months ago

      why eh?!

    • Chris Scheben
      Chris Scheben 5 months ago

      Scramblieggs why not eh?!

    • MrKushpop
      MrKushpop 5 months ago

      Ya, accept for the fact he points to the name on the back... lmao

    • Ryan Scherbluk
      Ryan Scherbluk 5 months ago

      Scramblieggs did anyone think he was just pointing at he's jersey meaning like go oilers.

  • The Squeaky Roaster
    The Squeaky Roaster 5 months ago +18

    Wait people told me that he didn't have a shot?

    • JLPr
      JLPr 5 months ago

      He doesn't take his shot as often as he should. That is the problem, not the statement of "not having a shot."

    • dude sick!
      dude sick! 5 months ago

      Well if you're in the chel you better have a decent shot lmao

    • YouTube Sucks
      YouTube Sucks 5 months ago

      The Squeaky Roaster last season it was somewhat true

    • SneekyJ
      SneekyJ 5 months ago

      The Squeaky Roaster Proved Them Wrong

  • SneekyJ
    SneekyJ 5 months ago +5

    Lets Go Oilers! Nice Shot Connor👌🏻!

  • Basi
    Basi 5 months ago +32

    lets goooo #tanknation

    • OneCapitalThreenumbersSixCharacters
      OneCapitalThreenumbersSixCharacters 5 months ago

      Ser pico So then what team are you cheering for then huh? I bet from your profile picture your a Canucks fan, and the Canucks got a first round exit last time they made the playoffs.

    • Dog's hockey highlights
      Dog's hockey highlights 5 months ago

      ReaceDeace well the Hawks will knock them out and Washington will lose in the first round

    • ReaceDeace
      ReaceDeace 5 months ago

      Ser pico what about Minny or Washinton?

    • Mr500248
      Mr500248 5 months ago

      +Ser pico​ ovechkin was the greatest goalscorer, not the greatest player. McDavid is this upcoming generations Sidney Crosby. Hence why the oilers have a very high chance at winning the cup years from now.

    • lAmCanad1an
      lAmCanad1an 5 months ago

      Ser pico You realize they'll play a weak team right? Anaheim has been hugely inconsistent this year and San Jose can be beat with good old tough hitting hockey. Oilers stand a good chance to at least make it one round maybe 2 if they play perfect hockey.

  • Connor McMatthews
    Connor McMatthews 5 months ago +54

    Connor with the glitch goal

    • KNR
      KNR 5 months ago

      Bachman shouldn't have moved with the left stick right as McDavid shot it.

      FAL Z ELITE 5 months ago

      Connor McMatthews nice name.

    • Tyler Rohlicek
      Tyler Rohlicek 5 months ago

      I'm weak

  • YouTube Sucks
    YouTube Sucks 5 months ago +18

    His goal scoring will only get better as time goes on

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